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Melissa enjoyed walking along the streams in the woods near her home. At eighteen years of age she’d realized that her climbing steep slopes and rock-hopping were good for both her health and her shape, being a girl of quite generous proportions, but not fat. She was a member of a competitive callisthenics club and played both netball and hockey in her college’s first competition team against other schools.

Her best friend was Leigh Donnelly who was almost a year older and her opposite in almost every way other than her curvaceous, well-upholstered figure. Mel was blonde, broad-hipped and apparently small busted, although her breasts were wide, flat cones which covered her whole chest. By contrast her pal Leigh was Eurasian with big tits which were well separated and swung or bounced about in the most delectable manner, even when restrained by a bra. Leigh was also rather slimmer and had the most gorgeous flaring hips from a tiny waist, her buttocks deliciously rounded and elongated by contrast with Mel’s somewhat squarish posterior.

One day Mel found a young couple making love on the water-polished stone by a creek. The girl, Abby, had been a classmate at highschool and the guy a year or two older. They hadn’t seen her so she crept through the bushes to a place where she could see and hear the action in more detail. They played in the creek, sliding down the slippery rock channels and flying out over a waterfall to a deep pool below its lip, kissing and fondling each other until it was time to relieve the sexual tension once more.

As she watched his hot, hard tool sliding rapidly in and out of the other girl’s semi-shaven twat, Mel became very excited and played with her own, to stop herself each time she felt the first tingle of climax in her trembling loins. The girl was so obviously enraptured by the pleasure she experienced that Mel was keen to know how it felt, although a bit scared by the stories she’d heard about the agony one had to endure before the full pleasure of a good fuck became available.

They shagged another three times in as many hours, each bout interspersed with a period of playing in the water and then foreplay before the girl let him know that it was time for her to go to go. He reluctantly agreed to her wish and accompanied her back down to where she wanted to be taken.

Mel was disappointed to see them go, but on eventually feeling that she’d found herself quite alone, took off her shoes and paddled in the shallows a while to discover just how chilly it was. However, it didn’t put her off altogether and she pulled off her jeans and panties to wade in to her waist depth, then back a little to shed her bra and t-shirt to take the plunge in the nude. The cold took her breath away at first, but on recovery found the wild ride and fall to be a real thrill and, being a proficient swimmer, had no fear of the violent torrent.

She took three rides down the rushing stream imagining the boy behind her holding her boobs as the guy had done with the other chick, kissing her and feeling her cunt with a probing finger on emerging as they laughed at their freedom to do whatever they liked there without any adult interference. She lay out in the sun to warm herself and to start ridding herself of the whiteness on her body from wearing a one piece swimsuit. The other couple had looked so complete in their all-over tan that she’d initially thought them to be dark skinned, but that notion was dispelled on eventually noticing thr pale, half-moon crescents in the creases under their buttocks.

‘Black people wouldn’t have them,’ she reasoned.

The sensation of almost flying down the fast-moving water was absolutely brilliant, simultaneous feelings of both sexual and physical thrills, still imagining herself sharing it with that guy. She tried it several more times before dressing and walking home to shower and to obviate the likelihood of being questioned about wet hair.

Not being entirely sure as to how she felt about what she’d seen, she was unable to share it with Leigh until she’d resolved her uncertainty. It felt so good to play with herself as she replayed the afternoon’s events in her mind like a video, but she didn’t know about the actuality, especially that first time, of doing it if she found the opportunity. Leigh had expressed a strong desire to have sex when the chance presented itself, but Mel was reluctant to be drawn into a situation which she didn’t feel ready to cope with yet.

On the following weekend she found Abby, with another similarly aged female sunning themselves by the stream. Mel sneaked into her vantage point and watched as they played in the water as Abby had done with the boy, then made love in the sun. Not satisfied with kissing or sucking each others’ boobs, they actually got down with their mouths to the other’s pussies where they licked and sucked to very obviously impart great pleasure to their friend.

Mel was even less certain about this turn of events and how she’d cope if Leigh was to suggest their having sex as a couple. While it horrified her a lot initially, kocaeli escort she found herself visualizing herself in Leigh’s arms as she masturbated in bed, trying to think of a way to cause her friend to make an overt suggestion of sexual contact between them.

On the third weekend Mel found Abby’s friends Toni and Danny at the creek where they fucked and sucked all day with great vigour, as well as playing in the creek. Like Abby he too got down to use his mouth on Toni’s trimmed, dark-fringed pussy to cause her enormous sexual excitement before she came.

