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Her Everything Ch. 01

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There she is again. Sitting at her usual table in the corner. Her blond hair seem rather wavier this evening. She is busy looking at her phone and talking to another waitress. I take this opportunity to glance at her. She has been featuring in my day and night dreams quite often lately. Well who am I kidding, she has featured in every single one of them. She does things me to that make me blush just thinking about. I have done that a lot, blushing that is when I think about her, her lovely flowing blond hair. Her eyes are greenish I think or hazel. I have avoided looking in them. Because I don’t trust my brain to function if I looked in them. She is older, about 40ish maybe. Her curves are just perfect, not too big and not too small. Whenever she enters the diner, she dressed in the loveliest dresses or skirts. When she sits down somehow I am standing next to her in an instant. My heart racing as I jot down her order. I know what she likes, her usual. I have it memorized but I still take her order. She seems to enjoy the attention and doesn’t mind the fumbling idiot waitress.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is amber. Freshly out of high school. I was working in a diner part time but I have been working full time here now, while pondering what my future will be. I am about 5″2 tall (don’t laugh.), my hair are wavy, dark and just below the shoulders. My eyes are dark brown, I have pale white skin and a slim build. Almost everyone in my family had curves but it skipped me for some reason. Life am I right? So I have perky b cups that I thought at least looked cute. I played soccer in my school, so my legs are pretty toned and my tush pretty cute and tight. I am quite shy and like to keep to myself but it was a whole different story when I was on the pitch. It was like someone else emerged through. I felt free and really loved that game. I feel like I have always been a lesbian. Never really had any interest in boys when growing up. I used to watch my friends gossip about boys and there I would be day dreaming my life with each of them. It wasn’t sexual at that point even, just something that felt right.

Eventually I found about all kinds of relationships and the one that caught my fancy was an older woman being with a younger girl. The age difference was attractive to me but I didn’t really knew why. I guess I was lacking confidence so much that anyone who had their shit together looked very appealing. Now you often hear shyness can be cute but you don’t really know the pain of being attracted to someone and never being able to tell them or anyone. It hurts. Sometimes the feelings used to overwhelm me so much. Especially when I used to get these butterflies maltepe escort in my stomach seeing a pretty woman’s laugh. My mind would instantly start imagining how things would be like being with her. Our dates, innocent touches, walks on the beach, holding hands. At this point my brain would interject to make an observation that none of this was possible since they didn’t know I existed. I would literally roll eyes at my own brain and bury those goosebumps deep down.

Tonight I missed my chance to be near her. Usually I am the only one at this time since I work late. Only other person is Nate as he is the owner of the diner and a really good human being. Tonight one of the other waitresses stayed late. Damn you Ashley. Actually I shouldn’t say that. She is a lovely girl who I am insanely jealous of right now. Sigh. Do you see what I mean. For some reason I had to walk back in the kitchen at the same time my mystery woman / future wife arrived. Now Ashley is taking her order. They smiled at each other before Ashley turned and pointed towards me and my (?) woman followed. I gulped and raised my eyebrows as I saw Ashley nod and walk towards me.

“She wants you to take her order”. Ashley grinned and shoved me towards her. I fumbled and attempted to straighten out my apron and skirt, brought my pen and pad out as I was now standing next to her table. I was waiting for her to speak in her soft, angelic voice ( I am so far gone aren’t I?) but she just stared with a smile, I couldn’t see but I could feel it. Now I had no chance but look up at her and my heart skipped beat when I did.

“umm your… your usual?” wow amber very smooth.

She shook her head.

“I had dinner already but I was craving for a late night pie.”

When she said craving, her eyes roamed all over me. I literally felt chills.

“Blueberry or apple.?” I managed to mumble out.

“I will have you with an apple pie on side.” She said as matter of fact.

Usually when it’s rush hour you learn to tune out all the words aside from the menu. So as a habit, my mind glossed over everything else but apple pie. I nodded and jotted it down and then it took another couple of moments for my brain to catch up on what she said. My eyes bulged and my face flushed. She watched my reaction and burst out laughing. Which made my cheeks tint even redder.

“I am just kidding darling, I meant I would love some company.” she looked around and then back at me. “Since there is no one else here, I don’t think anyone will mind.”

