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Friends Ch. 04

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Steve slowly slid his tongue into Amy’s mouth, just as he had done with her sex. He found her tongue waiting for him, and they began to eagerly kiss each other. He felt Amy begin to run her hands over his back, moving closer and closer to his hips. Up till now, he had been careful to keep his hips away from hers.

But now he moved his hips forward a few inches, until his firm shaft rubbed lightly against Amy’s clit. He was a little surprised, almost startled when she gasped and pulled suddenly away from the kiss.

“You’re hard already?”

“Already? I’ve been hard for at least five minutes. And besides, you’re the one who came a few minutes ago not me. I’ve had plenty of time to recover. And watching and listening to you cum was a huge turn on for me.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show,” she said seductively. Amy smiled up at Steve playfully, her hands moving around to cup his balls and stroke his shaft. She noticed that he wasn’t completely hard, so she took her time getting him there. They didn’t kiss again, instead staring into one another’s eyes, waiting for their moment. Just thinking about being inside Amy was more than enough to get Steve hard. Having her jerk him off while they stared at each other just made it even faster. Finally, Steve couldn’t wait any longer.

“Are you nervous?” he asked softly.

“A little,” she said, sounding small even to herself.

Amy was nervous more about Steve’s size than anything else. She knew he would be gentle and considerate, and she already knew they would have fun. But it had been a while for her now, so it might be a little uncomfortable to start. But feeling how wet she was, she wasn’t overly worried.

Steve felt Amy pull his shaft forward, guiding his head towards her sex. His head touched her lips, and he felt how warm and wet they were, waiting to be parted for his entry. He looked down at Amy, who had never looked more beautiful, and she seemed to almost settle into the bed. Then a thought hammered through to his brain.

“What about a condom?”

“Not this time. I’m on the pill anyway.”

Steve pushed his hips forward slowly, his head pushing past her lips easily before being resisted by her insides. Amy still held his shaft as he increased the pressure, until finally he was inside. Her sex gave way to his in almost a rush, taking in his first two inches before he could stop himself.

Steve wanted to slam forward, until his balls slapped against her ass and he was engulfed in her heat. But he saw something in her face, almost a flinch as he penetrated her that made him stop instantly.

“You okay?” he asked, concern clear in his voice.

“Jesus you’re thick,” Amy said.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Steve said a little sheepishly.

“Don’t anadolu yakası escort be, I like it.” With that, Amy pulled Steve down by the neck, kissing him passionately before saying, “I want to feel all of you inside me.” Steve pushed his hips forward, slowly, until Amy felt his hips pushing against hers. “Just stay here for a second,” she whispered, closing her eyes and memorizing what he felt like while she adjusted to his girth.

“I could stay here a lot longer than that.”

“Stay as long as you like.”

They smiled at one another for a moment until Amy gave a slight nod of her head. Steve slowly pulled away from Amy, almost completely, and then slowly forward until he was engulfed inside her again. Each stroke got less and less of that little flinch from Amy, letting Steve eventually work in and out of her in a steady and deliberate rhythm.

Amy ran her hands all over Steve’s back, sometimes holding his head in her hands, then running them down to just above his backside. She decided she’d been with one guy longer, but none as thick, and he felt delicious filling her up. He was resting on his forearms, holding his head scant inches from hers, occasionally leaning down to give her a light, playful kiss.

“God you feel wonderful Steve,” she said up to him. She could let him do this all night, but she could tell he wanted release. There was an added little push with his hips now at the end of every thrust.

“If you only knew how good this felt for me.”

Amy had some idea, but she knew it could be better. Both Amy and Steve’s breath was coming faster now, and she saw the look in his eyes intensify with every thrust. She knew he was holding back, waiting for her to tell him it was ok. Without saying anything, she pushed Steve’s shoulders away from her, lightly.

Steve thanked god that Amy was ready for more. He would definitely last longer going slow and deliberate, but her tight pussy just felt too good for that right now. He buried himself inside her up to his balls before repositioning. He got up onto his hands and brought his knees forward a little, taking some of the weight off of his arms and giving himself better leverage.

Amy opened her legs a little more, her ankles coming to rest on top of Steve’s calves. Just thinking about having Steve deeply pumping his thick meat into her made her heart hammer in her chest for a second. If it was possible, she felt like she got even wetter just thinking about it.

“I want you Steve,” she said impulsively.

