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Drama 101: Final

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No Panties

She wasn’t sure what time it was but he had to be at least 6:40 am. He had left her there all night. She had no feeling in her legs, in her lower body at all. The vibrators numbed her completely and she was pretty sure if he didn’t hurry she was going to piss herself. He walked over slowly and sat down, he didn’t think she had noticed him quite yet. Her mind was racing…where is he? Shouldn’t he be here by now? He looked at the camera, it having recorded the whole night. Her heart slams against her chest as someone knocks on the auditorium doors. He got up and walked over to the door, looking out. A janitor stood outside the door.

“I got a complaint about loud noise coming from in here.”

Steven flashed a grin, “oh, I was just playing music loudly, sorry.”

The janitor nods and continues down the hall. He shuts the door and turns back.

“So…good morning.”

She turns her head to the direction of his voice, and she pulled at the ropes. Tears streaming out from under the mask. He walked over and slipped the gag from her mouth.

She inhaled deeply, “please let me up, I am dying of thirst and I need to pee.”

She felt a straw placed at her lips, “drink.”

“What is it first?”

She looked at him questioningly, but the mask hid her eyes. He shook his head.

“It’s just water dearie.”

She nods drawing straw fills into her mouth.

Can you let me up I feel nothing from my tits down.”

He smirks, “i think I keep you here a bit longer.”

Lacey pouts, “I really have to pee sir let me up.

“I know,” he sat down, “so pee.”

Her face turned bright red at his comment.

“I couldn’t, not here.”

He smirked, “sure you can, I won’t let you up till you do, and the other students will be here in an hour.” Her bladder was full and would over flow shortly. She blushed, thankful for the mask. A low sigh leaves her lungs as pee starts trickling down the table to floor. He made sure the camera caught it all.

“There you go.”

She relaxed into it and made her piss squirt out and onto the floor.

He smirked, “and it’s all on film.”

She blushed a deep red as she finished. The amount on the table dripped onto the floor. He turned off the camera and began slipping the vibrators out of her. He then untied her blindfold, slipping it from her eyes.

She blinked away the darkness she was shrouded in and smiles up at him. He smiled down at her, “good morning, enjoy your night?” She shook her head.

“No I did not, you left me here.”

He gives Lacey a large grin, “yes I did, and I think you enjoyed.”

She smirks and tugs at the rope. He tilts head to the side; his eyes gleaming with evil intent.

“Maybe I’ll leave you here.”

Her eyes glinted with horror. She licked her lips.

“No you can not. Class start in 20 minutes.”

Steven stood there just staring at her. She was beautiful and he was soaking up the view of her tied down. She cringed and tugged at the rope.

He chuckled softly, “I could cover you with a blanket.”

She looks at him and shakes her head.

“No you need to let me up.”

“Oh, and why is that hmm,” he gently caressed her face.

She nuzzles her face into his hand while mumbling to herself, “I love you.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“I suppose I’ll let you up.”

She turned her head praying he didn’t hear her comment. HIs lips brushed her ear.

“And I love you too.”

She blushes and closes her eyes.

Then whispers, “I didn’t think you heard that.”

Her pink cheeks made her pale complexion glow. He smiled at her.

“I have good hearing.”

She grins and tugs at the ropes. Her grin vanishes as the bell rings. He looks up at the clock.

“Only 5 minutes left.”

“Let me up, LET ME UP!”

She starts panicking.


He quickly pulled the cover over her as the doors opened, a few students filling in.

“Good morning class.”

All light vanished as a blanket covers her body. He began teaching as if it were a regular day, hoping she would stay still. Lacey slowed her breathing till her chest barely moved when she inhaled. An hour passed and first period left, he lifted the sheet and looked at her. She stared at him, that class felt like it went forever.

“Can you let me up now?”

He smiled, “not yet, wait an hour till lunch period ok?

She looked at him. Her irritation clear on her face.

“You have three more classes until then. I will not stay under a blanket for three hours.”

“Well you kinda,” the door to the room opened and he dropped the cover, “have to.”

She exhaled in a huff of anger. But he was right there was no time for him to let her up. He smirked as he considered messing with her, but thought better of it. She listened to the lesson he was teaching. Her breathing so shallow she felt like she would suffocate. A cold breeze from the vent in the floor blew up under the blanket making her instantly inhale sharply making a minor noise. He coughed.

“Sorry guys,” he looked down at the sheet.

