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In the Darkroom

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It was a gloomy cold evening in November. Russel and his friends; Fred, Miles, Chelsea, Nina, and Fred’s sister — Nicole sat on the left corner in a bar. They were drunk, but still, their eyes were as clear as they could be on a summer day. If anyone in the gang was too much drunk, it would be Nina. She drank like a giant on that particular evening.

It was supposed to be a send-off party for Nicole, who is moving to London for a job as a fashion shopper, whatever that is. Nicole wasn’t particularly close with all of Fred’s friends. She’d now and then have had a chat and went shopping with Chelsea. But with Nina, they had the void between them. It was not there the entire time, they were friends, the closest one when they were young when they both went to the same school.

Regardless of Nicole being three years elder, they had an unusually close bond. But when Nicole graduated, Nina was a freshman in the same college. She’d known Fred and Nicole for the longest. And during the college years, especially during the sophomore year, Fred introduced Nina to Russell and Miles.

Russell was a handsome guy, tall, with pale grey eyes that made him look like a sea creature in the night. Russel was with Julie in the sophomore year. It didn’t end well for him with Julia later on. The moment, Russell saw Nina, he had a fling, a crush on her, her coral lips, her supple blue eyes, her silky, soft, pale skin. Her petite body and her wavy brown hair. He wasn’t sure if she felt the same. He hoped she did. But No. She didn’t, and Russell knew it.

Miles considered himself as a stud back in the college days, (Now, all were in different direction scattered miles away from where they are. Nicole’s send-off party united them.) Miles was a stud in a way. He managed his way around the girls. He’s flirting technique worked with few girls and even with luck, he managed to get under a few girls pants. In that case, he had a thing for Nina when he’d met her. Russell and Fred knew. But not Chelsea.

Chelsea came into their life a little later than everyone. Russell, Miles, and Fred shared their flat. Nicole stayed with them for a few months during her senior year. But she felt a little uncomfortable. And she moved out with Nina and Chelsea. Although they lived in the same apartment, the girl’s flat was on the third floor, and the boys were on the fourth floor. It was a a beautiful apartment overlooking the Tennessee River and one could even look at the bridge from the roof.

Chelsea was tall, lean. The boys wished she never wore a tight tee-shirt without a bra because her tits were so firm and perky all the time. It stole their attention every time she did that. And she did that a lot.

All the boys and girls in the gang were 22 except for Nicole. She was 26 when she attended her send-off party. They were tired, and they wanted to go back to Chelsea’s flat. She’s the only one still living in the same city where they all went to the same college, lived under the same roof, more or less. And went to parties like one solid squad. They were drunk enough, not too much, they still felt sober enough to drive. At least, Fred felt that way.

Nicole was wearing a purple midi dress with a big V neck on them. It was too much, and it showed too much of her healthy breast. What’s worse is that she wasn’t wearing any bra underneath and the cold evening helped with her perky nipples to get hard and pointy. Fred tried to ignore it as much as possible while

Russell and Miles couldn’t just try ignoring it.

Chelsea was wearing a greyish blue body-con dress that hugged her figure perfectly so well. In that dress, her waist and breast were exquisite. But that kept the boys away from staring. It didn’t reveal anything.

Nina wore a pink party wear that reached her knees. She wore a bra. Russell could see the outline of it. His eyes were grand telescope compared to miles and Fred’s eyes. She covered most of her perfect body, caught less attention in that gang. But to Russell and Miles, she looked gorgeous. But they couldn’t help but stare at Nicole’s cleavage and pointy tips. For Fred, Chelsea looked like a divine sight and she was one.

Each has its perspectives and preferences. But the boys there, all had the same problem – Nicole’s eye-catching cleavage and nip show.

After some time of heavy resistance, Fred decided to let go of the Q-tip and stared at Nicole’s cleavage halkalı escort – His sister’s breast. What type of sick bastard am I? He thought, but that didn’t change his mind or action.

They all stood up to leave, finally. But Nina was beyond the point. She sat there menacing for more drink, more vodka especially.

‘Nina,’ Nicole called, putting her hand on her left shoulder from behind. ‘Let’s go. I have two bourbons in my car, we’ll have that at home. Now let’s go honey.’ She grabbed her arms. Nina grabbed Nicole’s wrist over her arms. Nina kissed the palm of Nicole’s hand.

They all saw this, and it felt weird. But not as much as Nicole.

‘Liar,’ Nina said. It shook up Nicole. ‘You’re trying to lie like you did last time. Aren’t you? Liar.’

Nicole’s face reddened. They thought that she was going to cry any minute now. But she didn’t. She was embarrassed. Yes. Fred moved his sister away from there, throwing a gaze at Russell. He nodded.

Chelsea tried confronting her. Nina was so drunk and delirious. She blabbered about mike. Chelsea’s effort remained in vain. Miles didn’t take his turn, instead, he let Russell speak to her, which he did.

‘Nina,’ he called her softly, she was so cute when she was drunk, thought Russell. He sat beside her on the chair, took her hand in his. ‘Let’s go home.’

Nina pulled her hands away and slapped him on his left cheek. The ring on her hand made a red mark. Seeing this, miles pulled back.

