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Christmas Carol Ch. 06

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Arriving home one night, my wife met me at the door. This is unusual behavior for her, so I was instantly concerned.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Well…” She pondered. “I got a strange call a couple hours ago and I don’t know what to make of it.”

“Who from?” I pressed for more information.

“They said they were from the California State Police and they need to talk to you.” She stated. “Wouldn’t tell me anything else.” “They left a name and number.”

I took the note from her and headed for my office. “Thanks Hon, I’m gonna give them a call and see what this is all about.”

I called the number and asked for the person who had called. After being on hold longer than I liked, a voice said. “Sorry for the delay.”

“What’s this all about?” I inquired.

“Did you once own a 1969 Porsche?” He asked.

“Yes, it was stolen 30 odd years ago.” I said. “Why?”

“I think we found it.” He stated. “Do you know the VIN?”

I have the VIN for that car burned in my brain, I’ve spent decades trying to find it. I’ve been in contact with most Porsche clubs and collector car auctions and even contacted Porsche in Germany. Nothing ever showed up, the car simply vanished.

I recited the VIN for the officer. “I still have the title for it, if that helps?”

“It does.” He stated. “The numbers match, looks like we have your car.”

I sat there stunned for several seconds… they found my car…THEY FOUND MY CAR!!!

“Sir?” The voice interrupted. “Are you still there?”

“What… Yes, I’m here, just trying to understand what you said.” I babbled.

We talked for some time, getting details of how I could get the car back and where it was. The big story of course was, how in the hell did it end up in California, and why did it take so long to find.

I’d figured after it was stolen, it was chopped for parts. Back then it was worth far more in parts than it was as a whole car, also easier to sell.

Seems the person who was in possession of my car had died, and the family was trying to clear out his estate. Of course, the cars (there are several) had to have clear titles in order to sell them. When they were run through the DMV database, 4 came up as stolen, mine and 3 others. Seems this guy had a rather shady past, but never did anything to draw the attention of the authorities.

“What kind of shape is the car in?” I asked.

“All I know is it has been in a barn for a very long time.” He offered. “It’s covered in dirt and all 4 tires are flat, I have a rather bad picture if you want it?”

“Yes please.” I almost screamed. “Send it to my cel.”

A few moments later, my phone chirped. Taking a deep breath, I opened the file.

He was right, it was a bad pic. Dark and not well focused, but it was, without a doubt, my car. It still had my college parking sticker in the windshield.

I made arrangements to retrieve the car and hung up.

I literally staggered into the kitchen where Lauren was working on dinner.

“Are you OK?” She said, rushing over to me.

“Yes.” I answered, pulling her into a hug, shaking. “They found my car.”

“What car?” She queried. “I’m not following you.”

“My 912, the one I had when we met.” I expounded. “Remember, it was stolen just before the wedding, they found it.”

“OK.” She stated, uncertainly.

I could tell she wasn’t getting it, so I sat her down and told her the story.

“So how did it end up there?” She asked.

“Nobody seems to know.” I answered. “All I know is I’m still the legal owner according to them, so I’m going to get it.”

“I’m happy for you, but how are you going to pull this off?” She asked. “That’s a long way to go.”

“Already been thinking on that.” I grinned. “The car is about 5 hours from Reese, I figured we could stay there and Reese and I would retrieve the car, and you and Carol could hang out.” “Of course, I’ll need to call him and see if he’s available.”

“That would be nice.” She smiled. “Haven’t seen them in awhile.”

I headed back to my office to call Reese.

We talked for over an hour, catching up and planning the trip. We’d leave for Vegas in 3 days and go from there.

“OK, now that you have plans to get it, what are you going to do with it?” Lauren inquired.

“Well, Reese has room in his garage, so I’m going to leave it out there for now.” I stated. “Besides, it’ll give us an excuse to get out there more often.”

“You just want to see Carol naked, you pervert.” She laughed.

“Well, I’d never turn down the opportunity to see either of you naked.” I grinned, patting her ass. “But the car is my


After what seemed like a month, we left for Vegas. Reese met us at the airport.

After loading the luggage, Reese swept my wife up in a hug, and kissed her. “Good to see you Lauren, it’s been too long.”

Returning Reese’s affection, Lauren smiled. “Way too long, you’re looking well, Carol treating you OK?”

“Well, she hasn’t managed to fuck me to death, but not for lack of trying.” He laughed. “She’s looking sarıyer escort forward to seeing you.”