Lacey was getting bored. But her smile came back when the bell üsküdar escort range 20 minuets later. He lifts the corner of the sheet, and peeked under.

“That was close, why’d you make a sound?”

“The fucking vent blew really cold air across my pussy unexpectedly.”

She looks up at him.

“Come on let me up I’ll hide up in the audience seats on the floor they won’t see me.”

He smirked, “we have 45 minutes till lunch ends.”

She laughed, “you mean starts.”

He nodded, “Which means a student could come in any second.”

And he was right the door swung open as she whispered to him.

“There is a field trip only one kid will be here and that is Andy from the other day.”

He whispered as he was setting the sheet down.

“Maybe I’ll let him know you’re here.”

As the sheet drops she speaks once more, “he knows already. Well about us he was watching.”

He watched his student take his seat.

“Andy, welcome.”

She listens to their conversation with some slight interest.

“Welcome to class, I think I have a special lesson for you today.”

Lacey knew what was going to happen and her face flushed pink.

Andy look confused “what lesson sir.”

“You’ll understand, everything you need is under this sheet, I have somewhere to be for a bit, so have fun?”

After hearing that she cringes. He was leaving her here with Andy. This won’t be good. He smirked as he hit the button on a hidden camera he had, then left. Lacey listened to the door open then slam shut and the locks click into place.

Andy slowly came down to the desk.

“Weird teacher.”

He reached out and grabbed the sheet, giving it one hard tug as he pulled it off and away from the desk. Lacey turned her head and gave Andy a serious death glare. He looked over her body.

“What the hell?”

She looks away and blushes. Completely embarrassed by her situation. He slowly reached down and touched her breast.

Her face turn bright red, “Andy you can’t tell anyone.”

He smiles, “So..you’re willing then?”

She cocks her head slightly, looking at him like he is stupid.

“I’m tied down I don’t get to choose. But yes.”

He smirked as he moved around to her head. He unzipped his pants letting his cock fall out.

“Open your mouth then.”

She blushes and parts her lips using her tongue so slide him into her mouth. He moaned slightly, her head being upside down as she took him in her mouth. She smirks and nibbles gently as she sucks him further down her throat.

“O-oh…fuck,” he gripped the desk.

She giggles and sucks a little rough. His hips buck lightly, this feeling way better than she realized. She opened her eyes and glanced up at him. His face clearly showing the pleasure he felt and that when she really looked at.

Andy was cute but he can be jerk. He moaned, not really paying attention to anything but the pleasure he was feeling. She purrs softly making her throat quiver around his hard cock. He moaned as his hips started thrusting. The head of his cock pushed at the back of her throat as she wraps her tongue around Andy’s shaft.


He moaned and thrusted faster. She felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. He tilts his head back. “Fuck…I’m…getting…close!”

She giggles and bites down gently on the tip of his cock. As she did, the feeling of both pleasure and slight pain made him lose it, he began shooting strands of cum down her throat. She swallows and licks her lips after he pulls out and nearly falls over.

She smirks, “If I didn’t know better I would think that was your first blow job.”

He looks away from her.

“N..no…shut up.”

She glances at his face and laughs.

“It was wasn’t it. Mr. Popular has never had a blow job. How cute.” He glares at Lacey, “Seriously..shut your mouth.”

Lacey looks at him and tugs at the ropes.

“Let me up I wanna show you something.”

Andy looked at her questioningly, “Why would I do that?”

She waited a minute and contemplated. “Well you will like what I show you.”

He smirks as his eyes rake across her body.

“What are you going to show me, cause the way I see it, I can do whatever I want to you and you can’t say no.”

She huffs and looks at him. With clear frustration on her face.

“Look you will like it cause I already said yes to your virgin ass.”

He grabbed her nipple and tugged on it hard.

“Take that back.”

A sharp pain erupted in her left breast and she laughs, “did I offend your sensitive ego?”

He grabbed the other one. She looks up at him intentionally taunting him.

“Come on you can tell me. Did I hurt your precious feelings?”

“Shut up!”

He leaned down and bit her nipple. She yelps then moans as she sinks her teeth into his shoulder. She bit right through his shirt.

“Ahh..you little,” he then saw the whip by her leg.

She smirks, “bring it if you’re man enough.”

The whip whistles through the air as he smacked her across her breasts with it. Faint fine red lines form on the pale skin. She winces and winks göztepe escort at him. A thought crosses her mind. She stared at him.

“So why are you so offended Andy?”

“I’m not…shut up.”