‘Good luck with her man.’ miles said and went out with Chelsea. Russell was hoping for some backup, yet he knows that he won’t be getting any from his friends. From the goons and cops? Yes, any minute now.

‘Nina…’ Russell said and stopped. He didn’t know what more to say that could convince her in that wasted state. He took her hands again. ‘Please let’s go.’

Her eyes welled up with tears and her face went red. She was on the verge of crying out loud. She didn’t hold back. One drop fell from her eyes, then came pouring the rest of the tears and words from her heart. Only Russell didn’t understand anything she said.

She leaned forward and cried over his shoulders. He hugged her back, patted and rubbed her back.

‘It’s all right. Everything will be all right,’ he said in his comforting tone. His cheeks ached by her slap. He didn’t mind now. He helped her to her feet and guided her to his car. His friends were waiting outside the bar.

‘What?’ Russell asked. They looked as if they bore a piece of very bad news.

‘Since we all will be going back to our life, jobs, and whatnot, plus, this is her last day here,’ Fred said pointing at his sister. ‘So, we thought maybe hit the city center do some fun stuff, watch a movie…’

Russell stopped him. Nina was starting to get heavy on his shoulders. ‘Look guys, she’s drunk to the bones. She can’t, and also someone needs to stay with her and make sure she doesn’t…you know wander off.’

They had a short discussion, then they settled with a Russell taking her to Chelsea’s flat while the rest of them enjoy the young night.

He took her to the flat in his Prius. While setting the seatbelt on her, his hand rested on her right breast for a good long minute. He was hard then but distracted himself.

They reached the home shortly after eleven p.m. He carried her with her hands around his shoulders and his hands wrapped her waist. They reached the flat. It was spacious and serene. He made her lay on the couch which was like a bag of clouds that went in with her. She pulled her legs up rested them on the couch, that’s when the skirt part of her dress came up showing more of her long shining thighs.

If it went a few more inches up, he would have seen her panties, if she were wearing one. He removed his shoes and went into the bedroom, changed his clothes to a grey tee-shirt and night pants.

He came out and saw that her skirt was up a little more showing a pinch of her scarlet panties. He sighed, adjusted her skirt to her knees, removed her black threatening heels, and pulled a blanket over. He sat on the sofa, watching her cute expressions and innocent smile of a drunk lady, which she is.

About half-past two, she woke up in a hurry, tripped and fell over Russell on the sofa who was asleep. Their lips met for a brief moment before he woke up and she pulled olgun escort herself up. She was not sober, but she was conscious enough to know what she was speaking, and to whom, about what.

‘Sorry, sorry…’ she said and ran to the restroom. He cleared his face, rubbed his eyes from a deep sleep. She came back after a few minutes, drank some water, and sat on the couch.

‘Where are they?’ she asked. It sounded all sober to him.

‘They went to wander a bit more… You were so wasted that I had to bring you here.’

‘I am sorry if I was an ass back then. I remember slapping someone, and yelling at someone, whoever they are…they are gonna be so pissed at me right now.’ She laid back on the couch with her hand cupping her face. She sighed. ‘Did I slap miles?’

‘Well, let me enunciate you. You slapped me and yelled at Nicole.’ He leaned back comfortably on the couch.

‘Oh shoot…I am so sorry.’ She sat up and held his hands. ‘So sorry.’

‘It’s fine, you were drunk. It happens.’ He sat on the floor, beside the couch as she was holding his hand.

She laid back, there was an awkward silence for a few minutes. Then he felt her hands running through his hair from behind.

‘Why don’t you sleep on the bed?’ he asked to break the silence.

No answer. He turned back only to find her asleep again. He caressed her cheeks and laid on the floor beside her and her hands were still on his head as if like she was blessing him or something.

‘Why the fuck would you do that me mikes? Why?’ she said in a sleepy, weeping tone. In a minute or two she began crying. Russell tried to wake her up. She woke up and looked at him, she continued crying. He hugged her, and she hugged him


Mikes? Who the fuck is Mikes? Thought Russell. He thought of asking her this but decided against it.

She kissed him on his left cheek. She never did that, and it felt weird for him. She placed her head on the right side now and kissed his right cheek. He hadn’t had the faintest idea of what was going on.

He felt the strong temptation to kiss her back on the cheeks. He knew where that will go, and she also knew that would be wrong on so many levels. For starters, she was drunk, she acted sober enough, but she was not. It would bee like him taking advantage of a drunk girl and that goes by a different case.

Second, it would jeopardize their friendship, it’s true that he has/had a crush on her, but not sure if she does.

To stand on the safe side, he pulled his face back, cupped her face in his palms. It was tempting not to kiss looking at her that close, sweet, and cute, he wanted to be strong, but a man can be only so much strong around a woman who he loves so much and is being begged to kiss.

‘Nina, this…is, this is wrong,’ he said in his shuddering voice.

‘Don’t you love me mikes? You didn’t let me have ross.’ She mumbled; he was getting terrified.

What? Now, who the hell is ross? He thought. This helped him be strong from not kissing her.

