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Halloween Boy

By NiftySilverBear

This is a story I submitted back in 2017. I”ve condensed it and made it all one story rather than having 4 chapters.

Thank you all for the feedback from other stories on Nifty. My other stories are listed in your prolific author fty//authors.htmlsilverbear. Speaking of Nifty…this site has been giving me my jollies for a long time now, as I”m sure it has for you also. Take a moment to make a donation so stories like this can keep flowing and so can you !

Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This story is about love and sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is PURE FICTION. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

Keep in mind also, since this is fantasy, I can skirt some of the legality in the story. What happens legally here, may not be legal in real life.

Any comments about my stories can be sent ail

Now to the story!

Part 1 — “Found”

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves change, the weather gets cooler, and of course, HALLOWEEN! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Even as a child, Halloween would make me giddier than Easter, Christmas and my birthday all together. My name is John Avery. I”m 55 years old, 5″11″ tall with a bit of a belly (ok, more than a bit) and hairy all over. I”m your average bear. My husband passed away last summer and for the first time in my life, Halloween didn”t matter that year. I didn”t even decorate. I closed my door, turned off the lights and went to bed around dark. I realized that I was being childish and stubborn and the only person I was hurting, besides myself, were the kids. All the kids on the block call me Uncle John. I”ve fixed bikes, bandaged scraped knees, been around to talk to anyone, adult of child, who needed an ear to bend. I”ve been at this house for 30 years and have seen children grow up and have kids of their own. Never in my life have I ever thought of any of “my” kids in a sexual manner. But, ever since Michael”s death, I”ve been looking at some a bit differently.

Back to this Halloween. I went all out. I spent over $500 on decorations to add to the yard, including a 7″ blowup of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas and his lady love, Sally. I had haunting music and spooky lights in the yard, including black lights with painted Jack-O-Lanterns. Even though Harry Potter”s last movie was several years ago, I decided to dress as Albus Dumbledore. I had the full outfit, including the beard, long silver hair, hat and robes. This year, I also decided to be a bit naughty and go commando under the robes. Knowing I only had a thin piece of material between me and everyone coming in the yard to see the decorations and get their treats of chocolate gave me a bit of a thrill. It also gave me a bit of a chill. Helena, MO Halloweens can dip down in the low 30″s at nightfall.

The kids and parents absolutely loved my yard and by 9:00 the crowd was starting to dwindle. After the last ghoul and goblin, Spider Man and Hulk, Jack Sparrow and Princess had left, I started the task of unplugging all the lights, taking in the decorations that would be damaged by the night”s damp weather. All of a sudden, I heard a sniff. I looked around and couldn”t see anything. Going back to my chore, I heard a small sob coming from the direction of my fence line. Looking over, I saw what resembled an old tattered sheet with something under it. I walked over and pulled the sheet up and was met by a young boy I don”t think I”d ever seen before, I and know all the people in my neighborhood. I couldn”t see much in the dark, but I guess his age around 7 or 8. He looked up at me and started to openly cry in racking sobs. I knelt by him and assured him I wouldn”t hurt him and drew him to me to let him cry it out.

When he finished crying and was now just sniffling, I asked, “Now, what”s this crying all about?” Not getting an answer, I asked, “What”s you name son? I know all the kids around here, but I don”t know you.”

“J-J-Jacob, s-s-sir.”

“Hi, Jacob, I”m John. Can you tell me why you”re crying in my yard on Halloween?”

“My daddy hates me and told me to leave. I didn”t know where to go, so I”ve just been walking. I saw all the kids here and thought I could hide for a while before I walk some more.”

“Why do you say your daddy hates you?”

More racking sobs escaped his throat before he finally told me, “He didn”t like my costume. He called me a sissy. I wanted to be a fairy princess.”

“Why, I don”t think there”s anything wrong with wanting to be a fairy princess for Halloween. Look at me, I wearing a dress, of sorts also. How long ago did you leave your house?”

He looked at his Mickey Mouse watch and counted on his fingers, “About four hours ago.”

“When was the last time you ate, Jacob?”

“Lunch time, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

“I like PB&J myself, but that was a long time ago, you must be hungry now.”

He nodded his head, so I invited him to come to the house to get something to eat.

When he stood up and the rest of the sheet fell away, I noticed he had on a pink fairy princess dress, sparking slippers and light pink sparkling wings attached to his back. I noticed he”s about 4″ tall and thin, but not skinny. “Jacob, I think you”re very pretty in your costume.”

Head hung low in shame, I heard, “Daddy says boys aren”t supposed to look pretty.”

I turned around and knelt in front of him, put my finger under his chin and raised his head so our eyes met. I told him, “I think boy can look pretty or handsome if they want to. Anyone who tells them different is just lying.”

“Really?” A smile starting on his pretty pink lips.

Yes, I said pretty. Looking at Jacob for the first time in better light, he as stunning. Full lips that had no makeup on them, but were pink and full. Eyes of emerald green and raven black hair. His hair was half way down his back and I thought it was a wig at first, but then I realized it was his own hair. His dress was kind of short, about half way up above his knees, showing a lot of leg. I realized that this beauty of a boy was causing a stirring under my robes. So he wouldn”t see my hard on sticking out of my robes, I picked him up and carried him into the house. His butt was firmly in my hands and that did nothing to make me go down. I put him down in a chair at the kitchen table and told him I was going to get out of the robes so it would be easier to fix him something to eat. I put a Pepsi in front of him and left. I quickly changed out of my robes into a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Slipping on my sandals, I made my way back to the kitchen.

Jacob was just sitting there, drinking his Pepsi, looking absolutely beautiful. You”d almost think he was a girl, he was so pretty.

“So, Jacob. The kitchen is now open and I”ll be your host, waiter and cook tonight.” Giggle. “What would you like to eat tonight, Monsieur?” Another giggle. “I have some spaghetti, or I could make you French toast, pancakes, or your favorite, PB&J.”

The sound of laughter was very pleasant to my ears. “May I have some pancakes, please, John?”

“My, what a polite fairy princess. You don”t see many kids with good manners.”

“My mommy made sure I knew how to use my manners. I miss her very much.” The tears started again.

I sat next to Jacob and hugged him as the sobbing once again filled the air. I started to cry with him, feeling his despair. He told me his mommy died in a car accident over a year ago. As he told me how his mommy died, I realized that she died in the same accident, caused by a drunk driver, that Michael died in as well. Now we were both crying like babies. After about 15 minutes of crying, we had settled down enough for me to start the griddle and make up some pancakes. Jacob, was indeed, very hungry as he ate 3 stacks of 4 pancakes each, covered with butter and syrup. When he finished the last bite, a very large BUUUUUUUURRRRP came out of the small child. “Excuse me, Mr. John, Sir.” I told him he was excused while laughing at his shocked face. Soon we were both laughing.

By the time we had finished eating, it was 11:15 and I was getting tired and he was yawing giant yawns.

“Well, Jacob. I see you”re tired and I”m about ready to hit the hay myself. Would you like to take a shower before you sleep?”

“Where would I sleep, Sir?

“I have a couch that pulls out into a bed, so you can sleep right here in the living room. I”ll turn on the TV so you can watch some cartoons if you like?”

“Yes, please, Sir.” As he lifted his arms and smelled his pits, “And I would like a bath as well, I kinda stink.”

“Your wish is my command, good Sir. Would you like a shower or a bath?”

“May I have a bath, please?”

I led him to the bathroom and started up the water, asked him to feel it to make sure it wasn”t too hot. When it was “just fine” I put the stopper in and told him he could take as long as he wanted as long as he didn”t fall asleep and drown.

As he giggled, he asked, “Mr. John, what should I do with my clothes? And what will I wear to bed?”

“If you leave your clothes there, I”ll pick them up and wash them for you. Since I don”t have any shorts or pants that will fit you, I”ll give you an extra-large t-shirt you can wear. It”ll come down to your knees and keep you covered tonight.”

“Thank you, Sir.” He started taking off his wings and tiara, and before I could leave the bathroom, he was down to his Scooby Doo underwear. It was like looking at a work of art in a museum. I was transfixed at his beautiful body. When I realized just how pervy I was being, I left the bathroom so Jacob would relax in peace.