He smacks her tits again. She moans softly and flexes her wrists and pulls them out of the restraints. He raised his arm to smack her breasts again. She looks at him and grabs his shirt and yanks him to her. She places her lips to his ear.

“You listen to me Andy and listen well. You think you’re big and tough. That you are a ladies man; well you are not.”

After she finishes speaking she kisses him deeply taking the whip from his hand. He tried fighting back, but soon he was kissing her back. She whispers against his lips as her free hand slides under his shirt.

“You poor thing, you are my new pet. Get over it.”

He looked shocked, “B..but..I can’t…I’m better than…that.”

Her lips brush against his jaw and her nails dig into his torso.

“If you were better than that you would be fighting to get away.”

She drags her razor sharp nails down his chest. He gasped and tried to pull away. She tightened her grip. Her lips moved to his neck. He stares at her.

“So…what we’re you going to do?”

She untied her legs and slides her hand between her legs and rubs herself softly. He watched her and his cock began to harden again. She smirks and draws him closer.

“You wanna taste Andy? I know you were watching our teacher during the movie.”

He blushed, “No..I was..just…”

A smile takes form on her face.

“It’s ok. Did you enjoy the show?”

His cock throbbing answered her question. She presses her lips to his and grabs his cock rubbing softly.

“Mmmm,”he moaned against her lips.

As she breaks from the kiss she rolls onto her stomach. Her ass pressed against his cock. He inhaled sharply.

“What..what do you want?”

She smiles over her shoulder and angles his cock to her pussy.

“Now in.”

He grabs her hips and slowly begins to push in. She moans softly and pushes against him. He shudders and moans as he slowly slid inside of her.

She looks back at him, “am I too tight?”

“N..no..just…” he moaned before finishing his sentence.

She moans softly.

“Just what?”

He stumbles with his words, “Feels…good…fuck.”

She giggles and moans while speaking, “Well of course it does, you are buried in something tight and wet.”

He moaned and nodded. She rolls her hips against him and moans his name. Andy inhales as she moves.

“H…holy…fuck…it’s so…”

She rolls her hips again as she grinds them into him. Her eyes glaze over with lust as she looks behind her at him. He begins to thrust, this feeling being overwhelming for him. She bends over the table and spreads her legs a bit further apart. His hips hit hers hard as he began to get in rhythm. She moans loudly and lays her upper body across the table. He grips the desk as well. Moaning as his thrust became a little more erratic. She presses her face to the desk and moans into the wood. Andy presses his palms against the table.


She moans loudly her hushed voice begging.

“H..harder Andy please.”

He gripped her hips again, his own thrusting harder. Lacey screamed his name as he fucked her. “L..lacey. ..I’m gonna Cum…”

She looks over her shoulder and moans his name begging him to cum inside her. He moaned her name as he slammed into her, filling her with his hot cum. She felt his release and came along with him, just as she came the teacher came back into the room.

He looks up, “aww why’d you untie her?”

Andy pulls out of her and slides to the floor. His cock slick with cum. Lacey smirks to herself, “He untied me cause I asked.”

Steven sighed in exasperation, “I wanted to keep you there.”

“Well I need to go home tonight sir.”

She looks at the teen on the floor still panting as he tried to get to his feet. Her teacher turned to her.

“Why Is that?”

Shaking her head Lacey help Andy to his feet and ushered him out the door. Then she turns back to Steven.

“Because I need food, a shower and clean clothes.”

The answer he gave her made her second guess herself.

“Your Welcome to come to my place.”

Lacey hoped she heard him right.

“Excuse me sir but what?”

He smiled, “Come home with me..”

Her jaw drops, “sir are being serious?”

She reaches for the sheet wrapping it around her slightly battered body. He looked directly at her, “Yes…why wouldn’t I be?”

She looks down at the navy carpet of the auditorium.

“But why sir?”

He looks at her, “Umm..didn’t you say you loved me this morning?”

She blushes a light pink.

“Yes sir I did…”

She walks across the room and presses her lips to his. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her gently.

She whispers in his ear, “my birthday is tomorrow.”

He grinned, “is it really?”

She nods and takes a step back as the last bell rings. He looked at her. She smirks and looks at the clock.

“It was a half istanbul pendik escort day if you forgot. Exams start tomorrow.”

He smiles, “Oh..I guess you’ll have a doctor’s excuse tomorrow.”

She smirks and drops the sheet as she collects her clothes. He smiles as he watches her. She shimmed back into her clothes. Her body covered in dried cum.

