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Core Wellness

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This story while being completely fictional, does involve anal sex.

The Core Wellness Center

Chapter One.

When I graduated with my Certification as a Physical Therapist, my parents gave me a big loan to start my own business. So I did just that, starting a Sports Recovery Center in a high income subdivision near Boston.

We did Physical Therapy for people that thought they were just short of professionals, at tennis or baseball, marathon running and rowing, even bowling and table tennis.

I had to hire Massage Therapists and Weight Trainers and Yoga Instructors. I even had a Physical Therapist that only did feet.

Within a year I had purchased the complete medical building and I invited a Health Supplement Supplier to take the place of the pharmacy that was previously only viable because of the doctor’s office on the second floor.

When the Doctor refused to sign his lease extension unless I brought back his drug store, I gave him his eviction notice.

Now we have a running track overhead, with therapy rooms in the middle.

When my permit came in for my building expansion I was elated.

I had continued my education, part time, and I was now a Certified Sexual Therapist, so I wanted to have the first Sexual Therapy Clinic in Massachusetts, which I felt was the core to everyone’s health.

So I was finally opening my Core Wellness Center.

“Yes Mrs. Johnson, we have ‘cock extenders’ or penis sleeves as we call them, but the person who will wear the instrument will have to see a Therapist to get a referral for insurance purposes, and then he has to be measured for the custom orthotic.”

I had this conversation with at least three women every day!

I could put up a sign, except people don’t read signs, and some customers are baffled by the very idea, and I then spend more time explaining the concept, to people that are aghast at the very idea.

“If you have your husband call, I’m sure that we can set up a discreet meeting either with both of you, or just him.” I gave her the standard answer but I could have added that he would probably not show up for the meeting, due to his embarrassment.

“Hello! Can I have an Associate over here please?”

I looked up to see that Willow was already rushing over to a well dressed woman that had been eyeing the $8,995 Fucking Machine that we had on display, with a ‘floor display 15% Off” sign affixed to the seat to keep people from sitting there.

“Willow! Don’t forget to tell her that we have a signup sheet at the front desk, for anyone that wants to attend our monthly demonstration.” I shouted to my Associate.

I am not shy, and I knew that every second or third time I loudly mentioned that demonstration, our audience grew, and so did our customer base.

We sell a lot of vibrators for women and rubber dolls with silicone vaginas to the men, but we couldn’t mark them up very much, since they were available through every drugstore and online.

The Insurance money was now supporting things like ‘sexual health’ and mental health, with a strong movement toward sexual wellness.

So now my employees included Sexual Therapists and even Sexual Surrogates.

My Thursday night demonstration was one of my favorite ones. Here we have couples come out to watch my friend John, use a penis sleeve to satisfy both him, and his lover, which up to now, has been me.

John used to perform while wearing a mask, but he has really come far, and has no problem wearing only the sleeve. He even has a client base that uses him privately, but that would be another story!

He has a 5 inch penis that is average in every way, but he can use a sleeve that adds anywhere from 2 to 4 inches in length and up to an inch in diameter, or only a slight increase in girth, if you like a slim cock.

These sleeves are custom made, with special molds made of both sexual partners, or just the man. We have multiple return customers, that want a variety of protuberances for both vaginal and anal penetration.

Our audience for the demonstration has the option to wear a mask, if they are embarrassed, but our complete and unashamed exposure usually encourages them to put their masks away, and enjoy the show.

No cameras allowed, of course.

Tonight we had a full house with 5 couples, but for the very first time, we had a gay couple, male.

John and I came out onto the raised platform, only after everyone was settled into their loveseats. We came out naked, and holding hands, like a happy young couple, ready for a skinny dip.

“Thank you everyone for coming out. I hope that you realize that John and I are not in a relationship, so we are only demonstrating the product.” I began my sales pitch.

Three different penis sleeves were sitting on the demonstration table. I picked up the shortest one to begin.

“As you will soon see, John has a cute 5 inch penis. Don’t worry, he is a grower!”

That usually gets a little laughter, and John joins in with it, encouraging everyone to loosen up, for this güvenilir bahis unusual and intimate event.