About 15 minutes later, I was in my room checking my email, trying to get my cock to go down, when there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to see Jacob, wrapped in a towel with another twisted up on his head, keeping his long hair up.

“I feel much better, Mr. John. May I please have the t-shirt you said I could wear?”

“Of course, buddy.” I went to the dresser to pull out the shirt and when I turned around, Jacob and discarded the towels and was standing there in his stunning, beautiful birthday suit. I quickly pulled the shirt over his head and led him to the living room where I pulled out the couch, pulled down the covers and turned on the TV to Cartoon Network. I tucked him in and kissed him on the forehead and told him good night. “If you need anything, just come to my room, okay, Bud.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” And before I would turn around, Jacob was fast asleep.

With the images of him standing in my room fully nude, my cock and once again expanded to its full 8″ length. I went to my room, closed the door, stripped and laid down on the bed and jacked off to a mind explosion of an orgasm. In my mind, Jacob was my little lover. I imagined kissing him, licking him all over, him stretching his pink, puffy lips around my cock and sucking till I filled his mouth with spunk. I must have been more tired than I thought, because I didn”t even have the energy to clean up, but fell fast asleep nude, chest and belly covered in cum.

As I slept, I dreamed of my beloved Michael. My husband who was taken from me by a man who thought he could drive a 2 ton vehicle drunk. My heart and soul, only 31 years old. I dreamed of him kissing me and then taking me into his mouth. I dreamed of him sucking me, licking my balls, treating my cock as a child would an ice cream cone. Tongue swirling the head, engulfing me fully, nose to pubes. My orgasm was growing from my balls, rising through my body and was erupting into Michael”s mouth when I suddenly bolted straight up in bed, screaming Michael”s name. I had awaked so violently, and my orgasm was still flowing, I hardly registered that I”d pushed something off the bed. Something that thumped to the floor. When I looked down, I saw Jacob, naked, sobbing. When he looked up at me, I saw cum…MY cum, draping his beautiful lips. I started to get out of bed and he ran from me, cowering like a frightened animal. He slumped in a corner, holding his knees to his chest, face buried in his knees, bawling. The closer I got to him, the more he cowered in sheer terror. I spoke to him, gently, “Jacob, I”m not going to hurt you. Will you trust me?”

Jacob didn”t answer, but remained frozen in fear. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he jumped like someone had shot a gun near him. I sat on the floor and pulled him onto my lap, all while quietly trying to calm him. When he finally found a voice, he said, “I”m sorry, Mr. John. I”ll get my clothes and leave.”

“Why would you think I want you to leave?”

“You pushed me away and screamed at me.”

“I didn”t even know you were there. I had a dream. I woke up screaming because of the dream. I”d never push you down like that.”

“So, you”re not mad at me?”

“No, Jacob. I”m not mad at you. But I have to wonder why you were in my room and WHAT led you to believe that you could do what you were doing to me?”

“I was just about asleep and I wanted to thank you again for the pancakes and a place to sleep. When I knocked, all I heard was a moaning sound. I thought you were hurt, so I came in to check on you. You were asleep, naked and your…penis was hard. I thought I”d give you a proper thanks.”

“But why did you think I”d want you to suck me?”

“My daddy told me I must always properly thank a man who”s nice to me. I had to “thank” daddy every time he bought me something, or took me to McDonalds.”

So…that son of a bitch was using Jacob as his own personal cum dump, but would throw him away for dressing as a princess on the ONE night of the year when anything goes? I was seeing red!

“My dear, sweet boy. You must never believe that I would ever do nice things for you just to get you to do THAT for me. Any person who would expect and demand sexual favors just for being nice is not much of a man. In fact, he is deplorable, the lowest of the low. He should have his cock and balls cut off and shoved down his own throat.”

I was letting my anger get the better of me and it was scaring Jacob. I calmed myself and held him tightly against my chest. I apologized to him for losing my temper.

When he had calmed down, I suggested that we get him back to bed.

“I can”t sleep in that bed. The real reason I was coming to you is because…” His head was hanging in shame at this point. “I had a nightmare and wet the bed. Ohhhh, Mr. John,” he said through new tears, “I”m so sorry I was a bad boy. I”ll do anything to make it up to you.”

“Shhhhhh. It”s okay. Sheets can be washed and the mattress has a waterproof cover over it and can be washed also. There”s no harm done at all.”

“So, you”re really not mad at me?”

“Not at all, my little princess.”

He smiled at me with the face of an angel. He asked me, “Do you think I could sleep in here, with you, tonight? I just don”t want to be alone”

At this point, I remembered that we were both naked. I stood him up and got up myself. Reaching for my robe, I told him, “First, let”s get you another shirt so you”re not mooning me all night long.”

That got him giggling again. When I started walking to the dresser to get another shirt, a small hand latched to mine. Jacob had my hand in a vise like grip and wouldn”t let go.

As I pulled the shirt over his head, he asked, “Mr. John, do you have any kids?”

“First of all, Jacob, how about we drop the Mr. from now on. You can just call me John, okay?” Head nod. “And, no, buddy. You see, I”ve never liked girls enough to marry one. I like (picking my words carefully) guys and I had a lover till he died in a car accident.”

Jacob exclaimed, “Oh, so you”re a fag!”

I didn”t want him to think I was angry with him again, so I VERY calmly exclaimed to him that the word `fag” was derogatory and harmful to most people. I told him the word he”s looking for is either `gay” or “homosexual” but never `homo.” I asked him where he picked up that word. As soon as I”d asked, I knew EXACTLY where he got it from and I spoke the same time he did, “My/Your daddy.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “Daddy would call me those words while I was `thanking” him. So being gay is a man who wants to date and marry another man, right?”

“Or two women wanting to date and marry each other, yes.”

“Mr…I mean, John. I want to date guys and one day marry a guy, just like you. Does that mean I”m gay also?”

“Well, Bud, it could mean that. But you”re so young that you may change your mind later on. Speaking of you being young, how old are you, anyway?”

“I”m seven and three quarters. My birthday is February 14th. I”m a Valentine baby. That”s what mommy always called me. How old are you, John?

“Let”s put it this way, I”m old enough to be YOUR grandfather. I”m 55 years old and MY birthday is one week after yours. I”m February 21st.”

By this time, I”d gotten him in a shirt, put on pajamas, and was sliding under the covers next to the most beautiful boy on the planet.

As I was turning off the light, I heard Jacob say, “I wish you were my daddy. You”re very nice. I love you, John.”

I did my best, and believe it or not, I was successful in NOT crying when I heard that. Jacob snuggled up to my hairy chest and was snoring away before I could even tell him, “I wish you were my son, also. I love you too.”

And I truly did!

Part 2 — “Loved”

I felt constricted. I was strange to have someone in my bed, holding on to me, after so long being alone. But every time I moved, I felt the warmth of Jacob”s body pressed up against me. As I said before, I”ve recently began having lustful feelings for younger boys, and this boy was testing my metal. On one hand, He”d already been sexually abused by his bastard of a father. On the other hand, here”s a boy who is sexy, beautiful and willing to perform sexual favors for kindness. After an hour of restless thoughts, I finally went to sleep.

It was 8am when my body started to wake up. There was light coming in the window and I looked over for Jacob. When I didn”t see him in bed, I thought I”d dreamed the entire thing. Then I heard the toilet flush. The door opened and this beautiful angel came back into my room wearing the shirt I”d put on him last night. I noticed a tiny tent where his crotch was.

Pointing out the tent, I said, “Needed a good pee, I see.”

Jacob blushed, embarrassed by his hard situation. “Yeah, I guess. But there”s another reason it won”t go down.”

“Why is that, Bud?”

He climbed on the bed, pushed me down to lay on my back, straddled my hips and planted his butt directly on my cock, which was also rock hard. “I really love you, John. And I think your body is wonderful. I love your hairy tummy and also your…um…cock.” He whispered the last word. “I really am gay, and I love to have boys put their cock in my mouth and in my butt. I also like when my daddy puts it in my butt, but he only does it to get my `thank you.” I want to do it, not as a thank you, but because I love you. Would you put it in my butt, PLEEEEAAASE?”

