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Her First Seduction

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He looked at her as she prepared to dive into the pool. She was 18, 5’2′; big gray eyes, that made you melt when you looked at her, and slender. She had perky little tits, you couldn’t really call them boobs and he could imagine just how her nipples would look pert and hard if she were naked.

She had the most beautiful hair; very long, and thick, that hung down to the top of her round little ass; hair that had ripples like it had been braided when she wore it down. It made a man want to wrap it around his fingers and bury his nose in it; the way it shone in the sunlight.

She had just found out she was a sexual being about 8 months before and had confided the story of her deflowering to him one day after work.

She had been his after school assistant for 3 years now, and this fall she started college. He sure would miss her around the clinic; they had become unlikely friends in the last 3 years.

He was 18 years her senior and she had been baby sitter to his kids and worked at the Vet clinic restraining animals, assisting in surgery. They had spent many long hours together talking. He gave advice; she seemed to listen to him. He had grown very fond of her…

He gave a little gasp as he watched her dive into the pool. Oh, Lord! Yes, he was going to miss her… miss looking at her pretty bottom bending over cleaning the cages; miss coming home after dinner out with his middle aged wife, to find “the babysitter” curled up on the couch, in one of those little tank top and shorts sets she wore.

Sometimes he had literally to stop himself from touching that tight young ass; it was so round, looked so good going out the door to get into the car for the long drive back to her home.

He loved their talks on those drives. Even though she was very young, they never ran out of things to talk about, and it was on those trips that she told him about losing her virginity, about her boyfriend and the things they did as they unwrapped their new-found sexuality. He usually had to drive back home in the dark with a raging hard on from hearing her adventures.

One day at work, she had caught him changing clothes from a farm call and she had noticed hay caught in the waistband of his boxers. She immediately knew he had been having a little too much fun on the farm call he had been on.

Since then she had been teasing him constantly about his “farm call” to relieve a “distressed cow”.

Since then, she had been teasing him other ways too. She would rub her lovely little tits “accidentally” across his arm as she assisted him in surgery; or brush her hips against his butt when she eased by him to get to the filing cabinet: or she would lean over him to point out something on a chart and let that damn maddening hair of hers brush long and fragrant against his cheek.

She had fucked with him bad and he loved it!

One afternoon she noticed he was sitting at his desk flexing his shoulders, (he was really sore from a difficult calf delivery) and she came up behind him at his desk and started massaging his shoulders. It really felt good, her hands had been strong on his aching muscles, and he had closed his eyes for a moment relaxing his guard.

His heart had stopped when he felt her mouth, soft and warm on his neck.

“Julie baby, what are you doing!?” he warned her, his voice coming from deep in his chest, as he felt his dick spring to life.

“Your neck just looked like it needed kissing right there.” she laughed continuing the rub down without further incident.

After that she had become increasingly aggressive when they were alone. It had been all he could do not to grab her and fuck her, but shit; she was a prison sentence if her parents found out! So he had kept a perpetual hard on for the next year while she pulled every stunt in the book short of actually grabbing hold of his dick.

One time, just a few days short of her 18th birthday, she came to work after school and had “accidentally” left the door to the bathroom partly open while she changed into her work clothes.

His heart had nearly stopped once again when he walked by and glanced in to see her standing there her back to the door; hair hanging loose, swaying against her panty clad ass as she bent to slip on a pair of jeans.

He could see the swell of her sweet little bra encased titties, peeking out from her unbuttoned shirt.

She saw him standing there and turned around slowly, looking him in the eyes as she fastened her pants and started buttoning her shirt, her hair falling across the opening of her unbuttoned shirt, across those lovely little breasts.

He sighed raggedly as he reluctantly shut the door on bursa escort her smile.

Then this trip came up and he and his wife needed her to go and watch the kids while they were at the seminar. They got a suite and Julie and the kids slept in the room right next door.

It killed him that first night to know she was just behind that door, laying there naked except for her t-shirt and panties… all alone in the 2nd bed.

Now, here they were at the pool the next afternoon; seminar over for the day, wife taking a nap upstairs: Julie in her little hot pink bikini diving into the clear water… driving him nuts! Life was good…

She snuck little looks back to see if he was watching her. She noticed him put a towel across his groin as he lay stretched out in the chaise lounge there watching her play in the water with the kids. She could see his hand half hidden by the towel stroking the bulge in his shorts every once in awhile. She found her thoughts turning to the last 3 years as she watched his hand…rubbing.

He was in no way a handsome man. His face plain, his nose, too big; but she felt such great affection for him. He had become her best friend, even though he was a lot older than her. She could tell him anything. He always gave her sound advice. He had even arranged for her to get birth control pills when he found out she had become sexually active.

He did have a good body for an older man; 6’3″, slender, he worked out; jogging every day. He had nice legs and a firm round ass. She suspected a big dick too, from the bulge in his boxers when she snuck a look at him changing out of his greens back into street clothes after a farm call. Her steady boyfriend now had a pretty small dick, and she had found herself wondering…

Robert would be good to play with. He was a grown man. He had been around. He could teach her the things she needed to know. They could have a “secret affair”. It would be dangerous and exciting to see if she could seduce this man; her mentor, for whom she felt such affection.

