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Delighted of Tunbridge Wells

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Heather Vandeven

Prefatory note: All the events may be assumed to have taken place: 1) when rail fares were down to a really affordable level; 2) compartments on the old slam-door trains had no corridor and seated 6 each side; 3) AIDS had not reared its ugly head; 4) Y-fronts were the latest fashion in gents’ underwear!


It all started as a co-incidence – we just kept chancing to meet, from opposite ends of the office building, in the staff room, at the coffee machine, though we both preferred hot chocolate.

She, Ellie, a shapely natural blonde in her 40s, and a widow. I, a separated, be-spectacled techie, 35, dark hair and in average shape. We chatted, as one does, she about her clerical responsibilities, I about our customers and their foibles.

After a while, our brief chats took on a more flirtatious turn. As we seemed to find each other mutually attracted, I took to catching her up as she walked to the station.

The third time I did this, I missed her until I was on the station concourse. She was in earnest conversation with another lady colleague, heading for her platform, so I just nodded to them and carried on towards my train.

To my surprise, moments later, she caught my arm.

“Why don’t we have a coffee in the station cafeteria”, she suggested.

“Sure, but I thought you were with your friend? What did you say to her? How did you get away?”

“I just said, “I’m going to chat”. And left her to catch her train.”

In the cafeteria, I organised the coffees, while she found seats at a table. After seating herself, she seemed to take a few moments to settle until she was comfortable.

As we talked, and she leaned forward to pick up her coffee, I found that I could see between her blouse buttons.

Then I realised that not only could I see her bra, but it was loose enough for me to see the very tip of her breast.

Apart from displaying herself so artlessly (artfully?), I was surprised to see that her nipple and its surrounding disc was so pale pink as almost to match the surrounding skin of her breast. I ascribed this to her being a real natural blonde.

I carried on the conversation for several minutes, while enjoying the scenery which she seemed to be so innocently providing.

Fool that I was, I then drew her attention by saying: “I’m privileged to have such a close and intimate view of your beauty”.

She saw where I was looking, and quickly shrugged her shoulders to close the gap, but smiled mischievously as she did so.

With hindsight, I’m sure that before leaving the office, and wishing to advance the state of our relationship, she had adjusted her clothes deliberately to display herself so as to lure me on!

I suggested that as she was going only 6 stations, I could get a cheap day return ticket, and accompany her on the train.

It was rush-hour crowded, but we got seats, and I held her hand and stole two willingly surrendered kisses.

The next day we just travelled down to her station on the crowded train, but as she had a season ticket I suggested she return with me in a hopefully empty compartment, travelling against the flow.

She allowed me to kiss her, tongue tips touching, to hold her and caress her breasts through her dress. She was very willing and when we reached our starting station she thanked me breathlessly, saying,

“That was wonderful – it was as if I had never been kissed before!”

So I left her to head homeward, smiling to herself, while I walked on air to catch my train.

Thereafter, on many occasions at the end of the day, we would make the double journey, returning in the privacy of an empty 12-seater compartment. Each time I would succeed in kissing her sweet lips and caressing the pale tips and smooth curves of her breasts.

The invitation of her spread thighs led me then to petting her most secret places inside her damp panties. Our tongue tips played freely, and I loved looking into her beautiful light-blue eyes with their golden lashes.

I was able to lead her from stimulating her breasts, through tongue kissing, to firm but gentle petting of her lower lips. Her arousal increased and I felt her clitoris throb until she could hold back no more. Those lovely eyes closed as a panting climax overtook her and her body shook while she moaned out her helpless pleasure. I held her trembling body close in my arms and kissed her deeply and tenderly until she was calm again

Once, in our the privacy of our compartment, repeated kisses and pressing her naked breast inside her dress and bra, had brought Ellie to a state of full arousal. Her damp panties to one side, my fingers had taken her to the very brink of her climactic release.

Suddenly our empty up train halted: we were right alongside a stopped down train, packed with homeward bound commuters.

I made to pull away, to preserve her modesty lest travellers in the other train should see her with her skirt right up, spread thighs openly displayed.

