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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 59:

When I regain my breathing, I open my eyes, staring straight into Ron”s, and his smile.

“When did you learn to do that?” He grins at me. “You were pretty good!”

“But, not as good as you!” I say to him. “And I can”t tell you anything more. House Rule! Hey, you could always teach me to do it better, like how you just did it to me!”

“I think that we will have opportunities to make that happen,” he says, still grinning. “I could be here for quite a while, according to what your dad told me.”

“Nice!” I say. Then I roll onto my stomach. “Your turn!” I grin at him. “Go for it!”

“Just a minute!” he says. “I”ll need a towel. Things are going to get very wet.”

He gets up, squeezes my glutes, then heads to the bathroom and emerges, rubbing off his body the excess oil that I so freely bathed him with.

Suddenly, he stops dead, listening, and says, “What”s that noise?”

“Hell!” I blurt out. “That sounds like my Dad”s ute!”

Chapter 60 � Surprises!

“Quick!” Ron growls urgently. “Get your clothes on.”

He gathers his own and retreats to the bathroom.

I jump off the bed and pull my underpants up, instantly aware that they are on backwards, but I don”t have time to correct to the uncomfortable error! Jeans up! Shirt out!

“Hello!” I hear, as Dad closes the door of the ute. “Where is everyone?”

Quickly checking around me, I see the bottle of oil on the floor and immediately stash it under a pillow and smooth out the covers.

Dad comes through the door. “What”s going on?” he asks.

My heart doesn”t just sink. It dives!

“Here, ya go, Champ,” Ron says, emerging from the bathroom, with two different brooms in his hands, and properly dressed. (I don”t know how he managed to hide his `Moby Dick”!) “Which one do you want to do? The floor or the cobwebs?” Then, as if he had only just realised that my Dad was here, he says, “Oh, hi Jan, what”s happening?”

“I thought that you guys were coming down here to check out whether there was any rubbish lying around,” Dad says, eyeing us strangely. “What are you both doing inside?”

I open my mouth, hoping that something sensible and believable will come out.

However, Ron beats me to it. “Yeah, we”ve already done that. It”s all in a pile behind the hut, near the water tank, ready to be moved.”

Oh, shit! If my Dad bothers to check it out, he”ll know that Ron is lying and he could become suspicious of what we might actually have been doing, inside!

Ron continues, “After collecting it all, Kurt suggested, since we were down here anyway, that we should give the place a sweep. It”s amazing how quickly dust settles and spiders think that they can make themselves at home wherever they like!”

He passes the floor broom to my right hand. He knows that I”m right-handed � most of the time!

“Boots at the door, please, Dad,” I tell him. “Where we left ours. No sense in bringing in more dirt!”

“So, let”s see what rubbish we have!” Dad says, turning to head down the couple of steps.

I give Ron a fearful look, but he smiles, returning my anxiety with a grin and a `thumbs-up”.

After quickly slipping our boots on, Ron and I follow Dad around towards the back of the hut. I”m terrified of what we will find. Or won”t!

“Hey! Nice work!” Dad says, turning to us and grinning, having inspected a pile of metal and wood and other stuff, around the corner from the water tank, which would not be visible from the track down to the hut.

“Yeah,” Ron answers. “It was scattered all over the place. It looked as though somebody had just tossed some of it out of the windows. But it didn”t take us long to clean up, eh Champ?”

“No time at all,” I gulp, amazed, my heart thumping away. I”m sure that my Dad and Ron understand my response differently!

Ron winks.

My heart is still trying to pound its way out of my chest. And my temples.

Without further questioning, Dad says, “Well, having it all in one pile will make it easier to pick up once the paddock is fenced, away from where the Farm Stay guests might wander. I hadn”t been down here much, and certainly didn”t notice the scattered rubbish.”

Cleverly changing the subject, Ron says, “So, I assume that Helen didn”t want you to help her with lunch!”

