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Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 07

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Nicole spent the rest of the week going through her usual routine.

Breakfast followed by a quick masturbation session, which now included her fisting her constantly wet pussy.

This was followed by a trip with Kate and sometimes the other ladies to either the mudding pool or a swim in the lake.

Nicole got herself off as discreetly as she could another time or two before lunch. This was usually in the bathrooms or with a sneaky hand under the water if she could manage.

Kate had commented that Nicole shape was definitely coming along and that her boobs were looking better than ever.

Nicole was still not up to Kate’s size but getting closer every week.

The late afternoons were spent cleaning and cooking with another round of pleasure on the couch.

After dinner Nicole would apply a generous helping of Rebecca’s cream across her entire pussy and clit and then a little bit to her nipples, just because it made them tingle in the most delightful way.

After applying the cream, Nicole’s arousal would spike and she would go at it for a long time and she also started using the purple monster much more often. It went in easier each time.

By then end of the week when the men were to return, Nicole was standing in front of the full length mirror admiring her new form. Her long blond hair was more wavy, bordering on curly now, instead of the very straight look it had some time ago. It hung loose and framed her beautiful face.

Further down her body was slightly softer all over, but still toned and definitely not chubby.

Nicole had to look further down lately to see where her now very large boobs ended. They hung low and pendulous on her chest.

Saggy enough to be real, but bordering on perhaps too saggy for her liking. Her nipples were pointing more towards the ground in recent weeks. And there was so much more nipple! Her dark brown areolas dominated the front ends of her boobs and covered almost a third of each boob and they were capped by 2 inch succulent teats.

Nicole guessed that the cream that she had been applying to her pussy was obviously also having an effect on her nipples. It had enlarged them and made them darker. Nicole decided it looked very erotic and could feel her pointy nubs harden, but hoped Matt wound think the same.

Below her bountiful breasts, a fine line of blond hair grew down and got darker and thicker as it went.

Her black pubic hair covered her entire pelvis and continued into her ass crack. Nicole turned sideways to see her but better. Pulling her ass cheeks apart she only saw a dark line of hair obscuring her but hole. She was surprised to see some sparse growth of hair sprouting over the rest of her ass cheeks. ‘This is getting a bit out of hand!’ she thought.

‘Maybe I need to just trim things a bit.’ The mudding or the cream was causing some changes to her body, but if it was also causing the increased hair growth, then maybe she needs cut back on it.

Pushing her pussy hair apart, Nicole’s pussy lips dangled down unsupported a good 2 inches down, 3 inches if she stretched them out. They were dark brown. Nicole didn’t remember them being this dark.

As soon as she grabbed hold of them and pulled slightly, a shiver of pleasure ran through her body and her moisture started leaking out. Who would have thought that her pussy lips could be so sensitive? Nicole was definitely enjoying her enlarged labia and was seriously considering using Rebecca’s cream for another while still.

With her lips pulled apart there was a 1 inch gape at the opening of her vagina. Nicole knew the slight gape only alluded to the full width her hole could stretch open. She had stuffed herself enough times with the giant 15 inch dildo to know.

In the back of her mind, she knew Matt’s 5 inch dick would not be able to fill her like it did before, and she worried about his reaction. When she felt horny like she did now she simply didn’t care enough, and only craved her next satisfying orgasm.

The sound of the front door opening brought her back to reality.

“I’m home!” She heard Matt calling out.

She quickly dabbed herself dry where her juice was leaking out of her pussy and running down her leg.

She greeted Matt in the living room but stopped short of giving him a hug when she noticed the very surprised look on his face.

Matt stood there with shock on his face, still holding his backpack in his hands obscuring her view of his genitals.

“Babe!? Uhh how was your week?” He asked looking her up and down with wide eyes.

“It was interesting, as I’m sure you can tell. I missed you a lot.” She said taking a step closer to hug him.

Matt held out his arm, motioning her to stop.

“I need to first explain something to you.” He said with a pained look on his face.

Nicole was feeling anxious and crossed her arms over her chest, or at least tried, but her boobs were too big. She settled for putting her hands on her asyalı escort hips.

“Ok, so you seem to have developed a bit, in the chest area since I was left. Your boobs look bigger than ever and your large nipples are turning me on just looking at them.”

“Yea it’s a long story, but I’m glad you like them.” Nicole said with a blush as she felt her nipples harden a little more.

“So, I also have something to show you.” Matt said.

Nicole eyed the bag he was holding in front of him suspiciously.

Matt continued. “You know how all the men around these parts are, well very hung.”


“Well! It turns out they take this trip once a year and there’s this fountain that makes them grow, well sort of.”

“No ways!” Nicole said with astonishment, but instantly she thought about the mudding pit the ladies go to and the effects that has had on her.

“It’s magical, or there’s some chemical in the water or something but it changes whoever goes in. Samuel and the other guys are very secretive about it so I couldn’t get a straight answer except for the rules. Guys enter the water once before marriage, and then a few times more until they start having kids. After that it’s forbidden to touch the water again.”

“Did you go in the water?” Nicole asked what Matt knew she would.

“Yes.” He replied with a straight face.

Nicole could not hide her excitement. “And??”