I was shocked. Here is a beautiful boy, almost eight years old, openly declaring his love to me and wanting to consummate his love by making love to me.

“Jacob, you really başakşehir escort don”t have to do this. I love you no matter what, but if I did what you want, I could go to prison, probably for the rest of my life.”

Jacob looked like he was about to cry again. My heart broke, so I pulled him into a hug. “Tell you what, let”s have some breakfast then we can talk about what to do next, okay?”

Jacob nodded fiercely at breakfast. He wouldn”t leave my side as I prepared bacon and eggs, toast, orange juice and a glass of milk for him. When we were done eating, I told him, “You know, I have to tell someone you”re here. I can”t just let you live with me because you”re not my child. The law would have me in jail for kidnapping you.”

Jacob wailed, “Where am I supposed to go?”

“I have a friend who works for the police department. I can talk to him and he”ll give me all the information I need, without making a report. Let”s just see what he says, okay?”

Jacob sniffled and nodded his head, yes. In the meantime, I phoned on my neighbors who also had a son about the same size as Jacob.

“Hi, Marie? John here. I have a situation and need to borrow some clothes of Mark”s, if I can.”

“Why would you need Mark”s clothes?”

“I have a runaway child here, about Mark”s size. His father threw him out of the house for dressing like a fairy princess for Halloween. His father”s also been sexually abusing him, demanding sexual favors for every nice thing he does for the boy. I”m calling the PD next to find out what I need to do, but I don”t want him having to meet other people in a princess dress.”

“Oh my God! How can any person throw away his child like that? I”d be lost if something ever happened to Mark. I”ll be over in 10 min with something for him to wear.”
I called Jacob and told him that he was getting some clothes. I quickly stripped the sleeper sofa of the sheets and put new ones one, ruffled them up so it looked like he slept there all night long. It only took a few minutes till Marie was there, clothes in hand. Jacob looked like a new boy in a fresh pair of jeans, Joker t-shirt and a pair of shoes that fit him perfectly. She even brought undies and socks for him. I love my neighbors so much because they”re always there to help.

I then placed a call to Sam at the police department. I told him everything that happened since last night, leaving out the nudity, accidental sperming of his face and anything else that could get me in trouble. I then told Jacob to NOT speak of sex in any terms when Sam got there.

About an hour later, Sam knocked on my door. When I opened the door, Jacob was close behind me trying to hide from the new person. We sat down and I pulled Jacob in front of me to introduce him to Detective Sam. Jacobs”s manners fell into place perfectly with “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

After a long talk, Sam asked me, “What do you want to do, John?”

“Knowing what I do about his home life, I don”t want to risk his father getting him back, but I don”t want to send him to a home either.”

“Jacob, can you tell me where you live? I need to have a talk with your daddy.”

Jacob gave Sam an address and then told him, “Please, Detective Sam, Sir, don”t call that man my daddy. He”s my father because he made me with mommy, but he stopped being my daddy when he threw me out of the house.”

“Of course, I”ll call him your father from now on.”

I asked, “Sam, Jacob is very comfortable with me, and I like having the company in this empty house. What are the odds I could foster him until something more permanent comes up?”

Sam winked at me. “I do have some pull with Adam over at DCF, so I”ll make inquires for you.” What most people didn”t know is Sam and Adam have been dating for over a year, and what Sam didn”t know was Adam was going to propose at the Thanksgiving Day dinner I was throwing this year.

We both thanked Sam and he told me just to keep a low profile till he heard from Adam. I asked and he said it”s okay if I introduced Jacob as my nephew, since none of my neighbors know Jacob or my sister in Alberta.

“So, `nephew”, you want to help me clean up the yard from all the decorations?”

“Yeah, `uncle!””

We spend the morning pulling out boxes and packing up the Jack Skellington, Sally, light, speakers, fog machine, decapitated hands and skeleton bones laying around the yard. I have a few neighbors look at us, wondering who he was. I just shouted, “My nephew from Alberta.” They all seemed to accept that.

A little after 12 we were finished and we stopped for lunch. Jacob asked me, “John, do you really love me?”

“Yes, son, I really do.”

“SON! Oh, I”d really love it if you were my daddy.”

“Me too, Jacob. What do you want to do for the rest of the day? It”s getting a bit cool to be outside since you don”t have a jacket.”

“I”m kind of tired, could we take a nap?”

I was a bit tired also, so we went to my room. Jacob stripped down and put the same shirt on he wore last night, and I put on my soft flannel jammies. He got into bed and I slid beside him. He snuggled up against my hairy chest and seemed to purr like a kitten.

I was about asleep when I felt a wetness on my nipple. I looked down and Jacob was sucking my tit like a baby trying to get milk. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, “I like doing this, and I know you like it also. You moaned when I started.”

“We can”t do things like this, Bud. I”ll get in a lot of trouble.”

Jacob winked at me. “Only if I tell.”

He latched onto my nipple again and his hand went into my waistband and grabbed and hard cock. It felt so good to have another human being touch me there, I lost my mind and let it happen. He was stroking my cock while he slid down. He pulled my pjs down and looked at my cock like a child in a candy store. “John, I want to. PLEEEAAASE!” I nodded and he started licking the head, slurping up and down my shaft, licking and sucking my balls. The sensation was driving me mad with desire.

“Jacob, may I please play with you also?”

Jacob answered only by swinging his leg over my body and presenting me with the most beautiful butt I”d ever seen. My hand completely covered his butt, but why cover such a site. I moved closer to the pink rosebud and inhaled. It smelled as clean as if he”d just stepped out of the shower. He was trying to get as much as my cock in his mouth as he could when I licked his pucker. His head flew up and he screamed, “OH MY GAAAWWWD!”

He went back to nursing my cock while I fed on his boy hole. After about 10 minutes, or an hour, I don”t know, he sat up abruptly, spun around, looked me square in the eyes and said, “I NEED YOU IN ME!”

He ripped the shirt from his body, exposing his chest with puffy nipples. Then he stood up, positioned his butt over my cock, lined up, and started to sit.

“Are you ABSOLUTELY sure, Jacob?”

“Abso-fuckin-lutely!!!” I had to laugh at his use of the word.

I did stop him enough to tell him to get the lube from the night stand drawer. He did and lubed up my cock while I rubbed it over and into his hole.

Again, he positioned, lined up and started sitting. When my cock touched his pucker, we both drew in air. He slowly put pressure on my cock and a few minutes later it POPPED in. I gasped, he cried out. I thought I hurt him, but he said, “Oh, my god it feels so fuckin good in my pussy!”

Slowly he sat lower and lower. I didn”t think my 8″ would fit, but eventually he bottomed out. He sat there, breathing with shuttering breaths, getting used to the thick invader. All of a sudden, his eyes flew open. I thought he was in too much pain when he started raising up, saying, “Ooh ooh ooh ooh.” But when he had risen up enough, he let his legs out from underneath him and he slid back down with a bang. His little dickey was so hard and it was jumping with his heartbeat. He opened his eyes again, looked at me and said, “I”m so ready. Fuck me hard, I love it hard. Make me tingle all over.”

“My precious boy, I”ll never fuck you. But I”m going to make love to you so hard, you”ll tingle for days.”

Without removing him from my cock, I rolled over where he was laying on the bed, legs up over my arms, ass straight up in the air. If anyone had looked in the door, they would have never seen Jacob. His tiny body was completely covered by my bear belly. I started pushing in and out of his `pussy” as he called it. I started slowly, but as the heat of the passion grew, I went faster and faster. He never took his eyes away from my eyes and I knew we were connecting like he”d never connected with anyone before.

As my orgasm approached, he started to moan loudly and then he screamed like someone was slicing the skin from his body. His pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice and he started shaking, eyes rolled back in his head. I unloaded at least 8 roped of cum in his pussy. He and I were both drenched with sweat. I rolled off him and he followed, laying on my chest and brought his lips to mine. First kiss was a peck, then a longer peck. Third kiss, he pushed my lips apart with his tongue and frenched me like I”d never been frenched before. Michael couldn”t even kiss like this. When we were done, he cleaned up, pecked me on the lips, rolled over and went to sleep. Not this kid. We kissed for at leave 15 minutes, then he slowly started moving down my chest, kissing and sucking my right nipple, then my left. Inch my inch, he kissed down my belly till he reached my still throbbing cock.