“It was a little stronger than `didn”t want my help”,” my Dad tells him. “So, banished from the house, and to fill in a bit of time, I decided to bring down some paint which can be used to freshen this place up. What do you reckon? A job for the two of you next weekend?”

“I thought that Karl was the painter in the family!” I reply, attempting to add some humour to my brightening mood.

And, Dad actually wants Ron and me to be together down here next weekend! Hell, Yeah!

“Yes, well, when I thought about it, and based on my previous observations of you two with paint brushes, you would do a much better job than somebody who thought that he was just being punished for something,” Dad replies, grinning, and touching the side of his nose.

“You”re smart…” I tell him, “for an old man!” I grin at him. Then, watching his face, I run!

It was always fun, as a little kid, to pretend that I could get away from my Dad, yet I was always delighted when he caught me and tickled me, picked me up and tossed me onto his shoulder, and gave my backside a make-believe spanking.

I glance behind me, as I used to do back then, only to find that I”m actually maintaining my lead on him. My legs have grown! So, I deliberately slow down until `Captain Jan Andersen” captures his 13-year-old fleeing pirate, and ensnares me in a headlock. Oh, no! I am about to be made to walk the plank to the sharks waiting below!

“Old man, is it?” he grins, obviously enjoying our playfulness as much as I do. “Think you can run faster than me, do you?”

He releases me, then gives me a friendly swat on the tail, but without throwing me over his shoulder. I enjoy it, however, not quite as much as when Mr Grant does it!

I laugh.

Then I ask, cheekily, “Dad, so, do everyone”s legs slow down when they start to go bald?”

His face drops and he lifts one hand to feel the back of his head.

I point at him and laugh even more. It”s one of those `Gotcha!” moments.

He makes to chase me again, but stops after only two, quick, threatening steps.

As we are walking together, back towards where Ron is obviously enjoying our father/son fun, I feel a stinging swat on my backside. Then Dad runs.

I”m tempted to catch him because I”m sure that I could, but, instead, call out loudly, mainly for Dad”s benefit, “Hey, Ron. Don”t chase that old man. We wouldn”t want him to suffer a heart attack!”

We are still laughing when Ron and I help to carry the cans of paint from the ute into the hut.

I hand Ron the broom for the cobwebs, and, while pointing to where my Dad is standing, say, “More dirt to sweep up!”

Chuckling and looking at his watch, Dad tells us, “Don”t be long!” Then he heads for the ute and starts it up. He leaves, giving us a wave with his arm out of the window, but without looking back.

With his arm over my shoulder and mine around his waist, Ron and I walk back inside, removing our boots at the door. “Phew!” I tell him, exhaling heavily. “That was close!” “I”m glad that he was driving the ute. It”s noisier than the Land Rover.”

“And you played along with my story amazingly,” izmit escort he replies, grabbling me in a headlock, like Dad did, and mussing up my hair.

Instinctively, I feel for his Moby Dick and ask, “Hey, how on earth did you hide this so quickly?”

He jokes, “Well, I got such a fright, that it went into immediate hibernation.”

He hangs on, so do I.

“You want to keep playing?” I put to him. “It”s your turn to have some fun!”

“Better not!” he replies. “Maybe later, or tomorrow. Besides, we now have some sweeping to do in case your father comes to inspect, then we”d better get back for lunch.”

I”m not sure how easily `later” or `tomorrow” will happen! Later, Karl and Jacko will be around. And, tomorrow, Mr Grant and William will be here as well.

I ask the question that has been buzzing through my brain. “When…? How… did you know that all of the rubbish was stacked near the water tank?”

“It was one of the last things that I did for Uncle Jim,” Ron tells me. “I knew that saying to your dad that we had just done it was a bit of a risk. but I was counting on everything still being where I had left it, and that your dad hadn”t seen it any time recently!”


As Ron and I emerge from putting the quad bikes away, Karl and Jacko trot up, then dismount in front of us.

