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For the Love of Yoga Pants Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first story which you can find on my profile. I would love to hear what you guys think.


The ride home was a torturous one. Claire was slowing rubbing my cock, every once in awhile she would speed it up a little and then slow it back down. I couldn’t wait until we finally made it back to my place. Halfway there she slipped her hand inside my shorts and started stroking me really slowly. The 10 minute drive felt like an eternity as Claire was driving me crazy. We finally reached my place and when I pulled in Claire reached over and pulled my cock out of my shorts. She started stroking it faster.

Watching her move her hand up and down my dick was turning me on even more. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer especially with the teasing she had just given me. While she was stroking me I reached my hand into her lap and started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants. The crotch of her yoga pants were really soaked from our episode earlier that day. It made my finger slide across her lips that much easier. Not long after I started Claire started breathing a little heavier. I was nearing the point of no return and she could tell. Claire slowed her pace a little and surprised me by taking my cock in her mouth. I almost erupted on the spot. Her mouth felt so great. She teased the head with her tongue and then would go down on it. I started rubbing her pussy harder and faster through her pants and she started blowing me faster. Not long after she picked up her pace I started to feel my orgasm rise. I blew my load while her mouth was still around my cock and she took all of it in her mouth. Then catching me off guard she brought her lips to mine and gave my a deep kiss sharing my load with me. It was an interesting sensation and taste. I could probably get used to it if she did this often. This first time weirded me out a little and she could feel my hesitation.

“I’m sorry if that’s not your thing. It really turns me on when I do that.” Claire said in an apologetic tone.

“You just caught me off guard is all. I think I could actually come to enjoy that.” I replied to her.

“Oh goodie! A lot of guys get turned off by that sort of thing.”

“Well just keep this in mind. I have a few fetishes of my own.” I said to her with a wink. “Let’s make our way inside and make ourselves comfy.”

With that she licked the remaining cum off my dick and put it back in my shorts with a little pat. We made our way into the house and made it into my room. We immediately started to make out. The remnants of my cum still on her lips. At this point I didn’t mind at all. Just glad to be making out with this gorgeous girl. My hands moved down to her ass and started squeezing. The feeling of her ass in these çorum escort hot yoga pants was amazing, nothing else quite beats the feel of it. I could feel my cock start to stir again. We were kissing very passionately, our tongues going back and forth as if in a position battle. As we were still kissing she made a move for my shirt. Breaking our kiss for a split second I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the side. Next it was time for her shirt to come off, I grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it over her head nearly ripping off of her. Our lips made contact again like two magnets attracted to each other.

I brought my hand up to her breasts and started squeezing them through her sports bra. As I was squeezing them I felt her nipples start to harder and I started squeezing those gently. When I squeezed her nipples she would take a gasp and it seemed like her kissing got hungrier. She was breathing heavier and was getting really worked up. I picked her up and brought her over to my bed.

“We need to get this bra off of you.” I said while breaking our kiss.

With that she took her sports bra off and I was able to look at her breasts for the first time. They were just the perfect size. Just enough to be a handful. Her nipples were standing erect on the end of her breasts. She was a beautiful sight. I put my hands on her tits and started squeezing them and playing with her nipples. I laid her onto her back and brought my mouth back to hers, kissing her deeply. I slowly moved my mouth down to her neck, kissing and sucking on her neck. This got her to throw her head back as she gasped and her breathing got deeper. I started kissing my way down her neck. Leaving little kisses on her collarbone and making my way to her chest. I started kissing the the top of her tits and focused my attention on the left one first. I started sucking on her tit and circling my tongue around her nipple. As I was doing this Claire brought her hands to the top of my head and started running them through my hair. It felt really good to have her hands running through and scratching my scalp. After giving the left tit some attention I make my way to her right one and start doing the same thing. By this point Claire has started softly moaning and it’s turning me on.

I run my hand down to the waistband of Claire’s yoga pants and slip my hand inside. I slip my fingers into her pussy. I start pumping my fingers in and out while working on her right tit with my mouth and tongue. My fingers are moving with little resistance because of her juices so I add in my ring finger to the mix. I finished sucking on her tit and start kissing down her stomach. I take my time kissing around her belly button and in her belly button. I remove my fingers from her pussy çukurambar escort and I start to hear her whimper a little bit.

“Don’t worry I have something better planned.”

