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False Memory

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The fiftieth high-school reunion was a dud. Many were using walkers, some in wheel chairs, some with oxygen tanks. The DJ had given up trying to get the people excited and had reverted to playing music and letting the people gather in groups and tell stories and lies.

Anne was disappointed she had made the trip. Though nearing seventy, she was still in good shape, walking every day, eating healthy, seeing her doctor. She was skinny enough that there wasn’t a lot to sag, just her boobs and rear. Her hair was shorter, grayer than red but her eyes still sparkled with mischief. She had to fend off the advances of some the elderly Lotharios who thought they could still dance.

She was disappointed that her old neighbors, Carol and John weren’t there. She learned Carol had died some years back and John was in a nursing home. Bored, she slipped out and went to the nursing home, hoping it wasn’t too late to visit.

Anne stepped up to the nurse’s station and asked, “May I see John Ralston?”

The nurse looked up from her papers and smiled, “Of course.” She stood, walked around the counter and led Anne to a common area. She looked around and then called, “Janine.”

A woman stood. She had been sitting beside an elderly woman in a wheelchair, working on a jigsaw puzzle.

Janine was short, a little heavy, but she had a welcoming smile. As she neared, the desk nurse said, “She wishes to see Mr. Ralston.”

Janine extended her hand, “Of course. Come with me,” and she started down the hall. They entered a room with a single bed. There was a man, healthy by all appearances sleeping.

“Well, he appears to be in good shape,” Anne whispered. His hair had been black but was now silver. He had always been trim but now appeared a bit gaunt.

“Physically, he’s fine. He has therapy every day and walks a good bit. He eats well and takes care of himself. It’s just his memory that suffers.”

Janine called softly, “Rod?”

The man in the bed stirred, “Yes, yes?”

“You have bonus veren siteler a visitor.”

Anne stepped over to the side of the bed and took his hand, “Hi. Remember me?”

The man frowned, confused, “New nurse?”

“No, I’m Anne. I used to live next door to you.”

She didn’t expect him to recognize her. She had once had auburn hair to her shoulders, a nice full body that he found exciting. Now her hair was gray and thinning, her breasts were sagging, age taking its toll.

“Anne? Anne?” He was obviously concentrating. “I used to screw a girl named Anne.”

Anne laughed. “Your memory isn’t all that bad. That was me.”

Janine’s eyebrows rose and she smiled.

“Yeah, we went on a cruise together. You became a painter and wound up in wheelchair.”

Anne shook her head, “No, that wasn’t me.”

Janine whispered, “He confuses memories of his life with memories of books he’s read and movies he’s seen.”

Anne leaned over and kissed his forehead, “You lived next door and when Kevin was away, you would slip away from Carol, come over and we would make love.”

“Carol. Carol. Where is Carol? I need for her to write a check.”

“Carol isn’t here.”

“She needs to write a check so I can bowl in the tournament. The team needs me.”

Anne looked questioningly at Janine who just shook her head.

Anne took a breath, “I’ll see that they get the check.”

The old man stared at her. “You know Anne?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“She and I ran away to Florida. Her husband found us and I shot him, killed him”

He shook his head. “Anne was a great fuck. And the best cock-sucker I ever had.”

Anne looked up at a grinning Jasmine and turned red.

“Oh. She had the sweetest pussy. I could eat her all day.”

It looked like Janine was dying to laugh out loud.

“And I loved fucking her in the ass. And she liked it, too.”

And with that, both women laughed.

Janine tilted her head, “Did Carol know bedava bahis about you two?”

Anne made a face, “I think she knew, but never made an issue of it. A ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ kind of thing.”

Anne leaned over and kissed his cheek. She looked down, “What is that?”

The sheet was tented with John’s erection,

Janine laughed, “Oh, that. It seems one of his blood pressure meds causes him to be a bit over active. It’s why we call him ‘Rod.”

Anne pushed the covers back and admired the penis poking out of his pjs.

Janine took a breath, “There’s a rumor that one of the attendants comes in here at night and tells him that she is Carol.”

“That wouldn’t be you, would it?”

Janine’s eyebrows rose and she smiled,”Of course not. I’m happily married.”

Anne wrapped her hand around John’s erection and held it. After a moment, she looked up at Janine. “Give us a few minutes, okay?”

Janine went over to the bath and brought a towel. She turned off the overhead light, leaving the room in semi darkness, just a soft light behind the bed. Anne heard the door close and lock.

There was some hand cream on the bedside table and Anne used it to lubricate John’s member. She unfastened his pjs.

“Yeah. That feels good. “You gonna suck my cock?”

Anne considered it, but instead, she pulled up her skirt, climbed on the bed and straddled him. She pushed her panty aside and ran the tip up and down her crease, letting the lotion work on her. She found the spot and lowered herself. He was huge. He filled her as Kevin never had, as no man since had. He rolled up, thrusting into her.

“Now do you remember me?”

“Oh, yeah. I got you on a plane just before the Germans invaded. I couldn’t go with you. I had a bar with a piano player named Sam.”

She pulled off her sweater and bra, leaned forward and let her sagging tits swing to and fro in front him. He didn’t hesitate. He mauled one as he sucked the other, so hard that it hurt. He liked deneme bonus hurting her and she liked it, too. She moaned. He was never a tender lover. She often called him her ‘rapist’ for the way he took her, but she loved it. Kevin was always kind and loving, but she could depend on John for a good fucking.

She rose and fell, twisted and turned until she felt it rising up in her as he battered her breasts. He rose to meet her, driving into her, in sync, like lovers, then out of sync, then back again. She felt him going faster. She reached between them and rubbed her clit as she felt him growing inside her, filling her.

And with his explosion, she released for the first time in a long time. She fell forward, burying her face in his shoulder to stifle her scream as her world went black with swirling stars. She lay there, shaking until she began to recover. He was still hard. She lifted up and rode him through two more small orgasms and fell forward on his chest, exhausted. He was still hard. And then she heard it. He was snoring. His member was still hard, still inside her but he was asleep.

She lay there, basking in the glow, enjoying the moment, the warmth of his body. Then a chill ran up her back, reminding her she was almost naked. She kissed his cheek and got out of bed. She used the towel to dry him and herself. She found some tissues and put them in her panties and pushed down her skirt. She put on her bra and sweater. She pulled a sheet and a blanket over him. He was still tenting. She kissed him and turned to the door. It opened.

Janine was standing inside the door.

“You were watching?”

“Yes. I wanted to be sure no one got hurt. He’s still strong.”

They stepped outside and closed the door.

“Did he really shoot your husband?”

“No. Kevin died two years ago. Pancreas. And I’ve never been to Florida. Another of his false memories.”

They were almost at the entrance when Anne asked, “Do you think he’ll remember tonight?”

“Why don’t you come back in the morning? Take him for a walk, have lunch. Do you live close?”

“No, I was just here for a short visit. But I might stay a bit a longer.”

“Come back and see him. I’m sure he’ll like that.”

Anne laughed, “So will I. So will I.”

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