As they lead their horses past us, I look at their faces. There is a surprising happiness about them both!

“Your brother”s face is glowing,” Ron comments to me as we get closer to the house. “Like it was on the night that the two of you came back from seeing the possums! So is Jacko”s.”

I look at Ron. He just raises and lowers his eyebrows a few times. He is right! With his ability to read auras, he doesn”t have to say anything more. I can put two and two together!

I think back to Karl”s recent misery at the thought of William finishing school and going away, leaving my brother with nobody to muck around with, apart from me and the uncertainty of the Farm Stay guests. I hope that Karl might just have found a new friend! I”ll ask him about it tonight, although I don”t expect to get any more from him than the `House Rule” defence!

We go in to find the table set for lunch, with Dad, Jed and Charlie reclining on the lounges.

I nod to them, and Jed, as though I had asked him a question, says, “All done! It was easier than I expected, especially with Charlie here. He”s always a great help.

Charlie blushes. Ron and I sit with them.

Dad adds, “I”ve told Charlie that he”s welcome to come and stay for a few days at a time whenever Jed can spare him.”

“I love horses and bikes,” Charlie tells us.

“And he”s quite capable of helping with anything around the place, if you need it,” Jed adds.

We chat for another five or ten minutes, then Helen asks, “Kurt, would you duck across and see what”s keeping your brother and Jacko? And tell them that I”m about ready to serve. Thank you.”

I give a quick, sideways nod to Ron, virtually asking him to accompany me. He declines with a shake of his head, probably not noticed by the others. No sense in making my wanting to be with him too obvious, I suppose. He”s smart!

I walk to where the horses are, thinking that Jacko and Karl might be brushing them. No. Not here. The horses are happily feeding.

Then I head to the bunkhouse. From the outside I hear the showers running.

I go in quietly and stop outside the shower room door, listening to their laughing. I call out, “Whatever you two are doing in there, you”d better hurry up. Helen”s serving lunch and sent me to get you.”

I close the outside door loudly. However, after Ron”s comments about their faces glowing, I”m curious, so I sneak back. They are still laughing. I carefully push the shower room door, just partly open, and poke the top of my head around to see what is so amusing.

After watching for long enough, I grin at them and say loudly, “I”ll go and tell Dad that you were just brushing the horses, and that you needed to get rid of the horsey smell, and then you”ll be right over. “But, you”d both better rinse off first… in very cold water!”

As I leave, I hear Jacko say, “Fuck! I knew this was a bad idea. Do you think he”ll tell?”

I let the outside door bang, and I don”t hear what Karl says after, “I don”t know. Maybe.”

I grin to myself as I walk slowly back to the house to give them some time. This arrangement of having Jacko and Ron as farm hands could work out really well for both Karl and me!


Finally, the eight of us sit down, around the food which is arranged in the centre of the table.

As various dishes are passed around to take what we want, Dad, raising his voice above the chatter, says, “Are you sure Kurt, that you told us the truth about what you saw Karl and Jacko doing when you came in?”

My brother and his new friend, opposite me, look as though they are about to walk the plank or face a firing squad. Terrified! They pause their plate-filling and stare at me.

“Yep. Absolutely sure!” I say, smirking at them.

My brother squints a look of hatred at me. I hope that Jacko isn”t going to cry! Or die!

Dad says, “Well, they sure don”t smell like horses! I think that you were just making it up.”

I deliberately sniff the air in their directions. “Yes, well, maybe I could have been mistaken,” I say, winking at them. “It must have just been the horses that they were busy brushing!”

They look at me, breathe again and smile. My brother mouths, “Thank you.” Jacko just grins.


Despite being offered coffee after lunch, Jed, looking at his watch, says, “Thanks, Helen, but we really must be getting home. And it will be much shorter and faster by the back road instead of going via The Village. Thank you for a wonderful lunch!”

“Yes, thank you, Helen,” Charlie adds.

