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Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 08

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Seducing a Kappa Delta girl proved to be quite a challenge. Their reputation as being a quasi-Christian sorority made getting one of their girls into bed a little daunting.

But did that stop me? No!

Kirsten was a friend of a friend, and the typical all-American girl. She was a cheerleader, straight-A student, secretary of the senior class, went to Tijuana during the summer with her youth group to build houses for the poor. She had dated one of my best friends in high school, though she had gone to our rival high school. Though they had gone out for over a year, the most he had gotten was a quick feel of her tits on the outside of her shirt. They had broken up at the beginning of our senior year (rumor had it that it was because she wouldn’t put out) and, as far as I knew, she hadn’t have another boyfriend since.

But college changed everyone and, I hoped, Kirsten was no different.

Time was running out, so I put on a quick press. Had her for dinner, study dates (I feigned trouble in English, my strongest subject), and finally to one of our house parties.

We danced, laughed, drank from the communal keg and punch bowl. She touched me in those quick, easy, flirtatious ways and my confidence jumped.

Finally, after I had plied her with enough drink I suggested we go someplace quiet to talk. She just smiled a little absently and followed. We went upstairs to one of the “fuck chambers” and closed the door. We sat down on the bed and I smiled my best smile at her.

“This is great, Joe. This is great.”

“Thank you.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t move it.

“Kirsten, halkalı escort you’re so beautiful. Why didn’t I try to steal you away from Tom back home?”

“I don’t know, Joe. I loved Tom so much.”

I eased my hand farther up her leg, still getting no resistance. I looked in her big blue eyes. My heart was beating fast with anticipation.

“Kirsten, can I kiss you?”

“Sure, Joe.” I leaned into her and touched my lips to hers. She must have been more out of it than I thought, as she didn’t kiss back very much.

I moved my hand to her breast. She let me for a second before moving it off.

“Joe, would Jesus approve?”

“Oh yeah he would!” I leaned her back on the bed, this time my hand went all the way under her skirt until it reached the fabric of her panties. Kirsten started to struggle but couldn’t quite bring herself to. All that booze she had had was having an effect.

I quickly undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers down in a flash. I tested my hardness with my hand, all ready to go. I pressed my mouth to hers, trying to distract her as I pulled her panties down. I knew I had to strike quickly and would have no time for preliminaries.

“Joe, what are you doing?” I used my knees to get her legs apart, then moved up between them. I pressed my throbbing cock to the entrance of her pussy. She was wet enough so I plunged all nine inches into her.

Surprisingly, there was no hymen to tear. I wondered if she really had fucked before or some mishap had robbed her of her maidenhead. I really didn’t care, I just started taksim escort thrusting in and out of her hot, wet, tight cunt.

Suddenly she realized what was happening. Her brain was saying no, but her body had other ideas. She started in a litany of “No’s” and “yeses” as her body and mind struggled with each other.

I reached under her blouse and found her tits. My hand went under her bra and I squeezed her left tit. Her boob was nice and firm and hot, her nipple quickly erect from my attentions.

“Joe, stop. Please!”

“It’s okay, Kirsten. Just go with it.”

“Joe, please. Jesus is watching us!”

And getting a hell of a show, I thought to myself, sacrilegiously.

I flipped her over and reinserted my cock into her. The sight of my dick between her perfect ass cheeks drove me to new heights and I increased the power of my thrusting. My hand went to her clit, which I diddled furiously in time with our fucking.

“Don’t Joe! Please!” Somehow, her pleading was a turn on. I knew she was approaching orgasm, that forbidden pleasure she had obviously resisted for so long. I wanted it to be a good one so I stopped thrusting and concentrated on bringing her over.

“That’s it, Kirsten. Go with it! Let yourself come!”

She screamed as the waves of pleasure overtook her. This time she didn’t speak out to her God, but with the foul mouth of a slut getting wildly fucked.

“Fuck!! Oh Shit! Damn you, Joe! ARRGGGHHH!!!!” Her pussy clenched on my cock as she orgasmed. I started thrusting again, trying to bring her even more pleasure.

“Fuck, Kirsten! Your pussy is so tight!’

All şişli escort resistance ended after that first orgasm. Something had snapped in her, and she started to fuck me back. I reached under her and played with her bouncing tits, now free of the bra bunched under her tits.

I moved her to her side and started spooning her, one hand on her clit and another on her tits. I brought her off again before I started to feel that familiar tickling in my balls. With a last bit on energy I got her back on her back and plunged my cock all the way in. Like a madman I bucked my hips up and down for all I was worth.

“I’m gonna cum, Kirsten! I’m gonna come!”

This declaration brought her back to reality. “No, Joe! Not inside me!”

Wrong thing to say. This was a huge turn on for me. Those words brought me all the way there. My sperm gushed out of the end of my penis, filling her pussy with my semen. My whole genital area hurt I shot so much.

When I was done, I collapsed onto her. My cock slowly deflated and slipped out of her, bringing a trickle of our combined juices that left a wet spot on the bed.

Kirsten didn’t say a word. She pulled her clothes together, straightened herself as best she could and left. She had come willingly to her own corruption and was much more guilty than angry.

Her fall from grace was complete when, six weeks later, she came to me and told me she was pregnant. I told her I would pay half for an abortion, which she reluctantly agreed to. I didn’t see her much after that, though this didn’t surprise me.

After I had recovered, I got my clothes on and went to the video room. The pledge trainer chalked me up on the scoreboard, reminding me I had only four days to score my last house, which was Phi Mu.

Six of ten of my pledge brothers had completed the challenge. At the beginning I had held out hope that I would be the first to finish, now I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the last.

Eight down, one to go.

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