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Heather Pt. 03

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Big Tits

My teenage daughter, who made a pornographic video for me last night, was on her way home to perform in front of the camera again tonight. She had known the webcam I installed to watch the baby had fallen, changing its view from the crib, to directly capture the activity from her bed. Instead of being upset about it, Heather enjoyed knowing I was watching her masturbate.

I hurried to the kitchen to refill my glass of bourbon, then decided to just take the whole damn bottle to my bedroom. I knew I was not going to want to miss a second of Heather’s second performance. I topped off my bourbon and turned off the bedroom lights and ceiling fan. I checked the thermostat to make sure the heat would not come on. The weather was a little chilly, but I wanted the house to be completely silent in order to hear every single thing happening in Heather’s bedroom. Finally, I closed my bedroom door, shed my t-shirt and underwear, and climbed in bed with my laptop.

I brought up the webcam feed on the laptop’s viewer. Heather had actually adjusted it to a more direct angle than it had been the night before. ‘My hot, horny, little girl,’ I thought, laughing. I verified the settings for the tenth time, making sure it was set to Record When The Viewer Is Open, and waited for what I estimated to be about a million hours for Heather to get home. It had probably been around ten minutes since I climbed into bed when I heard Heather’s car turn into the driveway. ‘The slow massaging of my cock is about to become a whole lot more forceful,’ I said to myself.

I heard the front door open, then quietly close. Heather’s high heels clicked out a sexy cadence on the hardwood floor as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom. I watched Heather’s door open and noticed my increased heart rate as my daughter walked into her dimly-lit bedroom and clicked on the bedside lamp. Heather sat her purse on the floor and took a sip of a Monster soda she came in with. My sexy daughter spread her legs as wide as she could in her tight skirt, bent over from her waist to retrieve her cell phone from her purse, and looked back at the camera. Heather’s long hair lay on the floor as she exaggerated the bend and reach needed to pick up her phone. “Comfy?” Heather asked. Then she giggled and slowly straightened back up, facing away from me.

“Yes. I am VERY comfy,” I whispered.

Heather turned around and sat on the edge of her bed. She slowly crossed her legs, and turned all her attention to her cell phone. A smile emerged that grew to an outburst of laughter as Heather studied the screen on her phone. “Oh, why not?” she said laughing. “It seems I am SURROUNDED by horny perverts!” Heather said, loudly, to the ceiling, cracking herself up even more.

“You want naked pics, you nasty motherfucker, you got it,” she continued, lowering her voice. Then Heather typed what I could only assume was a reply to someone’s text – probably CJ, wanting her to send him nudes, or something. Heather spoke her reply aloud as she typed, “Yes. Later. If I’m in the mood.” Then she looked at the webcam and said playfully to me, “You KNOW I’ll be in the mood,” giving herself another fit of laughter. I have never heard my daughter say anything more profane than ‘shit’ or ‘damn’ in her life. So her use of the word ‘motherfucker’ added a new, unexpected, dirty, intensity to our voyeuristic playtime.

I had made the house so quiet, I could hear Heather and the baby breathing through the microphone on that webcam. ‘THAT is a pretty impressive mic!’ I thought, bringing a bit of a quiet chuckle to myself. Heather sat her phone on the bed next to her, stood and walked the few steps over to the changing table, where the webcam had made its new home. My daughter’s incredible cleavage was staring me in the face, tits beckoning to be released from Heather’s tight blouse and bra. I watched as two hands entered the frame and unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse, revealing a sexy satin and lace, demi bra. Heather would go braless to work if they would permit it. But since they require girls to wear them, Heather always buys the demi or plunge style, and keeps her tits ‘out there’.

Heather’s top was halfway undone when she took a step back, allowing me to watch her finish working on the remaining buttons. Her face became part of the view, and suddenly my sexy daughter was staring mariobet güvenilirmi directly at me, when she opened the front of her blouse. I moaned in evident pleasure at the sight of Heather’s bra-embraced breasts. I lay in anticipation of Heather’s blouse falling to the floor, as her phone rang.