I see Dad hand Jed an envelope. He walks them out to their ute and then shake hands with them both.

Helen starts to clear away.

“Oh, no, you don”t!” I tell her. “The cook doesn”t wash up! Remember?”

Helen and Dad fill their cups from the large coffee pot on the side table, then move to the lounges. Helen comments, “Well, this is unusual; you and I being able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee together! I could get used to this on weekends.”

Karl and I recruit the assistance of Ron and Jacko and take all of the dishes to the kitchen. Karl noticeably keeps somebody between him and Ron at all times. This will be the last time that I have to put up with this rubbish! Absolutely!


“I”ll wash!” Karl insists, already running the hot water and squirting the detergent.

“Then, I”ll wipe,” Jacko announces, grabbing a tea towel from the handle of the oven.

“Well, I know where everything belongs,” I say. “So, I”ll put away.”

Which leaves the scraping and stacking for Ron. “That means you get to finish first,” I smile at him, deliberately for Karl”s benefit. “Then you can go and relax with Dad and Helen.”

I see my brother”s face change from miserable at being the next in the chain after Ron, to grinning when he realises that his imagined `arch enemy” will disappear first.”

Whenever Ron gets close to my brother by adding some other scraped dish or bowl to the stack, Karl fixes his gaze on him, suspiciously. What? Does he think that Ron will drown him in the kitchen sink, half full of sudsy water? In front of witnesses? I smile at the stupidity of it all!

“There you go, Karl!” Ron says. “My job is done. They”re all yours now. I”m going to sit inside and enjoy my coffee before it gets cold.”

For a short while, there is an uneasy silence, with Karl washing, Jacko taking one item at a time from the draining rack, drying it, and then handing it to me to stow away.

I notice an exchange of glances and nods between Karl and Jacko.

Then, it”s Jacko who finally speaks. “Kurt, I just want to say thanks for not ratting on us earlier.”

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“Why? Did you think that I would?” I reply, stopping still and looking him squarely in the eye which, I can tell, makes him a little uneasy.

“Yes. Maybe. And you know why!” he says hesitantly. “A grown man playing with certain parts of your brother”s naked body.”

“Nothing that he and I haven”t done before, I assure you,” I say. Then I add, looking to Karl, “I hope that you did nothing more than that!”

“Nothing more!” Karl replies hurriedly, keen to convince me.

“And, from what I saw,” I begin, “it wasn”t only YOU playing with HIM, eh, Jacko?”

Then I stare at my brother. Jacko turns from me to face Karl as well.

Karl confesses, “OK. I”m as guilty as he is! In fact, playing in the shower was all my idea.”

“Very dangerous!” I tell my brother, then I turn my gaze back at Jacko. “What if our Dad had come in, instead of me, and sprung you two doing what you were doing in there?”

“Well, Dad wouldn”t sneak up on us, like you did,” Karl butts in. “He would”ve just stood over here on the verandah and yelled!”

“Maybe.” I reply. “But, in future, you”d both better be more careful, and stick to jerking each other off when you go horse riding alone together.”

They both look at each other, then turn and stare at me, uncertain of what to say, if anything. They certainly can”t deny it!

“Come on!” I tell them. “It was pretty obvious what you had done the moment that I saw your faces when you came back. I”m very familiar with my brother”s moods. I know exactly what causes that goofy, satisfied expression on his face!”

“And it doesn”t bother you?” Jacko asks, with some disbelief. “Him and me doing stuff?”

I certainly can”t tell him why it doesn”t bother me! The names `Ron” and `Mr Grant” come to my mind. And I suddenly recall `Dave”, the steward on the train. Then there”s Andy. I”ve done much more with him than with anyone else. Me bothered? No.

“What does bother me,” I reply, smiling, “Is knowing exactly what you two will be doing, somewhere, while I”m left painting a wall or helping Helen in the kitchen.”

“You could always join us, if you want to,” Jacko says, grinning.