But she bonus veren siteler seized my wrist, demanding,

“Don’t stop now. I’m almost there. Make me come. Pleeease.”

I pressed deeply within her lips, working her clit firmly but gently.

“Oh yes, yes, yessss. Oh I’m there – you’ve brought meeeee.”

And with not a single onlooker, fortunately, my Ellie bowed forward, knees wide apart, and jerked her way through her powerful intimate climax under the pressure of my fingers circling her clitoris.

On another day, on the return journey, she told me: “I’ve been thinking about your touches all afternoon, and I’m feeling so aroused. I didn’t have any spare panties with me, so I haven’t been able to change them. I’m just drenched between my legs”.

I had become accustomed to feeling her warm damp panties in the initial stages of our train petting; but now the thin cotton between her willingly opened thighs was not only soaking wet, but also COLD to my touch, showing how long her moisture had been flooding from her.

“Please do me – make me come – bring me off”.

She was already terribly aroused, and with my hand up her skirt and under the crotch of her knickers, I was able to bring her to her jerking culmination.

It took only moments before she was pressing her clitoris again and again up against my fingers in a straining, mewing climax.

She kept writhing and thrusting to squeeze out her sexual feelings for a full minute, while we kissed deeply, and I fondled her pert-tipped breast to enhance her sensations.

Five minutes (and one station stop) later, she had recovered herself from her ecstasy. I was thrilled to have brought her off and satisfied her immediate need.

But as we kissed, passionately, she made it clear that her lovely and willing body still needed more satisfaction.

So with tender but urgent kisses, I fingered her naked vulva under her skirt and panties, to bring her to a second thrusting and panting orgasm.

This intimate sexual activity of course provoked arousal and erection in me, but ever since my first excursions into the world of girls, I made a rule: I would always ensure the girl’s pleasure before my own, and that I would derive my fulfilment later and alone by re-living the experience.

Hence I forewent any hope of orgasming in the train because of the risk of another passenger entering our compartment when we stopped at a station. To drop a skirt takes but a moment, but to replace and zip up an erection takes longer and could have had far more serious consequences for me.

Added to which, although she lubricated copiously, this would never be apparent to an outsider, whereas my hastily concealed erection would be far more noticeable.

But, alone at home, and in the privacy of my own bed, my pleasurable self-stimulation was massively enhanced by my recollections. I re-lived her sighs, her sounds and the jerking and trembling of her parted thighs.

And I became helpless as my orgasm throbbed and burst from my swollen tip and my hot liquid sprayed onto a neatly spread tissue.


One evening, she suggested that I accompany her home, a short walk from the station. She explained that her grown-up son lived with her, but that tonight he would be out very late with his girlfriend. She also told me that his job meant he had to leave just before seven in the mornings.

In her hallway, we hugged and cuddled, and she lifted her face to be kissed. I cradled her pretty golden head in my hands as I kissed her deeply and at length into her upturned mouth. Our tongues played passionately as our bodies pressed together in our intimate close embrace.

She then led me into the sitting room, where we undressed for the first time. Then we sat naked on the settee, where she allowed me to inspect and admire the beauty of her mature shapeliness.

For the first time, I was able to kiss her neatly rounded breasts and their amazingly pale pink tips.

I had never seen golden sex hairs before; and I was thrilled to stroke her soft blonde curls across her belly and between her thighs.

Seeing her inner lips swell and fill, and her clitoris come erect under my touch gave me (and her) that exciting enjoyment of a FIRST experience.

Exploring more deeply within her, I could feel the tip of her womb and the two nylon threads attached to her IUD. As I had had a vasectomy, we were doubly protected from pregnancy!

Her spectacular wide-legged orgasm just rose and came upon her as we sat petting side by side on her sofa.

And now, my FIRST came as she skillfully stroked and squeezed my erection in her hand. She brought me on, stroking my engorged shaft until I could hold out no longer. My spasms of pleasure gripped me:

“You’re bringing me, you darling”

She bent forward, allowing her lovely breasts to fall into their natural fullness.

“I want to see you come”, she whispered, and watched closely the repeated bedava bahis forceful spurts of my thick white liquid into a carefully spread hanky, as I groaned in the ferocity of my orgasm.