“I”ve been taught to never leave a messy cock.”

And with that statement, he started to suck it clean of cum, lube and ass juices. When it was clean, he kept sucking. His eyes met mine and, again, never removed them. He kept eye contact the entire time he was sucking. Each down stroke, he got a bit more in his throat. After some time, his nose was almost touching my pubes. I couldn”t handle any more and warned him I was cumming. He pulled back so just the head was in his mouth and made a seal with his lips and sucked hard. I saw stars, planets and galaxies forming when I came. The only sound from Jacob was “hmmm” followed by gulping as he swallowed every single sperm cell that flowed from my cock.

At that moment, I didn”t know how, and I didn”t know when, but I KNEW this boy was meant to be in my life. I”d move mountains to have his father”s parental rights removed and adopt Jacob as my own son.

“It”s getting a bit late, son. What would you like for dinner?”

With a smirk and a wink, he joked, “But, I just ate!”

I chuckled, “No, you just had desert BEFORE dinner, but you do need some food in you if you keep up your physical activities.”

“Could we, please, if it”s okay, go to McDonalds for dinner?”

“I haven”t” had the Golden Arches for a long time. Let”s get dressed and go.”

We showered together and got dressed and walked into the garage. “HOLY COW! Is that YOUR car?”

I was awe struck at my classic, Cherry Red 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible. “Yeah, Bud. I bought that car just over a year ago. I”ve always loved the classic cars. So much better than the crappy ones made today.”

“Can we put the top down, PLEEEEASE?”

“It”s a bit too cold to go with the top down and you don”t have a jacket.”

I saw the look on his face and really wanted to please him, “Let”s go shopping for a jacket for you, then we can put the top down, okay?”

He nodded his head and with that, we were on our way to Walmart to get a jacket for my angel. I bought him a nice, black jacket with a removable down liner so he would have a light or heavy jacket as needed. I also bought some hair bands, realizing his long hair would be tangled up with the wind. After his hair was up and his jacked zipped, he belted in while I unlatched the top, pushed it back and snapped it into place. I”d never seen a child more thrilled than Jacob was driving through town with the wind blowing through his hair. It was around 45 degrees and my hands were frozen to the wheel, but I would have traded the look on his face for anything in the world.

We reached McDonalds, I put the top back up and went in. He ordered a Big Mac meal with large fries and soda. When he was done wolfing that down, he asked if he could have a sundae to go with it. I couldn”t refuse.

When we had finished eating, we went out to the car. A slight snow had started, so we couldn”t put the top down. It was also getting dark out and Jacob had a plan, I could see it in his eyes.

We”d just hit the highway to go home when I felt his hand on my crotch.

“Jacob,” I said, “I”ve told you, you don”t have to `thank” me like you did your father for taking you to McDonalds.”

“I know, John. I want to do this anyway. It”s fun, I love your cum, and I really want to suck you while you”re driving.”

“I love it when you suck me, but it”s snowing and I need to keep my attention on the road. When we get home, you can suck me all you want, deal?”


As we pulled in the driveway, I saw Sam”s car parked on the road in front of my house.

“Well, Kiddo. You may not get desert as soon as you thought. There”s Detective Sam.”

Jacob got a worried look on his face and I assured him that Sam would do everything he could to make sure he was safe.

“No matter what happens, just know this, I love you, Jacob. I have since the moment I saw in on my lawn.”

“I love you too…John.”

“Why did you pause, son.”

“I was going to call you `daddy” but I don”t know if I can or not.”

“I hope, one day, you can call me `daddy” for real.”

We got out of the car and left the garage as Sam was walking toward us.

“Young man, we need to talk!”

Part 3 — “Kept”

I asked, “What”s going on, Sam?”

“Let”s go inside, please. It”s colder than a witch”s tit in a brass bra out here.”

We got inside and I put on a pot of coffee for Sam and myself, and a pot of milk to make hot chocolate for Jacob.

While we were waiting for everything to get hot, I asked, “Now, Sam. What in the world is going on? You looked like you were ready to arrest Jacob on the spot.”

Sam tuned to Jacob, “Son, I went to the address you gave me. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to a tree service business and NOT the home of your father.” Jacob started crying, “Why would you give me a fake address?”

“I didn”t want you to find my father and make me go back to him!” Jacob started wailing and my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

Sam had a tear in his eye and wiped it away before he pulled Jacob into his arms and said, “I told you I”d make sure you didn”t go back to your father, didn”t I?”

“Yes, Detective Sam, Sir.”

“You can ask John here if I”m a man of my word.”

Jacob looked at me and I nodded a fierce yes, “Jacob, I”ve known Sam for many years. He was just starting kindergarten when I moved into this house. His mother and I became real good friends and I”d babysit him once in a while. He called me `Uncle John” for a long time till he got too old to do that anymore. In the 30 years I”ve known Detective Sam, I”ve never known him to tell a lie, even when he was in trouble. If you have any doubts about his telling the truth about keeping you from your father, I hope I”ve put them to rest.”

Jacob looked at Sam, then back to me, finally looking at Sam again and saying, “If John says you”re not lying, I believe you. I actually lived in Avon.”

I cried out, a bit loudly, “AVON, that”s over 30 miles away. How did you get to Helena?”

Jacob was looking down, twirling his hair in his fingers, “I just started walking and a man picked me up. I guess he thought I was a girl and told me I was pretty. When we got out of Avon, he asked me if I could do something for him for giving me a ride. We pulled off the road and he asked me to suck his…”

Sam said, “Oh my God. Jacob, I”m so sorry that people have hurt you like this. If you can remember what kind of car he drove, I can put out an APB and try to find the man.”

“Detective Sam. I did it because I wanted to `thank” him for the ride, he never forced me. It”s not his fault I did it. Please don”t arrest him!”

Sam shook his head, then asked Sam to go watch TV in my room so we could talk. When Jacob had left the room, Sam looked at me and said, “I know I”m probably going to hell for this, but Jacob is the cutest, prettiest boy I”ve ever seen. If I wasn”t dating Adam…FUCK! What am I saying? I”m admitting to you that I find Jacob desirable.”

“He is quite intoxicating, isn”t he?” I said, thinking about Jacob speared on my cock less than 24 hours ago.

I guess I got a bit `excited” because Sam said, “John, either you”re happy to see me, or you have another cutie on you mind. You”re as hard as a rock.”

I started stammering and Sam laughed, “Okay, Unk. I”m yanking your chain. But I have to ask, off the record, since he”s been giving himself to his father and strangers for rides, has he offered himself to you? I mean, you DID save him.”

I looked at Sam and my face said it all, “Yes, he has. In fact, last night I jacked off thinking about him and fell asleep. When I woke up, he was sucking me off. GOD!!! I”m such a pervert! Maybe you should just arrest me and take him someplace where he”ll be safe.” I started crying!

Sam touched my knee, reached for my face and made me look at him with his finger under my chin. In a loving tone he said, “Uncle John. I have loved you since the moment we met. I knew I was gay, even as a twerpy 5 year old. I wish I had the nerve to tell you that I wish you were more than my Uncle. I would have loved you to be my first, even at Jacob”s age. Truth be told, I”m jealous as all hell, of BOTH of you.”

“What are you saying, Sam?”

He laughed and said, “If you had looked between my legs, you would have seen me trying to hide a boner all evening. That kid is beautiful and sexy as all hell. If he didn”t love you so much, I”d ask Adam if WE could adopt him. I can only imagine what he would look like, naked, between us in bed.”

“SAM…you”re a boy lover?”

“THAT will never leave this house. It would ruin my career, as well as Adam”s. He and I have had our best lovemaking after reading a hot story from this site called `Nifty.” It contains stories of love and sex between adults and youth, young friends, adult friends and even has sections for bisexual, lesbian and transgender. We fantasize, but have never actually done anything with an underage boy. So, Uncle John, your secret is completely safe with me.”