I catch the expression, directed at me, which crosses my brother”s face. In one flash, it conveys `You”d better not!” and `He”s mine!” and, `I saw him first!”

I reply, softening the frown on Karl”s face, “I don”t think so, Jacko. Besides, horses and I don”t agree, like they do with you two!” Then I have to add, “But, it”s all right if you two want to ride somewhere and have a bit of fun. Just be careful. OK?”

I realise that I sound more like Karl”s older brother than his twin, but he nods his agreement.

“Thanks,” Jacko says, capturing me in a hug, which, I can tell, doesn”t exactly please Karl.

“Group hug!” I say, extending my arm to Karl who joins in. They both appear satisfied, especially when I break away from them, leaving them to give each other a final, friendly, promising squeeze. And a quick, deal-sealing grope!

As the washer-upper, Karl quits the kitchen next.

Now alone with Jacko, I mention to him, almost casually, “You know, that if you ever hurt my brother, things will become very painful for you. And, I don”t mean just here…”

Determined to have a good feel of the handsome dick and dangling balls that I saw in the shower, I attach my hand to the front of his jeans.

I continue to speak, while continuing to have a feel of what has charmed my brother, “IF my Dad were to `accidentally” find out what you were doing with Karl, I can guarantee that your nose would most likely be rearranged, and that you would definitely lose your job, and there”s a great chance that you would end up in prison! Do I make myself clear?”

Jacko has been standing still, taking it all in � the verbal warning as well as allowing the exploration by my hand.

“Perfectly clear!” he says, moving his hand to the front of my jeans, getting in a quick feel of my half-stimulated, and probably-obvious, Junior, before I pull away from him.

“You”d better save that for my brother!” I tell him, but grinning. “Now get out of here. Your job”s done!” I add, smiling, “Oh, and Jacko… thanks.”

“No. Thank you, Kurt,” he replies, hanging the wet tea towel over my shoulder. “Karl sure is lucky to have a brother like you!”

The dryer-upper leaves.

As the last of the pots and pans are returned to their `homes”, I wonder, am I jealous of Karl for finding a willing play-mate in Jacko, who is older than me, and Andy, and William, and Ron, and even a year or two older than Mr Grant?

Answer: No! But I am protective of my twin brother! We don”t know anything about Jacko! This is only their first day together but already they”ve gone off horse riding with each other, jacked one another off somewhere, and not only showered together but were rubbing their soapy erections against each other”s body! Where was that heading?

No! I just need to trust Jacko with my brother, as much as I trust Ron with me. At least, I can `talk things over” with my brother at night.


The afternoon begins with Dad discussing with Jacko and Ron what he would like them to do through the week while he”s involved in The Village work. And, even though he was in the habit of driving both ways each day when he was living `at home”, that he might stay at the pub for one or two nights during the week. He”ll discuss that with Helen, Marty and Ash.

Karl and I, instead of just listening, take the quad bikes for a spin. When we stop for a rest, sitting with a can of orange, I have to ask him the obvious question…

“So, how did you and Jacko get started, playing with each other?”

I”m fully expecting him to tell me to mind my own business, or, more politely, to claim the `House Rule”, but I”m actually surprised when he opens up, appearing almost excited, to tell me everything.

“Well, we were having fun, riding, sometimes having a race and sometimes just riding side by side. After a while, I said, `I need to stop for a pee.” and he said, `Good idea. I do too.”

“I walked up to the nearest tree, undid my belt, pulled my zip down, fished out my dick and stated peeing. Jacko came and stood right next to me and did the same. I was looking at his, the way we do at school sometimes, you know? And he was looking at mine. `Nice dick!” he said. I answered him, `Thanks. Yours is too!” Watching each other pee, his started to get hard. He saw me watching and asked, `I call it my magic wand. You wanna feel it?” I looked at him. He smiled and I nodded.