Eventually Mel told Leigh what she’d seen in the bush during the previous few weekends and her friend was more than interested in also taking a look, but the place was deserted when they walked up on the following weekend for a peep. They hung around for a couple of hours, but gave it away and walked back to Leigh’s house to watch TV.

It was a fortnight before she got into the woods again, this time finding Danny alone as he sunned himself on the smooth rock. She was so embarrassed that she just walked past without looking at him, her face profoundly red. She went up further to another series of pools and rapids where she got out of her clothes and hoped that he might follow her to see her playing naked, but alas, he stayed put and had gone when she wandered back down some hours later.

Of course Leigh was appalled that Melissa could have let the opportunity for sexual experimentation to go begging like that.

“Well I might have if you’d been there,” Mel explained self-consciously. “I prob’ly would have if he’d come up after me too.”

“That’s no good, you can’t do it that way. You’ve got to be brave and get talking to show you’re interested, grab your chances in both hands.”

As it happened, Leigh was more talk than substance and turned to water as she approached the spot where Danny was lying in the sun.

“Keep walking, keep going,” she hissed to Melissa as they passed without looking in his direction, faces flushed.

Further along Leigh undressed and persuaded Mel to do likewise before she tried a dip.

“We’ll see if he follows us,” grinned Leigh.

“I thought you said……”

“I know, I know. I lost my nerve, I’ll admit. Anyway we can try out a bit of the other stuff first,” she responded.

“What? You mean us?” asked Mel, aghast at the suggestion.

“You said it made you feel sexy to watch Toni and Abby?”

“But not us. I never thought about us doing that.”

“But you’d do it with them?”

Mel nodded self-consciously.

“Come on then,” breathed Leigh when she pulled her friend down on to her towel beside her. “We’ll stop if it’s no good, okay?”

Mel looked very doubtful at that proposition, but submitted to Leigh, the first tender contact between their young lips a real thrill, enhanced many times as her friend’s hand sought her pussy and diddled her clitty when Mel parted her solid thighs to let her.

“Good?’ asked Leigh.

Mel nodded shyly.

“So you do it to me too, okay?”

Their lips met again and Leigh’s tongue found its way into Mel’s mouth as her finger thrilled her swollen clitty. Mel returned the favour to feel her pal’s body jerk involuntarily at the pleasure she’d imparted with her digit around the focus of her senses.

“Ooooh, Jesus!” groaned Leigh. “That’s bloody gorgeous, Mel.”

“Yeah, it is,” the other gasped in reply.

They took turns at sucking each other’s nipples, interspersed with deep kissing while they continued titillating clitties until the inexorable warm tingling of erotic pleasure became an overwhelming wave of pure bliss which repeatedly washed over their convulsing forms as they clung together in the tight embrace of orgasm.

“Christ Almighty!” swore Leigh. “I never came like that before.”

“Me neither,” agreed Melissa. “It was awesome.”

“Well we don’t have to go without our sex fun, now that we know we’ve got each other to love.” “We’re not lezzos?”

“No-o,” snorted Leigh. “Think about having that guy down there doing what I just did to you, okay?”

Mel did that and the idea gave her pleasure.

“Yeah, I’m not am I?” she smiled shyly. “I’d like that too. Want to try a pussy too?”

“I was thinking of walking back down to where Danny Wilkins is. See if he wants to. We can always come back here if he’s not interested.”

“Do you know him?”

“He was at high school, year twelve when we were year tens, but he wouldn’t know us, I’m sure.”

“I don’t know. I want to, but I’m so scared.”

“What about?”

“Everything really, but mostly being hurt doing it the first time as well as being seen in the nuddy by a guy and getting a bad name as a slut.” “Wouldn’t you rather be a slut than an old maid?” giggled Leigh. “I think I would.” Mel continued to shilly-shally as Leigh became more impatient.

“Okay, you stay here and I’ll go down and talk to him,” she told her pal.

She got to her feet and wrapped her large beach towel around her to cover her nudity before taking kocaeli escort bayan her cigarette pack and strolling down the creek to where Dan was lying. Within a minute Melissa had trotted up behind her with her towel on.

“Excuse me?” Leigh asked politely. “Do you have a match? Our lighter got wet and won’t light.”