Lauren shoved me in the front seat with Reese. “Sit up there so you two can talk.”

We pulled into Reese’s place after a little over an hour.

Reese opened the garage door, and there stood Carol, nude of course, grinning.

She yanked Lauren’s door open and pulled her out into a huge hug. “Damn good to see you.” Then she turned and hugged me.

“You’ll be in your usual room.” Reese stated, unloading the bags.

“Did they really find it?” Carol asked cautiously.

“Sure looks like it.” I answered.

“We sure had some good times in that car didn’t we?” Carol chirped.

“I…” I sputtered, blushing.

“I know about the Christmas story.” Lauren interjected. “There’s more?”

All I could do is smile and nod.

“Let me tell you.” Carol offered, taking Lauren into the house.

“What exactly could you do in that little thing?” Reese asked.

“Well, we were ALOT younger and Carol was quite limber back then.” I grinned. “Use your imagination.”

After taking the bags to our room, Reese and I found the girls in the sunroom. She’d already managed to talk Lauren out of her clothes making Reese stop short.

He walked over, pulled Lauren to her feet and hugged her. “Beautiful as ever I see.” He leered.

“Thanks.” She blushed. “But I think lack of blood flow to your brain is effecting your judgement.”

“I assure you it is not.” He smiled, then kissed her softly.

I excused myself briefly, hit the john and went to our room. I peeled out of my clothes, and rejoined the girls.

Reese returned from the kitchen, also nude and tossed me a beer. “I’ve already rented the trailer, we leave early tomorrow morning.” “If all goes well, we should be back for late dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I said. “Thanks for helping me.”

“I know what that car meant to you.” He mused. “How could I not?”

The girls excused themselves to start dinner, leaving Reese and I to talk.

“How are thing with you and Carol?” I asked.

Beaming, Reese answered. “Couldn’t be better, she’s what I always wanted, but never found.”

“Has she slowed down any, you know, with regular use?” I inquired.

“She has not.” He grinned. “In fact, I think she might be even hornier.” “How ’bout you and Lauren?”

“Well, she’s slowed down quite a lot since we left.” I lamented. “But she’s trying.”

“Maybe Carol can work on that.” Reese chuckled. “You know how contagious she can be.”

Raising my beer I said. “Here’s hoping.”

We sat, eating the wonderful meal the girls had prepared, and caught up. Again, Reese chose the perfect wine to compliment the food.

Afterwards, we retired to the sunroom. Reese produced 4 tumblers with his best bourbon in them, handing one to each of us. “To friends.” He toasted.

“To friends.” We all answered.

As we drank and talked, I let my hands wander, first to Lauren’s ample tits, and after getting no resistance, slowly moved lower. She was getting worked up and a blush was starting to spread across her chest.

She finished off her drink and leaned over, laying across my lap with her feet up on the couch. Seizing the chance, I started playing with her pubic hair. Much to my surprise, she parted her legs slightly and snuggled into my lap.

We looked over at Reese and Carol, she was quietly trying to shove his massive cock down her throat. He had his head back, enjoying her expertise.

While Lauren watched the show, I slipped a finger into her rapidly moistening pussy, causing her to whimper softly. Moving slowly, I explored her slick folds and soon found her swollen clit, stroking it softly.

By this point, I had her purring like a contented kitten.

She spread her legs further, allowing me better access, so I increased my efforts. Soon she was squirming and moaning, approaching orgasm.

Reese was, by now, making very similar noises as Carol worked her magic on him. She bobbed up and down on his swollen member, moving faster than I thought possible. Reese just moaned, his mouth hanging open.

Not long after, Reese stiffened, grunted and exploded in Carol’s greedy mouth. In expert fashion, she swallowed everything, not missing even 1 drop.

Seeing this, Lauren came, shaking, as her pussy clamped on my fingers. She convulsed for several seconds, then sighed and went almost instantly to sleep. It had, after all been a long day.

I cautiously removed myself from the couch and stood up, sporting a raging hard-on. I went to the bedroom and got a blanket and covered up Lauren.

When I was done, I looked over at Reese and Carol. They were cuddling on their couch. Carol was leering at my cock, practically drooling.

“See something you like?” I kidded.

Carol stood, walked over to me and stuck her tongue down my throat. She reached down and stroked my dick, making me jump. “Lauren’s out cold, and he’s

done for awhile.” esenyurt escort She purred in my ear. “Can you show a girl a good time?”