“I believe that his trim hips and well muscled body can bring any woman and half the men in this room to a very enjoyable orgasmic state… but maybe he wants more, or maybe you do.”

I let that hang in the air like a real showman.

“John. Would you like to make love?” I finally announced, not facing John, but looking straight into the eyes of my audience.

John came over with a huge smile on his face.

“You called dear?” He said, again playing to the crowd.

“This sleeve was custom made for John, so it will fit him snuggly, but it will allow his penis to move inside of it, giving him the real experience and pleasure of sex!”

I knelt to one side of my present lover and cupped his balls in one hand.

“It is better if he is not fully erect when installing the sleeve,” I advised my potential customers. “If he is at full staff you will need a lubricant, but any brand that does not damage silicone will work.”

I took his cock into my mouth and applied a slick layer of saliva, but I didn’t dawdle such that he would be engorged too soon. Then I placed the rising penis into the sleeve and slowly worked the retention strap around his testicles.

“Take your time, ladies, and sirs, and kiss his balls to get him well seated in the custom made sleeve. “Remember that this is for both of your enjoyments.”

Of course I helped him along with licking too, but they didn’t need a full lesson in oral sex. That was done on Fridays.

I showed them how the tool would shift on John’s cock to give him pleasure, and pointed out the tip, where semen would actually erupt with even a modest release of fluid.

“If anyone would like to come over and touch it, John won’t mind,” I informed them while John nodded in agreement.

Both of the gay men came over without hesitation and first one, then all of the women came over, followed by their husbands.

One of the gay men shifted the tool back and forth while his mate cupped John’s balls and casually put his other hand on his naked ass.

I stepped over and removed the hand from his ass. Shaking my head no, but smiling to keep it friendly.

They both laughed nervously and backed off for the other couples to see up close how the cock fit well and the clear silicone enabled them to see how his skin hugged the sheath and pumped him like a vagina would do if it fit snuggly.

An assistant came out and removed the items from the table that we would lay on for the actual demonstration.

“I like a little lube, with John, since he is notorious for lasting a very long time,” I instructed my attentive audience.

I like to show my body while flat on my back. My father named me Lara as a nod to Lara Croft of the action series, because my mother looks so much like her.

I lay back on the table and brought my legs to my chest, parting them so that I could watch John as he inserted the sleeve and his cock into my pussy.

He dropped to one knee and pressed his tongue into me for a quick moistening of his target, then he rose up and pushed into my eager snatch.

“Oh yes!” I breathed out involuntarily. “I can feel the tension just pour out of my body,” I explained with a sigh.

“If you can’t see well enough from your seats, please feel free to gather around,” John suggested.

I was pleased that he was becoming more involved in these demonstrations.

We had some music going in the background, but my assistant turned it up so no one would feel the need to fill the quiet.

“Ladies, if you look closely from the back, you will see how the strap around his balls pushes them forward so that they smack against my bum with every thrust.” I directed them.

John leaned in and held my breasts, giving him something for leverage as he increased his pumping speed.

“Oh God,” I murmured, though it wasn’t part of the script.

“Keep in mind that this is only the short sleeve,” John continued with my line since I was having trouble staying focused.

I was just getting near my first orgasm when he completely stopped.

“Who wants to help me with the big one?” John asked.

I was feeling so frustrated from missing out on an orgasm, but there was more to come.

The two homosexual men helped to remove the shorty, but one of the women picked up the long dong before they could hog all of the fun.

The other men were watching me, as I lay there lusting for more action and lightly stroking my nipples.

Two of the women positioned the strap around John’s balls, taking their time as I had done, but not kissing or licking. The cock did not need the stimulation.

“Give us some room Hun,” John said to one overachiever and she giggled and stepped back in front of her husband.

“This one is a real ‘fatty’, so you have to take your time getting it inside,” John insisted.

He pushed firmly, and slowly walked it in, to its full depth.

I realized that I had been holding my breath, and güvenilir bahis siteleri when I released it, the whole room heard it.

“I need one of those!” One of the ladies cried.

“Me too,” was followed by, “Uh hu, that’s what I was talking about,” from another wife.

