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I hear the fan stop as you open the door and exit the bathroom, I hear the click of heels on the floor as you walk towards the living room. I look away from the show I was watching to see what you are wearing, well framed in the doorway into the living room. The strappy heels and black thigh high stockings you wore I knew I had never seen before but the corset and similarly coloured nearly sheer panties were familiar.

“Go take a shower.” you say firmly “All that I want you wearing when you get out is on the door knob.” Your tone is assertive and demanding.

I hop up and begin to follow your orders.

Approaching the door you stop me, removing my shirt and giving my nipples a tug, you say with a sly voice, “Hurry back.”

I remove the remainder of my clothing as I head to the shower and I almost don’t notice what you have left for me on the door. All you have left me is a pair of sheer black panties.

I shower quickly wondering what you are up to in the living room. Drying off thoroughly before donning the panties I hear a number of moans coming from the living room, being curious I wander in to see you lounging on one of the reclining seats of the couch, heels and all watching porn on the big screen, your hands thrust deeply into your panties.

Upon seeing me you pull your hand out from between your legs beckoning me towards you with slightly glistening fingers. I close in going for a kiss but you instead feed me your fingers. I groan as I suck your nectar off of them, while doing this you close the recliner planting your legs far apart on the floor. Removing your fingers from my mouth, you push me down to my knees.

Pulling your panties aside you thrust my face into your recently shaven pussy. Instantly my tongue lashes out lapping up your juices and nibbling at your clit. The moans you utter are nearly as loud as those from the threesome you are still watching. Knowing you some poor girl is being pounded relentlessly by two different guys at once. Looking down at me you notice my hardon is peaking above the panties you had me put on.

“Mmm someone is turned on by the looks of that.” You say grinning slyly.

Pushing me away from your soaked pussy I sit on the floor watching you as you slip a foot from the sexy pair of shoes you have on to bring your stocking covered foot to my crotch, rubbing me over the panties you demanded I wear and up to my head, massaging it with your toes until I moan out loud. Immediately you stop and put your foot back into your shoe, you rub yourself over the material covering your pussy and beckon me to come back to you.

Up on my hands and knees I begin to move my head in between your legs once more. Firmly you grab my head and guide it around, first placing it at the tops of your stockings so I may kiss and lick there and upwards until my nose hits the material of your now very damp panties. I smile as I see your lips through the sheer black material and allow my head to be moved to your other thigh.

Now you guide my lips up towards your hip and keep me going upwards over the small string that connects your sheer coverings together that I longed to see discarded on the floor. Skipping over the velvety material covering your stomach you plant my face in your cleavage, letting go of my hair you claw at the cups of your corset pulling your breasts free so I may touch every last bit of them with my lips. I go from nipple to nipple sucking and twirling my tongue around each and kissing every millimetre of skin in between. My hand slowly slides up one of your thighs until I am cupping your pantied crotch, my fingers flex causing you to moan and buck your hips against my hand.

Before I manage to take control of the istanbul escort situation you stop all that I am doing, turn me around so I am facing away from you and sit me down on the floor right in between your legs. You place your legs over my shoulders so my upper arms are pinned to the couch by your powerful calves, your hands slide down my neck, over my chest and to my nipples. Squeezing them gently and rubbing my nipples causes my cock to pulse against the tight confines of the sheer material covering much of my groin.

Realizing why you have turned me around we both watch the ending of the scene, both men, one barely in her ass and the other in her pussy have a simultaneous orgasm. Both men withdrawal and the camera focuses in on the actresses’ newly vacant holes, a healthy dose of the thick white fluid oozes deliciously out of her.

It runs down her thighs ever so slowly, you pinch my nipples lightly to gain my attention, “I thought you would like that ending.” You say softly.

I only moan in agreement. “I bet if you were there you would clean up those thighs and that pussy of hers wouldn’t you?”

“Mmm Yeah.” I answer your question, shaking from how turned on I am watching the screen and feeling you touch me.

