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Fuck Me…

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“Fuck me…” she moans softly into your ear.

Your eyes widen and your heart begins to pound in your chest. There is no way this is actually happening. Any moment you’ll wake up and find yourself horny and hard as hell, right? Wrong. This girl with tits like a porn star and a perfect little ass, who’s been running around in that little tank top that shows pretty much everything she has all night. You can see her nipples right through that pale yellow fabric and when she bent over earlier, you could have sworn you saw her pussy as that short little skirt barely qualifies to be a skirt.

So even though you’re a decent looking fellow and happen to have quite a dick on you, this still isn’t the type of chick that even looks your way. But somehow, in the last fifteen minutes you’ve found yourself alone, in a stranger’s bedroom as the wild house party carries on downstairs. “I need it, fuck I need it…” she gives you the saddest little pout. Can you really deny her? No, that would just be rude!

So of course, your hand slips to the bottom of your t-shirt, pulling the material up over your head and letting it fall to the ground, revealing your built body. Pants come next, the jeans around your ankles and you’re left standing in only your briefs- making it pretty clear that you need it just a badly. She giggles, causing you to look to her, and you realize her clothes are on a pile as well. Fuck, she’s hot, her tan skin perfect and smooth; she’s just begging for it with a body like that. So what if she’s a complete stranger?

She’s ready and willing and something about the fact you have no idea who she is makes her all the hotter. Her lips meet yours suddenly, breaking all train of thought. Your hands reach for that ponytail of hers, letting her long brown hair fall upon her shoulders just as she slips her tongue between your lips. You follow suit and before you know it you’re in a lip-lock unlike any other you’ve ever know. But you can’t help but feel like she’s leading everything and suddenly you decide to step up a little here. With a quick shift, you find your hand between her legs and you waste little time in teasing her clit.

She moans, it muffled by your lips, but you can feel it through that deep kiss. After a little tugging and halkalı escort twisting, you go for it and press your finger into her pussy, a louder moan escaping at such a touch. Soon, you’re really going at it, pressing another two digits upward, finger fucking her really good. She breaks away, head tilting backwards, not making any effort to conceal those sounds of pleasure. Pulling out, a grin forms on your face, you love teasing, taunting, making her hold out even though she’s so damn close to an orgasm. But she’s fighting dirty and before you know it she’s on her knees, lips pressed to your briefs, teasing you through the fabric with gentle kisses that soon become open ones. Damn she’s good and she may be a mind reader as well, considering the fact that just as you were imagining how great it was going to feel, she pulls that last barrier away and her slender fingers find their way to your hard, huge dick. She knows what she’s doing as after she offers a few quick pumps before taking it into her wet, hot mouth. A moan escapes your lips as she gets right to it, sucking like a vacuum. You watch as her head bobs, taking you further and further in and before you know it your head is rubbing against the back of her mouth as she’s able to deep throat you without breaking a sweat.

Her tongue is running along your aching dick, teasing it, only adding to the brilliant sensation as you slowly find yourself fucking her mouth. The sight of her face flushing slightly as she still manages to take you all the way in with each stroke is simply too much when combined with pleasure coursing through your body. A powerful orgasm takes over you, your eyes close and a loud cry leaves your lips, “OH FUCK!” She slows her pace, swallowing all of your hot seed and finally drops your dick from her mouth as your body trembles with utter delight.

“You like that handsome?” She asks in a flirty tone. “Yeah…” you answer with a nod. She slowly rises to her feet, wrapping her arms around your waist, pulling you against her chest, her huge tits pushing into your chest. Standing up on her tiptoes, she whispers in your ear, “Perhaps you’d like to return the favor?”

Her lips wrap around your earlobe, sucking olgun escort the skin and offering a tug downward. You nod again, deciding you’d like a taste of her as well and she pulls away as the two of you drop to the floor, forgetting about the bed entirely. She lays on her back, spreading her legs nice and wide. You lean into the wet pussy, extending your tongue and licking the sensitive skin. Her pleasure is obvious as she can’t contain her moans.

“Please baby!” she begs, her voice breathy and desperate, “You’re killing me here!” You decide that you have been a bit of a tease and go ahead and push your tongue inside of her, licking her shaven pussy. It really doesn’t take very long for her to reach that long-awaited orgasm and you can taste her release. You quickly lap every drop of it up, rather liking the taste, and pull back.

“Are you ready?” You ask.

“Yes!” she replies.

So you give her what she wants and thrust your huge dick inside of her needy pussy. She immediately cries out as you enter to which you respond by picking up a fast and rough pace. You’re all riled up and feeling that tight, hot pussy around you is pretty damn amazing. You offer a few short cries as you pound into her, but her moans drown any sound you make out. Her body works with you as she tries to practically impale herself on your dick, wanting as much of it as she can have. “HARDER!” She cries desperately, so you give into her request, somehow managing to go even harder than before.

“OH GOD! THAT’S IT! MORE! MORE!” You being the gentleman you are do as she wishes, continuing to plow into her until finally you reach your orgasm. Your head is forced back by the sheer power of it and a long yell escapes your lips. Once you’ve filled her with your cum, you continue to thrust inside of her, waiting for her to get off as well. Soon she does, a loud scream making this fact clear. You both remain in place together as you catch your breaths.

“You are a fucking sex god…” she pants, her eyes still filled with a look of complete lust. You chuckle under your breath and pull out of her. You figure this is it; you had your sex and that’s the end. şişli escort But suddenly, it seems your partner for the night has another idea.

“Hey handsome…have you ever fucked someone’s ass before?” Shaking your head, your heart starts to pound in your chest again.

“No,” you answer, “But I’ve been kind of curious…”

A sweet laugh leaves her lips as she pushes herself up, only to simply get on all fours, turning her ass towards you.

“Well then, why don’t you give it a go?”

It doesn’t take much convincing and soon your dick is lodged in her tight ass, the heat even more intense as you thrust yourself in an out. She pushes back against you, moaning even louder; especially once your hand slips to her clit, playing with it with each hard stroke.

“OH FUCK ME DEAD!” She cries out in the middle of many other heated noises. It turns you on all the more and you continue on plowing into that tight heat until you finally cum, releasing your hot seed into her. She screams, you scream, and soon you find yourself sprawled out on the floor beside her, still trying to catch your breath minutes afterward. Your hand is playing with one of her huge breasts, teasing a hard nipple and causing a few sweet noises to leave her lips. You stay in this position for another few minutes, until she looks at you with a grin.

“Well stud, you’ve given me exactly what I needed…but the question is, do you have anything you need?”

You laugh, “Well now miss, I think I need a little more of everything, I missed a few things the first time around.” She sits up, crawling over to you and straddles your chest, “Alright darling, I’ll give you all that again…and a little more.”

With that, she impales herself on your dick, riding you rougher than any other girl ever has. The night continues on in this fashion as the two of you fuck repeatedly, never bothering to make it to the nearby bed. You never knew you could last this long, but sure enough, after each one; you’re only dying for more.

Eventually, you fall asleep with her in your arms. When you wake up, she and her clothing are missing. As you sit up, you realize there’s a card tucked between your fingers.

“Baby,” it reads, “Last night was incredible- we should do it again sometime, maybe with some friends. Here’s my number, don’t be afraid to call.”

The card has a telephone number that you immediately program into your cell phone. As you get up and try to go about your day, you can’t stop thinking about the amazing night you have. When you arrive home, you take your phone out of your pocket and stare for a moment, wondering if you should make that call…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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