If they had been alone, she would have gone over there and taken care of what he was hiding under that towel.

She also knew he hadn’t had sex in a couple of months. His wife was having some kind of…thing; mental breakdown most likely, and he had mentioned things had been dry lately. And she knew his “farm call” was out of town for the summer on some kind of cruise.

She had first noticed him watching her around the time she turned 17. He would find little excuses to touch her hair, a hand on her back; her shoulder. She knew about him sexually from their long “talks” when she told him her private secrets, and he had shared experiences from his past. She new she could trust him, and she knew he cared for her.

She had seen it in his eyes during the two weeks that year when they had hired her as a housekeeper. His wife had gone back east for family business and she had hired Julie to “run the house”; cooking and babysitting for Robert and his two great kids during the day.

It had been fun cooking things for him his wife wouldn’t let him have, or didn’t know how to make; teasing him about his underwear after she had done the laundry one day.

That’s when she started to wonder what it would be like if this sweet man took her to bed after dinner when the kids were asleep; instead of her driving home alone every evening.

Over the last year she had constantly teased him with her body trying to see if he would make a real pass at her, testing her sexuality with this man, learning the art of creating sexual tension very well. She knew he wanted her, but she was under age and he wouldn’t risk jail, so she had decided to build up a fire in him till she was old enough to finally be acceptable to him.

And so here she was, a week in College Station in a hotel room with a pool, away from her impossible home life… And she was 18! She wondered when she would be able to get him alone. She really wanted him; getting Robert to go to bed with her had been on her mind for a year now. Maybe tonight after the kids were asleep…

It was late; his wife had been in the master suite asleep for hours. The kids had fallen asleep on one of the beds in the adjoining room and Julie had covered them with the blanket.

The door between the suites was open for propriety’s sake and Robert lay on the 2nd bed propped up on pillows watching the old movie on the late show. Julie had been lying on the foot of the kid’s bed teasing him in her little cotton sleeping shorts; but she had gotten up to go to the bathroom. The sound of her peeing was mildly arousing to him, and he adjusted his dick to make sure it didn’t show as he bursa escort bayan lay there in his running shorts.

When she returned she lay down on the foot of his bed! Her head was at his feet and her round sexy ass rose there beside him just six impossible inches away from his hand!

She kept turning to murmur little comments about the movie to him and her ass kept twisting there in front of him in those damn little shorts. The legs kept falling open provocatively to show little glimpses of her behind, and he almost saw her pussy a couple of times when she rolled on her side to talk back to him.

He caught back a groan as he felt his dick grow rock hard in his pants. Was she trying to kill him, or what, he thought! His balls throbbed and his dick swelled a little bigger every time she moved that ass!

It had been months since he’d had any pussy; and jacking off was getting really old. Now here Julie was, so sweet and accessible right next to him, all he had to do was reach out and touch her…

Oh God, look at that ass! A little moan escaped him as his dick swelled tight in his shorts at the sight.

She looked up at the sound and saw him drop his head back on the pillows, and close his eyes; saw him clench the bedspread in his fists.

She looked at his crotch in the little running shorts he wore and saw a huge bulge there. She noticed a little damp circle in the fabric near the top of the bulge and caught her breath.

She stared fascinated at Robert’s big man sized dick as it twitched in his shorts; the wet stain growing darker. As she watched; the head of his dick peeked out from the top of his shorts! She was delighted.

God, he was really big! His hard dick stretched up taller than his belly button!

Her hand reached out; seeming to have a mind of its own and touched the head where it peeked out of his shorts; her finger smearing the drops of pre cum around the swollen head. She started to stroke him with the silky fabric of his running shorts.

She heard his ragged gasp and looked up into his face, his eyes met hers and she saw his intense desire for her burning there. She felt a quiver in her belly and a dampness start between her legs.

“Julie Baby”, he said using his nick name for her, “you’d better stop now; or you won’t be able to stop me till I’m done with you.”

His voice was husky and deep as he continued, “You have been fucking with me for almost a year now, and you’re going to get fucked if you don’t stop!”

She answered him with a smile and slid his swollen dick out of the band of his shorts and into her sweet little mouth. He caught back a cry at the feel of her hot mouth on him. Her tongue was sliding across the head, licking the moisture from it.

“You taste…good,” she murmured, surprised.

She hadn’t liked the taste of her boyfriend’s dick.

He stopped breathing while she sucked him deep into her mouth pushing against him trying to take all of him in her mouth; till he felt the head hit against the back of her throat. She slid back to the tip, licking and stroking him with her hands.

She loved the way the skin stretched tight over his beautiful big, hard, dick; veins bulging; head: swollen and sexy. She slipped his shorts down his thighs, her fingers pulling and stroking his balls while she continued to suck him with her sweet mouth; her hands on his butt pulling him into her mouth. Sucking and stroking; licking and kissing his dick…

Heaven help him, he was going to fuck her if she didn’t stop! He tried to push her away, but she took his hand and drew it to her breast pressing it there, all the time continuing her attention to his aching member.