The screen goes black as you hit a few buttons to shut everything off, you release my shoulders and order me to stand. I obey immediately, even daring to turn and face you without command. Sitting on the edge of the couch with your legs spread you grab my ass and lead me so I’m standing in front of you. Grabbing the waistband of my panties you pull them out over my cock and tuck it under my sack, without the supporting material my shaft falls until it is pointing away from my body and right at your face. Opening your mouth you lean forwards swallowing most of my shaft without even touching it, closing your lips around me your tongue flows around my shaft and you slowly withdrawal from me until only my head remains in your mouth. Plunging back and forth on my shaft only a few times you let my cock slip out of your mouth with a pop. I whimper as you do this and replace the soft material that covers most of my cock.

Walking out of the room you lead me by hand, your heels clicking over the hard floor that leads between the living room and my bedroom. Flopping yourself onto the bed you hold your legs spread high in the air.

“Come fuck me!” You demand, swiftly I begin to comply by pulling down the panties but you stop me.

“Mmm mmm, not like that,” I watch you as you pull your own panties to the side “Like this.”

Complying with your wishes I slip my cock out of the leg hole and kneel between your legs. Grasping my cock you aim it for your sopping wet hole and let my head slide in.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you that you are ready.” Nervously my head nods and I push the rest of the way into you, both of us crying out as our bodies meet. Your legs wrap around me, the heels of your shoes digging into my ass, the material of your stockings feels good against my sides in contrast to the velvety feeling of your corset that my chest is pressed up against. I pull away for my first thrust and give you a powerful one than many short fast ones following it.

Your tits bounce, still free of their cups as I fuck you hard and for all I’m worth. We cry out and moan in ecstasy as I go harder and faster, the materials of our underwear cause some friction over your clit. You are so wet that we can hear our thrusts over the moans emanating from our lips, the friction on your clit increases bringing you closer and closer to your orgasm. I don’t dare change my pace but I lean in and flick avcılar escort my tongue over your nipple, gently nibbling on it heightening your arousal yet again.

Looking into my eyes I can tell you are just about there, I bring my lips up to yours kissing you hard, both my hands grope your full breasts lightly pinching your nipples between my fingers. You tense up suddenly and violently, your mouth moves from mine biting into my shoulder as you cry out your hands digging into my back to hold yourself there. I feel your pussy clenching my cock as you cum, the only thing keeping me from going over the edge myself is your teeth in my shoulder. Your legs unwrap themselves from around me, your hands drop to your sides, blissfully gazing up at me you demand me to strip both of us down so you are only wearing your stockings.

Helping you sit up I reach around you and begin working on the clasps holding your corset together, almost instinctively you lean forward and take my cock into your mouth. Cleaning our sex off of me, you only stop when the last clasp is opened and the material pops free. Gripping the waistband you pull the panties down over my cock and down to my knees. Standing up off of the bed I let the panties fall to the floor and I sit back down to remove your sexy heels to toss them aside. Beating me to the punch you begin to peel your soaked panties off, letting them dangle on one ankle. “Get them the rest of the way off with your mouth and I’ll let you cum tonight and give you a nice surprise.” You tell me with an exceptionally devious smile crossing your lips.

Complying I wrap my lips around what looks like the wettest part of your panties and pull them over your ankle.

Moving fast you throw me onto my back stuffing more of the flavourful material into my mouth, grabbing my wrists you place them so my hands are just above my head and say to me. “If you move those past your shoulders I stop, understand?”

Nodding vigorously I spout a muffled “Mmhmmm.”

Next thing I know a thin dark cloth is being placed over my eyes and you begin to straddle me, grinding your pussy up against my rock solid cock. I feel your hands wander down my chest avoiding my nipples, working lower until you grasp my cock and guide it into your hole. Slowly I feel you sink down onto me, the experience is phenomenal as I can’t see you but can only feel you, smell you and taste you thanks to my impromptu gag. You ride me slowly pressing your stocking covered legs up against my side, a hand on the center of my chest for support.