“Would we be able to stop by my house?”

He gave her an odd look but gave in.

“I guess we could.”

She smiles and kisses his cheek.

“I just need to grab some clothes. Ok?”

He gave a light sigh, “Ok..well c’mon.”

She walks out the door after cleaning up the table and the floor around it. He walks out after her, staring at her ass.

She smirks and slides into the passenger seat of his truck.

He climbs into the driver’s seat, “directions?”

She giggles, “Down the street and take a left at second stop sign. Third house on the right. Oh and kill the ignition outside my driveway. My daddy will kill you.”

He smirked and cut off the truck in front of her neighbors house.

“For what?”

She giggles, “Well you happen to be sleeping with his 18 year old daughter Steven.”

He ran his hand down her arm, “Good point.”

He leaned over and french kissed her. She kisses him back as she opens the door.

“I’ll be right back.”

With that she jumps from the truck and sneaks into her house. He sits and waits for her. His eyes scanning the road. She runs to her room, frantic to find her duffle bag. It was buried under her saddle and horse tack. She shook the dust out of is before she stuffed a week’s worth of clothes into the bag. Her feet barely touched the stairs as she bolted down the stairs and back to his truck.

He smiles at her, “that was fast.”

She smiles and crawls back in moving to the middle.

“I know but I know where my clothes are.”

“I see,” he looked over at her.

She kisses his cheek then smiles.

“So how long am I staying with you Steven.”

He smiled, “well…however long you want.”

She grins and kisses him deeply as he started the truck. Her hand slides into his lap rubbing his soft cock through his jeans.

He gives her a questioning look.

“Mm , right here in front of your house?”

He made a valid point. Lacey blushes and pulls her hand away. He grabbed it, moving it back, “Continue.”

“If you wanted me to continue why did you say something.”

She stares at him as she rubs her palm over his hardening cock.

He smirks, “it was only a question dear.”

She smiles and undoes his pants. He lifts up and slides them halfway down his legs. Leaning over him she wraps his cock in the warmth of her mouth.

“Mmm Damn…”

He rested his hand on her head. Her tongue swirls around his shaft as she sucks softly. He lets his seat back some. His cock fills her throat as she buries him deeply in the back of her throat. He moaned out as she did.


She looks up at him, pulls away then sits up just as she spots her father’s SUV down the road.

“What is it?”

He looks at her. She scoots low almost to the floor board.

“Dads truck down the road.”

“So, I’m sure he’s inside..c’mon.”

She shakes her head and crouches on the floor.

“Lacey..c’mon, get up off the floor.”

She shakes her head furiously.

“No… If he sees me… Just drive please.”

He sighed, sounding slightly annoyed as he pulled his pants back up before driving off. After he passed her father she climbs back onto the seat and looks at him.

“I’m sorry.”

He flashes her a small grin, “It’s ok.., we all good.”

She looks at him before pressing her lips to his cheek. He smiled lightly.

She looks at him, “where do you live.”

He grins, “About 15 minutes from here.”

She blushes and pulls her knees to her chest.

He glances over at her, “You ok?”

Nodding she looks at him, “just so much dried cum it is very uncomfortable.”

He busts out laughing.

She frowns, “what is making you laugh.”

He grins, “Just…that’s the biggest thing you complain about after being tied to a desk for over 24 hours.” She smirks, “honestly Steven it doesn’t bother me to be tied to a table but I am craving sleep after a shower. I was not able to sleep on the table.”

“Fair enough,” he smiled.

She hummed along with the radio, as she stretches out. He kept looking over her body. Grinning she runs her hand between her legs. Dried cum flaking from her pussy.

“Please drive a bit faster.”

He adds pressure to the gas pedal and speeds up a little. She lays her head in his lap, and closes her eyes. He stokes her hair. She looks up at him, and strokes his beard.

“Are we there yet?”

He chuckles softly, “Not quite.”

A frown forms on her face as she scratches her thigh. He looks at her.

“You ok?” She smiles. “Yes I’m just getting slightly itchy.”

Steven pulls into the driveway.

“We are here.”

She sits up and grab her bag. Her eyes peered out the window of the truck at a pale blue house. He climbs out of the truck, then comes and opens her door. She smiles and kisses him before she climbs down from the truck. He smiled as he unlocked the front door and flicked on the lights. She follows closely behind him, curious and extremely nervous all at the same time. He sat everything down by the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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