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Just Between Us

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Should I mention something or not I wondered. Sitting next to the fire pit in the back yard, I gazed into the flames and pondered my next decision. Sitting next to me was my sister in law, the glow of the fire brushing across her face. Ever since I first met her years ago when I was first introduced to my girlfriend’s family, Brenda was a woman of beauty. Her long dark hair bounced across her shoulders giving way to her dark brown eyes.

There were times when we were visiting their home; I would have the chance to catch her getting ready for work. Working for a large hotel as a receptionist, she would always wear a dress or skirt to work, each time putting on tan shiny nylons. Slipping her small toes into the heels, I would drool sitting in the chair across the room at her. There were times that I would find myself alone in the house while everyone was outside talking or enjoying a cookout. Then was the moment of excitement, as I would cross the hallway and into her room. Keeping an ear to the sounds coming from the joining living room, I would slowly open the drawers under the waterbed, exposing the vast collection of nylons in every shape color and style. Grabbing a small hand full and listening once more to quietness, I would stuff them down into my pants, letting them slide across my now stiff rod.

Oh the nights would go by, when she would come home around midnight that I would make sure I was awake. We normally camped out on the fold out couch, but I would find an excuse to lay out across the living room floor waiting for her. Then, in anticipation as I would hear the familiar front door open, I would start to become hard again. With one eye open, the other one closed, I would watch her slip off her shoes and dance across the floor working her way from the kitchen and finally resting in the chair next to me. My hunger was wild, as I watched her leg crossed, bouncing across my line of sight. Each moment closer, I would stir, ever so slowly inching my way closer to her foot resting on the floor. As the rhythm of my body swaying over my dick would cause precum, I would lose her as she got up and headed to her bedroom. It was painful excitement every time. Did she ever know what I was up to?

But now here it was, a year later and nothing ever said between us. Sure we could talk about anything, but I always felt that it was too much to tell her about my fascination over her legs. Here she was, sitting inches from me at my home, and I couldn’t form the words. My ex-girlfriend had left me days kütahya escort before, and Brenda had come over to help me over the situation. Tom, her husband was a marine and was rarely home to see his wife when he did come into town. Spending time with his buddies more; Brenda was also feeling very lonely telling me every once in a while. But the ever growing bulge in my pant was starting to show, and covering my arm over it, I decided it was now or never to tell her my desires.

I quickly changed the subject from volleyball to sex and after a while of not saying much, she opened up and the conversation began to heat up. She told me her likes and dislikes, and I, taking mental notes, nodded and continued to listen. When she went quiet, I asked her if Tom ever gave good massages. She turned away and quietly told me that Tom had rarely touched her since he left into the military a year ago. She loved having massages done when it was possible; she loved the feeling of being relaxed. I then pressed my luck and asked if she enjoyed having her feet massaged. I almost fell off the table when she told me “especially my feet.” She held my glance for a moment waiting for a response before turning away with a smile. Trying not to lose the moment, I told her it was 1:30 in the morning and that if she stayed the night on the couch, I would give her a personal foot massage. She gave a quick laugh and told me to go get another wine cooler.

I walked away feeling humiliated and wondered what was I thinking. After returning from the house, I sat back down on the table and passed the drink to her. To my surprise, she agreed to stay the night. The next words from her lips almost killed me. “Do you have a foot fetish Jan?” I turned to her not being able to answer right away. She smiled and told me she knew of my love watching her getting ready for work and coming home at night. “You knew I was looking?” I asked dumbfounded. Sure, she began to explain. She told me that many times she caught me in the corner of her eye putting on her nylons before getting ready for work. It didn’t really mean much until every night when she got home and found me on the floor inching my way closer to her feet she understood.

I sat there frozen as she sipped away from the bottle. Taking in some air, I decided to tell her the whole truth. I explained to her my love for her body and that I really thought she had the most perfect feet in the world. As the night went on, we continued to discuss the nylon fetish and how I found lara escort that I wasn’t alone in liking them. Her eyes grew big as I explained that the Internet had given me hundreds of sites to check out, each paying homage to nylons and legs. The more she asked, the more I became turned on.

