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Note: this story was written for a competition on the General Bulletin board, it contains 10 key words that hopefully don’t detract from the story.

Kim’s heart beats a frantic rhythm beneath her heaving chest. Her nipples, standing out hard and proud atop pert breasts, dance in erratic circles, keeping time with her heartbeat and feral moaning.


Kim’s father, James, was out of town for the week, leaving Kim and her stepmother at home. Ashley was just eight years older than Kim, she was pretty, smart and friendly but Kim had never really got close to her. Since her mother had died, Kim had held most people at arm’s length.

When Kim got home from high school on Friday afternoon, Ashley was sitting at the kitchen counter watching TV. Glancing at the screen she saw half a dozen midgets tumble out of a saffron limousine with gaudy calligraphy down the side. A commercial, she assumed, or a Miami Vice re-run. Ashley didn’t seem to be concentrating on the screen, though. Kim traipsed up the stairs, dropping her bag in her bedroom doorway and leaving her clothes where they fell as she changed into her jeans and T-shirt. Kim didn’t go in for dressing up and she had no plans tonight, as usual. Although she was pretty, her plain dress and shy manner kept her out of the social spotlight. She was comfortable with that, usually.

Downstairs again, the TV was off, Ashley sat, her hands clasped in her lap. “Kim, we . . . need to talk.”

Kim’s heart had sunk, oh god, what she thought to herself, mind racing over all the possibilities.

Haltingly Ashley tried to clarify, “You’re getting older now, and your father that is, we, thought that it was time we talked to you about, you know, sex.” She’d blushed, this shouldn’t have been so hard.

Kim, part relieved, part embarrassed, had watched a cloud pass over her stepmother’s face. “Do we really have to do this?”

Ashley fetched herself a glass of wine. “Well, Jim wants to talk about it. I figured it would be easier on you,” she smiled, “and me, if we could have a girl talk.”

Kim sighed and pulled up a stool, taking Ashley’s bursa escort wineglass from her and sipping it. Ashley grinned at her and went to get another for herself, paused with the refrigerator open, then brought the whole bottle back to the counter. With difficulty at first, then more easily as the wine washed away inhibitions, the two women had talked. At one point, while talking about condoms, Ashley took a condom from the drawer in front of her and giggled, “I prepared for this,” reached into the drawer again and withdrew a torch. Both women dissolved into a fit of laughter as they gauged its size. With unsteady hands Ashley demonstrated how to apply the sheath, which promptly tore as it was stretched beyond its maximum over the flashlight’s catch.

“Shit,” swore Ashley, the shredded rubber in her hands. Her eyebrows raised, then a wicked glint shone in hers eyes. “Wait here, love, I’ll be right back.”

“Ta-da!” Ashley stood in front of Kim, a silver vibrator in her hand. Kim gazed at her, uncomprehending for a moment, unaware that she’d closed her eyes. Then mirth and shock stole across her in equal measures.

“Oh my god, Ash.” She laughed her eyes wide. “And you . .? Can I hold it?”

“Yes, I do,” Ashley chuckled, handing the mechanical toy to Kim, “And you can too, if you want.”

Kim sat for a moment, entranced by the shiny device. She tapped it against her signet ring and shivered as it clicked solidly. Ran her fingers along the smooth tip, and the ridged shaft. Catching Ashley’s eye on her, she laughed self-consciously and handed it back. “The condom thing?”

Ashley grinned at her. She had a feeling she was doing that quite a lot, thank you wine. The demonstration with the new condom went smoothly.

“Well, I’m exhausted. I think we can talk about things now. If there is anything else you want to know, ever, don’t be afraid to ask.” She kissed Kim on the forehead. “Goodnight love.” Leaving the wineglasses and condom-encased vibrator on the counter, she made her way up to bed. Kim stared at the vibrator for a moment before reaching for it. Upstairs she dropped the vibrator bursa escort bayan on the pillow and stripped off her clothes, climbing into bed in panties and a bra. She was asleep the instant she’d lain her head down.

Ashley awoke late the following morning. Very late, she amended when she glanced at the clock. She dragged her fingers through her hair. She’d rolled over and stroked the pillow where James’ head would usually lie. From down the hall she heard a soft noise and stopped. That must have been what woke her. She listened for a moment; there it was again. It sounded like Kim, a sort of frustrated, exasperated whimper. Climbing from the bed, she paused momentarily to survey her naked body in the mirror before tying a silk robe about it.

When Ashley reached Kim’s room, she popped her head around the door, hand raised to knock. The sight before her stopped her in her tracks. Kim was lying on the bed, covers thrown back, panties in a pile next to her as she tried to push the humming vibrator into her tight hole. Kim knocked then. “Hon?” she said, concern in her voice. Kim’s eyes flew open and stared straight into Ashley’s emerald gaze. She clamped her legs together and flung the covers back over herself. It was her turn to blush. Ashley sat on the side of the bed, not saying anything. Only the unrelenting buzzing of the vibrator broke the silence.

Ashley held out her hand. Kim looked up at her and knew. She reached beneath the covers and retrieved the toy, placing it in Ashley’s hand. Ashley shut off the little motor.

Kim whimpered, tears glistening in her eyes, “Why didn’t it work, Ash, why didn’t it feel good?”

Ashley gathered her up in her arms. “Darling, if a boy tried to rush you like that, you’d never let him touch you again. You have to work up to getting it inside you. Did you stroke yourself? Your breasts? Your belly? Your clitoris?”

Mutely Kim shook her head.

“Sometimes you’ll find yourself ready for fast rough sex, but often you’ll need to build up to penetration. And that’s the same when you’re masturbating.” Ashley barely hesitated before she continued, escort bursa “Would you like me to help you?”


“Put your hands on mine, I’ll do to you what I do to myself, and you can follow.”

Kim lay back as Ashley kept talking. “Most of my masturbation happens in my Mind. I close my eyes and imagine something, as my hands touch my body.”

With Kim’s fingers resting on hers, Ashley reached up and ran her fingers over Kim’s eyes, closing them, trailed her fingers across her ears, pulling gently on her earrings then down her throat. One hand paused to stroke the underside of Kim’s breasts in turn, while the other worked down her side and caressed Kim’s thighs. Kim sighed as Ashley cupped her breasts through the thin bra, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Kim’s legs spread of their own volition when their hands had journeyed up her inner thighs and closer to her sex.

Ashley slipped a finger into her stepdaughter’s mouth at the same time she pressed her other hand over her young pussy. Kim gasped, then sucked on the offered finger. Her mouth was as hot and wet as she was growing between her legs. Ashley stroked her folds and dipped a finger into the juice collecting there, then focussed on her clit. She rubbed and rolled Kim’s clit as she massaged her breasts and soon discarded the bra altogether. When Kim’s legs started to draw up, Ashley reached for the vibrator, replacing her finger with the toy. She placed the shiny machine in Kim’s hand and guided her to stroke herself.


She strokes her clit with the vibrator and squeezes and pulls her nipples. Breath comes in gasps and she feels the universe contracting around her. Ashley presses the vibrator inside her pussy, she feels herself filled and stretched, her other hand is guided back to her clit where she rubs furiously without any prompting. Her pussy sucks at the toy as it plunges into her, she arches her back, release imminent. Her toes curl and thighs quiver, a rising moan issues from between her lips.

“Ohhhhhh!” She screams and shudders as Ashley pushes the vibrator into her hard and deep. She feels torn and injured and fulfilled all at once as another spasm crashes over her. Her finger lays lightly on her clit, unmoving, the vibrator still pulses inside her, sliding slowly in and out as she convulses again and again.

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