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Class reunion meeting.

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Class reunion meeting.

What a mind blower! Went to my 35th class reunion. Saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Including one lady I drooled over in high school. Her name is Jody. To me she was one of the hottest girls in high school. Brains looks and a body.

She’s about 5 foot 5 just a couple inches shorter than me. Shoulder length auburn hair and deep blue eyes. In school I guess she was about a c-cup. Today I am guessing they are D cup or DD cup. I’m guessing she’s a little heavier today then she was in high school. Guessing I say she weighs about 140. In my book she’s just as hot today as she was back then.

The first day of our class reunion. Was a structured day you had to sit by the same people you sit by in homeroom. So I wasn’t even at the same table with her. I made small talk to the people I was sitting with. While I still kept my eyes on her. Couple of times I swear she saw me looking at her. She even smiled at me once, I think. At the end of the night little groups gathered. The same clicks that ran around in high school. I really didn’t have a click. I was sort of a loner but I did sort of fit in with several groups.

As I left she was standing outside talking to another woman. As I pass by she says “Hi Dick have you got a minute.” I’m completely shocked she even remembered my name. “Sure I said.” She finished talking to the other lady. Came over and asked, “How have you been?” “Doing good.” I said “Nothing to brag about though.” “I’m glad to hear that.” She says “Are you married.” “I was but I lost my wife to a heart attack 3 years ago.” “Oh My! I am terribly sorry to hear that.” Then she hugs me.

I can feel her huge breast on my chest. “It’s okay I’m learning to deal with it. It just gets mighty lonely sometimes.” “How about you? Are you married?” “I was but divorced about 10 years ago.” “Do you have any kids?” She asks. “I have one son.” “How about you?” “I have one girl, maybe we should get them together?” Then she sort of laughs.

Then out of the blue she tells me “I liked you in high school.” That just blew me away. I looked at her and said “That’s funny because I had the biggest crush on you. I just always thought you are way too good for me.” “That’s crazy! But you were already dating the woman you married I’m guessing.” “Yes but I always day dreamed about what it would be like to be with you.” she smiles and says, “I wondered the same thing.” We chatted for a few minute more. “It’s getting late I say.” “You be here tomorrow? I’d love to sit and talk with you a great deal more.” I’d really like that too.” She says, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Sounds great to me.”

My mind is buzzing on the way home with all kinds of thoughts. I can’t believe she had a thing for me in high school. Tomorrow I’m going to beg her to go out with me. I can barely sleep that night. The next day drags on too. Finally it’s time to get ready to go. Wanting to impress her, so I wear a dress shirt and pants. Something I never wear.

I arrived kind of early. There’s not that many people here yet. People start to arrive. About an hour later she still hasn’t showed up. I think to myself she’s not coming. I’m ready to leave when she walked in the door. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Little or no makeup on. She has on our class reunion sweat shirt and blue jeans. Suddenly I feel overdressed.

She waves at me and comes towards me. “My don’t you look nice. I’ve never seen you dress like this before. Did you do that for me?” “Well yes.” I respond. “I feel bad that I didn’t dress up for you. But this is supposed to be casual night.” I look at her and say, “You look beautiful to me.” I think she blushed escort a little bit. The rest of the night we socialize together. Ate supper and even have a dance together. At the end of the night she says, “I had a great time.” “Me too! I’d kind of like to ask you something.” “Ask anything you like.” “Would you maybe like to go out sometime?” Looks at me smiles says, “I’d like that a lot.” I find a piece of paper and a pen that she gives me her phone number.

“I’ll call you.” I tell her. “You better!” She says. She hugs me and gives me a light kiss. “I hope to hear from you soon.” I can barely get out “Me too.” I’m walking on air.

The next evening I call her. “Hello.” “Hi Jody this is Dick.” “Hi how are you today?” “I’m great!” I tell her. “I was wondering what you were doing Friday night.” “I’m guessing going out with you.” She answers with a slight laugh afterwards. “I was hoping you say that” We talk for another 10 or 15 minutes. I get her address. “I’ll pick you up around seven.” “Sounds great to me. I’ll dress a little nicer this next time for you.” She says. “Me too.”

Finally Friday comes around. I even go out and buy new clothes and get a haircut. I shower and shave and put on some after-shave (something I never wear.).