“Yeah,” he smiled amiably, rolling on to his side to display a dark penis as he rummaged through his back pack to produce his lighter. “Here.”

He lit their smokes and accepted one in return for his favour while both girls tried not to cough as they inhaled the smoke. Neither of them smoked enough to be unaffected by the nicotine buzz and felt somewhat lightheaded after a few draws.

“I’m Leigh and this is my friend Melissa,” she introduced them.

“Hi,” he grinned. “I’m Danny. You went to my school don’t you? I’m certain I’ve seen you there.”

“Yeah, I did,” she agreed, pleased to be recognized by him.

Leigh lay forward and opened her towel before turning ninety degrees and doing a sort of caterpillar motion forward again.

“I’m going in again, want to come?” he told them and wandered down to the water to dive expertly into the deep pool.

Leigh arose and followed along holding her towel modestly in front of her while Mel, who’d barely arranged herself in the sun, got up too.

“Go on,” Danny urged her before Leigh dropped her towel over a boulder to pose for him momentarily, then dive neatly into the chilly water.

Mel too dropped her covering and let him look for a few seconds until she executed a perfect somersault dive.

“Have you been here before?” Danny asked.

“I’ve been only once, when there was nobody around,” Leigh informed him. “But Mel comes every Sunday.” He looked at Mel quickly and saw how red she’d become.

“Every Sunday eh? When I’ve been here with others?”

She didn’t respond, but he knew from her ever-deepening colour that she had seen it all.

“A voyer eh?” he chuckled.

“What’s that?” enquired Leigh.

“Someone who gets off watching sex instead of doing it,” he grinned.

“Oh no, she’s not like that at all,” said Leigh. “Are you Mel?”

She shook her head as he put his arm around her and covered one boob with his other hand, spreading his fingers before closing them tightly again to tweak her nipple.

“So you like sex with guys?” he asked.

She shook her head mutely.

“Chicks then?”

Mel then shook her head once, then nodded in confusion.

“What she really means is she hasn’t done it yet, but she and I just did it with each other. We got the idea from your friends,” Leigh explained.

“Who, Toni and Abby?”

She nodded.

“Well, there you go,” he laughed easily. “I didn’t know that either knew the other that well. I’ve been had I reckon.”

The girls smiled with him.

“Now,” he said to Mel. “You think you might like to do it with a bloke,”

She nodded, still blushing.


Mel nodded again and he slid his fondling hand down her firm body to put it over her furry crotch and poke an agile finger between her moist vulvar lips, curl it back to find her clitoris and thrill her when he pressed and circled the little nub.

“Ooooh,” she moaned.

“Nice?” he enquired as Leigh came over to caress his stiffening dick.

Mel nodded eagerly, emitting a strangling affirmative sound then putting a hand down to join Leigh’s in stroking his veined, upwardly-curved cock. “Who wants to try it?” he asked them, leaning back and waving his penis.

Both girls nodded and he tossed a coin.

“Heads,” called Leigh, but it was tails and Mel appeared to be close to tears as she awaited his pleasure.

“How about you both just try him for size?” he suggested, indicating to Mel that she should sit in an eliptical hollow in a waist high prominence in a huge boulder while Leigh stood next to her friend.

He moved closer and touched his prick to her trimmed pussy, now red and a bit puffy from his titillation, pushing his broad knob to the slit between her frilly inner lips and watching it disappear easily inside her sheath.

“How’s that?” he grinned, reaching to finger Leigh’s pleasure pouch.

“Ooooh, ex’lent,” she gasped.

“I thought you’d be a virgin,” he observed.

“We are,” Leigh interrupted. “But we do a lot of sport.”

“Yeah?” he responded without sounding entirely convinced by that.

“Can I just have a feel too?” Leigh begged breathlessly, raising her bum to perch beside Mel with her thighs apart.

While Mel looked to be a lot less than impressed as he withdrew his penis from her pussy, Leigh closed her eyes and held her breath as it approached her virginal twat and jolted at the thrill of first contact. He pushed his hips to hers and his knob popped into her much tighter entrance.

“Okay?” he enquired.

“Yep!” she exhaled explosively. “Fine.”

He thrust again as she experienced a sharp but mild pain as his hot prick slid fully within kocaeli escort her.

“I felt something there,” he told her.

“So did I,” she responded. “What was left of my maidenhead I s’pose.”

“What do you reckon then?” he wanted to know.

