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Freyja Inc. Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine

Birds of a feather

Shea sat on the sofa viewing numerous videos of past fantasies as she waited for the inevitable. She watched Yanna in three different submissive scenarios and Katrina in two dominatrix scenarios before she selected one of Danielle’s videos. All the while she continued to lightly rub on her breast and now exposed pussy. Each video gave her new insight into the world she now belonged to.

The light stimulation she treated herself to brought her to a plane of sexual desire and arousal just shy of uncontrollable wantonness. A place she felt was best for the moment because she didn’t want to over stimulate herself before the upcoming events.

Selecting Danielle’s adventure was probably not the best move she could have made but it was too late now. On the screen Danielle was busy working over one of the largest cocks Shea had ever witnessed. The thing had to be eleven inches long and thick enough to stretch her lips to half their normal width. Sucking the helmet shaped head deep into her throat Danielle rotated both of her hands around the shaft in opposite directions generating glorious friction on the man’s sex organ.

Shea was amazed at how skillful she was at working such a large piece of meat. As she continued to ogle the size of the member Shea found herself opening her mouth and moving her head in rhythm with Danielle.

Fingers danced across her clit as the action on screen heated up. A faint warmth started to come over Shea as Danielle slowly licked the length of the shaft from tip to base coating it with her saliva. Shea knew Danielle was preparing him of insertion into her hot little hole as she lubed him up.

Closing her eyes Shea could picture licking the massive cock side by side with Danielle wondering what it would feel like buried as deep as physically possible in her vaginal cavity. The thought of something reaching the inner most depths of her womanhood sent a shiver through her body.

Opening her eyes and quickly removing her fingers from her moist twitching pussy Shea reinforced her control over her sexual desires. Focusing in on the screen she found Danielle laying on her back with her legs tucked under her arms spread wide in anticipation of the intrusion of that long hard cock.

As the tip slowly slipped in Shea watched Danielle’s face light up with joy. Inch by inch the slick shiny rod disappeared into the warm folds of Danielle’s sex. Half of the length found its way home during the first initial slow drive. Puling out then returning, the amount of cock buried inside Danielle increased with each thrust until only three inches remained. Shea could tell by the way Danielle grunted with each stroke that he was hitting the bottom of her inner walls.

A funny look was now coming over Danielle’s face as the tempo of the thrusts increased. A more desperate needy look started to replace the calm sexy appearance she once had. With passion in her eyes Danielle began crying out, “More! Give me more you fucking stud!”

The man complied and began driving home harder forcing the remaining length to push past the outer lips of Danielle’s hungry pussy. With her head thrown back and legs pulled even further back Danielle was taking everything the man could give her and wanting more.

Breasts bouncing too and fro along with the unforgettable image of a long hard rod impaling her Danielle looked the vision of a woman on fire.

A small amount of secretion started to escape Shea’s tender lips; the amount of sexual desire was reaching a dangerous peak. Shea quickly turned off the TV in an effort to regain some control of her physical state and pondered the outcome of her future acts.

Checking the clock above the bar she realized she only had an hour before her first fantasy was to take place. Shea felt it was a good idea to freshen up before she was to be given away to Mr. von Mises.

Returning to her room she removed her dress now wrinkled and showing signs of dampness on the skirt where her juices leaked out and prepared to shower.

As the frigid blast of water cascaded down her body Shea felt the edge of her sexual flame subside slightly; the outcome was not as complete as she would have liked. Careful not to rub too firmly as she washed Shea readied herself for the night to come.

It was becoming a regular thing for her to take a cold shower these days; her work had kept her from satisfying the inner desires of pleasure. The last time she received a hard cock was the night of Tess’s going away party which was far too long.

Self stimulation and sexual dreams were all she had to temper the growing need for good hard sweaty sex.

Back in her room Shea double checked her public region for strays; she had maintained a very close watch on the design she loved so much keeping it as pristine as possible. Groomed properly she went about drying her hair and curling her auburn locks allowing the heavy curls to flow denizli escort down over her shoulders. A hint of delicate perfume and a small amount of color to her cheeks and lips completed the process as she wrapped herself in her robe and waited.