John started with a slow stroke, demonstrating on the backstroke how his cock moved in the device to give him pleasure too.

“It is easier with the 7 inch, but with practice, a fit man can deliver a very nice, deep stroke with this 9 inch design. He did a few more slow strokes while the women watched and rubbed their hands on their partners thigh, or gripped their buttocks. The gay men just held hands.

I had my first orgasm, while John sped up to feed my lust at a pace he knows I like.

“I want to see my wife have one of those!” One of the gentlemen announced, and the rest of them murmured in assent.

“What about anal?” A husband asked.

I was surprised that it wasn’t one of the hand holders, but John took it smoothly.

“If no one objects, I can show you that too,” He said, for my benefit too.

As John pulled out of my wet pussy I waited for an objection from the straight couples, but no one was offended so we continued.

“Can you switch to the thinner one John,” I asked, not wanting to have any mess.

“Of course Lara,” he immediately replied and moved to take off the fat extender.

“Hey, it’s my turn!” One of the wives insisted and jumped over to help with the replacement tool.

John stopped, with just the strap pulled off, but the two ladies that had yet to help stepped in and replaced the strap on his balls, then removed it again by their own hands. The thinner long dong was ready for installation but John indicated that some lube was needed on the inside.

One woman squirted some lube on her hand, but then put it right on John’s cock instead of inside of the sleeve.

“That works best,” John admitted, “Though we don’t usually allow that here.”

The woman giggled, but the job was complete as the other one pushed the strap around John’s ball sack.

“Does Lara need a little moisture,” one of the husbands asked with a big smile.

His wife gave him a playful punch in the shoulder, but I nodded, so John administered some lube to the tip of the extender before introducing it to my button of an anus.

We had both enjoyed anal sex with and without the extension, but I had no problem taking the 9 inches in my rectum. In fact, I have experienced orgasms from John’s small cock, but not with an extension, so far.

“If you are gentle, she can really enjoy this, guys,” John informed our attentive audience.

“And hard and fast can be good when he gets used to it, Ladies,” one of the gay men boasted, and everyone joined them with a laugh that took away all of the embarrassment.

I closed my eyes and thought about doing it on the beach. John was slow for the first minute but, when he saw the usual signs that I was enjoying myself, he increased speed again. It only took a few minutes for me to achieve another orgasm and I shot out a little moisture from my gaping vagina.

“Wow!” One of the women murmured, while other sounds of approval helped me to enjoy it.

We took down appointments for all of them.

I always take John out for dinner on demonstration days. The business covered it, so we always went to a nice place.

“You’re getting pretty good with the crowd John. Maybe you missed your calling when you went into IT,” I asked my favorite salesman.

“With a dick like mine, I didn’t expect to be in much demand,” John replied with his wonderful smile of perfect teeth.

“I hope you can stay over tonight so I can show you how good you are without any help,” I encouraged my date, while reaching for his hand.

He teased me by looking at his phone, as if he was late for something or he was expecting a call to a better opportunity.

“Two of those women cornered me and insisted that I come over for a personal instruction,” he confessed. “But I’m clear for tonight, beautiful,” he responded as he put away his phone.

I was sure that some of those guys would have cocks longer than 5 inches, but the world was just so demanding that we had to have perfect tits and cocks and bumbs and lips. I could make due with even 3 inches, if he knew how to use it, and the man or woman uses their fingers, lips and tongue.

John came back to my place, and we enjoyed each other for another hour under the sheets, then he kissed me and left.

Thursday was our first Fucking Machine demonstration, and we had a full house. The manufacturer offered us four professionals to demonstrate their product, but I like to use everyday people. Not fat ones, but modest breast sizes did not intimidate the ladies as much, so I asked my own employees if they wanted to earn an extra $500, to demonstrate the exciting new machines.

Shelly was the only one to volunteer, but after she demonstrated for the rest of us, two other women offered their services.

“No iddaa siteleri men?” I asked the six men on our staff, but they just looked at their shoes and said nothing. So I called John, but he was not available.

“Call those two gay guys,” John suggested. “They might want to do it privately and only for men, but you could still call them.”

