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Homecoming Suprise

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The summer night was hot when Ryan arrived home. It had been a long day, and even a longer week. He’d been away out on the west coast, chasing down a lead to an espionage case he and Cassandra had been working on. As much as they hated being apart from each other, there was far too much work back at home to allow both of them to go. It was decided that he would go and she would stay, finishing up the myriad smaller cases that they’d been inundated with.

So he’d gone out to the coast, posing as a businessman interested in opening an offshore bank account for funds he was trying to hide from a ravenous ex-wife. Of course it wasn’t true. His own divorce had been very smooth and fair. And while his ex-wife and he were no longer best of friends, there was no animosity between them. He’d managed to snare his targets and feed them quite nicely to Cassandra’s contacts at the National Revenue Agency. In fact, their new partnership was proving highly lucrative. Between his industrial clients, her shady clients and her government contacts, Ryan and Cassandra had developed a thriving business.

But as much as he liked his trip out west; it was a lovely there, he was profoundly happy to get home. As he got out of the shuttle, and picked up his suitcase, he looked at the dark house. It was late, and he’d insisted that she get to bed at a decent hour. It was a running joke between them that her will was strong, but his was stronger. So reluctantly she agreed; mostly because she had an important meeting with some new references from the government to make a proposal to early the next morning.

Or that morning, Ryan reflected ruefully as he adjusted his watch back to Eastern Time. It was well after 2 but he was not as tired as he figured he’d be. If only the meeting wasn’t the next morning, he’d slip into bed and slide himself into her sweet vagina as she slept. It was a favourite thing of hers for her to wake with him inside her. Those episodes of lovemaking were hugely stimulating for both of them. Cassandra would invariably start the next morning fucking him to a thunderous orgasm.

Thinking of that made Ryan painfully hard. So it was with a great deal of bittersweet, unrequited lust, that he entered the house as silently as possible in order to not wake his beloved. He left his suitcase in the hall and gave his cat some pettings when it came scrambling down the stairs, meowing excitedly.

“Shh,” Ryan whispered to his little companion. “You’ll wake Cassandra.”

They both went to the kitchen, with Bill leading the way expectantly. To Bill, the only reason to go to the kitchen was for feeding. He went directly to his food bowl, looking expectantly upward at Ryan. Ryan obliged the insistent cat by putting some food in his bowl before moving to the stove to turn off the small light in the range hood. Just before his fingers sent the kitchen into darkness, he saw a small note posted on the fridge.

Your phone was off. The meeting was postponed until Monday. Went home to spend the weekend with my family. Join us when you get home kurtköy escort if you’re not too tired. All my love, Cassandra.

Poop! Ryan thought to himself. If she’d been home and not required to be up early he would have eaten her out to multiple orgasms; something he loved to do. It made him think of the time he’d eaten her out as she lay on her massage table. Her legs had been up in the air, feet on two chairs as his tongue had danced a waltz all over her vagina and anus. She had climaxed repeatedly before he’d slid his hard dick into her sopping pussy. That night was legendary in his memory. There was nothing he liked more than making Cassandra cum.

Bill’s purring brought Ryan back to the present. He grabbed a drink of water and massaged his aching penis through his loose athletic pants with a mental promise to himself of some heavy masturbation before going to sleep. He turned off the light and went upstairs to get ready for bed. But as the minutes passed while he puttered in the bathroom, the thought of wasting his hormones on solo sex invoked a modicum of restraint. By the time he was washed up, he was, instead, committed to going right to sleep. The bed was cool, despite the warm night, and he fantasized languidly as he drifted off, still painfully erect, thinking also of the time back in March when she fingered his ass while he pumped in her. They’d left it as an unspoken promise to explore further at some other time, and Ryan looked forward to pushing his sexual envelope outward.

He woke moments later as a weight slid into the bed behind him. Cassandra was home?

What the hell? Ryan thought to himself. But at that moment his capacity for clear thinking vanished as her tongue tickled his ear and a very slick finger circled, then slowly penetrated his anus.

“I know you love to play with my ass.” Cassandra’s voice hissed seductively in his wet ear. “And I do want you to stuff your cock up my butt one day. But tonight, I’m going to stick my cock up yours. I know you want that too.”

Ryan’s mind went blank with lust. It had been his deepest fantasy to be penetrated by his woman with a dildo. He wasn’t gay , being in love with the sensuous beauty that women possessed; Cassandra above them all. But oh how he loved anal play.

Her finger drilled into his butt, and he moaned in pleasure as the sensitive flesh was tenderly, but relentlessly stimulated. Then her finger slid out and was replaced by something cool and much larger. At first the pressure against his sphincter was quite painful, sharply so. But he knew every muscle in his body, down to their very fibres. With a thought, he loosened himself up and felt an almost sublime sense of pleasure as he was filled and stretched by something smooth. He turned his head behind him in disbelief as he saw the love of his life wearing a strap-on dildo, and penetrating him with a look of fierce lust on her face. It was opaque purple, with a slightly barbed head and smooth, rounded body; clearly non-representational. Responding to primal urges, he thrust his own aydıntepe escort hips back to meet hers, driving the toy deeper into his ass. Her hand, on his penis, was slick with lubricant. Ryan’s sight almost went black as his neurons fired explosively, trying to keep up with the flood of sensations coming from his butt.