I watched, breathlessly as Heather turned, sat back down on her bed, and answered her phone. “Hey,” she answered, rather flatly.

‘Obviously CJ,’ I thought.

“No,” Heather explained into the phone. “Sorry, Babydoll. I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t just ask my dad to babysit because my boyfriend needs sex,” Heather proclaimed, then mouthed the word “SORRY” at the webcam.

I laughed quietly to myself and kept an eavesdropping ear on Heather’s room.

“You can come over here though, Honey. We can watch a movie in the media room or something,” Heather offered, in consolation. She listened for a bit, then took a tone with CJ that I haven’t seen before, as my perfect, little girl followed up saying, “Sorry, Babydoll, but I’m not fucking you in my bed with my dad right down the hall.” There was a long bit of silence as CJ pleaded his case. Heather shook her head, in exasperation. “Right. Right. And if we were at ‘The Estate’, we’d have like a whole, FUCKING house between us and YOUR parents. Then Heather mouthed the words “I’m so sorry” to the webcam, with a sad expression.

I didn’t feel weird about watching my daughter in a private, masturbatorial display last night. And I was obviously aware of Heather’s active sex life. After all, she’d gotten pregnant and given me a wonderful granddaughter. But hearing Heather try to placate her horny boyfriend felt so intrusive. I hit the ‘Mute’ button on the viewer, concluding that ‘some shit just doesn’t need to be overheard.’

A few seconds, and a generous amount of expressive hand gestures later, I watched Heather open her bedroom door and walk out. I no longer needed the webcam to hear what was going on.

“Yes…Yep…And I thanked you for dinner last night. And I am thanking you again,” Heather said, as her heels clicked past my bedroom, into the kitchen.

I strained to hear the conversation, as Heather opened and closed cabinet doors.

“Well. You know what? I’m here. Your daughter is here. So…” Heather said, before relinquishing the monologue.

I sat in silence, straining to hear ANYTHING for a long moment. Then I was suddenly jolted by the sound of Heather knocking on my door.

“It’s open,” I called out, after ensuring my entire lower body was covered under the comforter.

Heather commandingly opened my bedroom door, walked over to where I lay in bed, gave an exasperated sigh and asked, “Where is your bourbon?”

I smiled and pointed to the dresser.

“Hey sweetie. Go over to CJ’s,” I relented. “I muted the conversation, not wanting to be intrusive. But I heard enough,” I added.

Heather poured a glass full of my bourbon and replied, “I’m not going anywhere.” Then she took a big swig of her drink and added, “I was in a good mood. But I am DEFINITELY not feeling this shit now,” Heather fumed, while looking at the laptop and making the “STOP” signal with her hand.

I felt really dirty, and icky, that my daughter was letting me know she didn’t feel like masturbating in front of me.

“No,” I said, quietly, shaking my head, and closing the laptop. “No, Honey. I’m sorry,” I continued, embarrassed. “Don’t give it another thought. Just handle things with CJ. This whole thing was just silly.”

Heather raised her eyebrows, staring at me. “It was NOT silly,” she whispered. “It was…fun,” she added, then slowly pulled her unbuttoned blouse completely open with both hands.

I didn’t know if it would be more uncomfortable for me to direct my eyes to my daughter’s breasts, as she was displaying them for me, or more uncomfortable if I DIDN’T gaze on them. So I opted for the former, and fixed my wide-eyed gaze on Heather’s magnificent tits. After a few seconds, I quietly said, “spectacular.” Then I shook my head slowly and drew my eyes reluctantly up Heather’s neck, to her lips, and finally back up to her eyes.