I laughed, “Don”t” ever tell Jacob that, he”ll want to `thank you” properly.”

We called Jacob back into the room and Sam said, “Jacob, I”m going to find your father and I”m going to make him regret everything he”s done to you. I”m also going to do what I can to make him give up his rights to you and recommend that John become your foster father. When that happens, then we can work on the next step. Does that sound okay to you?”

“Yes, Detective Sam. Very much so.”

As Sam was leaving, Jacob gave Sam a big hug and I could just imagine Sam getting a boner.

Sam left our house and went to the police station for some paperwork, then went for a drive to Avon. He found the address that Jacob had given him. It was a trash heap. Three halkalı escort part cars parked in front of the house. Old dilapidated step led to the front door that was open to let some cool air in. When Sam looked through the screen, he saw Jacob”s father. He was naked on the couch and between his legs was a boy, no older than 5 years old. He was forcing the child”s mouth on his dick, calling him every nasty name in the book. Sam pulled his phone from his pocket and started recording. Sam heard Jacob”s father say, “My God, boy. You”re a good replacement for that faggot son I had. Throwing him out like the trash he was and using your mouth was the best thing I”ve ever done.”

Sam had enough evidence on his phone to put the bastard away forever, but he had a different kind of intervention in mind. Sam knocked on the screen and when Jacob”s father looked up, he drunkenly said, “What the fuck do you want?”

Sam played along, “I heard you talking and wanted to know if I can get a piece of that action. That”s a hot kid you got there. Just wondering how much to use his mouth like you”re doing.”

The naked man got a nice grin on his face. Apparently he saw dollar signs and said, “He ain”t broken in just quite yet, but I”ll let you use his face for fifty bucks.”

“Can I just let myself in?

“Yeah, come on in. This little faggot needs to get in more practice. May just whore the slut out when he”s a bit older and can take a fat cock up his asshole.”

Sam let himself in and Jacob”s father told the boy, “Whatcha waiting for? This nice man”s gonna use your mouth and pay me for it. I may just keep you around longer than that fucking, no-good ex son of mine.”

The boy stood up and slowly walked over to Sam. Sam took the boy”s face in his hands and hugged him. When he did, he whispered, “I”m going to hit that man for doing this to you. When I do, RUN. Run and don”t look back and don”t EVER come here again. Nod if you understand.” The boy nodded slightly.

Sam placed a kiss on the boy”s cheek and pushed him down. In a flash, Sam”s fist came in contact with Jacob”s father”s chin and he screamed like a girl in a haunted house. A couple of more hits and the man was begging for mercy. Sam had him cuffed and seated on the couch. “My name is Sam Riley. I”m a detective with the Helena Police Department and I”m her about your son, Jacob. He showed up in Helena abused, crying about how is father threw him out of the house for wearing a princess dress for Halloween. He also told us about how you make him `thank you” for everything you did. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but when I saw what you were doing to that boy in here, I changed my mind. You”re under arrest for child molestation, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and abandonment of a child, mainly your son, Jacob. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?”

Jacob”s father was still crying when he said, “Yes.”

“With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

“I”ll talk, but you have no proof.”

“Really? I have video proof. I recorded enough of your actions to put you away till you”re 99 years old. Now, do you want to talk, or do I haul you away, naked?”

“I”ll talk, damn you, I”ll talk.”

“First of all, what is your name?”

“Jacob Matthews, Sr.”

“Jacob, I”m going to give you an out. If you don”t take it, your ass is going to jail. If you do take it, I”m going to erase the video I took and I”ll forget the entire thing ever happened. Do you want to deal?”

“What I gotta do?”

“I have here paperwork that will permanently remove all your rights as a parent to Jacob Matthews, Jr. Part one of the deal is, you sign them, give me any paperwork on Jacob, as well as any clothing, toys and personal belongings so I can take them to him. This includes school records, medical records, birth certificate, social security card and any other legal paperwork you may have in your possession.”

“All his shit is in a file in my desk. Take the faggot”s crap, I don”t want it in my house.”

Sam push his fist under Jacob, Sr. nose. “Part two is you never call him a faggot in my presence again.”

“Okay, okay. Christ Almighty. Don”t get so huffy.”

After Sam retrieved Jacob”s paperwork, clothes and what few personal item he had, put them in a box and loaded them into the car. He went back in to have Sr. sign the paperwork. Sam removed the cuffs and when the paperwork was signed, he said, “Part three. I”m going to be making many trips to Avon over the next few years, if I see a child at your house, or hear even a faint echo that you”ve touched a child in anyway, your ass in mine. Do you understand, Fucker?”

“Can I help it if the boys want this fat cock?”

Sam slapped Sr. across the cheek. “I said, do you understand, Fucker?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“You even LOOK at a child the wrong way, you”re done!”

Sam moved to leave the house and Sr. jumped up trying to attack Sam. Sr. was too drunk and Sam was too quick. When Sam left, Sr. was out cold, blood running from his nose and was still naked on the living room floor.

It was past midnight when Sam arrived home. Adam greeted him with a kiss at the door and Sam explained everything. “That fucker got what was coming to him, but you were too kind. I”d have shot him and claimed self-defense. At least you got everything you need to help Jacob out.”

“Yeah,” Sam said, “How”s thing going with getting Uncle John able to foster Jacob?”

“Well, knowing what I do about John, I”m putting everything trough as quickly as possible. I don”t need to do a home study because I”ve already been there. The only thing I need to request is John turn his office into a bedroom for Jacob.”

“Sounds good to me. I”ll tell them tomorrow. Let”s go to bed, I”m horny.”

“Should I see if there are any new stories in Nifty?”

Sam smiled and said, “Nope, I have a story I want to tell you. It”s about a man who was going to sell me a boy tonight.”


Three weeks passed and I”d turned the office into a bedroom for Jacob. We”d had several home studies, even though Adam had done one, they wanted to be thorough. We went to court about five times to tell our story and each time were told to just wait. I was just about crazy with anticipation when we got another court date. Jacob and I went, dressed in our best suits. Sam and Adam were there as well, smiling. And on November 21st, three days before Thanksgiving and three weeks to the day we met, I officially became Jacob”s foster father. There was much celebrating at my house that evening. All my neighbors showed up to congratulate us. Marie was there with Mark and Mark was very excited about having a new friend to play with. The party ended about 9:00 and even though we were tired, Jacob and I went two rounds of love making before bed. He may have his own bedroom, but he”s in MY bed. And that”s just the way we like it.

Three days later, my place was smelling delicious. There was turkey with dressing, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and gingerbread pudding. I don”t think Jacob had ever seen so much food in one place. Sam and Adam was there, as well as Marie and Mark, and a few of my neighbors who were single and alone on Thanksgiving. Sam”s mother was there as well. After we”d stuffed ourselves, Sam stood up and clinked his glass with his fork.

“I”d like to make a toast. I”ve known Uncle John for 30 years. Besides my mother, he was the best thing that ever happened to me as a child. I”m so happy for you that you have someone who you can call your own. To Uncle John and Jacob!”

The table joined in, “Uncle John and Jacob.”

I”d also like to toast someone else. He has been the best thing that has happened to me as an adult. He”s my best friend and soul mate. We cry together, laugh together and argue together. But he”s more than my soul mate. He”s the love of my life. I”ve known Adam for eight years now, and we”ve been together for three years. I think it”s time to make a change in my life. I don”t want to keep calling Adam my boyfriend or lover. I want to officially call him my husband. Adam, would you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Adam, who”d been holding his wine glass, with a look of shock on his face, suddenly dropped the glass and it shattered on the table. “Oh my God. Sam, OH MY GOD!!!”

Sam produced a beautiful ring and asked, “Can I take that as a yes.”


Adam attacked Sam and hugged him till I thought Sam would pass out. Sam placed the ring on Adam”s finger and everyone applauded and gave congratulations.

Jacob and I became even closer as the weeks passed, but for some reason, he wanted to spend time with Adam and Sam. Given what Sam had told me before he visited Jacob”s father, I was worried they were having fun with him, the kind of fun I had with him. Christmas was approaching and Jacob was excited when the tree was put up and when presents start appearing under the tree.