I looked over to Reese. He just smiled.

“What’s your pleasure?” I leered, leaning down to suckle a nipple.

She just pushed me down onto the couch, and grinned. “Lay down and shut up.” She commanded.

Rather unceremoniously, she straddled my head and shoved her dripping pussy onto my face. “Put that tongue to good use.” She stated.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and jammed my tongue into her love tunnel. She laced her fingers in my hair and shrieked, clamping her thighs tightly around me.

Starting slowly, I licked and probed her inner bits, causing her to pant and squirm. Picking up the pace, I really started working her over, biting and nibbling her clit.

It didn’t take long before she shudder and came, coating my face with her love honey. I couldn’t hear how much noise she made with her thighs crushing my head, but she’s never quiet.

Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs and beckoned. “Your turn.” She purred.

By this point I was so worked up, I’d have fucked her without her asking. I threw her legs over my shoulders and slammed my cock into her warm, wet pussy, reigniting her passion and making her squeal.

“Fuck me good.” She panted. “You know you want to, make me cum again.”

With that encouragement, I pounded her cunt, putting everything I had into it. Carol grunted every time I hit bottom, her tits bouncing with each thrust. God that woman’s sexy!!

Soon I had her howling like a banshee, piledriving my meat spike into her sopping slit. She was thrashing around, nearly throwing both of us off the couch.

Much sooner than I would have liked, she went stiff, gasped and came. A few strokes later, I came as well, pumping her abused pussy full of my hot semen, then I collapsed onto her, panting and sweating.

When I regained my senses, I was laying on Carol’s tits while she stroked my hair. “You OK?” She asked.

“Girl, you’re gonna kill me.” I gasped. “But I’ll go willingly.” I flicked my tongue over a nipple and smiled.

“Reese, I’m alot impressed and a little jealous.” I chuckled. “How in the hell do you keep up with her?”

“I don’t, I just hold on and hope she doesn’t kill me.” He laughed. “Oh, and sometimes I get help.”

“I’m done.” I stated. “When are we leaving in the morning?”

“About 6AM I figure.” He answered.

Lauren had regained consciousness, so I collected her and we went to bed. I think we were both asleep within seconds.

6AM came too soon. I managed to get up without waking Lauren, grabbed clothes, got a quick shower and went looking for Reese.

I found him in the kitchen. “Sleep well?” He laughed.

“Oh yeah.” I answered. “Just not long enough.” “Carol still out?”

“Yes.” He smiled. “You really rang her chimes last night, she didn’t even molest me afterwards.”

“Wow.” I mused. “So she not insatiable.”

Reese just grinned. “Don’t let it go to your head, she’s been fucking me silly just knowing you and Lauren were coming.”

“Still.” I waved my hand at him.

“Yeah.” He conceded. “Maybe were getting too old for this.”

“Not while I still have a heartbeat.” Carol giggled, rounding the corner.

Surprised, we both turned to face her.

“Morning beautiful.” Reese said, sweeping Carol up into a hug and kiss.

“Good Morning to both of you.” She returned. “Lauren still asleep?”

“Yeah.” I answered. “Between the flight and the time zone boogie, she’s wiped.”

“I’ll take good care of her while you two are gone.” She smiled. “Be careful.”

Reese and I collected our stuff and hit the road. Reese drove first while I napped, getting a little more much needed sleep. When I woke up we were about 1-1/2 hours from our destination.

“Need me to drive?” I inquired.

“That would be nice.” He responded. “We need to stop for fuel and I need to piss something awful, you can take over then.”

“Works for me.” I said.

I took the wheel and followed the nav to our destination. The officer I had spoken to met us there, and after checking the title to the car, and completing some paperwork, he opened the overhead door and I pulled the truck in.

The building was HUGE. There were at least 50-60 cars just in this section. My car was toward the back, requiring backing down the aisle for some distance.

“We don’t have any keys.” The officer said. “We found hundreds of keys when we searched the premises, you’re welcome to look through them.”

Reaching into my pocket, I smiled. “No Thanks, I brought my own.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Reese laughed.

I walked up to the car and lovingly patted her on the fender. “Hello girl, remember me?” I whispered, my eyes welling with tears. “It’s been awhile.”

I opened the door and sat in the seat, automatically slipping the key into the ignition. It turned, but nothing happened of course, the battery was long dead.

The interior looked just avrupa yakası escort as I remembered, just dirtier and the odometer only showed about 3000 miles more than when I had it. Apparently they didn’t drive it much.