Heather charmed me with a little smirk, closed her blouse, and declared, “Well that’s about all I can do tonight.” Then my sad, little girl, gave an exasperated sigh, turned around, and walked out mariobet yeni giriş of my bedroom. I wanted to grab my cock and stroke it viciously, while replaying the visual of my daughter opening her blouse for me, but Heather hadn’t closed my door when she left. So I decided to wait until she was asleep before getting my jerk on.

It was still a bit early to consider sleep. I wanted to open the laptop back up and spy, but I showed restraint. ‘If Heather is in a bad mood, it wouldn’t be a sexy, voyeuristic, thing to watch. It would just be nosy, and intrusive,’ I thought, rejecting the temptation. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I was so disappointed at the way my night was ending, after spending all day anticipating another taboo-filled evening of perversion with my sexy, teenage daughter.

I scrolled through the guide on TV and finally landed on a Cinemax softcore porn. I muted the sound and watched some girl slide her hand inside her panties while she was talking to someone on the phone. ‘So much for waiting until Heather is asleep to jack off,’ I thought, as I slid the sheet down. I took a firm grip around my dick and started slowly edging, gently thrusting my hips and giving my hand a slow fucking. The girl on TV took one of her tits in hand and began feverishly rubbing her clit. I was so turned on, completely lost in the moment, watching this hot girl play with her pussy. I started rapidly pumping my cock hard, imagining my daughter.

Heather quickly appeared, rounding the corner and hastily walking into my room, holding her phone. Her mouth and eyes shot open wide when she caught me in the act. I gasped and reached for the sheet to hide my dick from my daughter. I hadn’t brought the webcam back up, so I didn’t know Heather had taken her shoes off. She wasn’t intending to sneak into my room. Her silent footsteps in socked feet just hadn’t given me any warning. I was busted.

“God! Daddy!” Heather yelled, laughing. She put her hands out in front of her and turned her head away. “I’m not looking. I’m not looking,” she said, guiltily. As my shaken and shocked daughter turned her head to avert her gaze from seeing her father masturbate, she compounded the embarrassing situation by casting her eyes to the television…showing porn. “Oh my god!” Heather shrieked, laughing. Then she turned around and walked away. As she exited my bedroom, Heather said, “Let’s try this again.” After rounding the corner out of my view, Heather yelled, “Daddy? I’m coming down the hall to your room. Just letting you knooooooow.” I scrambled to get the TV turned off and all the covers pulled over myself. Heather laughed again, loudly. A few seconds later, I watched as she poked her head around the corner into my bedroom, looking around conspicuously and giggling.

Heather tentatively walked back to the spot where she had just been taken by surprise from catching a glimpse at her dad’s cock. “You should probably close your door to do that,” Heather said, musingly.

“I am so sorry. God! I am embarrassed,” I replied, putting my hands over my face and covering my eyes.

“It’s fine,” Heather consoled. “I mean, you obviously do it. And you’ve obviously seen ME do it. I just didn’t expect to see it,” she added. I uncovered my eyes as Heather continued, “I was just coming back in to tell you everything’s fine. CJ is gonna come over and hang out. We talked. And I think I was just being a little sensitive.” Heather had taken her skirt and heels off in her bedroom. I was kicking myself for not watching that. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and it took a lot of mental strength to not look down her body as I lay listening.

“Oh,” I nodded. “OK. That’s good. I’m glad you guys got it all worked out.”

Heather could hear the disappointment as my acknowledgement was delivered so flatly. “So…” she began. “We will just be…hanging out…in my room. The camera is there…if you want to see…that…it’s up to you,” she hesitantly and soberly informed me. “Now, I am going to put some lingerie on,” Heather said, smiling brightly. I joined her smiling countenance as she picked up the laptop and set it in my lap, giggling. Heather then turned and walked out of my bedroom, closing the door, smartly, behind her.