I hear the bottle of lubricant snap open and I wonder what you are up to, the hand supporting yourself disappears but you continue to ride a bit slower. I hear you moan as the lube finds its destination, slowly but surely I feel a pressure along my shaft from within your own body. The full realization of what you are doing strikes me, you are fingering your own ass. Your riding slows once more as you take your finger out of your ass and I hear the snap of the lube bottle again, a few moments after the pressure returns greater than before. You must have two fingers in now as I can feel you scissoring them inside of you helping to stretch you out and relax your tight sphincter. Finally feeling comfortable with two fingers in you, you use a hand on my chest to balance and begin to ride me faster again.

I feel your arm begin to tremble but before it gives out you sit straight up withdrawing your fingers from your ass, you raise yourself up off of me until I fall free from your wet warmth. I feel you grip me and you place my hard cock so it is running along the crack of your ass, once again I hear the cap of the lube bottle snapping open and şirinevler escort you pour cold lube all over my head and shaft. Massaging it in so I’m coated with the slick liquid you position me at the tight entrance to your ass.

With a few deep breaths and moan you push yourself down onto me stopping as my head pops in. You rise up slightly and lower yourself once more to take half of my shaft inside of you, again you pause to relax and let your body adjust to the penetration. Finally you give one final push and bottom out, both of us moaning loudly at how good it feels. I hear the squishy sounds of a wet facecloth being squeezed so I’m sure you are washing the lube off of your fingers.

You lay down on top of me rocking your hips gently causing me to just barely move inside of you, your arms run alongside my body and tuck themselves under my shoulders. I feel you kiss along my neck going nearly to my ears on both sides before you kiss over my cheeks. There is a tug on the improvised gag as your hands have not moved you must be taking them out with your own mouth, using my tongue I help push it out, you shift slightly and suddenly as you toss it aside.

Moments later your lips brush over mine, teasingly at first, then you give me a full kiss. Instantly our tongues are dancing around the others, the movements of your hips increases with the intensity of our kisses. Placing your hands flat on the bed you push yourself up slightly so only our hips are in constant contact, with this new position you begin to make your strokes longer, having more of me slide in and out of your ass.

Light comes violently back into my eyes as you toss the cloth covering my eyes aside, you grab my wrists and place my hands on your breasts, I squeeze and caress them as soon as you release my wrists. Leaning further back and only using my hands on your chest for support you maximise my penetration and you begin using your legs to lift yourself off of and back down onto me. Looking down your body I see your slit, open, empty and still soaked, you run a hand down your side over your stomach and into your slit. I watch intently as you plunge two fingers inside of your pussy while hammering yourself down onto my shaft, you slowly pull your wet fingers from inside yourself and begin vigorously rubbing your clit. I can tell you aren’t far off from another orgasm, you have an all over body blush, you are breathing heavy and you are moaning loudly.

“Oh god.” you cry out and collapse on top of me, your ass clenching as you cum, in between your moans and near screams of pleasure you give me your last order of the evening. “Fuck my ass hard until you fill it with your cum.”

I obey no longer being as passive as I was, reaching down I grip your ass and hold it firmly, I raise my knees and place my feet firmly against the bed and begin to slam into you going as fast and hard as I can. Your squeals and moans tell me you are in a constant state of orgasm as I quickly work my way towards my own. Excited to feel me pulsing inside your tight hole you reach down to play with my nipples, rubbing your fingers over them to add to my excitement.

You feel me swell up inside you as I near the point of no return, lifting my head slightly we kiss. I take one final long thrust I begin to empty myself into your ass, we both moan as my cock pulses in your tight hole. Leaving one hand holding your hips down on mine the other wraps itself around your shoulders holding you closer to me.

My body convulses with its usual force before falling limp, exhausted and breathing heavy. After quite some time spent touching each other all over you lift yourself up off of me, having not shrunk much you groan with pleasure as I slide out of you. I hit my stomach with a wet slap and you reach for the facecloth once more. You wipe the lube and cum off of your cheeks and thighs before rolling off of me, covering my cock with the cloth in the process.

“Go get washed off and come to bed so we can cuddle.” Gladly I obey, liking this new side to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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