I think she found this deeply arousing, because after I had recovered she said, ” I adore the way you stroke my clitoris and bring me off: But I want you to see what I do when you’re not here”.

She lay down along the sofa, her knees raised and spread. Her busy fingers then touched and pressed along the delicate grooves of her vulval lips, making them part and swell. I watched in fascination as she pressed and stroked her most intimate places.

The speed of her caresses varied as did her sounds of arousal. And I realised that she was prolonging her pleasure by approaching her point of no return; then pausing, before surrendering to her openly obvious womanly climax.


We progressed to the stage where I would drive to her home in the early mornings before work, arriving before she had dressed.

She would answer the door in her nightie, and we hugged and kissed tenderly. She stood on the first stair, and I cradled her golden head in my hands while we kissed and kissed again in each others arms.

She made towards the sitting room, then turned, and, taking my hand, said, “I think you might as well come to my bedroom”.

In her bedroom, we hugged and kissed as I held her close. Then, we became naked to one another, and lay close together on her bed. She welcomed my intimate caresses, until she wriggled and cried out in obvious orgasm.

There, naked, we lay on our sides facing, her lower thigh beneath my waist, so that I could press my erection to her swollen lower lips.

She lubricated copiously. And I pressed the tip of my organ to her tight entrance, causing her to gasp. Another push and I was accepted further inside her warmth; one more thrust and we were pressed as closely together as we could possibly be.

Our mutual thrusting brought us both to that magical sensation of being almost at, just below, the point of no return; we held each other close and rigidly still, with my erection pressed as deeply within her as I could. We both felt we wanted to prolong the pleasure, to allow the demand and desire for culmination to subside.

But then we could hold back no longer. We both pressed and thrust together and with kisses, breast stimulation and deep thrusting, I brought her to her climax; and the squeezing, rippling of her orgasmic internal muscles forced me over the edg and into the delirious pulsing joy of our simultaneous orgasms.

The rich, thick fair hairs between her thighs did not obscure her plump outer lips which I loved to caress to arouse her. Her parted legs indicated to me her readiness to progress from kisses and fondling of her breasts to genital stimulation.

I was so thrilled to discover, from the first time onwards, that her inner lips, when in an aroused state, became hugely swollen and puffed up, and were exposed outside her outer lips, and her clitoris (she always pronounced it “clitris”) protruded nakedly and in full erection from the top of her vulva.

She was capable of coming off repeatedly and I was delighted to ensure that on each intimate occasion, I gave her all the pleasure her lovely body could stand. Her sounds of enjoyment delighted me. Only rarely did she utter actual words: but when she did, it really delighted me. I loved her helplessly-uttered sounds, so the few occasions of verbalisation were very special.

In those days, I could maintain an erection for 25 to 30 minutes. During this time, coupled, I could bring her to climax 5 or 6 times before joining her in a final simultaneous and joyous orgasm.

“I can’t keep coming like this”, she mewed, after her sixth climax. “Yes you can”, I replied, and proceeded to kiss, caress, pet and thrust so that she could not help succumbing to yet another vigorous and prolonged orgasm.

Another time she had been tossing her pretty head from side to side in the throes of her supreme moments, and as she was finishing, I thrust my tongue into the ear offered by her turned head.

“Crikeeeey”, she yelped, as this totally unexpected stimulation started her sensations anew, while I pressed my still ejaculating erection deep within her body.

*************** You may be wondering where Tunbridge Wells comes in.

As well as being an obviously sensual and passionate woman, Ellie was thoughtful and compassionate too.

So every year she took a week of her annual leave, to provide relief cover for a staff member in a care home on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells.

As I had a customer in the town, I suggested I should give her a lift, leave her while I held a brief meeting, and then take her on to the home.

I made my business call brief while she waited in the parked car. I had given her a copy of Forum Magazine to read while I was away, and on my return, I found it had clearly had its effect on deneme bonus Ellie.

We found a quiet country lane and parked there. Her arousal, inflamed by the light reading I had left her, was intense. Her panties and tights were soaked through with her lubrication, so she removed them completely.

