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Keeping the Neighbors Ch. 04

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Cindy came downstairs when she heard the doorbell. Surprisingly, her mother was in a dress and the old bastard was in a suit.

“Hello, Sara,” Gabriel said with a smile and a hug as the woman jumped into his arms. “It’s always nice to see you.”

“Hello, Sara,” Jessica nodded and added her own handshake. “We’re very pleased that you could join us.”

“Thank you for having us,” Sara smiled as she offered Jessica a hug. “I am so grateful that Gabriel has someone to talk to now.”

“Have you known him long?” Jessica asked as she lead the lithe woman into the living room. “We’ve only just began talking with him.”

“Seven years now,” Sara said after some thought. “He came upon me when I was mugged, fortunately.”


“Yes,” Sara shivered. “It was also nearly a rape. Three of the men escaped. However, the other two ended up in jail, thanks to him.”

“Go to your room,” Gabriel said and Jessica turned when she heard the menace in his voice.

Cindy stood in jeans and a jersey.

“Look, Charles,” Sara said, smiling at the man who followed her in. “Someone else who likes to be spanked and have their ass reamed.”

Cindy gasped as she saw the tall man speaking with Gabriel blush.

“You . . .” Cindy began.

“Oh yes,” Sara nodded. “If I might rescind your order, Gabriel, can I keep her for a bit?”

“Of course,” Gabriel nodded. “You are our guest.”

Walking over, Sara smiled at Cindy. Calmly reaching up, she plucked the girl’s ear and pulled her down.

“You did not listen,” Sara said, over-riding Cindy’s protests. “I know you were told to dress appropriately. You must listen if you are to learn. To learn is to grow. Fortunately, you will listen while you are here.

“Charles,” Sara smiled. “Show the girl how I dressed you this evening.”

With another blush, the large man quickly took off his suit and hung it neatly on the back of a chair. Turning back to Cindy, he showed her the cock cage that he wore. As Cindy gasped, Charles turned, bent at the waist, and bahis firmaları spread his cheeks. The neon pink plug stood out in sharp contrast to his white skin.

“Thank you, Charles,” Sara nodded. “You may dress now.”

“Why?” Jessica asked, pointing.

“Gabriel will always be my friend,” Sara smiled. “Charles thought to resist coming here this evening, resorting to foul language. I punished him for his manners.”

“That’s amazing,” Jessica breathed, blushing as ideas rushed through her mind.

“Why would he let you . . .” Cindy said, turning gently.

“Let?” Sara laughed. “I showed him that I was the stronger. My heart and will overpowered his. He is mine.”

“”But,” Cindy countered. “He’s so big.”

“Yes,” Sara smiled down at Cindy. “While most of the boys your age think getting a bit of pussy is the height of power. A man knows that keeping the pussy, and keeping it happy, is a much better measure of success.

“I have the pussy that owns him,” Sara concluded. “To get it, he does what I say.”

“So,” Cindy began diffidently. “I have the pussy that owns him?”

Sara laughed in the girl’s face and Cindy cringed away from her.

“You have no discipline,” Sara countered. “He could take you to a biker bar and have you pregnant with you thanking him for it. No, no one owns him. Be thankful that he isn’t the kind of person to do that to a girl.”

When Sara released her, Cindy gasped at how much she felt shamed and ignored as the others began to speak.

Her mother arched an eyebrow and Cindy nearly bolted for the stairs.

“How are you doing with your classes, girl?” Sara asked as Cindy returned. “Gabe tells me you have a bit of an attitude problem.”

“I wasn’t doing too bad,” Cindy groused. “Cs and Bs mostly. But, he says I have to do better.”

“Yes,” Sara replied with a throaty chuckle. “He would. You won’t be able to get by on tits and ass all your life. Learn now while it’s easier. Get in the habit of learning and keep that habit.”

“You lived here,” Cindy accused kaçak iddaa in a moment of insight. “That’s why you know him so well.”

“Of course,” Sara nodded. “He taught me to stand up to anybody. Taught me to stand up for myself. I’ll always love him for that. I nearly didn’t open my school because of what happened to me. He taught me not to be a victim.”

“Does he often take in young women?” Jessica asked, surprised.

“You are the second,” Sara shrugged and looked to Gabriel for confirmation. “But, only idiots think freedom is doing what you want. Freedom is taking responsibility for your actions and paying the consequences, even if what you did was right.

“And,” Sara continued. “Especially if what you did was wrong.

“That is a nice dress, Cindy,” Sara smiled. “Gabriel, as she chose not to dress appropriately in the first place, may I dress her downstairs?”

“Can I watch?” Jessica asked, curious. “I haven’t been downstairs yet.”

“I could dress them both,” Sara said, her smile growing.

“Certainly,” Gabriel returned her smile. “Have fun. Dinner will be ready in an hour.”

“You too, Charles,” Sara chuckled as she grabbed the key to the basement from a hook by the door. “And, do be polite.”

“With your permission, Sir,” Charles asked, blushing.

“Of course, Charles,” Gabriel nodded. “Thank you for coming today.”

Nodding, Charles followed the women down.

As he checked on his dishes, Gabriel set the table. Just as he was about to call the others, Charles could be heard coming up the stairs. Turning, Gabriel laughed at the expression on Cindy’s face.

With a nod, Charles set the girl down by Gabriel’s chair before heading back. A moment later, he was returning with her mother.

“Very nicely done,” Gabriel nodded as he inspected the ropes the women now wore. “Linen rope for Jessica and the Jute rope for Cindy. However, in a reversal, you used the box design with tortoise for the mother and diamond pattern for the daughter.”

Sara chuckled at his obvious pleasure kaçak bahis and felt pleased that he had taken the time to actually inspect the knots himself.

“Would you sit between them?” Sara asked indicating his chair. “I would like to send a video to Kinbakushi Yamakawa.”

“Of course,” Gabriel nodded as he took his seat.

Charles blushed as he was pushed aside while Sara went to her seat. Taking her phone, she started the video showing Gabriel. Rising, she kept Gabriel in focus until she started around the corner. Taking utmost care, Sara began to focus on Jessica as she was knelt by Gabriel’s right side before walking around Gabriel and showing Cindy before Sara returned to her seat. When she was once again focused on Gabriel, she stopped recording.

Taking a moment, she watched the video to ensure that the women and knots were displayed perfectly and sent the video to the rope master.

“Please,” Gabriel smiled as he waved Charles to a seat. “You’re right on time.”

Sara chuckled as Gabriel served dinner with his own hands. For all he was a man of discipline and conviction, he was also very kind and courteous.

Jessica listened, between the bites of food and was surprised at the easy banter between the two. From her position, she could only see the dress Sara was wearing and her strong, dancer’s legs. After a time, Jessica became aware that every time Gabriel handed her food, the rope stroked her clit and her eyes widened even as she felt the linen rope tugging at her breasts.

Gabriel, seeing the women becoming more aroused, made sure to continue to feed them small bits in a varied pattern so neither would become comfortable.

After dinner, Gabriel cleared the plates and brought out a Bavarian cream.

“Thank you for remembering, Gabriel,” Sara smiled. “Though Charles is not allowed.”

Resuming his seat, Gabriel arched an eyebrow.

“We’re trying to get pregnant,” Sara explained. “Yet he chose to drink Mountain Dew. He knows that the things they put in it inhibit his production of semen and so he will not be taking any desert until such time as he can perform satisfactorily.”

“Then, please,” Gabriel smiled widely. “Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on the upcoming happy news.”

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