“It’s nice. I’d like to go all the way now.”

“Not ’til I’ve had mine,” Mel interrupted. “We tossed, remember.”

Leigh watched sadly as he withdrew his slippery prick from her and thrust it back into Mel’s gratefull pussy, enthusiastically sliding it in and out with with an ever increasing cadence until she was in a frenzy of pleasure and clawing abandonedly at his straining body. Her normal reserve had then evaporated completely as the whole focus of her being was on the thrusting cock within her tingling loins.

It was raw instinct which guided her movements, her hefty hips grinding and rolling in delight as she strove to get him deeper inside her than was possible and her little hands pulling his pumping loins harder to her own. She knew that he wasn’t very far off coming, hoping fervently that he’d not ejaculate too soon for her, then happily surprised to feel her own climax building within her lower belly.

His wordless sounds of pleasure ended with a strangled groan as he drove his penis into her to the hilt and squirted warm semen deep within her body to bring on her orgasm too. She felt herself shaken and jolted by a series of delightful convulsions which were quite beyond her control as she held his sweaty body tightly.

“You can’t say you didn’t get a kick out of that,” Leigh grinned at her when Danny’s softening dick slid out of her sloppy twat.

“It was excellent,” she responded confidently. “It was so-oo cool.”

“So you’d do it again?” he enquired.

“Anytime,” she smiled.

“Yeah, it’s a great way to spend the time,” he laughed lightly. “All the chicks tell me that.”

“But you’ve never had two to look after you before,” grinned Leigh. “At the same time, I mean.”

“No,” he agreed, then went on. “You both seem pretty keen. Were you down here looking for me?”

“Yep, we were,” admitted Leigh, “but we’d have done it with any guy who was interested. We were hanging out for it to be honest.”

As she spoke she’d moved close to him to stroke his prick, being rewarded as it slowly began to rise to erection.

“C’mon, lie down and I’ll eat you,” he told her.

They arranged themselves in a daisy chain, Leigh at the top on her back, Dan on his side with his mouth to her crotch and Mel learning to suck his dick and balls. The sensation of simultaneously loving two girls was quite voluptuous as both were completely uninhibited with him by then, happy to try any intimacy he might suggest.

“You shave your muffs down,” he observed, from their shape and size.

“Yeah,” Leigh sighed. “We need to in competition, to stop our pubic hair from sticking out the sides of our leotards.”

He proceeded to press and lick her clitty until her bucking, rolling hips indicated her readiness for penetration. He was fully erect in Mel’s busy mouth, pulling away from her to crawl forward over her and slide his penis inside her warm sheath with her manual guidance.

“Oooh Christ, that’s just too gorgeous,” she gasped, clamping her strong vaginal muscles on to his throbbing knob to pleasurably thrill him.

He wasn’t hanging about and rammed his pelvis to her exposed crotch with gusto, raising her into a sensual fever with his sweating body intimately pressing down upon hers. Mel moved up beside her and grazed on a nipple as Dan nipped and tweaked the other, rising to his knees and lifting her feet to his shoulders while banging away even harder at her erotically tingling twat. Her lovely boobs were so firm that they didn’t flatten out at all, as she screwed, but jolted and quivered deliciously with every pounding thrust against her rear parts.

She couldn’t quite believe that anything would feel so good as he pumped his bottom faster and faster as orgasm inexorably approached for them both. He couldn’t believe how strong they were and how easily they’d accepted the idea of fucking for fun. Other chicks had been pretty coy and modest until at least their third assignation and none of them had come to climax on a first fuck either.

Mel knew intuitively that Leigh was going to come at any second, the two of them in a mad gallop of sexual exertion, so she slid down to cup Danny’s scrotum in her small hand and gently manipulate it until he involuntarily went rigid, groaning without restraint as he squirted just the smallest drop of semen into her womb.

She too went stiff as she climaxed, her legs tightening around his sweat- glistening torso and making him grunt while they delighted in repeated hot spasms of delight.

“Shit, I love you guys,” Leigh eventually told them in a bashful whisper. “That’s the very best I’ve ever felt. I hope we can do it again.”

And they did, as it happens, on that day and for several years thereafter as their friendship continued. On the days that Danny wasn’t about they got to discover the joys of sapphic love, both with each other and with Toni and Abby, who were happily bisexual too, this relationship expanding to include other partners in all female parties in Toni’s flat and mixed gender parties in a wider social context.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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