“I will be right back.” I almost ran off to the kitchen in most graceful way possible. I made sure that the apple pie I selected looked as delicious escort maltepe as it could and was the best one we had. Once I made back to her table, she smiled and gestured at me to sit down. I was hardly believing what was happening and just sat down on auto pilot. She started the casual chat while playing with the apple pie and eating it in most sexiest way possible. I was answering as best I could but my mind refused to keep up. It was busy watching how her tongue swirled across the piece of pie and how she licked the spoon to make sure she got everything.

She ended a sentence and there was a long pause and then I heard, “hun?” that brought me back to my senses.


“Have you eaten anything? You look a little pale.”

“um no.”

“here..” She offered a spoonful of pie and it moved slowly in my direction. Yes you guessed it right. My little heart just flutter and brain short circuited. This is an intimate thing to do right? I mean isn’t this what couples do? I looked in her eyes, a little perplexed. All I saw was love. You know the kind where it just feels warm and you are like floating on the clouds because someone cared for you and really cared. I have had many people in my life where they pretended to care. I know all the signs, my eyes fluttered and I looked back again. My whole body felt warm as all I saw was genuine care and love. That was the moment I fell in love. Two strangers on a quiet night sitting opposite to each other. I would love to add some backdrop, that it was lovely outside, birds were singing, butterflies flapping around. Frankly I don’t know what was it like outside because I was just staring in her eyes and rest of the world faded away. Time passed, I found out her name was Julia. She was single, working in a firm where she usually worked late. By some coincidence she landed in our diner a few weeks ago. It was quite out of her way but she has been still visiting almost every other day since then. I wonder why.

“I was wondering how long you would take to talk to me amber. Especially after all those glances you were sneaking.”

“You have..? but I.. I was very sneaky for sure.” I was actually surprised.

She laughed. “You are not as stealthy as you think you are, my kitten.”

I blushed. Calm down amber, calm down.

“I was planning to wait for some more but I guess I am not that patient. Especially when it comes to someone as sweet as you.”

“I.. erm… I am not really sure what’s happening.” is she talking about me? Who is this sweet girl? I will end her.

She giggled again and took my hand in hers. Her eyes were staring deep into mine. Her tone gentle and sweet as she maltepe escort bayan said, “Would you like to have din..”

“yes.” I blurted out. I didn’t have any control over myself at that point anyway. She was holding my hand and she wanted to spend time with me? Hell yes lady, let’s go. Now.. tomorrow.. anytime.

She smiled and let me tell you tomorrow has never seemed so far away to me than it did in that moment. I wanted to kiss her. And I barely knew her. I don’t think I know how to respond in such situations because I have never been in one. My heart beats were a paradox at this point, one moment it felt they stopped, at the same it felt like it was racing. The next few moments were a blur. My shift ended and she offered to walk me back to my apartment. I only lived a few blocks away. I was walking next to her, it was a quiet night and we were enjoying the silence. I was secretly trying to think of ways I could offer to hold on to her hand but every way seemed lame in my head. She must have sensed this as she took my hand in hers and held on to it tightly. Her warmth spread throughout me and I was happy she read my mind. I looked up at her and smiles. She was at least a few inches taller than me. Once we stood in front of my apartment, I gestured at it, “this is me..” She faced towards me and moved closer. Everything else blurred for me again as I saw her lips move and softly claim mine. The kiss lasted probably for a few moments but felt like eternity and it still was not enough. I melted in her touch and my legs felt all wobbly. She easily caught me in her embrace and smiled.

“You are precious kitten. I will see you tomorrow. And you can think about me but don’t overthink. Do you understand?”

I nodded. It’s like she knew I was going to worry about every little thing about the date. But now I felt relaxed. I was excited and not worried about tomorrow. And it’s a really big thing for me. I have never felt this feeling. It’s rather hard to explain but slowly once you, my precious reader get to know me and Julia, you will find out. Did I mention I was soaking wet downstairs? My puss literally dripped in my panties and I had butterflies in the lower tummy. While I was collecting pieces of my brain, she had slipped her card in my pocket.

“Text me the moment you slip into your bed.” She whispered and I nodded. She smiled again and walked away. My heart raced again and I felt a sudden uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I rushed to my apartment in record time. Changed out of my work clothes and flopped onto my bed. I pulled her card out and saved her name In my phone.


I can’t wait for tomorrow!


This is an introductory chapter of my very first story in here. Any feedback is appreciated but please be considerate of my fragile heart. I promise it will get steamier soon! *giggles*

– choconinjakitten

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