I finish with her belly button and hook my hands around her hips in the waistband of her pants. I pull her yoga pants down to knees and then completely take them off along with her thong. I resume kissing down her lower abdomen below her belly button. Slowly making my way down her neatly trimmed pussy hair and finally down to her pussy lips. I started by licking the entire length of her pussy starting at the bottom. I got my first taste of a woman I was hooked. Claire tasted pretty good. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and started exploring the inside of her pussy. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and got a moan from Claire.

Taking this as a sign I started moving my tongue inside and out while occasionally sucking on her lips. I found her clit and started gently nibbling on that. This got a loud moan and she started grabbing at the sheets with her hands. While I was sucking and nibbling her clit I inserted three fingers into her very wet pussy and started thrusting them in her. She was started to get really worked up and started arching her back, I started making circle with my tongue on her clit and she started cumming. She balled her hands into fists with the sheets and arched her back. She let out a scream. My face was flooded with her juices and I tried to take in all that I could. Once she had come down from her orgasm I went to lay next to her and gave her a nice deep kiss.

“Wow that was amazing, thank you.” Claire said to me after the kiss.

I removed my shorts and underwear and we both lay on the bed, I got in behind her with my cock resting in between her ass cheeks. It felt so good being sandwiched in between both cheeks. We just lay there making small little chitchat.

“So what are some of these fetishes you have?” Claire asked me.

“Well my biggest turn on is a woman in pantyhose. I get hard instantly whenever I see that. I also like women’s feet and it’s an even bigger treat when those feet are in pantyhose.”

“Those don’t sound too terrible!”

“You would be surprised the answers I get. Everything from yuck to disgusting.”

“Well I don’t think it’s disgusting. I don’t mean to brag but I have some pretty cute feet.”

“Oh do you? I would love to see them sometime.”

“Actually running in those cleats made my feet really sore, would you mind maybe giving me a massage?”

“Sure I would love to.”

With that she got up and turned toward me putting her feet in my lap on my cock. I took the sock off her left foot and started massaging the balls of her feet. Starting ankara escort with little circles I moved down the length of her foot and then back to the balls. Her toes were painted and really cute purple color and looking at them was turning me on more. I was already hard the instant she put her feet in my lap. She was slowly moving her right foot in circles over my cock and I could feel the precum start to leak from it. It was definitely getting the bottom of her sock damp.

She jerked her foot when I went over her arch and told me that she was a little ticklish there. I took my fingers and lightly brushed the arch of her foot. She tried to take her foot away but I was holding onto it pretty good. Instead she decided to increase the pressure on my cock which sent a flood of pleasure to my senses so I backed off.

I started massaging her cute toes and felt myself grow harder. Making sure I did each toe individually I started from the pinkie toe and moved inward toward the big toe. After finishing her left foot I put it down and took her right foot from my lap. When I went to remove her sock I noticed all the precum on it. I took her foot and massaged it just like I did the left. She brought her left foot and put it on my cock. This made my cock twitch, her bare foot felt better than her socked foot. She started moving her foot in circles just like she did the left one this time letting the cum slide across her foot. Doing that makes the precum spread around my cock making her foot slide over it easier. I am finding it a little hard to focus on the foot massage I am giving.

I finish with the main part of her foot and move on to her toes. Once again starting with the pinkie and moving to the big toe. Meanwhile she is still rubbing my cock with her left foot. I feel my breathing deepen. I can feel the cum start to gather in my balls. I quickly finish with her right foot and she lets that one join her left in my lap. Now I’ve got a foot on either side of my cock and she starts pumping it up and down. She takes one foot off and sticks my cock in between her big toe and middle toe while bringing the other foot on the head. She starts pumping while rubbing her foot across the head. This is driving me mad and I can feel the familiar sensation starting to rise. I take a sharp breath and let her know I am about to cum.

At that point she moves her feet back to either side with her toes closest to the head. She then starts to pump me as fast as she can. Not able to take it a moment longer I release my load onto her cute little feet. I release load after load on her feet and it looks so sexy. The purple toenail polish looks great with my cum on it.

I lay down on the bed worn out from the day’s adventure and I watch as Claire licks the cum off her feet. If I hadn’t just released my load I would be unloading one right now. She looks so sexy licking her toes and her feet.

After she is done cleaning off her feet she cuddles up along side me. I give her a kiss and we slowly drift to sleep in each other’s arms.

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