Sitting in her chair looking out the window Shea daydreamed of the visions she had witnessed on the screen earlier that afternoon. A call from Wesley in her earpiece notifying her of the approaching time sent butterflies to her stomach.

Shea realized that any moment she would be lead down a path of pleasure and hopefully sexual gratification. Thinking to herself she didn’t want anything embarrassing to happen she went to the bathroom to evacuate her system. The thought of being tickled reminded her of the time she pee her pants in Junior High when a guy pinned her down and tickled her to the point of losing control of her bladder.

When she exited the small half bath Shea found Wesley standing by the bed holding a pure white linen cloak and the white feathered mask. Like a true gentleman he helped Shea secure the mask and draped the cloak around her shoulders tying the strings just below her neck so it wouldn’t fall. Lifting the hood up and over her hair he arranged it so her face was slightly hidden from view leaving her appearance a mystery to all that looked upon her.

With the cloak secure Wesley held out his hand to lead her out of the room, “It is time my dear. Trust the ladies and everything will be just fine. Allow yourself to enjoy the fantasy and you will be surprised at just how much your body will reward you in the end.”

Walking her out into the hall Wesley relinquished Shea to the awaiting ladies. Three figures dressed in black cloaks stood ominous just outside her door. A rush of fear came over Shea as the three lead her down the hall to the main room where von Miese was patiently expecting her arrival.

Entering the room Shea could see that all of the lights were off except for a spot light over a large contraption in what appeared to be an odd looking X. The lower arms extended down and out at an angle while the upper arms did the same going up towards the ceiling. In the middle there was a long extension approximately two feet in length.

The three dark cloaked ladies brought Shea to the middle of the room under the spot light and turned her facing von Mises. Standing around her they remained still until he gave them a command at which point each one in order removed their hood and dropped the cloak shrouding them to the floor.

Shea watched in aw as the gorgeous bodies of her fellow ladies came into view. Shea was still amazed at the figures these three ladies possessed; each one a beautiful temptress in their own right. With each one having their hair slicked back and in a tight braid down their back they looked the quintessential role of sirens. The feathered masks added an erotic touch to the naked form of each girl as they stood there motionless allowing von Mises to inspect each one in his own time.

Shea noticed that the only difference between their attire and hers other than the color of the mask was they all wore four inch heels lifting them up higher than her as if they had control and power over their captive.

Von Mises waved his hand and the ladies turned on Shea removing her cloak exposing her body for the first time. The rush of cool air sent chills up her spine as the fabric pooled around her feet. Walking around Shea, von Mises examined his subject verifying his approval. As he returned to his original spot a small light washed over a table just to the side revealing items he had readied for the event.

Shea quickly looked over the items on the table finding two furry gloves, four fine point paint brushes, and five feathers that had been stripped to the quill except for the top portion. Each feather had its veins separated leaving them a fuzzy spooned top of soft fingers.

Mr. von Mises retrieved the gloves and instructed Katrina and Danielle to spread Shea’s feet wide and hold her arms out to the side parallel to the floor. Placing one glove on his hand he handed the other to Yanna instructing her to do the same.

With Shea spread out wide and vulnerable von Mises began rubbing the soft furry glove over her arms and shoulders with the lightest of touch. Nodding at Yanna, he gave her the go ahead to do the same on the back side of Shea’s body.

The two delicately brushed Shea’s skin waking up every nerve ending. The touch was just slightly ticklish but it wasn’t meant to be overpowering. Shea watched as von Mises slowly dragged his hand across the top of her chest just below the collar bones. Behind her Yanna was tracing the outline of her shoulder blades and trailing down the sides just under her arms. The feeling was nice and Shea could sense the nerves of her body coming alive as they worked their way over her body.

A trail of tingles followed the furry texture as the hands caressing dikimevi escort her body moved over very square inch. While circling her breast von Mises took special care not to touch Shea’s already stiffening nipples. It was painfully obvious she was already in a steady state of arousal before she ventured into the room but touching them now would push her too far at this early stag.