When Christmas day arrived, Jacob could NOT be calmed down. I had an idea the Christmas was never such a special occasions living with his father. We opened presents and he shouted and laughed at each one. New game station, new clothes, his own cell phone (with strict instructions), but what made him actually stand still, jaw open, and silent for a full 15 seconds was the new BMX bike I”d hidden in the garage. All of a sudden, I had a squirming ball of boy in my arms kissing my face all over. He got dressed and rode his bike up and down the street. When he came in, he decided to `thank me” properly, even though he”s been told he never had to thank me with sexual favors. His excuse was the seat poked him and made him horny. I think it was the best love making we”d ever done. I came twice and he came 4 times.

After we had rested a bit, we went to Sam and Adams for dinner. It was a feast fit for a king. After dinner and before pie, Jacob stood up and clinked his glass with his fork. “I want to make a toast. Even though life sucked before, Halloween was the worst day I”d ever had. I”m so lucky that I rested in John”s yard. John found me and saved me. He loved me from the first moment we met.”

I was openly crying at that moment. He turned to Sam and asked, “Uncle Sam, can you help me?” Sam brought a rolled up paper and a small box to him. “John, I love you very much. I can”t imagine my life without you anymore. I think it”s time to make a change in my life. I don”t want to keep calling you John. I want to officially call you my daddy. Adam, would you do me the honor of adopting me?”

He pulled a ring out of the box, and placed it on my ring finger of my right hand. It was beautiful. Silver band with two amethysts, our birthstones, side by side. I was weeping like a baby when he slid it on my hand. I hugged him so much. Since Sam and Adam knew of our relationship by now, we openly shared a kiss. When he pulled away, he reached for the rolled up paper, “Uncle Adam pulled some strings. This paper was issued by a judge last week. If you sign it, I”m officially your son. It also changes my name. I don”t want to be called Jacob any longer. It”s my father”s name and I want nothing to do with him. If you sign this paper, I”ll be officially Johnathan Marcus Avery, Jr.” I was totally shocked. My Jacob had worked with Sam and Adam all this time to get the adoption hurried through for Christmas. I took the paper from his hand, Sam handed me a pen, and with hands shaking, I became a father and Jacob became John Jr. I know Michael was looking down at us and smiling.

I went out on Valentine”s Day to get him a present. When I arrived home, he was in bed, with rose petals all around him and the electronic candles lit. He was naked, laying on his tummy, legs open showing me his `pussy” (as his still liked to call it) with his head turned to face the door.

In a voice I”m sure he thought was sexy, he said, “Happy Valentine”s Day, Daddy.” I didn”t want to hurt his feelings, but almost laughed because it sounded like he had a cold.

I removed my clothes and moved to the bed. From behind him, I started kissing his toes, then his ankle and slowly making my way to my most favorite present he could give me. My first swipe of my tongue told me he”d been shopping with Sam and Adam again. Mmm, strawberry flavored lube! I continued eating him out till his moaning told me he was in heat and ready for breeding. I picked up the bottle of lube and spread it on my cock while I was rimming away. Then I started kissing the base of his spine and worked my way up. By the time my cock was touching his pussy, he was thrusting back against me. I slowly stared to enter him, but when he bucked back so hard, I was balls deep.

“Love me hard, Daddy. That”s the way I want it.” I loved him three times that night. I loved him in the bed surround with rose petals. I love him on the couch with love songs in the air. I loved him on the kitchen island with him covered in whipped cream. I needed to talk to Sam and Adam to see what they”d been teaching my boy.

We celebrated our birthdays together the weekend between his birthday (February 14th) and mine (the 21st).

As the years passed, John Jr. grew up to be a fucking beautiful teen. The girls in school were all after him. Even some of the boys wanted to date my little stud, but he only had eyes for me. I even encouraged him to date other boys. “Dad, you are my lover, you are my soul mate. You are the ONLY person I want in me.”

One day short of his 18th birthday, I surprised him. After a nice dinner, I told him had paperwork that would officially nullify my parental rights to him. That he would be fatherless by the end of the night, if he wanted it. John started bawling, just like he”d done the night I found him.

“I thought, someday, you wouldn”t want me anymore. I”m all grown up and you wanted a boy to play with.”

His crying turned from sadness to anger and he met me full force with the anger. I had to use my “father” voice, something I”ve rarely ever used, “JOHNATHAN MARCUS AVERY, JR. You stop that right now, do you understand me. I haven”t told you everything yet and you need to listen to me.”

He stopped crying and stared at me as if I”d slapped his face. “Yes, sir.” And he sat at the kitchen table, waiting for me to finish.

“The reason I had these papers drawn up is simple. Two men can get married in Montana, however, I cannot marry my son. You”re a man now, and I”m offering you a choice. Whatever you choose will make me happy. I”m happy being your daddy and I”d be just as happy being your husband.”

With that, I produced a band of silver, knelt before him and asked, “John, the choice is yours, would you like to be my son, or would you like to be my husband?”

My parental rights were severed on his 18th birthday, and on Halloween, we became married. By that time, almost everyone had figured out that our relationship was more than father/son. And everyone who knew it approved.

Halloween is ALWAYS our special night! It”s the night I found my son and it”s the night I married my husband. Every year we add more to the decorations and have a scary haunted place for all the neighbor kids. At 10:00, we turn off the lights and smoke machine and pick up decorations that get damaged in the damp night air. Then we go into the house for our own celebration.

I consider myself the luckiest man in the world. I have great friends like Marie, who donated clothes to John when he first came into my life. There”s Sam and Adam who got the adoption pushed through in time for Christmas, and, in fact have adopted nine year old twin boys themselves, as well as their five year old brother. And, of course, I have my son, John Avery Jr., who happens to also be the love of my life. He arrived when I needed someone to love and to look after. I”m not a young man of 55 anymore, in fact, I”m pushing 75, and I”m not religious, in fact, I don”t know if I believe in God and Heaven or not. But, when I close my eyes at night, I think whatever greater force that may be listening for my life.

Part 4 – “Remembrance, Loss and a New Beginning”

“John Avery?” The receptionist”s voice jolted me from my memory and I followed her into the office of Dr. Steven Campbell, PhyD. I walked into the office and was met by a man about 55-60 years old, about 5″7″ tall, almost skeleton skinny, thick black rimmed glasses and a ring of black hair around a bald dome. He invited me in and I sat on the couch.

“So, John. Your phone call stated you”re in a depression and wanted to tell me a story, correct?

“Yes, Dr. Campbell.”

“John, as any of my patients will tell you, I”m very informal, please call me Steven. I”d like to hear your story, it seemed intriguing on the phone. You can start however you”d like. Keep in mind, though, that I do record all my session. Is that okay with you.”

“Yes, Dr. … .I mean, Steven.”

“Alright, John, whenever you”re ready.”

“Are you sure that everything here is confidential?”

“Absolutely, by law, I can”t tell anyone anything that”s said here.”

“Okay, here it goes. I was a lost child. Actually, I was a throw away child. Because of a stupid, fairy princess, Halloween outfit, my father kicked me out of the house when I was 7. No clothes, no money, no food, just the costume I had on my back. My father was abusive to me, verbally, mentally, physically and sexually. I was forced to preform sex acts for him for everything nice he did. That”s the only reason I got food, clothes or toys. I hitchhiked over 30 miles from Avon to Helena when I met a man who would eventually take me in as his son. He found me in his yard, shivering and crying after all the other kids had Trick or Treated at his house. I was scared at first, but his compassion eventually found its way to my heart and mind, and I accepted his hospitality. He invited me in, fed me and gave me a place to stay for the night. I didn”t know what would happen the next morning, but at least I was safe and warm that night.”

