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Coach Meet the New Girl

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I am so very excited for our game today. One of my very best friends has joined the cheerleading squad. Her name is Amber. We are very close. After our half time routine today, the coach happened to mention that he noticed we had a new girl on the squad. He is just so perceptive. I explained to him that she is one of my closest friends and he had asked that I bring her by after the game to introduce her to him. How very thoughtful of the coach to take such an interest! Thankfully we ended up winning the game, Amber and I are in exceptionally good moods and I would assume the coach will be ecstatic as well.

Amber and I venture over to the coach’s office to say hello. The door is open. He is at his desk and he invites us in. Amber and I just sit on the couch that sits against the wall perpendicular to the coach’s desk. The coach gets up to close the door. How nice of him to prefer privacy for us.

I introduce the coach to Amber and we all exchange some pleasantries. He is asking how close of friends we are. Amber and I smile at each other rather devilishly, and reply that we are VERY close friends. Amber is very similar in build to me; petite, great size boobs, maybe a D cup, brunette, very cute face and an amazing ass. She happens to have one of the best asses I’ve ever seen.

The coach seems a bit interested in the way we express how close we are. I tell him how we had a sleep over last night but we were both pretty tired. bonus veren siteler We didn’t get much sleep. He asks why, assuming we were up late gossiping and such.

“Well, coach” I say to him rather slyly, “Amber just happens to be one of the best kissers I know”.

The Coach is a little taken aback and asks how I would know such a thing. I simply respond that whenever she and I get to practicing making out, it always just turns into hours of an amazing time, keeping us up late.

The coach then asks if Amber and I think now is a good time to practice making out. I respond to him with the same “come fuck me” eyes as the week before and ask him, “Would that please you, coach?”

I think the coach is falling onto the same page as myself and says, “I guess we will just have to see how good you two are at it won’t we?”

I am sitting on the couch facing the coach and Amber turns to me with her back facing him and we immediately start making out very passionately. After all, I am very into her. She has an amazing mouth. As we are making out my hands travel up Amber’s top and undo her bra. I can’t help myself. I am taking her top off. She seems to be following suit rather nicely as well. Her tits are great and I love feeling them up. We are getting ourselves rather worked up here. My hand moves down her back and onto her amazing ass. I begin squeezing her ass as she pins me down on the couch. She bedava bahis is on top of me missionary style. Feeling her tits pressed up against mine is amazing. Both of our nipples are very hard.

My hand finds its way to the front of her skirt and I am quickly creeping up her thighs and I begin to deeply finger her. She is unbelievably wet. She moves her mouth down my body, first my neck which she knows is one of my weak spots and I suddenly arch my back in delight. She begins sucking on my tits while I finger her.

Moments later she is at my ear whispering something to me. I glance over to the coach to see him eagerly enjoy the show we are putting on for him and look him directly in the eyes and say, “Oh, I think the coach would definitely like that.”

Amber begins to pull my skirt and panties down and off of my body. She is kissing me down my breasts and onto my stomach. She finds her way down and begins to eat me out. Oh coach, her mouth feels so good on me. With my hands on the back of her head, I am completely on cloud nine while she continues to lick my clit and eat my pussy.

I am watching the coach as he is undoing his pants and pulling out his stiff cock. He begins to stroke himself while watching me play with my tits while Amber is starting to bring me to climax with her amazing mouth. I am moaning and completely enjoying myself but make sure to say to the coach, “Take it easy Coach, I have deneme bonus a plan for you.”

I find myself also completely into watching the Coach begin to jerk himself off, so crazy hot. I find myself beginning to climax and Amber makes me cum very hard. She creeps back up to my ear and I whisper something to her. I kiss her gently as she pulls away I deeply stare into her eyes. God she is unbelievable. She then throws her top back on and leaves the room, blowing me a kiss on her way out.

The coach seems a bit confused but interested. As I walk over to the coach naked, I stand in front of him in a rather matter-of-fact way and simply say to him, “Oh coach, she is just for me. We can’t have anyone else pleasing you but me. I would be far too jealous. Besides, we are celebrating a win today. You shouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting. Now let’s get you taken care of.”

I kneel down and begin to stroke the coach’s cock just for a moment before I wrap my mouth around him. As I am sucking the coach’s dick, he relaxes and begins to enjoy himself. He is already fairly worked up, I’m an old pro. I glance up at him a few times in between bobbing up and down with both my mouth and my hand. He quickly realizes that I barely have any gag reflex at all. His cock is soaking wet with my saliva as I continue to enjoy giving him pleasure. He makes one comment saying, “You are so fucking hot.” Just what I needed to hear to make sure I am getting the job done. Just a few minutes later, he is grabbing the back of my head and shooting his load into my mouth. I am so completely turned on by my ability to get him so hot for me it’s unbelievable. I can only imagine what he and I may get us into next week!

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