Steve had never heard words that sounded better. He drew himself out of Amy and quickly pushed himself back into her, firmly pushing into her hips. If he was looking for a reason ataşehir escort to take it slow, all he got was a soft moan from her. He didn’t hesitate after that, thrusting his prick in and out determinedly. He watched Amy’s face intently, taking delight in her faces of pleasure. From there he let his eyes wander down her body, watching the subtle shaking of her soft breasts as he impacted against her body. He was still holding back, wanting to make sure she had as long as possible to climax before he lost it. He knew he could lose it pretty much whenever he wanted.

When Steve’s eyes moved away from hers, Amy let her own eyes do some appreciating. She liked that Steve had been so intent on watching her during sex, but now she also liked that he was admiring her body in action too. So she admired his body in action. She decided that Steve was definitely sexier when he was having sex.

She ran her hands up his well-muscled arms, feeling his tensed muscles as he supported himself over her. Her hands and eyes roamed over his chest, where there was a cute little patch of hair. She smiled at that, glad that Steve was looking elsewhere. He would have known she was smiling about something.

Amy raised her head up a little as her hands moved down Steve’s torso, stopping them when they reached his stomach. There was just enough light in the room for her to make out the lines of his six-pack as he flexed with every thrust. She looked past her hands for a moment, admiring how sexy it looked to watch his thick shaft moving in and out of her.

Steve himself was watching the very same thing. There was enough light for him to see Amy’s juices shining on his shaft when he pulled out, only to be replaced by more as he plunged back inside. Her pussy looked almost as good as it felt wrapped around his cock. Steve decided to pick up the pace a little, his balls starting to swing with the force of every push.

“Ooohhh, fuck me Steve,” Amy groaned, almost like there was a weight on her chest.

Steve didn’t need any more encouragement. He resumed watching Amy’s face, no longer concerned if she was uncomfortable. With how wet she was there was more than enough lubrication. He drew his hips back as far as they would go, his head barely inside Amy before hammering his hips forward.

Amy half grunted, half moaned when she felt the impact. She felt Steve drawing back for more and had to hold her hips back from trying to fuck him. Instead, she dropped her hands away from Steve’s body. Now that he was more upright, there wasn’t much friction against her clit, so Amy started to fondle it herself while Steve drove himself into her time and again.

“Don’t stop Steve,” Amy commanded, “don’t stop fucking me.”

Steve ümraniye escort only increased the power of his thrusting, until he was fucking Amy harder than he had ever fucked anyone before. He could feel the electricity in his balls building, but fought it off as best he could. Amy’s lurid moaning was definitely not helping Steve last longer, but he loved it anyway. He was just thankful he’d already came tonight or he’d have lost it long ago.

Amy loved having Steve pound her pussy like this, her body jarring violently with every impact of his thick cock. She reached her arms out behind her, bracing herself against the headboard. Even she wasn’t ready for the next impact, so her arms gave way a little. Still, it was enough that her body didn’t move as much, letting her take more of Steve’s pounding. After that, her arms never wavered, and her body barely moved as Steve rammed himself deeper and deeper.

“Yes Steve!” she yelled, “Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy!”

Steve fought off his climax mightily, relishing every extra thrust he got. Since Amy had braced herself against the headboard, it had rapidly become a losing struggle. He had to contend against the sound of her gasping and moaning, along with the dirty talk. Add on to that the very noticeable sound of the headboard beating against the wall and his balls slapping wetly against her ass, and Steve knew it was only moments now.

Amy closed her eyes, so Steve once again looked down her body. Her tits were bouncing wildly with his every thrust, making his balls scream for release. He looked farther down and watched her glistening pussy take everything his pounding cock could give and it was too much.

“Amy I’m going to cum,” he said, his voice tight with the strain.

“Don’t stop Steve, I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

And with that Steve threw his head back as he thrust again into Amy. Her soft velvety pussy took him deep inside and Steve felt the energy in his balls erupt. His whole body tensed as his dick blasted out wave after wave of his cum. His orgasm was just as intense as his first, which made it hard for him to concentrate on the sounds of Amy cumming beneath him. But from the sounds of it, hers was just as powerful. Finally, he collapsed on top of Amy, completely breathless.

“Amy…” Steve started, wanting to say something but unable to find the words.

“Mmmm Steve,” Amy purred underneath him, completely content. Amy wrapped Steve in her arms, as best she could, hugging him tightly into her body. She stroked the back of his head while he caught his breath, since she remembered him saying he liked that once.

Steve took in a deep breath, smelling Amy’s skin so close, her scent mixing with sweat. He could feel his erection waning inside her and pulled himself out. He pulled his head back enough to look down into her bright brown eyes before kissing her. Since he couldn’t say anything, he figured this would get his point across.

Minutes later, Steve rolled off of Amy, letting her curl up in his arms before falling asleep.

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