“Mmm we are back on track,” I moaned quietly, and opened the laptop. Heather walked back into her bedroom, mariobet giriş tossed her cell phone onto the bed, and stepped in front of the dresser across the room. I watched intently as she teasingly lifted a pair of black stockings from the drawer. Then she held up a red, silk, G-string. Moving slowly and exaggerating the swinging of her hips, Heather stepped over to lay them on the bed. She turned around and took a few steps forward, keeping her entire body in the frame of the camera. Heather looked through the webcam at me, with eyes full of desire, as she slowly opened her blouse completely, letting it fall off her shoulders, to the floor.

“Fuck! You’re sexy, Baby,” I moaned quietly.

My sexy girl took a couple of steps forward, sadly cropping her face from the frame of the camera. But she knew what I wanted. Heather’s beautiful bra was coming off. She unfastened the back and I watched her fingers delicately slide the shoulder straps down, uncupping her firm, round breasts. Then she gave me a very unexpected pleasure, by tilting the camera down a little bit.

Heather’s tits, from the nipples down, were pleasingly still in view, and I could see all the way down to her feet. She rubbed her hands up from her tight abdomen, crossed them over as they traveled up to her breasts, then massaged her tits and gently pinched her pert nipples.

One hand went out of view, then re-entered a few seconds later clutching an ice cube from Heather’s glass of bourbon she nicked off me. She lifted it out of frame for a moment and I watched the drips as they ran down between those smooth tits. Then the hand with ice in it, slid across to wet one of her nipples, quickly hardening it. I heard Heather gasp a little air in when she started easing the ice cube back down her stomach.

Heather made wet circles around her belly button with the ice, before plunging southward to her panties. She moved one leg to widen her stance a bit while the ice cube made a line of wetness down the center of her lace thong. Heather’s other hand came into view. And she used it to hook a finger into the base of her thong, pulling it to one side. I moaned out loud as my daughter’s smooth pussy was revealed, in such a teasing way, to me. Heather’s breathing intensified as she rubbed the ice cube over her pussy.

Both hands went out of frame, and I heard the ice hitting the bottom of the glass. Heather whispered, “Are you ready?” Her hands reappeared on screen and went directly to the top of her lace panties.

“Fuck yes, I’m ready,” I groaned, as those hands started sliding Heather’s wet panties down. When the little thong was clear of Heather’s pussy, she brought her knees closer together, letting the panties fall all the way down her sexy legs. Heather stepped out of the panties and ran her fingers over her little, puffy, pussy one time, before turning and walking over to her bed.

Heather sat down on the edge of her bed, completely naked, and smiled at me, before turning her attention to the stockings. My sexy daughter lay down on her back, giving me a teasing viewpoint of her pussy and ass while she lifted one leg and slid it into the thigh-high nylon. Then she ran her hands down that sexy leg, lowered it, and repeated the brutally seductive routine on her other leg.

Heather’s hands went to her tits. She opened her legs, making sure I was able to see her pussy. Then she started raising and lowering her hips, simulating the sex she knew I was imagining us having. I was enjoying the moment, but Heather had to continue putting clothes back on. She grabbed her little G-string, lifted both legs in the air, then slowly, teasingly, slid the panties on.

I had been treated to a much better show than I even expected. ‘My little girl obviously likes this activity as much as I do,’ I thought. Heather moved off of her bed and headed back to the dresser. I assumed to put a sexy bra on, or a teddy or something. The only thing Heather took out was a black, lace choker. She sprayed some perfume on her neck, then looked over at the camera and sprayed a mist on the front of her panties, giggling.

Heather slipped back into her stiletto heels. Then she sat back down on the edge of the bed, affixed the choker around her neck, and said, “He’s here. So stay in your room!’ Then Heather laughed, kissed her fingers, and waved at the camera, as she walked out of her bedroom to the front door. ‘CJ is in for the treat of a lifetime,’ I jealously thought. Heather is answering the door wearing nothing except panties, stockings, heels and a choker.

“That lucky motherfucker,” I declared out loud.

End of Part 3

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