“When we gad both finished peeing, I reached over, wrapped my fingers around it, and it got really longer and harder. Without asking, he reached over and took hold of mine too. I didn”t mind, because I liked the feel of his fingers. Soon we were both as stiff as we could get, I reckon, and just kept holding on and playing, you know?

“Then he said, `Wait a minute.” And he let me go, and pushed his jeans right down. He doesn”t wear underpants! `Keep going,” he said. `It feels good.” So, I pushed mine down too, and we both started playing again. Pretty soon, we were jacking each other off properly.

“He asked, `You like doing this too?” and I said, `Yeah. Every day.” Then he spat on his hand and kept jerking me off. I was so excited, I knew that I wasn”t going to last long. I told him when I was going to spurt and he said, `You finish yours, and I”ll do mine.” So, we did.

“I spurted first and then watched Jacko waving his `magic wand” around, spraying his white stuff left and right.

“As we mounted the horses, I thought of stuff that you and I have done, and I said to him, `You know, it would feel a lot better doing it with soap, in the shower.” And that”s how everything got started. I really like him, Kurt. I had so much fun with him!”

“He”s a lot older than us, you know,” I tell him. darıca escort “Just be careful, eh?”

“It”s OK. We just seemed to `click” with each other straight away,” Karl replies. “Kind of like how you did with Andy. Remember?”

“Yes, I remember. But Andy”s our age. Jacko would be about double that. Maybe even older than Mr Grant,” I tell him.

“But, you and Mr Grant have a bit of fun together, sometimes, don”t you?” he asks, almost pleading for some freedom with Jacko.

How can I deny my brother the pleasure that I”ve had? I only hope that Jacko is as kind and gentle as Mr Grant is. However, I”m not sure that I want Jacko doing with my brother what I”ve done with Andy! Why not? I don”t know! It just doesn”t seem right! Would I go all the way with Mr Grant, or with Ron? Andy and I have made promises! And then there”s Uncle!

“Promise me that you won”t do any more with Jacko than you do with me or William!” I ask, almost demand of my brother.

“Sure. But, what more could we do?” he asks me.

Doesn”t he know? I don”t want to tell him, or he”ll ask how I know! OMG. I just don”t want him to get hurt!

I tell him, “Except, that if Jacko has a new way of jacking off, you”d better teach me! Deal?”

He laughs, and we head back to the homestead.


After dinner, the six of us play cards. Helen sits between Karl and Jacko. Opposite them, Dad is between Ron and me. At least, `things” will be kept under control this way!

It turns out that Jacko is good at poker. He and Ron win most of the hands. Helen isn”t too bad either. A couple of times I throw in a good hand, so that Karl isn”t discouraged. I try not to win more than him. I can tell from his face when he has a good hand, and I don”t mind letting him `clean me out”! It”s all just a game!

“Lemon meringue pie and coffee?” Helen asks, getting up after Ron wins another hand.

“Toilet break!” Dad announces, and heads for toilet near the bathroom.

“I can go, outside,” Ron comments.

Jacko, Karl and I follow.

We all `hang out” together, away from the house, `watering” the dust. It”s not a race, but Ron and Jacko finish last!

“So, where will you be sleeping?” Karl asks Jacko. “Which bed did you choose?”

The four of us go into the bunk house. Ron has his `usual” bed, down on the left. Jacko has chosen the second one on the right. “That”s where I used to sleep!” Karl tells him. “Between Dad and my brother.”

Jacko and Karl head for the door. Ron and I are behind them so they don”t see him feeling my `nice glutes” and then help me out of the door with a friendly swat!

When we go back inside, the coffee and a delicious-looking pie are on the table. Helen says, “After this, who”s offering to wash?” Then, immediately says, “Thank you, Jan!”

Dad pulls a shocked face, but I can tell that they had already rehearsed all that.

I”m surprised when Karl offers to help, and volunteers me as well.

I”m glad that he didn”t say him and Jacko. That would have really looked suspicious!