The more skin touched the warmer Shea’s body became; it was as if they were setting a slow burning fire in her that radiated heat to where ever the gloves traced. Yanna had made her way down to the firm cheeks of Shea’s ass tenderly warming up her backside with the tricky little glove. In front von Mises was now sliding over the fleshy mound above Shea’s clit; the fur of the glove snagged the thin line of auburn hair forming the flamed design resulting in a real tickle. Shea danced a little as the feeling sprang through her body.

Seeing her reaction von Mises smiled and said, “Sie bildet einen feinen Sklaven.”

In Shea’s mind von Mises statement translated to “She will make a fine slave.”

Playing along with the fantasy Shea thought of the proper response “Only for you my master.” But when her mouth opened and the words came out it was different than what she heard in her head, “Nur für dich mein Meister.”

The shock of speaking another language stunned Shea for a moment as she pondered how she knew what he said and how to answer back. Concentrating on the issue she realized the lectures she had been listening to on languages must have worked. She could speak conversational German.

A pulse of pure pleasure rocked her out of this little thought series as von Mises stroked the furry glove directly over her moist hungry pussy.

A slow steady stroke over her most sensitive region caused Shea’s hips to start rocking back and forth against his hand in an attempt to increase the pressure and pleasure to no avail.

Yanna and von Mises continued their nerve awakening down Shea’s tone legs until they reached her feet. Once complete von Mises walked away and waved for the girls to secure Shea to the apparatus standing large behind her.

Adjusting the fur lined cuffs around Shea’s ankles Katrina and Danielle lifted her arms up and locked her wrist in the cuffs high upon the X. Once bound to the X spread eagle Yanna flip the latch allowing the entire thing to swing out laying Shea flat facing up towards the ceiling. The extension rested along Shea’s back just above her bare cheeks to the base of her neck leaving her head hanging over the edge and full access to her butt and pussy.

Each girl took up position at the head of Shea standing about four feet past the reach of her arms. With her head hanging down Shea was treated to a wonderful view of three very lovely pussies clean and fresh glistening with moisture. From the looks of their wet folds Shea could tell that the other girls were turned on just as much as she was with the situation.

Handing each girl a brush von Mises gave them their assignments and turned his attention to Shea. Katrina walked up to Shea’s face lifting her by the back of the head and slowly started to wisp the fine bristles of her brush over Shea’s lips. A Slight tickle caused Shea to smile as the gentle stroke painted over her soft facial lips.

Danielle and Yanna moved to her sides and with pinpoint accuracy brushed the outer edge of each areola forcing the skin to tighten. The light touch made Shea suck in a deep breath raising her breast even higher. The tickle was more intense on her breast than her lips bringing her nipples to full attention. Shea wiggled a little as both tender nerve bundles were stimulated. The feeling was good but Shea could tell right away that if they spent too much time on her nipples she wouldn’t be able to stop from giggling.

The tickle on her lips mixed with the sensation coming from her nipples re-ignited the burning feeling she had earlier that day. Shea realized that maybe it was a mistake to deny her self that orgasm she held off on while watching the videos. As the flames began to rise across her breast a new more explosive feeling began down below.

From her vantage point Shea could see the top of von Mises centered between her legs. She wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing but it felt like he was lightly brushing the area around her pussy. Slowly the circles he painted over her flesh closed in until the fine hairs of his brush were gliding up and down the length of her outer lips. The delicate touch sent waves of delight and torture through her body. Shea wiggled attempting to escape the touch that tickled her most tender of areas.

As Danielle and Yanna made their way up the sides of her erect nipples Katrina moved the brush she wielded along the slender neck of Shea bringing forth goose bumps over her arms. With the girls increasing their torment of Shea’s upper body von Mises guided his brush along the edge of Shea’s dikmen escort protruding lips down below. This new touch was intense, a slight laughter escaped Shea re-enforcing von Mises’ intent as he slowly tickled her pussy.