I’m going a little crazy driving to her place. I arrived right at 7. I’m knock on the door. She opens it. She’s beautiful! She had her hair done has some makeup on just not too much. Wearing a blue form fitting dress. My jaw almost hits the floor. ‘You better put your tongue back in or you might step on it.” she laughs. “I’m sorry I can’t help it you’re absolutely beautiful.” “Flatterer” she says. “You don’t have to quit anytime soon.” “I guess we’re ready to go.” I tell her.

We go to a quiet little restaurant that I’m familiar with. “This is a nice place.” “I’m glad you like it.” We eat dinner and have a small talk all night. We have a couple of drinks. I know I’m getting pretty loose. She must be too. Because she’s making sexual innuendos out of most things I say. Sometimes embarrassing the hell out of me.

We have a couple more drinks. When we get ready to go, I’m pretty hammered. “Are you OK to drive?” “Probably not, I’m not a drinker.” “That’s right you were a pot smoker in high school. If I remember rightly you got in trouble for it once.” “That was two years after high school.” Yeah but I’m remember seeing your name in the paper.” “Yeah I spent about a year in jail for that one. Didn’t stop me though I still love to smoke. Does that bother you?” “That was one of the things that turn me on about you. You didn’t care, you did what you wanted to do.” “Maybe so but I cost me some time.” Maybe I should drive? I’m in better shape than you.” “You can say that again!” Looking her up and down. “Sounds good to me.” She laughs.

We get back to her place. She tells me you better come in for a while you’re in no condition to be driving.” “Okay.” I agree. We go inside, her house it’s a beautiful place. “You have a wonderful home.” “Have a seat on the couch I’m going to change.”

She comes back in wearing a robe. “I hope you don’t mind I had to get those clothes off.” “You’ll get no objections from me. I’ve been undressing you with my eyes all night.” I laugh. She smiled and laughs. “You are pretty drunk aren’t you?” “Yeah but I feel good.” She comes over and sits beside me. I’m looking at her beautiful face when she leans in and kisses me. The kiss catches me off guard and her tongue too. I accept it and start sucking on it. She pulls her tongue back mine follow hers into her mouth. She sucks on my tongue. She breaks the kiss. “Why don’t you get more comfortable?” She starts to unbutton my shirt. I slide my izmit escort bayan shirt off, then she begins undoing my pants.

By now my cock is half-hard. “Take these pants off you look uncomfortable to me.” She’s eyeing my crotch seeing the bulge of my cock inside. I raise my ass up and she slides my pants down. I slip my arm around her pull her to me and kiss her. I take my left hand and start squeezing her tit through her robe. Her right hand is rubbing my cock through my briefs.

I slipped my hand inside her robe. She’s not wearing a bra. I squeeze and rub her breast finding her nipple. I squeeze and pull on it she moans. Her hand slips inside of my briefs. Begins to rub my rock hard cock. She breaks the kiss and says, “You’re a big boy.” Smiling says “I like that.” I pull her robe open lean over and suck on her nipple. “God that feels great! I think we need to find a more comfortable place.” She takes my hand from her breast in her hand and stands up. leading me to the hall.

We go down the hallway to her bedroom. Then leads me over to her bed and pushes me backwards onto it. She slides her robe off and it falls to the floor. She standing there only in a black pair of lacy underwear. The sheer sight of her makes my cock jerk, gets harder and stands straight up. She laughs and says, “I see you approve.” “Oh fuck yes!” She leans over puts her hands on either side of my chest. Them bends over and kisses me. I take both hands and start massaging her breasts.

She stands back up. Grabs the band of my briefs, I raise my ass and she slides them off. She then slips her own panties off. Her pussy is covered with dark curly hair trimmed short. She leans forward again takes my shaft in one hand and my balls and the other. She begins to slowly jerk me off.

“Not fair!” I tell her “I can’t play.” “I’m in control here. I’ll let you play when I’m ready. It’s my time, I’m going to have my fun.” Then she bends down and kisses the head of my dick then takes it in her mouth. I nearly cum right then. Watching her suck my dick is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen. I’m completely mesmerized by her. Running her tongue around the head of my dick and sucking on it was driving me over the edge. “FUCK!” I scream. “I’m gonna cum.” With one hand on my dick The other on my balls. She squeezes hard. It hurts like hell but it stopped me from cuming. “That’s a good boy.” She says. “Not till I want you too.” She sucks on my cock a little while longer.