She pouted her lips and came forth to kiss him again, this time, it was to kiss his lips. Fuck it, he thought and gave it to the moment. She pecked on his lips. Their lips were pressed and held for a long time until they both started feeling the uncomfortableness to breathe.

They broke the kiss, and he kissed her cheeks passionately. They both sat on the couch, next to her, holding each other in their arms. She kissed him again, this time, she slipped her tongue in his mouth, he was expecting this, but not in such a desperate form. Her tongue explored his mouth.

‘Do you love me?’ she muttered. ‘Do you love me?’

The guilt rat was chasing his heart now. He stopped kissing and looked down; their foreheads met. ‘This is wrong, Nina, we shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be doing this.’ he pulled his face back but can’t stop thinking of kissing her. Especially after seeing her wet pink lips, and how they tasted —

He kissed her again, he slipped his tongue in, they gnawed each other’s lips ever so gently. It was nice. The way her soft lips kept slipping in his mouth. His tongue hitting her teeth. Her tongue rubbing his, taking each other’s lower lips in each other’s mouth and sucking and biting them gently. It was a desperate kiss rather than a şişli escort passionate kiss.

‘I love you, Russ, I…’ she whispered on his lips as if It was his ear. ‘I…love you.’

Russ? As in Russell? No one called him Russ. But he was happy that now he knows that she loves him. Nothing mattered anymore.

He pulled back, looked in her eye and said, ‘I love you too Nina, I always did.’ he kissed her.

She grabbed his hand which was on her thigh and guided it to her tits. He felt them, it was soft, firm, arousing. His penis started hurting in his pants that he had to adjust them every five minutes while making out.

He felt her breast, both of them, nice and soft, but given the deal, the would rather stop feeling his tits, but wouldn’t stop kissing her. Her lips were a fine part of her body, he always wanted to kiss her.

They got closer, her hands swarmed over his thighs and rested on his crotch, then she pulled her hands back. They stopped kissing again. When they broke the kiss, their drool formed a web between their lips, that looked hot.

She came onto him and sat on his lap with her soft, big bum on his thighs, and his hand on her tits over her dress, and their lips pressed and tasting each other’s mouth, he had severe pain in pants. His boner was rubbing over her crotch, over her panties. She guided his hand to her zipper.

He unzipped her dress, then she teasingly removed the top portion from her shoulder, exposing her tits pushed out with her bra that couldn’t contain the entirety of her breast. He cupped them and felt her soft skin. His palms were sweaty, and her skin was cold.

She pulled her bra down a bit, showing her left tit, pointing at him, at his mouth, waiting to be felt, groped, squeezed, and sucked. He hesitated to feel her bare tits, he kept his hand in the air as if she’d shown him a gun. Yes, in a way, she did show him one of the most powerful guns in the world, and his dick is already feeling the kryptonite in a thin, silky cloth.

She grabbed his hand by the wrist and made him feel her naked, inviting tit. Her perky, hard nipple poked the center of his palm. The minute he touched them; it was over for him. He came in his pants. He grunted and leaned forward. He felt the wetness and viscosity of his cum spreading in his boxers. It’s been a year since he had sex, and this was the effect.

She pulled his face closer to her and buried them between her tits, one standing out and one contained inside a soft, tight cloth. He rolled her over, she was back on the couch now. He took a minute, he came, yet he was horny for her. His dick may be sleeping in the mess, but it was ready to go a few more rounds.

To help him out, she kissed his ear lobe, neck, his shoulders, while her hands crawled and grabbed his shrunk, sleeping, wet dick. She realized that he’d come so soon and looked at him in pity.

He gazed back at her in an it’s-not-what-it-looks-like look then, she slipped her hands under his night pant, her fingers slipped inside his boxers, he was shivering in a post-orgasm stroking kind of way. He kissed her neck and cheeks while she did that.

Her fingers got wet and sticky with his cum. He kept his hand on her crotch, and she was holding his penis in her hand, they both kissed. She pulled his pants down, and he pulled her panties down then removed them, threw them on the sofa. He tried to go on top of her. He kept kissing, then he took her inviting tits in his mouth. It tasted like a piece of sweet water cloud.

He undid her bra and freed both of her firm, sexy breast. He kissed all over her torso; between her tits, her ribs, her tummy, navel, and finally sucked on her tits while his hands felt the other one.

She held his face right above her, and she opened her mouth, put her tongue out, asking for his saliva. He gave it to her and continued kissing, in the process he got what he gave. He sucked her saliva and drank them. It tasted like part cranberry.

‘I love you.’ he whispered. She kissed him. His cock was ready now. He was about to put it in her before they both heard the chattering, maniac laughter’s, and heavy footsteps. It was their friends. They both swore them good and got dressed.

It was easy for Russell; he just pulled his boxers and pants up. They were a mess inside, but he didn’t bother. She knew she couldn’t get dressed in time; she didn’t bother to wear a bra nor her panties. She just pulled her party dress up, he zipped them, switched off lights, she pretended she was asleep, and he pretended, he was reading a book in the shade of table light.

He saw the panties on the sofa and the bra on the table. He picked up the bra and threw them in his bag, and her panties too.

Then came the knocking in the darkroom. He opened the door. They all came in.

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