Our gay clients begged off, but they had another number of a guy that they said was bisexual and an extrovert, so they gave me his number.

“Call me Chili, everyone does,” Greg Pepper said when I finally got to meet him.

“Chili Pepper, hmm, I like that,” I told my new friend.

He was looking over the machine on display at the store, asking good questions, like; How fast does it go? And; How deep does it go? I had already demonstrated the attachment of two different dildoes to the thrusting end.

“This model will only thrust 4 inches, but that is an average man’s stroke,” I explained. “They have other models that go up to 6 inches, but we don’t have one in stock.”

“I think that the top speed is about 60 strokes per minute,” I explained while scanning the pamphlet. “Yes, this one is up to 60, but they can customize up to 120 apparently.” I read off of the brochure.

Chili already had his clean certification from the clinic that we use, but I still needed to test the product with him, prior to hiring him as a product demonstrator.

“Are we going to do it right here in front of everyone,” Chili asked, with what I thought was hopeful enthusiasm.

“You will have to be comfortable in front of as many as 20 people, but for now we will save my casual customers from any distractions. Let’s go to a back room for a trial run,” I insisted with a smile.

Heather was assisting me, so she led the way.

“You can hang your clothes on this rack here,” Heather explained to our aspiring associate. She stood back to watch as Chili stripped, and I could hardly blame her.

Chili Pepper had a charisma about him that you just have to see. His long blonde hair makes you think he’s a surf bum, while his lanky frame reminded me of a certain gold medal swimmer.

His chest was more muscular than the shirt would suggest, and his abdomen was nothing but rippling abs. When he pulled his pants off, revealing no under garment, he produced a beautiful 7 inch cock of modest girth.

“Nice,” I confessed, and Heather’s body language left no doubt that she was liking what she saw too.

“Shall we start with the pussy attachment?” I suggested.

Heather went to the cupboard and brought back the only style that we have, which would be comfortable for any man, but it only had a depth of 7 inches, so Chili was going to fill it up.

She let our volunteer look at it first, and he parted the silicone labia to peer down inside of it.

“It looks like a loofa inside,” he said, as he pushed his middle finger in, to have a feel. “Can I try it before letting the monster masher fuck me with it?”

“Sure, but let Heather push it onto you, so you can feel it being done ‘to’ you, instead of ‘by’ you,” I suggested.

Chili sat down on the demonstration table and leaned back to rest his palms on the back of the tabletop.

Heather is a professional, and she has handled many cocks as a part of her job, but she seemed nervous handling Chili’s instrument.

“Would you like me to handle that, Heather?” I offered.

“NO, er…I mean, I have it Lara,” she responded as she took the rising cock in her shaky hand.

“It would help if I could see some female parts,” he suggested as he eyeballed Heather’s cleavage.

She ignored him, and took his cock in one hand while positioning the artificial vagina over the head of his penis.

“Careful with that, Sweety,” Chili insisted. “I only have one.”

She smiled, and absentmindedly licked her lips. Then I realized that I was biting my lower lip!

“Oh, Hunny. You’re good with your hands,” Chili murmured, while looking into Heather’s eyes.

“Are you really Bisexual, Mr. Pepper?” I asked our amorous friend.

“I love all people,” Chili responded, but didn’t look away from the young lady stroking his cock. I saw that her hand had shifted to massage his balls.

“Okay, we know that works, people. So let’s get on with the machine,” I instructed my employees.

Heather snapped out of her zomby trance and slowly removed the pussy pocket from Chili’s engorged cock, taking more time than needed. Then she snapped the device onto the working end of the thruster.

She wheeled it into position, then pushed the button on each leg, that kept the machine in place, then she brought the business end up to Chili’s waiting penis.

Heather and I had only seen this done on a video, but it looked like fun. She put his cock head into the hole and set the out position on the parameter of the machine, then she moved it onto his cock by turning the pulley that was attached to the drive motor.

She set the full depth mark and it was ready to go.

“I will start it out slowly, to make sure that the range is good,” Heather announced.

She turned a dial on the wireless remote, and the fucking machine pulled back slowly. When he had only the head buried, it reversed and did a 4 inch stroke back down onto his rigid pole.

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