In complete privacy, we kissed passionately; I fondled the fullness of her beautiful breasts, and stimulated their pale pink tips with caresses and kisses.

My finger tips explore the intimacy of her blonde sex hairs, her full outer lips, before peeling open the swollen petals of her inner lips and petting her clitoris to her first climax.

Only minutes later, I fondled her between her thighs, savouring her responsiveness, gently pressing and stroking her until her feelings overcame her again; she writhed and bucked and thrust as she strained to achieve her release from her sexual tension.

After a few minutes of quiet holding her close and kissing her tenderly, she made it clear that she needed further satisfaction.

And so I again stimulated her clitoris and pressed deep between her folds to bring her arousal to a third peak. I found I could hold her in prolonged pleasure just below her point of no return, let her subside just a little, then re-arouse her to her point of orgasm, as, between kisses, she cried into my ear,

“Don’t stop . . . make me spend . . . I’m ccoooommming aga a a a i n n n”.

Yet again, she was working her thighs and buttocks, thrusting her breasts and hips up to me, and moaning out her primeval womanly pleasure.

After such seizures, I held her close, cuddling her, kissing her mouth, stroking her hair. In my arms she gradually came down from her exhausting sexual high, and finally became relaxed enough to consider her appearance for her visit to the hospice.

“Will they notice my bare legs” she asked. “Only to admire them”, I replied with a smile. “And they won’t worry about stockings – and they certainly won’t know you have no knickers on!”


I drove on from our country lane, my patient erection straight up inside my y-fronts.

While I was driving, very carefully, Ellie reached across to touch me. She proceeded to stroke the sensitive under-side of my penis through my trousers and under-pants.

Her touch was gentle but firm enough to bring me to a full erection, and start that magical tingling feeling of sexual pleasure. The sensations she was giving me were exquisite.

In a low voice, tense with longing and desire, I begged,

“Please don’t stop.”

“That’s perfect.”

“Don’t change anything.”

“Do me just like that”.

And that wonderful, desirable, sexy girl, did just as I asked, pleasuring my penis with a steady irresistible stimulation, tingling in lustful feelings like a continuous orgasmic pleasure, but without going over the top. It just went on and on for as long as I could hold back.

All this time I was driving, safely, in spite of my aroused state, in the way that an experienced driver can control his vehicle without any need to concentrate on it.

I was revelling in the continuing ecstasy which Ellie was provoking in my swollen organ. At last, I could hold back no longer.

The sensations became so strong that I could resist no more. My penis throbbed and pulsed repeatedly in the strongest, fiercest, most erotic ejaculatory orgasm of my life.

My hot liquid flooded from me in such pleasurable bursts that I did not care about the catastrophic drenching of my genitals and underwear.

I just felt such strong feelings of gratitude and emotional happiness towards Ellie, my Ellie, who in every way had shown herself to be so accomplished in every aspect of the art of love-making.

We duly arrived, and after a fond farewell, she walked, bare-legged, into the care home. I remained, seated damply, and went home, my head filled with the most loving thoughts of my fair- haired, pale-skinned, loving and outrageously sexy lover.

I was lucky: my flood was entirely contained within my y-fronts without reaching my suit trousers.


Only once did I see Ellie’s pussy in an unaroused state. I was amazed to see only the twin rolls of her outer lips, completely hiding the inner lips.

On every other occasion, she had clearly been anticipating our love-making and was already in an advanced state of arousal. This meant that her inner lips and clitoris increased in size so much that they forced her vulva open. I found this obvious sign of her sexual need very arousing, particularly as her copious moisture showed the extent of her willingness.


So here is where your experience, dear reader, (and especially lady reader), may confirm my theory and inform my male ignorance. If the outer lips completely enlose the inner, then will that tend to prevent the moisture of arousal escaping onto the panties? But if the inner lips protrude beyond the outer lips, so they come into contact with the panties, will they then provide the route for her lubrication to dampen, or even soak, a girl’s underwear?

I know the question: but whom dare I ask for the answer, except the enlightened and understanding readers of Literotica?


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