“Well, if you all don”t mind, I might hit the sack,” Ron says. I was up early today to meet up with Jed and Charlie.”

“An early night wouldn”t hurt me, either,” Jacko announces.

They both say good night and head out, to leave `the family” to do the dishes.

The dishes are already scraped and stacked. Dad is washing. Karl is drying and I am putting away.

“Well, what do you think?” Dad asks us. “Are they good choices for our farm hands? Marty tells me that Jacko is a really hard worker, and, we know that with all of his experience staying with his uncle, Ron understands this place probably as well as I do, maybe better.”

I really hope that Karl doesn”t start gushing about Jacko, so I speak up first. “Yes. They both seem to be good choices,” I say. “And, what is more important for Karl and me, is that they are very friendly, which will make it easy for me to work with Ron and for Karl to work with Jacko when we are here on weekends. Or the four of us together, if that is needed.”

“Five together, including me,” Dad answers. “Maybe some work on the rubbish paddock, even though Ron and Jacko will do most of the heavy stuff during the week. Digging the holes for the posts will help them to sleep well at night!”

A possibility crosses my mind, about Ron and Jacko doing other `stuff” that might help them to sleep well. And I wonder whether they might do it together! Who knows? They are both grown men, after all. It”s not for thirteen-year-olds to say what adults may do, or not do! Like William and Mr Grant. Even, like Dad and Helen.


Karl and I lie, side by side, in my bed, after adding two lots of wetness to my spunk rag. I”m enjoying the feeling of his hand around my balls, playing with them, or squeezing a still-fat, but softening, Junior. I know that we are identical down there, and I do exactly the same to him, so that he can feel what I”m feeling.

Karl confesses that he can”t wait to have more fun with Jacko and his `magic wand”.

He finally heads back to his own room.

I think of Ron who, down at the workers” hut, didn”t get his turn at lying on my back and having fun, while I was face-down. Maybe next weekend, in between painting, we can spend some time in bed together or in the shower.

The one thing which I haven”t spoken to my brother about, yet, is Ron. I”m not sure whether Karl is truly afraid of him, or whether he”s just play-acting, but is now taking it a bit too far!

I know that it”s late, but I can”t sleep. I lie awake, thinking of what to say to him.

Should I just insist straight out that he”s being ridiculous? Probably not, because Karl will assume that I”m putting him down. He”s only just starting to be positive and helpful! I don”t want to upset that!

Or, maybe, should I tell him that Ron is really a nice guy, like Jacko? I don”t want to do that either, because if I tell my brother what a good guy Ron is, I”ll cop a lot of questions in return, and it won”t take him long to put two and two together. He”s not quick, but he”s not stupid! Ron and I have made promises of secrecy to each other, even though we need to be more careful so that we don”t get `sprung” doing stuff, like we nearly did when Dad came down to the workers” hut in the ute. And, like I `sprung” Karl and Jacko in the shower. Or, is it `sprang”? (English!)

Or, should I just go back to that day in the swimming hole and remind Karl of what really happened when it was he who actually `started it”? Ron was just being playful, like we often are with William in the weir!

I replay that scene in my mind, only to awfully realise that it could have been me who caused everything. I remember calling out, so that my brother could hear me, `Ron, don”t hurt me!” when I was pretending that I couldn”t swim very well so that I could cling onto his body. And later, Ron yelled out loudly that if he knew I was lying about not being able to swim, he would have seen how long I could hold my breath under water with him holding me down. And when my brother went to attack him, Ron ducked Karl without letting him take a breath. And then, when Karl grabbed him around the neck from behind, Ron scrunched his balls.

Am I actually the cause of Karl”s fear of Ron?

I really need to talk to my brother! Now!

I creep out of my bed and put my pyjama pants on in case I see Helen. I close my door and quietly open Karl”s, then close it again, and turn around.

What the …?

My brother”s bed is empty!


(to be continued)



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