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For His Pleasure

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My wife was covered up, listening to Sirius radio on our TV. I locked the bathroom door so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I moved over to the bed and pulled the covers from her naked body. I crawled up between her spread thighs and breathed in the wonderful scent of her pussy.

Eating pussy is one of my favorite pass times. Unfortunately, I am probably not that good at it, as I have never licked a woman to orgasm. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I started at the bottom, running my tongue up and into her already wet hole, wiggling it a little to get a good taste of her juices. I then slowly moved up to her sensitive little clit.

I used the underside of my tongue to gently rub across her clit. I started off with a very light touch, moving slowly, warming her up. As she started to moan and wiggle, I moved a little bit faster, moving my mouth up and down along her clit, as my tongue made faster, then slower licks back and forth.

I kept this up for several minutes, changing the speed and pressure constantly, but istanbul escort slowly. All this time her hips were bucking and her thighs were quivering. My hands were on her hips and she was grabbing my forearms as she bucked her clit into my mouth.

She then reached down with her right hand and pulled the skin back at the top of her cleft. Shortly, her left hand joined her right, opening herself up to my tongue, exposing her hard clit.

My tongue never stopped moving. Back and forth, up and down. She was shaking all over, but she wasn’t cumming. That was not allowed for her tonight. I finally stopped and began to crawl up her body.

I slipped a finger into her wetness, gently and slowly massaging her G spot. She moaned and threw her head back, grabbing at the sheets. I don’t want her to cum, so I slowly pulled my finger out, teasing her clit as I passed it, making her moan once again.

I kissed her and she said “You taste like me.” She likes the taste avcılar escort of her juices and I love sharing them with her.

She reached down with her right hand and rubbed my semi-erect cock against her wet lower lips. “You are wet, too,” she said.

“I wonder why?” was my reply.

I continued to kiss her and then she gently stroked my right nipple with her left hand. She then grabbed it and pinched, feeling my cock jump in her right hand. She continued to pinch and twist my nipple while I ground against her with my growing cock.

“You can fuck me…” she whispered.

“I am going to.”

I pushed the head of my nearly erect cock against her opening and slid in slowly. She then started to pinch and twist both my nipples, milking them, as my cock hardened and lengthened within her.

I gently thrust into her, feeling her warm walls press against my stiff cock. I could feel my head near the back of her vagina, close to her cervix.

I leaned in close to her face şirinevler escort and kissed her hard, my tongue probing her mouth. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a large handful of her hair, pulling her head up toward the head board.

“Please fuck me hard” she moaned. She always cums hard when I fuck her hard and pull her hair.

Instead I almost stopped moving. I grabbed her right nipple with my left hand and pinched it, twisting and pulling it roughly. I kissed her again hard as my cock moved ever so slowly within her.

I could feel my orgasm approaching, so I slowly pulled out of her, grabbed my hard cock and moved up over her chest. She held her breasts together as I stroked my cock until it shot all over her chest. Three, four, five, six shots were milked out of my thick cock. I then moved my head down and looked at the large load covering her beautiful tits.

I stuck my tongue out and began to lick up all of the thick, creamy cum from her large, spongy breasts. She pulled her breasts apart so I could get all of the salty nectar from between them. When she was cleaned up, I moved up and kissed her again, with the last little bit of my cum still on my tongue, sharing it with her.

We then lay next to each other and talked for a while. I asked her if she liked the taste of my cum. She said “I like the taste of me better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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