“You like this, don’t you?” she said with a purring satisfaction. “You’re all about the ass.”

Cassandra pulled out slowly and moved him up onto all fours. He obliged happily and sighed with ecstasy as she slid the dildo back into him with one smooth stroke.

“We should have done this sooner,” she panted, the effort of thrusting herself into Ryan making her voice uneven. “This looks so hot, my purple dick sliding in and out of your cute butt.”

“Oh god!” Ryan panted as he jacked his own dick. Her hands were now too busy holding his hips in place as she drilled her toy into his muscular body, clearly relishing the reversal of roles.

“Fuck my ass!” he heard himself say from far away as his body pushed his consciousness to a far corner of his mind.

She pushed herself deeper into him with each thrust, until he was pounding his ass back into her hips, driving the dildo deep into his butt. It was not painful; more like an intrusive pressure inside his gut. But God did it feel good.

When he got sore, she slowed down and stopped, pulling out gently. But the soreness was gone in moments, and he had her lie on her back.

“Oh,” Cassandra smiled. “You want to ride my lovely penis?”

Ryan climbed on top of her, looking into her mischievously grinning face. He straddled her, opening his hips as wide as they could stiffly go.

“Oh yes,” he grunted as he guided the head of the dildo back toward his opening and sat down onto it. The bed creaked alarmingly as he rode her like a man possessed. But it was awkward, and she couldn’t thrust deep or hard enough to satisfy his raging hunger for more. He climbed off, his hips tight with pain due to his inflexibility in that direction. She smiled as he winced, ironically for a totally different reason than would have been expected.

“Let me lie down on my back,” he said breathlessly. Never had he felt so beyond himself. This exceeded the wildest fantasies he’d ever had. It was deeper, fuller and hotter, being with such an adventurous, caring, loving woman.

He lay on his back and lifted his legs wantonly, inviting her into him again. He looked into the face of the woman he loved more than any other and was swept away by the tide of emotions running through him. She held the dildo with one loose hand hear his anus, tickling him, teasing him.

“You want me back in you?” she asked with a false naiveté, her eyes insincerely wide. Ryan nodded wordlessly, his hands pulling at her hips, enticing her inward. She smiled wickedly and jammed her fake penis almost painfully into him again. He helped her by grabbing her butt-cheeks and pulling her into him as deep as she could go. He could feel her glutes flex as she drove herself into tuzla içmeler escort him, filling him, driving his body wild with sensations beyond the corporeal. He moved his hands back in front, one on his penis, the other he wedged in behind the harness.

“I want to see you cum while I fuck your ass” she said in a husky voice. Her voice was husky because Ryan was now ticking her pussy around the harness with his left hand as his right hand frantically jerked his dick. It was awkward, but sufficient to send waves of pleasure through Cassandra’s body. Occasionally Cassandra would pull out and suck on him lustfully for a few seconds before pushing herself back into him. Ryan did his best to massage her clit, desperately to bring her to orgasm since his own climax approached like a freight train.

Too late.

He came with a hoarse cry, spraying semen all over his hard stomach and he barely managed a faint “pull out” in time to allow for his prostate to contract fully. The second wave roared through him and he shuddered to an exhausted stillness.

Cassandra loosened the harness and put the strap-on aside. Her body moved with power and grace. To his eyes she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He marvelled at what she had done for him and his love for her filled him emotionally much as she had just filled him physically.

“Welcome home my love,” she whispered into his ear as she snuggled back in close to him.

“Not yet.” Ryan answered quickly. He threw her on to her back and drove his tongue into her pussy. He fingered her flesh while his tongue massaged her clit. He wet a third finger and gently pressed it into her anus so that he eventually had two in her pussy and one in her ass. He slid his fingers in tandem, pressing the ones in her vagina into her G-spot. Occasionally he pulled the third one out of her bum to moisten it further. He would then tickle her anus again before gently pressing it back into her tight flesh.

“I am indeed all about the ass,” he thought to himself amusingly.

He thanked the universe that Cassandra was too. The feeling of her butt clenching on his finger was intoxicating. Her pussy was so wet that soon he no longer had to moisten his third finger. Her juices kept his third digit lubricated to the point where he was thrusting it into her rectum as hard as he thrust his other fingers into her pussy. He focused his tongue on underside of her clit where she liked it, bringing her toward orgasm. Her increasing moans told him she was close. Her hands opened and closed reflexively, her eyes closed in surreal pleasure.

“God you are so gorgeous” he whispered. “I love you so much!”

His loving words in addition to his relentless fingers and tongue brought Cassandra to climax and she came with a rising cry. Her body shuddered as Ryan kept the pressure up, holding her plateaued for another several minutes. Secondary tremors rippled through her, almost as if her body hosted an earthquake. When the bedrock of her abdomen came to a standstill, Ryan gently pulled out of her bum, and slid the others out of her vagina. He licked her clit a bit longer, to bring her down slowly before spooning in behind her.

With gentle kiss on the back of her neck, his arms wrapped around his beloved, Ryan whispered in her ear. “Now I’m home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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