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Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 11

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As Victor rested, his helplessly embarrassing predicament became clear as he wriggled around to no avail, with his wrists and ankles tied securely, her moist panties stretched across his face, penis locked inside a chastity device, and buttocks still stinging against a satin smooth feminine French maid mini-skirt. How utterly helplessly he rested there while in the immediate next room, his own wife was willingly getting it on with another man that she called ‘her lover.’ He was swimming in a sea of emotions…intensely jealous, anxious, humiliated, aroused, and blissful all at once.

It took him some time to calm down and get adjusted to doing nothing. He shut his eyes to try to sleep, but it proved impossible. He hallucinated that he freed himself from the ropes, imagining himself getting out of the embarrassingly feminine outfit, and soothing his buttocks with creamy lotion. He yearned to rip the other man away from my wife, grab her, and throw her down on the bed. He wanted to shove his cock up into her tight pussy, fuck her long and good, and explode inside of her. He imagined her screaming in delight cebeci escort and devouring his penis in a raging orgasm. As fast as the whole scenario unfolded, Victor’s penis throbbed inside its cage, putting an abrupt stop to the fantasy. He realized that nothing of the sort was going to happen.

He took a deep breath and decided it would be best to resign himself to the situation tonight. The suite was quiet but for the ticking of a clock, gusts of wind, and sounds of ocean waves outside the balcony. He slowly calmed down.

He had no idea how much time had passed, but started to stir in his sub-conscious slumber. He heard his wife’s voice, very faintly at first, dreamy pleasurable sounds, then more unmistakable sounds of moaning. “Take me”, she cooed. He awoke from his sleep and clenched up, realizing that his wife was getting fucked by another man and there was nothing he could do to stop it now. He heard the unmistakable rhythm of bodies slapping together over and over again. Brad was pounding away in and out. His animalistic grunts and her delightful moaning made for a steady stream of çeşme escort pleasurable sounds. The headboard banged against the wall. “Deeper! Fuck me harder!” she screamed. He kept going at it without a break for over 10 minutes. Victor had difficulty believing how much lasting power he had. “Please,” she screamed, “I can’t take it any more…just COME! Fuck me! Come inside me deep and hard. Oh, Brad, I’ve waited long enough! Don’t keep me waiting!!”

He began to grunt louder and louder as he came closer to climaxing. Just as he reached his peak, he doubled up his stroke and started to pound away in a final intense fusillade of victorious thrusts. He could hear his wife delightfully purring in the background. At that moment, Victor finally experienced the profound event he had waited for his whole marriage, a moment he had both feared and looked forward to. Another man of superior masculinity had seduced his wife, penetrated her sexually, ejaculated powerful waves of his semen deep inside of his wife’s body, while she simultaneously achieved her own throbbing orgasm. They did the deed in the marital bed cim cif yapan escort of a honeymoon suite, with Victor’s knowledge and approval, and they did it willingly, brazenly. Victor understood the angst of knowing that this man had been allowed the most intimate pleasure of connection with his wife, the same pleasure that Victor himself had been prohibited from enjoying. The orgasm itself took a couple of minutes to subside. He heard Linda continue to scream in pleasure, and he heard Brad pull out and collapse onto the bed. Victor was overwhelmed with feelings of utter helplessness, humiliation, submission, and desire, with all of the feelings wrapped up in a state of euphoria.

“Oh my God!! That was THE most intense and powerful fucking of my life.” She had to pause to catch her breath. She got up from the bed and felt herself dripping. She grabbed the nearest thing to soak it up – her lacy black panties. She pressed them against her vagina. “Every nerve in my body is tingling in excitement, Brad. I’ve never felt anything so blissful. You made me feel like a woman!”

She poked her head into Victor’s room for just for a moment. Victor raised his head up curiously. His cock was pointing rigidly at the ceiling. She held her panties up to show them off to him like a trophy. He noticed a strand of semen drip from the panties, and nearly climaxed. She winked, turned off the light, and left with a giggle.

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