It was more than he could take and he’d be damned if he’d cum in her mouth. She had other places he wanted to explore.

He stopped her and pulled her up into his arms; his lips finally tasting hers, his tongue exploring her mouth, drinking her in… his hand found her breast firm under the soft cotton of the t-shirt she wore; a firm and sexy, young breast; nipple hard and he pinched it a little.

She arched unconsciously toward the pain from his fingers moaning gently; she was so sweet, so giving… so fucking sexy; and he felt a surge of desire for this girl like he had never known before in his life.

He laid her back on the bed before him, glancing at the sleeping kids in the bed next to them. He hoped they wouldn’t wake up and see him fucking the sitter, but he was beyond caring right now.

She had been fucking with him for so long that his brain was fuzzy from wanting her; he was going to fuck this girl even if his wife came in!

He looked down at her and escort bursa saw her breasts peaking out from under the bottom of the t-shirt and lowered his mouth to claim one of them; savoring the hot pink treasure with his tongue.

She moaned softly and arched her back against his mouth. He felt her hands in his hair pressing his face into her. His other hand found her crotch and slipped a finger into the wet dripping slit.

Oh sweet lord, she was so hot; so wet… she pressed his fingers against her clit, rubbing her crotch against his hand. He wanted her so bad… the ache in his balls was demanding relief. He looked down into her sexy eyes and lost his mind when she whispered,

“Fuck me, Dr. Hughes, Baby. I want to feel you inside me now… please! I’ve been thinking about it for so long…”

And he took her then. In one movement he stripped her shorts off and lifted her legs over his shoulders positioning himself between her young thighs; he played the head of his dick in and out of the entrance of her pussy, loving the tightness; the heat.

He felt her reach under her butt to cup his balls, squeezing them lightly and he lost himself as he plunged the rest of his dick into her young pussy in one slow excruciating dive…

To the bottom of her sweet wet pussy till his balls slapped against her beautiful ass.

He fucked her slow and sweet and deep playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples playing with her clit; till he saw her eyes close and she moaned little gasping moans from the sensations he was arousing in her young body.

He drew all the way out just to plunge hard into her again and again, her breasts jiggling maddeningly with his every stroke. His thumb rubbed her stiff little clit, and he could feel her pussy clench tightly around him with every stroke.

“Oh Robert,” she breathed “you’re so big, I can feel you stretch my pussy out when you go in. I can feel the head dragging against me when you pull back out…God… oh, fuck me deeper… you feel so good… It feels so good inside me…”

She threw one arm over her eyes; her head rolling back and forth with the pleasure he was giving her. Her boyfriend had never made her feel that way, ever.

He felt her hands on his hips driving him into her; harder and faster, little soft moans continuing to escape her as she tried to be quiet.

He felt himself in danger of losing control as he watched his dick slide in and out of her pink, wet, little pussy.

Her inner lips were stretched out tight around the shaft of his swollen member; he loved watching himself sliding into her; loving the way her pussy lips tucked in slightly as he entered her and gripped him tight following his dick back out. It was as if her pussy was trying to keep him inside her.

He wanted to make her cum. He knew her boyfriend hadn’t made her cum yet, she had told him so, and he wanted that “cherry” for himself.

He changed his rhythm and the pressure he was applying on her clit… pulling and teasing her there as he fucked her till finally he felt her pussy start to spasm with the beginnings of her first orgasm.

She arched hard against his dick, and he thought to himself, “Thank God, she’s starting to cum”… because so was he!

He rammed deep into her rubbing his dick hard into her groin, stroking her little clit as his dick pulsed its load into her; hot and thick, running out of her as he continued to fuck her, drawing her orgasm out, extending it for her.

She covered her face with a pillow as she cried out her release.

He collapsed on top of her exhausted, and felt her legs and arms wrap around him pulling him even deeper into her, while her wonderful tight little pussy squeezed the last drops of cum out of him. He buried his face in that glorious hair as it lay in a tangle around her head and he pulled her hips against his again in one last ripple of orgasm.

He lay with her in his arms for long, dangerous, glorious minutes, breathing in the scent of their lovemaking.

He knew they should get up before someone caught them but instead he pulled her face to his for one more, slow, deep kiss on her lovely mouth.

She kissed him back; her tongue teasing him, her teeth biting his lip; her arms encircled his neck, holding his mouth against hers.

She arched her pussy against his dick, and tightened her legs around him pressing her breasts seductively against his chest.

“Oh, God help me!” he thought, as his dick throbbed to life again still clenched inside her. Her pussy pulled him deeper inside her…as her tongue probed his mouth…

Maybe they should move out to the pool before they woke someone up…

Oh yes… the pool… That would be just the thing…

Dear faithful reader, If you like the story of my first seduction, please give it a good vote, then check out my other stories…for your pleasure.

the nitegazer

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