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Flapjacks In The Morning

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I shared an apartment with my roommate Andy. Andy was someone I knew from school and it was easier to share the rent together. What I didn’t know was that his new girlfriend Karin would be spending so much time at our place. Karin was no beauty as far as I was concerned. She had stringy brown hair, a big butt and thick thighs and a flat chest. I didn’t know what Andy saw in her.

I was up early one morning eating my cereal. Andy came out of the bedroom and told me he was going out to the gym. That usually involved working out then going and doing his chores. I wouldn’t be seeing him for at least three hours. Andy left and a few minutes later out walked Karin. I got an eyeful that morning. Karin was nude, not a stitch of clothes on her body.

She walked out into the living room as if it was the most natural thing to do. Karin had pancake tits that rested on her chest. We call them flapjacks back home. Karin also didn’t believe in shaving down below. She had a thick thatch of pubic hair covering her pussy. I guess my eyes got wide. Karin came over and sat next to me on the sofa.

“Did Andy leave already, Justin?”

I told her that he had gone to the gym.

“He’s probably pissed. He couldn’t get it up last night and I made fun of him,” she told me.

I really didn’t need to hear that about my roommate. I tried not to focus on Karin’s nude body but I couldn’t help it.

“Do you like what you see Justin?”

I couldn’t say a word. This could turn into a bad situation. I didn’t want trouble with Andy.

After few minutes of embarrassed silence. Karin stood up. She walked over and stood right in front of me. She took my bowl of cereal and placed it on the end table. Then it all went downhill istanbul escort from there. Karen climbed up over top of me and sat down on my lap.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I told her.

“I always found you so cute Justin, don’t you like me?”

I was looking at Karin’s flapjack tits. I was getting uncomfortable. Karin proceeded to grind her ass down onto my crotch. I was only wearing a pair of shorts that morning. I could feel my cock starting to spring to life.

“Mmmmm, does that feel good?” She asked me.

Of course it felt good. A few moments later Karin got up from my lap. She reached down and started to pull my shorts down.

“Karin, we shouldn’t,” I pleaded with her.

She didn’t listen to me at all. She pulled my shorts off and my cock sprung to life. My seven inch erection was pointing straight up. Karin then climbed on top of me once more. She took hold of my dick and brought it to her pussy. A few seconds later she was sinking down onto my cock. Karin might not have been much to look at but her pussy muscles had me in a tight grip.

Karin began to slide up and down my erect prick. What could I do? I started pushing back. My hands went to her hips and we got into a fuck rhythm. What can I say, I started to feed Karin with my fat cock. At first Karin was moaning and then she started to scream louder as I gave her every hard inch of my rod.

“You’re so fucking big Justin!” She told me.

I only hoped that Andy didn’t show up soon. I wouldn’t know how to explain this away. Karin bobbed up and down my cock. She told me to put my hands on her nipples. I reached up and began to tweak her small buds. avcılar escort I probably fucked Karin for less than an hour that morning. My dick was telling me I was going to cum soon.

“I’m getting close Karen,” I told her.

“Cum in me Justin, don’t pull out.”

I only hoped she was on some sort of birth control. I was taking Karin with my bare cock. I soon shot a steamy stream of my seed into Karin’s belly. She threw her head back and squeezed my dick even harder with her love muscles. I guess I had a large load stored up. It seemed like I shot five or six big loads of my cum into Karin. Karin just shook as she took my love cream from me. When I was finally finished, Karin just sat on my dick until she calmed down.

Karin pulled off and there was cum dripping down my prick and dripping out of Karin’s hairy pussy. Karin took my cock and worked her lips around my dick. She managed to get most of my spent load into her mouth. After that Karin went into the bathroom. I pulled my trunks back on and a few minutes later Andy walked in through the front door. Damn, that was close.

“Where’s Karin?” He asked.

I told him she was in the bathroom. Andy walked over and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Can I come in?”

“Stay out,” came the reply from Karin.

I guessed that she was still pissed from last night when Andy couldn’t get it up. Andy sheepishly came over and sat in one of our chairs. I knew I should go. I went back to my room and got dressed. I figured that those two would have words after I left. Before I went, Karin came out of the bathroom. She had showered and had a bathrobe on that she normally left on a hook on the bathroom door.

Karin şirinevler escort sorted of nodded to me. I must have read her mind. I think she wanted me to stop by her apartment a little later. An hour or so passed and I was in Karin’s apartment. We weren’t finished with our lovemaking it seemed. This time around we were on Karin’s bed. She got onto her hands and knees and I took her from behind. I watched as her pancake tits hung down from her chest. I slid my cock into her pussy. She still had some of my cum inside her. It made the fucking easier.

This time we didn’t have to worry about Andy showing up. Karin had a small fight with Andy before she left our apartment. He wouldn’t be coming around after their little spat. Okay, Karin wasn’t the best looking woman on the planet but it was free pussy in my book. I pounded her tight pussy that afternoon. Somehow I managed to cum in her two more times. After I fucked her doggy style I got her into her back and pushed her legs to her chest.

It amazed me what kind of muscles control Karin had. Her pussy felt like a small hand that was squeezing me and then releasing my cock. I found out one thing that day. Karin craved cock, and my cock in particular. I did find out that she was taking birth control pills. I do love the feeling of bare cock on bare pussy. I spent a couple of hours with Karin and then I went back to our apartment.

Andy had this sad look on his face.

“I don’t think Karin wants to see me anymore,” he said.

She ended up telling him she wanted to see other people. That just about sunk Andy’s boat that day. I told him to cheer up. There are plenty more fish in the sea. I don’t think Andy wanted to hear my advice. Now it just a matter of being discreet. I have to sneak around when I go to Karin’s apartment. I end up parking a few buildings away just in case Andy decided to make a surprise visit.

I have now been fucking Karin for a couple of weeks. She doesn’t want a relationship as such. She just wants me to fuck her and seed her pussy. I am good with that for now.

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