Then I can’t help it I shoot my wad in her mouth. She sucks the last of the cum out of me making me shiver. She then crawls up on to the bed face to face with me. Kisses me and sticks her tongue in my mouth and spits half of my load into my mouth. She pulls back and says. Do you like the taste your own cum?” When she first pushes the little bit of my load into my mouth. I thought I was going to puke. But her tongue in my mouth and her tits on my chest overpowered it. With cum in my mouth I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what to do so I just shook my head yes. “If you like it swallow it.” I started to shake my head no and she squeeze my balls hard. “Swallow it!” She demands. I do as I’m told. It really wasn’t that bad. “Good boy, but never cum again until I let you.” she says and then kiss me again.

I cannot believe I did not go soft after I blew my wad into her mouth. But I was still hard as a rock. “Feels like we’re ready for another round already.” Stroking my cock as she says it. She straddles my hips and raises up a little bit and reach down between us. Taking my cock in her hand. Placeing my cock against her pussy. I feel her opening and start to push up. “No!” She says and raises izmit sınırsız escort her ass up.

“I’m in control here you lay still.” I do as I’m told. She repositions herself. Then starts to rub my cock on her clit. Then up and down her slit. She leans forward a little bit. Says, “Suck my nipples.” I’m so turned on I gladly devoured them both. Sucking hard on one. Then sucking and nibbling on the other one. “Mmmmm Good boy! Very good Boy!”

Then I feel her push the head of my cock into her cunt. “Fuck yes!” I groan and agreed because she is really tight. “So you like my pussy, Huh?” “Oh hell yes! Is all I can say. Then go back to sucking her tits. She slowly working my cock deeper and deeper Into her. I’m in ecstasy. She gets in almost all the way in and I feel the back of her uterus. She grunts as my cock hit’s the back wall.

“Oh! You’re longer than I thought.” I feel the head of my cock pushing hard against the back wall of her uterus. She pushes hard then I feel her ass rest on my hips. She has me all the way in her. “I knew I could get all.” Then begins to gyrate her ass. Then she raises up almost till the head comes out. Then slams down hard cries out “OH FUCK ME!!!” I also grunt because she crushed my balls. But God I’m in heaven.

Then she sits up taking her tits away from me. She begins to grinding her pussy on my cock. The sensation is unbelievable. I can’t believe it but I’m getting ready to cum. I tell her “I’m going to cum.” She grinds harder and faster. Almost instantly I blow my wad into her. Feeling my load shoot into her. Pushes her over the edge too. I can feel her pussy squeezing and milking my cock. Still sitting on me, my cock buried deep in her pussy. Her still contracting with orgasms. She looks at me gasping for air from her orgasms. Leans forward and kisses me deeply. Then says, “I have not had an orgasm like that in years.”

“My god that was a great.” I tell her. She starts to raise up to pull me out. I cry like a two-year-old “Nooooo! I love the feel of my cock in you.” “I do too.” She says but I need a drink. As the head of my cock slips out of her pussy I shiver. God I want to fuck her again so badly. But she rolls off of me and crawls to the edge of the bed. As she does I get to see my cum dripping from her cunt.

“My god what a load.” She says. “I’ve been saving it for about 4 years.” She laughs then reaches down picking up her panties to clean her dripping pussy. “I’ll be right back.” I watched her beautiful asses she walks out the door.

She comes back into the room and I sit up. She hands me my drink. I moved to the edge of the bed and put my drink on the night stand. I can’t help but stare at her beautiful face and magnificent body. “My god I wanna do that again.” I tell her. “I would too, but I’m already very sore. It’s been a long time and I’m definitely not used to having something as big as you in me. I love it but it will have to be another day.”

I’m disappointed but my heart leaps with joy. Just knowing she wants to see me again. She picks up and puts on her robe. Reluctantly I get dressed. We go to the living room. We kiss then she says. “Next time we can start earlier or maybe you can spend the night.” I look her in the eyes and say “I would spend the rest of my life with you.” She smiles at me and says, “That’s a thought I’d like.”

“You better go. Call me tomorrow.” I act like I’m going to cry and she giggles. “I promise next time will be far more entertaining.”
Puzzled I look at her thinking I don’t see how it could be any better than tonight. We kiss and I pulled her tightly to me. Running my hands over her ass and feeling her breasts against my chest one more time. I look at her and say “Goodnight my goddess of love.” She smiles and says “Goodnight to you too my new love toy.” I kiss her one more time and reluctantly I leave.

Part 2 coming soon.

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