I got out and walked to the front and opened the trunk. Jesus!, my stuff was still in there, my books, my toolbox, everything. He didn’t even bother having a key made.

I walked around the car, trying to see through the dust and cobwebs. She didn’t look too bad. Dry storage had been good to her. All the rubber, the seals, tires and such were shot, but all that is easily replaced. Out back, I inspected the engine, it was not stuck, she might still run with a little TLC. Hell, the oil filter still had the date on it where I did the last oil change, 2/23/86. She was stolen less than a week later.

“Near as I can tell, they stole it, drove it here and parked it.” I told the officer. “I don’t know why they bothered?”

We loaded the car, making sure she was well restrained and headed home.

We got back to Reese’s about 8PM, a bit later than expected, but I didn’t want to push it too hard, we had precious cargo.

We had the car unloaded before the girls came out, putting it in the last slot of Reese’s garage.

I immediately pulled out a hose and started washing 30+ years worth of crap off my baby. She looked much better clean.

After a thorough inspection, she seemed to be pretty solid. The paint was thin in some spots, but it was original, and if it cleaned up reasonably well, I’d leave it alone.

Putting down my tools, I sat back in the drivers seat, then overwhelmed by 30 year of anger and frustration, I began to bawl like a baby. Up to this point everyone had left me alone, knowing I needed to be, but I was sobbing so loudly, they all came to see what was going on.

Seeing me, Lauren knelt next to me and laid her head on my chest, holding my hand. Carol got in the passenger seat and held my other hand, her head on my shoulder. Reese just stood looking lost.

When I’d finally vented all my pain, I wiped my face and smiled. I hugged Lauren and Carol and got out of the car. I pulled Lauren to me, nearly crushing her. “I’ve got her back.” I croaked. “I still can’t believe it.”

By now Carol had rounded the car and I pulled her into a group hug. I looked over to Reese and motioned him in as well. “Thanks to all of you, I’d couldn’t have done it without your help.”

We had a quiet dinner and went to bed early, I was emotionally wiped and really just wanted to be alone with my thoughts. I fell asleep with Lauren’s head on my chest and a very large grin on my face.

Next morning was a rather jovial affair, all were in high spirits and the girls had made a fabulous breakfast. We talked and laughed, remembering old times and new.

When we were done, Reese and I went into Vegas. I needed to buy part, lots of parts. I had every intention of driving the 912 by the end of the day, if it was possible.

We got back about noon, around $3000 lighter and he and I started working. Reese isn’t much of a mechanic, but he follows directions well.

I got her up on jack stands the night before so I could take the wheels with us and get new tires. I bought brakes, fluids, a battery, plugs, points, wires, oil and filter, and much more. Most of the work would be parts replacement, I let Reese do that. I focused on the engine. I stripped off all the old parts, then checked the compression. Surprisingly, it was in spec on 3 of 4 cylinders and the 4th was only just below. Promising!

After the engine was done, I pulled the gas tank. It would need professional cleaning, so I’d run it on a gas can for now.

Then I tackled the brakes. I was itching to try to fire the engine, but I knew I’d try to drive it if I did. Gotta have brakes.

It was well into the evening when I’d replaced everything I could, and had the brakes bled. Now, will she run?

I disconnected the coil and turned the engine over, I wanted to see if she’d make oil pressure. After several seconds, the needle on the gauge started to rise. YES!!

I reconnected the coil, and turned the key again. For several agonizing seconds, nothing, then she sputtered. After several more seconds, she caught and ran for about 10 seconds. I fiddled with the carb and the timing, then hit the key again. She caught immediately and ran reasonably well, sputtering every so often.

I let her run for awhile, warming up, exercising for the first time in decades. When she’d made temp, I set the timing and made the final adjustment to the carb. She was running like a sewing machine. I was beyond happy!!

“Hop in and lets see if she’ll move.” I told Reese.

I pushed in the clutch, cautiously put her in first and started easing off the clutch.

She moved!!! She fucking moved!!!

Pulling out of the garage, I headed down the driveway, grinning like I’d hit the lottery.

I didn’t want to push her too hard, so I kept her under 50, working up slowly, testing systems as I went.

After 20-30 minutes, the gas can was getting low so we headed back. So far everything seems to work, but I want to get her back home where I can really go through everything.

Again the girls had a wonderful meal waiting for us upon our return. We both hit a quick shower before we ate, then we all retired to the sunroom to talk.

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