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Big Tits

On Saturday my girlfriend… ah, fiancé introduced me to her asshole. Perhaps I should say anus to be a bit more anatomically formal. Anyway, she had just stepped out of the shower and completed an alluring show out of drying herself off. I simply sat on the bed and watched, feeling my erection slowly twitch to full attention.

I leaned onto my side and prepared myself for her to climb onto the bed with me and carry on nakedly together. Instead, she tossed me a vial of lubricant from the medicine cabinet. She finished drying off and walked over to me. Turning her nicely firm curved ass to me, she bent over, reached back grabbing the cheeks of her ass and slowly spread them for me.

When I didn’t move from the bed she said, “Come on, lube up and let’s go.”

“Go where?” I asked.

“Baby,” she replied, “we’ve been together nearly a year, been engaged for over a month, I think it’s time you’ve fuck me completely.”

“You mean I haven’t before?”

“That’s not what I mean. You’ve done my pussy and mouth, it’s time you’ve finished me off. Fucked me in every hole, fucked me completely.”

“But,” I said, pausing while thinking of a couple of other holes that seemed it bit bigger than the star like pinhole I was looking at now, “won’t it be a little messy?”

“Well, a little, but so is all sex, hell life is messy for that matter. Just look how messy having a baby is.”

“But this has nothing to do with babies,” I said, pensively convincing myself that, this had nothing to do with babies.

“Besides I just showered, so I am nice and clean for you, and we can use a damp washrag to clean up afterwards.”

“And we need to do this so…”

“So I can be completely fucked, so we’ve done everything.”


“Like bursa escort I said, you did my mouth and pussy, why not my ass?”

“Okay, but will it hurt?”

“No, well just a little. I’ve tried before it with a dildo.”

“I was talking about me.”

“You, how could it hurt you?”

“Well, it just seems so small.”

“Come on, let’s try something new. You do want to do this don’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied after what I hoped wasn’t construed as too long of a pause.

“Okay, then we’ll put some lube on your cock,” she said, turning and squeezing the vial until the clear liquid ran down the length of me. “Now work it around.”

I wrapped my fingers around myself and worked the lube all over me. When I finished I said, “Okay, all lubed up.”

“Now go ahead and lube me up a bit.”

“Lube you up?”

“Yes, just get some on your finger and work it in there.”

“Work it in?”

“Yes, come on now,” she growled, pouring a few drops of the greasy liquid on my finger. “Now work it in.”

She turned, bent over further and then spread her cheeks wide. I reached out and lightly touched her star, rubbing the lubricant over the tightly stretched skin.

“You need to work it in.”

“Work it in?”

“Yes, yes, push your finger with the lube into my asshole.”

“Into it?”

“How else are you going to lube it?”

She turned her head so I don’t think she saw the grimace on my face as I slowly pushed my finger, turning it slowly, back and forth. Her asshole seemed to loosen up as my finger ever so slowly burrowed into her tight opening. When I finished I still wondered how my cock, which was obviously several times bigger around bursa escort bayan than my finger, was going to fit.

Standing up, I grabbed the lube and dripped a bunch more over the head of my cock. I then grabbed her hips and moved forward until the head of my cock was nestled up between her cheeks. “What do I do now?”

“Just like your finger, push it in,” she replied.

“Just like my finger?” I thought to myself. I leaned forward and tried to thrust, but it was like pushing against a wall. “It doesn’t seem to be working,” I said.

“Push harder, like you want to fuck me good.”

I gritted my teeth and pushed. At first nothing happened, but then, she seemed to open some to me, slowly letting me ease into her. Yes, the head had slipped all the way into the tight opening.

“Now push in more.”


“Yes, all the way.”

“All the way?”

“Yes, yes, come on.’

I firmed up my grip on her hips and pushed, inching my cock into her. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt me, in fact it felt quite good… really good. It was like fucking her pussy, but not as wet and much, much tighter.

I kept pushing in until I felt my cock bump up against something solid. “Is that it?” I asked, noticing my cock wasn’t quite all the way in.

“No, you just need to push again.”

“Again,” I repeated.

I continued the pushing and, just like she said, it worked. My cock was now buried deep in her ass. “Okay, it’s all in.”

“Well, now fuck me.”

I backed out slowly, feeling her muscles squeezing in on me, pinching me out. I only backed out a short distance before shoving back into her, but damn, oh damn she was so tight and warm. Quickening my pace I could felt the tight escort bursa pleasure over the entire length of me. I also felt her fingers moving near my balls, but realized she was working her clit and my balls just happened to be bouncing in her way.

I kept up a good pace for a minute or so, but by then the overwhelming sensation on my cock simply was catching up to me. Normally I was always able to keep from coming too soon, but damn not now. I mean I tried, I looked at the clock, repeated the numbers, then added them, then squared them and divided by two. Fuck, it just wasn’t working.

I bent over her and listened to her breathing, but no, she wasn’t there yet and I, I, I was teetering on the edge. Hoping to hold off, I slowed down, and then stopped, but that only made it worse as I started moving again. Finally I had to simply give up and give in to the sensation of her. Clamping onto her hips, I thrust hard, shoving myself deep into her. I then quickly withdrew and shoved again, feeling the intense pleasure as it happened.

I came, spurting my cum deep into her ass as I moaned loudly and simply enjoyed the incredible tightness of her. I could feel her body slacken some in frustration but all I could do was wrap my arms around her stomach and hold on, trying to keep my cock in that wonderful warmth as long as I could. All too soon I felt her muscles squeezing and I felt the utter loneliness as my cock slipped from her.

She turned and grabbed the rag, tossing it over my cock as I whispered, “I’m sorry, it was just so intense. I couldn’t hold off.”

Smiling stoically, she said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Next time I’ll get a bit more of a head start and maybe you will be able to hold off a little more.”

“Next time,” I asked pensively… then letting it all replay in my mind I continued, “Yeah, next time. Next time it will be a lot better.” Well, there I was, proud to know that I had done it, I had completely fucked my girl… ah, fiancé.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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