“My first night there, I had a nightmare and wet the bed. When I went to the man”s room, he had fallen asleep naked on his bed. Going back to what I was taught, I `thanked him” for letting me stay the night. I performed oral sex on him while he slept. He woke up so fast he knocked me off the bed. I was so scared that he was mad at me, but he hugged me close and told me I never had to do anything like that to `thank” him. Next day he called Uncle Sam. He”s not really my Uncle, but he was a detective with the police force. His partner, Adam, and he used some influence with the system to have the man listed as my foster father until they could figure out what do to with me. I lied to Sam and told him a false şirinevler escort address, because I didn”t want to risk my father being able to get me back. When he confronted me about it, I lost it. Sam told me he would do anything possible to get me away from my abusive father. That night, we went to see my father, and the next day, he showed up with clothes, toys, my school records, medical records and my birth certificate. Things progressed quickly, and on Christmas Day, I was officially adopted by John Avery, Sr. Uncle Sam and Uncle Adam helped me with the paperwork and also changing my name. I was born Jacob Matthews Jr., but I wanted nothing to do with my father, so I changed my name.”

“Here”s the part that I wanted to make sure was confidential. I seduced the man who”d become my Daddy. He had just lost his husband a year ago in the same accident that killed my Mother. He was lonely and I wanted to love him. I knew I was gay and, thanks to my father”s teachings, I was able to love Daddy the way he should have been loved. Our relationships, both as father/son and as lovers was absolutely wonderful. I couldn”t have asked for better. He DID piss me off the night before my 18th birthday when he told me he wanted to nullify his parental right. I acted like a spoiled brat, accusing him of wanting to dump me for another, younger boy. I was surprised when he told me he wanted to marry me and had to give him parental rights to do so. We got married Halloween of that year.”

“It was a beautiful ceremony. All the neighbors were there. Most of them knew what was going on in our relationship and they all approved. They saw that I was a better person, and so was Daddy, because of the relationship, not in spite of it. We were on the front lawn. We had dressed as a “Newlydead Couple” with him in a tux and me in a wedding dress. Zombie makeup completed the outfits. After all the Trick or Treaters were done, the judge who”d finalized both my adoption and the nullification papers performed the ceremony. When he finished the ceremony, Daddy picked me up and carried me into the house and we didn”t leave for 3 days.”

“That was nineteen years ago. We had nineteen WONDERFUL years of wedded bliss. Even though he was legally my husband, I always called him Daddy. People seemed to think it was just because of the age difference. Those nineteen years went by so fast. 2 months ago, Daddy had a massive stroke. He was 86 years old. He was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks before he passed away. I”m just not sure how to proceed. Do I want to continue living in the house we had for so long? Do I want to decorate for Halloween? I”m at a loss, and I”m ashamed to admit, I”ve started drinking. We only ever had a drink of special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and of course, our anniversary/Halloween. I wake up every morning and cry and then I cry myself to sleep at night. I just don”t know how to go on.”

I sat there, waiting for Steven to speak up and tell me what to do. He sat there looking at me and all of a sudden, I saw a tear fall from under his glasses. He made no attempt to wipe it. It flowed down his cheek to his chin and dropped onto the paper he”d been scribbling notes on. He finally asked me, “John, I”m so sorry for your loss, may I give you a hug?”

I accepted his hug and we both cried for at least 10 minutes till a small alarm went off on his desk. I asked him, “What”s that mean?”

“Technically, it means our time is up. However, seeing as you”re my last patient of the day, I”ll make an exception and extend the session.” He used the intercom to let his receptionist know he”d be extending the session and she could lock up and leave. He sat back down and asked, “John, what do YOU want to do now.”

“I don”t know. I don”t know if I could keep on living. On second thought, I do know what I want to do. Die!” My head was in my hands and I was crying again. Steven stayed in his seat and let me cry it out, offering me another tissue.

“Do you think your Daddy would have wanted you to die, or do you think he”d want you to live a wonderful life?”

“I know he”d want me to go on, I just don”t know how. He was more important than a father or a husband. He was both, together.”

“John, I know I said this would be confidential, but I would like to ask permission to consult with colleague about this. He”s gay as well, and also has had an older lover since he was 14. He”s more equipped, I think, than I am to help you. If you would rather I didn”t, I”ll respect your wishes, but I think he would be more beneficial to you at this point.”

I granted him permission and Steven gave me another hug before I left for home. I still drove the classic Mustang Daddy had. I put the top down, tied my hair in ponytail and left for home. Marie and Mark were walking up when I drove up. I fondly remembered that she”d brought me clothes the first day I was at the house. Mark is only 3 months younger than I am and had divorced from his husband for a year now. The son-of-a-bitch was screwing his secretary in their bed when Mark came home early one day from work and caught them. He left the house that day with his son and moved back in with Marie. Marie was a doting grandmother and Mark was an awesome father. He and his ex had used a surrogate to have Jake and since Mark WAS the sperm donor, he was technically the baby daddy. The court awarded him full custody after it came out his ex had been cheating ever since they got married and even had sex with the surrogate after she gave birth to Jake.

Mark walked up to me and gave me a big hug. Both of them were so supportive when Daddy died. They took me to make the arrangements and cooked for me for the first few days. I owe them so much. I invited them in and told them about my session with Steven.

When I told them about me saying “I want to die,” Marie scrunched up her face and Mark let out a gasp. She whispered, “Johnathan!” and shook her head.

“I know I said it, but I don”t really mean it. I”m just depressed. Steven it setting me up with another doctor who”s more equipped to deal with my, um, unusual circumstances. He”s also gay and has a younger partner.”

Mark asked, “What”s the doctor”s name?”

“Dunno, why?”

“Do you remember Benjie, from school?”

“Fuck, yeah, I remember him. If I hadn”t been so faithful to my Daddy, I”d have stolen him for myself. He was hot.”

“He confessed to me that right after he left Helena, he started dating a shrink. He was 14 then, and he and his lover moved back to Helena just about a year ago. He could be your new shrink.”

“WOW!!! Benjie”s gay also? And I let him slip through my fingers. Daddy always told me I was free to date other boys, but I was so faithful to him. You know what, never mind. I wouldn”t have left Daddy, even for Orlando Boom, Jonny Depp and Harry Styles all together!”

I think that”s the first time I”d laughed since Daddy”s stroke. It felt good to laugh. Mark and Marie stayed at the house till we realized it was getting dark. Mark said, “Listen, I know decorating was something that you and Uncle John enjoyed together. I was wondering if you were going to decorate for Halloween this year and if I could help you. I just don”t want you to be alone this year.”

“I wasn”t planning on it, but I think Daddy would smack me silly if I didn”t honor our tradition. Fuck yeah, oops, sorry Aunt Marie. Heck yeah, I”m going to decorate and I”d love it if you helped. We”ve been best friends since we were 7.”

Mark give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I responded with a kiss also, but he didn”t know it was coming and turned his head. My kiss landed right on his lips. I was kind of shocked and so was he. “Dude, I”m sorry. I didn”t know you were going to turn like that.”

“Don”t be sorry. It was my first kiss in over a year and…it was nice.”

They both left and I went for a shower. After the shower, I fixed a simple dinner and ate. I went to the bedroom and looked at the bed. The bed I hadn”t slept in since Daddy”s stroke. I sighed and went to the living room. My bedroom had been turned back into an office after Daddy and I were married and it was no longer needed. The bed had never been slept in. We made it a donation to Habitat for Humanity to fill a boy”s room in a new home. I opened the sofa bed and pulled the pillows from their hiding place. I got settled when I realized something. I was hard. Why was I hard? Was it Steven? No, he”s not my type at all, too short, too thin, too bald. No! Could it be? Could I be hard because of the kiss? I”d never thought of Mark in a romantic or even a sexual way, but…

Mark is drop dead gorgeous. He”s been my friend since day one. He is a top and I”ve never topped anyone in my life. And…Jake! He”s the cutest 8 year old I”ve ever seen. Blond hair, bluer than blue eyes, slim body. DAMN, I”ve never been attracted to anyone remotely my age or younger and here I am hard and leaking over my best friend AND his son.

I rubbed one out thinking about them and, since I hadn”t had an orgasm in a few months, I shot all over the place. I was too tired to even clean off my belly and fell asleep. The best sleep I”d had since Daddy got sick.

I woke the next morning to my phone ringing. When I answered, Mark was on the other end. “Hey, Buddy. Listen, I talked to Benjie last night and guess what? His lover IS your new shrink. How fucking cool is that?”

“How”d he find out? It”s supposed to be private!”

“Eric, that”s Benjie”s lover”s name, left his computer open to the calendar last night when he was cooking dinner. Benjie snooped and found out.”