When it finally came quiet between us, she asked to retire for the night. Following her into the house, I quickly made her bed on the couch. Turning off all the lights in the house, except for the one coming from the television, I waited to say good night. When she finally emerged, she walked over to the couch and thanked me for the bedding. Asking me to say a while and talk, I agreed and sat down next to the side of the couch. Picking up the remote, I started to change channels as she lay down and pulled the covers over her. A moment later I heard her call my name and was surprised to see an exposed foot peeking out from under the covers covered in nylon. “Well, you did say you wanted to massage my feet, here’s your big chance.” Puzzled, I looked down at the nylons and asked her how did she know to bring some? She smiled and pushed both feet out in front of my face. From that moment on, my brain was on autopilot as I reached out and took her foot into my hands.

As I began to massage her legs, I slowly worked up over her body taking in every inch and releasing the tension in each muscle. Twenty minutes later she was breathing shallow and I was back at her feet once more. I sat there for a moment gazing over her beautiful hose covered legs and knowing that the light from the television wasn’t enough to see over all of them. It was then I came across a terrific idea for this once in a lifetime moment. Whispering across to her I explained I would be right back to continue. She nodded as I got up and made my way to my bedroom to the stash I had of hers and quickly made my way to the bathroom, shutting the door. Under the neon light shining above, I could see the bulge in my pants, wanting to escape its cell. Dropping both my shorts and underwear, I put the shorts back on and slowly rolled one of her nylons over my stiff hard on. Buttoning up the shorts, I left the zipper undone and walked out of the bathroom, leaving the light on.

Her eyes were still closed when I stopped short of the couch. Getting down on my knees, I laid across the floor with my hands grabbing at her feet. Now all the pressure of my body was on my penis, and swaying gently, I began to rub her feet once more. As lara eve gelen escort the feeling of energy built up inside of me, I found my hot breath was surrounding her toes. It was dangerous, but I couldn’t help it. In that moment, the dream came true. She slipped her left toes across my face wiping the sweat building across it. I stayed with the motion of her foot and moments later it was joined by the other. She was lying on her back and one arm was behind her head on the pillow, the other, I couldn’t see. A few seconds later, I was licking her toes with the fever of wild cat. She indulged me giving me the sensations I’d never dreamed about.

I was just about to cum when I heard a moan come from her lips. Looking up, her eyes were still closed, but I could see that the missing arm of hers was under the covers. I had to know. Slipping my left hand under the covers gently, I felt a slight jerk and touch her hand, which was now lying on her stomach. Laying my hand over hers entwined; I slowly brought back her hand to where it was before. She hesitated for a moment until I told her I was feeling that good two. She released and I slowly inched our hands back to her pussy. I was surprised and quickly figured out that she had puled down her panties when I was in the bathroom. She must have been getting turned on by what I was doing and figured she might as well get off by it.

If my hands had eyes, they would have witnessed her index finger sliding in between her moist lips. Her rhythm was incredible, and not wanting to miss this, I told her that I would masturbate in front of her if she would do the same. There were no words, but the blankets went flying over my head exposing her legs wide open. I rolled quickly onto my back, letting her feet dangle over my head, Slipping off my shorts and tossing aside the nylons covering my hard on, I started to pump faster. My eyes closed every once in a while and in the last few moments, I opened them to her sounds. I caught her watching me, stroking every inch away, and with her toes firmly planted in my mouth sucking away, I continued to watch her start to cum. It was too much, too late to hold back.

We both screamed out into the night as I exploded all over the side of the couch. She jumped closer to the side watching me, hoping that some of it would end up on her. I held the tip hard and waited as the last shot came across the side of her face. I fell back on my head and gasp for air. A couple of minutes later, I thought I heard a giggle as she pulled the blankets back over her. Then, silence. No words were said for the rest of the night. And in the morning, we both acted as if nothing happened.

To this day I still remember the moment, its memory forever burned in my thoughts. I can’t wait until she sleeps over again.

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