Attempting to control her body Shea became ridged only to give way to the light touch that was driving her crazy. Soon her pelvis was shifting left, right, up, and down in a futile attempt to escape the touch.

Now as Yanna and Danielle reached to apex of her nipples Shea was squirming around in full response to the tickle. Shea could feel the heat building in her breasts as pleasure increased from the light touch. The brush strokes on her face moved from her neck to her cheeks and down to her earlobes causing her to turn her head from side to side trying to avoid contact with Katrina’s brush.

Suddenly an overwhelming feeling came from Shea’s backdoor; von Mises was circling her puckered hole with his brush. The nerves back there ignited like a jet engine roaring to life; electrical jolts caused her muscles to twitch and fire. The view of her tight opening flexing as the sensations overpowered her body’s control brought a smile to von Mises’ face for the first time today.

Shea torqued her body as best she could failing to avoid the touch as he tightened the circles until he was pressing the fine hairs of his brush directly into her squeezing hole. None of the bristles penetrated her but the tickle they caused now forced Shea to laugh out loud in a desperate cry for him to stop.

Quickly scanning the faces of the other girls Shea found no sympathy form them as they too increased the tickle administered by their brush.

Shea felt trapped at this point; the first time since she arrived that she felt completely out of control; every other time she knew that if it became too intense she could just back away for a moment allowing her self to regain control of her body. Bound and stretched as she was Shea struggled unsuccessfully as her captures played her body like it was their own personal toy.

With the constant tickle coming from multiple directions Shea’s body was on fire. A rise in her heart rate and laughter that robbed her of breath pushed Shea to the edge. Just as she felt like she couldn’t take anymore von Mises relented his abuse of her puckered hole and returned to the enflamed lips of her pussy. This time he outlined them from one side over to the other tracing the edge of the skin fold as it formed the hood protecting her clit.

If her ass hole was ticklish her clit was the panic button to a feeling so strong laughter couldn’t explain. With each passing of his brush von Mises made sure to encompass more of the little nub. The girls were working overtime bringing their respective verve bundles to life. Shea’s face felt like butterflies were flapping their delicate wings all over her and Yanna and Danielle had brought her nipples to a new definition of hard. Explosion was what Shea thought in her head as the throbbing began in her steel hard buds resting atop her round beautiful breast. The throbbing heat ready to erupt out of her nipples resembling a volcano was all she could see in her mind.

It was mere seconds from that thought that she felt von Mises fingers apply pressure next to her clit. A strong dull sensation that was welcome at this point; every nerve in her body was on fire from the light touch and Shea was screaming out now with pleasurable torture. Orgasm was not out of the question at this point.

The dull sensation down below changed as Shea could feel the protective hood covering her clit slide back exposing the bulb to the cool air of the room. Before she could register what was about to happen the first of many little swipes of the brush crossed the button sending her into a screaming fit of decadent delight. Katrina by now had released her head allowing it to fall back as she straddled Shea’s head adding her brush to the mix dancing over her goose bumped flesh.

As the electric charge pulsed out from Shea’s clit her body vibrated on the X making it hard for all to stay on task. Moisture was flowing now from deep within coating her sex with sweet juices. Von Mises directed his brush with more frequency over Shea’s clit as he began blowing a soft breeze along the damp lips cooling her pussy as he tickled.

The levy broke with the added torment to her pussy and Shea snapped her head up in response; little did she know Katrina’s very wet pussy was perched above her. As Shea’s face came up eyes closed her mouth and nose rammed into a wet sugary hole surprising Katrina to the point she yelped out. Shea was in no state to render pleasure to Katrina but that didn’t matter; Katrina gyrated her hips over Shea’s face inducing pleasure of her own.

Seeing the situation von Mises became excited that his slave was buried face first in the honey hole of one of his assistants.

The gentle torture was mounting as Shea could feel her orgasm pressing to the forefront. Gasping for air as Katrina rolled her wet hole over her mouth and nose Shea screamed with pleas of release sending strong vibrations through Katrina’s sensitive flesh.

An awkward dance of joy and a slight yelp announced Katrina’s reaction to the muffled cries.

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