“Wow, it”s amazing how things come around. Our friend”s lover is my new shrink.”

“How”d you sleep last night, by the way?”

“Best sleep in ages. I finally got a boner and wacked away. SHIT, I have a mess to clean up. I was so tired I didn”t even wipe myself off. Hey, I was wondering, could you stop by today sometime? I want to talk about something.”

“Sure, I”m free all day. Want me to bring Jake along?”

“Um..no. What I need to discuss is private and I don”t want him to eavesdrop.”

“Okay, then. What time do you want me?” I almost giggled when he said that.

“How about 30 minutes. Let me get a shower and I”ll cook breakfast, how”s that?”

“Breakfast? At 12:45 in the afternoon?”

“SHIT!! I must have really slept. How about lunch, then. I”ll make burgers.”

“Cool. See you in 30 then.”

I”d gotten my shower and put the sheets in the wash by the time Mark arrived. I was already making patties, so I yelled for him to come in when he knocked. He came into the kitchen and greeted me with a hug. Then he held my face in his hands and pecked me on the lips, like it”s something we”d done for years. He sat on the other side of the counter and asked, “What”s up?”

“Well, remember yesterday when I accidentally kissed you on the lips? What did you think about that?”

“It was good. I mean, I hadn”t kissed anyone except Jake and mom since I found HIM in bed with that skank. Why”d you ask?”

“Well, I think that”s what started me getting…excited last night.”

“Really? I didn”t think you thought of me like that.”

“Honestly, I don”t. I didn”t. I haven”t…at least till last night. I was thinking of you while jacking and…”

“And what?”

“I can”t.”

“C”mon, you can tell me anything. Don”t tell me…you were thinking about me and Jake being with you, together. Ha ha ha.”

The dam burst and I started sobbing like a child. Mark was shocked at my crying and came around the counter to hold me. I felt so stupid. I was crying like I did the first night I showed up at the house and I couldn”t stop. Mark wiped my hands off, turned off the stove and led me to the couch. He held me for more than 30 minutes and when my crying let up, he took my head in his hands again, and looked straight into my eyes then kissed me. Not a peck, but really kissed me. I started to kiss back when I pulled away.

“NO! We can”t do this.”

“Why the hell not? John, I”ve loved you since I first met you. I wanted to marry YOU, not that asshole I shacked up with. You were my first crush. I was going to ask you out when you told me that you and Uncle John were a couple. Then you told me he said you could date other boys, but you wanted to remain faithful. So…I backed off.”

I was shocked, “I never had any idea. I love you also, but…it feel like I”d be cheating on Daddy. I just can”t.”

“John, Jr. Do you think he”d want you to be alone? Do you think, of all the people in the world, that Uncle John would have stood in the way of your happiness?”

“No, of course not, but…how could you love me after I told you I fantasied about having sex with you and Jake? I mean, what man does that?”

“Uncle John did. And you know what, so did I.”

“You did?”

“Do you really think I could have had sex with that asshole without thinking about someone else? He let himself go after the ceremony and, GOD he was disgusting! But he begged and begged till I had no choice but to fuck him just to get some sleep. Each and every time, I fantasized it was you. And knowing how old you were first time Uncle John made love to you, I started fantasizing about Jake also. I mean, you”ve seen the boy, haven”t you? He”s fucking beautiful. About 6 months after the divorce, he came in my room. You know, I”ve never worn clothing while in bed. I was naked, half uncovered and crying. I didn”t even see him till he stoked my hair and said, `I love you, daddy.” He startled me, at first and I thought about me being there naked, but he got in bed with me and snuggled up. We fell asleep together, and when I woke up, he was naked also. He was lying head to foot to me and looking at my cock. I was hard and he was just watching it jump with my heartbeat. When he saw I was awake, he asked if he could touch it. I was dazed and horny, so I said yes. Within an hour, he was drinking my cum like a pro. A few weeks later, he told me he”d been watching porn online. At first I was mad that he”d gotten thought the parental lockout, but then he asked me about how it felt to get fucked and he wanted to know. I told him that 9 year old boy and their daddies didn”t do things like that. He flat out called me a liar. When I asked him why he called me a liar, he told me that he know you and Uncle John had been having sex since you were 7. He”d overheard you and me talking one night.”

I sat there, listening, not believe what I was hearing. My cock was also listening and was hard as a diamond.

“That night, when mom was at her book club, I introduced Jake to the joys of anal sex. Uncle John would have been so proud of me. I was tender, gentle, everything he was with you. Jake never complained of pain at all, in fact, he had three drygasms before I had one.”

All I could say is, “WOW!”

“So, I”m going to say something in a way you”ll love. I know you and Uncle John absolutely love the movie Mamma Mia, so…If you change your mind, I”m the first in line. Honey I”m still free. Take a chance on me.”

Before he could finish, I attacked him. At first, I think he thought I was going to hurt him, but what I really wanted was him to get naked and ravage me like a bitch in heat. I was desperate, I was horny and my best friend was going to scratch my itch.

Burgers never got ate, but my pussy sure did. It was 6:30 and Marie was calling Mark”s cell to find out where he was. Apparently, we”d been fucking on the couch for over 5 hours. I don”t think there was a single sperm cell in my body or Mark”s.

Next day, I got a call from Steven. “John, just wanted to let you know I”ve talked to my colleague and he”s very interested in meeting with you.”

“Thanks, Steven, but I think I”ve found something more effective. My best friend and I are going to start dating. We”ve secretly been in love with each other since we met at age 7, but because of my faithfulness to Daddy, we”ve never connected. He”s divorced and I”m widowed, so we”re going to see where it goes. I feel better than I have in months. May I keep you in mind in case I need to talk more?”

“Absolutely, I”d still like to have a few sessions with you, just to see how you”re doing.”

“Sure thing, Steven. I”ll call you if I need anything, but I think everything”s going to be okay now.”

A few days later, Mark showed up at my door. He”d brought Jake along. We sat down and told Jake how we”d always loved each other and that we were going to start dating. Jake was excited.

“Does that mean…I mean. Oh never mind.” He was bummed about not being able to talk about sex with me.

Mark nodded and I leaned over to Jake. I whispered in his ear, “Yes, it means that we all can sleep in the same bed.” His eyes brightened up.

Marie was thrilled that we were dating and within 3 months, Mark and Jake moved into the house. I still felt guilty about having sex in the bed Daddy and I shared for so long. I moved his bed into Jake”s room and bought a new king size bed. Even though we all shared our love with Jake, there were times when we wanted to be together, alone. Jake understood and slept those nights in his own bed. In fact, there were nights when he had a friend from school over and I KNOW those boys were doing more than sleeping.

The date was set and two years after Daddy”s death, on March 31st, Mark and I were married. Jake and I had a ceremony of our own where I vowed to love him as my own son. He even got a ring to show my love for him. The ceremony was beautiful, but this time we both wore tuxes.

Every night I talk to Daddy before bed. Sometimes Mark, Jake and I share the talk with Daddy. “Daddy, I miss you so much. Mark and I love you so much, and I”m honored and thankful that you chose to pick up a princess costume wearing boy in your yard on Halloween night and taught me how to love. And to be loved. My little family is wonderful and Jake is turning into a thoughtful, beautiful young man. He”s in the 11th grade now, and has been dating a boy in his class for a few months. The boy”s name is Chase and he”s wonderful. Jake and Chase are also very talented in both topping and bottoming. Jake says when he and Chase are 18, they”re going to get married and we”re going to have to sell the house just to make room for a California King bed. We”re all going to be a…how should I put this, quadrouple and all of us are going to make love every night. I found an old picture of you around the time we met. I had it turned into a portrait and put on the wall across from the bed. That way, you”ll always be able to look down on my wonderful family and be proud. I can”t believe you”ve been gone seven years now. I remember your smell and spray your cologne on the bed at night so I”ll always have your sent with me. Well, Jake is calling for me. He wants to do his favorite thing tonight, so he”ll be balls deep in me while Mark is screwing him like crazy. We”ve actually worked it out so we call cum at once. I love and miss you Daddy. We”ll talk later.”

The End.

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