“Alright so, turns out the effects of the water are different for first timers, like me. It just grows part of your dick, and then you later grow into it when you return after a year. Samuel explained that a year needs to pass between swims in the fountain.”

Matt gritted his teeth and slowly put the bag down to reveal his dick.

Nicole’s mouth hung open in anticipation, but she started to frown the more she saw.

What Nicole saw was Matt’s regular 3 inch dick hanging in front of his regular size balls, but his foreskin was much longer!

By Nicole’s estimates, Matt’s foreskin hung down another 6 inches! More than the length of his entire dick.

“What the hell?” She asked completely taken aback by the current situation.

“I know, I know.” Matt tried to sound reassuring.

“The first time you go into the water it just grows your foreskin, then a year later when you are supposed to go in again, your dick grows to match the length of it.”

“But its so long!” Nicole said throwing her hands in the air.

“After the first hour in the water, my foreskin grew about 2 inches. Understand that I was just as shocked by what I thought would be some nice enlargement of my member. Samuel failed to mention to me at first that you have to wait a year before going in again, and so I waited until everyone went to bed and then spent some more time in the fountain. And that’s how I ended up with this.” He finished by lifting up his dick and the extra skin at the end flopped about.

Nicole didn’t say anything but walked over to examine her husband’s dick.

She lifted if up and felt around.

“It’s pretty weird, but I can get used to it. You’ve been so accepting of my changing body and our new lifestyle. And besides, you’ll go back in a year’s time and then your dick will be like 9 inches, soft, right?”

“Something like that, yes.”

The thought of Matt having a larger dick definitely exited Nicole, even if she had to wait another year.

Nicole was still fondling Matt’s penis while Matt looked her over, taking stock of her latest developments.

Her boobs appeared slightly larger to him, but her nipples were definitely much larger than he remembered.

Her pussy was still obscured by her ridiculous bush, but he could see her lips hanging out from her slit.

This was all turning him on, and making his member grow stiff.

Nicole watched in fascination as Matt’s dick grew erect and now stood out 5 inches with a long foreskin dangling off the end.

“This is so strange.” She whispered as she tried to retract the skin to reveal his dick head.

She could barely get the skin back far enough to reveal his mushroom head.

She dropped down to her knees and starting giving her husband a welcome home bj.

Once she got all of his dick into her mouth, the experience was very different than before his growth.

She tried to keep the excess skin stretched back as much as she could, but still ended up choking a few times and his little elephant trunk.

As she sucked her husband’s cock she also started fingering her sopping cunt with her other hand.

What started with 3 fingers in her hole, quickly became a fist that pounded her lusty cunt.

Her first orgasm arrived before Matt had cum and she felt her juices spray out onto the floor beneath her.

She moaned into Matt’s dick which was still balls deep in her mouth.

Matt was in heaven, he had always had a sensitive foreskin, but now with all the extra skin, the sensations ayaş escort were unbelievable.

He could feel a big load approaching and opened his eyes to look down at his sexy wife bobbing on his dick.

He spurted his full load into his foreskin which was then sucked out by Nicole. It basically went down her throat without her even having to try much.

At the same time Nicole reached her second peak and could feel her snatch hungrily grip and release her hand in rhythm with her orgasm.

Matt took a step back and his softening dick flopped out of her mouth unceremoniously with some cum still dribbling out his long snout.

“Wow” was al he said.

Nicole smiled up at him. She was still trying to think about how she was going to explain her larger pussy to him.

Matt retreated to the bedroom to unpack and take a shower.

Nicole went to the bathroom to relieve herself and dry up her leaky hole.

Thankfully her pussy was mostly covered by hair and Matt had no way of truly knowing how much different her cunt had gotten.

As she sat on the toilet and peed, she had to first pull her 2 inch pussy lips apart so that the pee could flow out in a stream. She had to start doing that after her larger lips had caused her pee to go out in all directions once they reached a certain length. She had learned that the hard way.

She dabbed herself as dry as she could, knowing that she would be leaking out her horny juice in no time.

After dinner that evening, they retired to the bedroom. Matt had missed his wife’s sensual body and wanted to experience it in all its glory.

He pushed her down onto the bed and marveled at how her large boobs moved around and finally settled off to the sides of her chest. He positioned himself between her legs and felt his member stiffen as he could smell her womanly musk.

As her legs parted her dark labia became exposed and Matt did a double take to understand what he was seeing.

Her pussy was swollen and wet as usual, but what surprised him was the size of her cunt. I was much bigger than he remembered, and her lips were huge. Even her clit appeared bigger as it stuck out from its hood atop her pussy.

“Your pussy love.. Its, its different, but its beyond sexy and turning me on so much, I can’t even explain it.”

Nicole’s heart skipped a beat at hearing that.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that. My new and improved punani has needs you know, so don’t dally too long.” She winked at him.

Matt wasted no time in eating her out. All his usual moves seemed useless now. His tongue felt like it got lost in her cavernous cleft, so he opted to suck on her clit and finger her with his one hand. His other hand gently pulled on her long labia. This made Nicole moan louder, so he guessed she enjoyed that and pulled even harder.

Soon Matt resolved to put as many fingers into her as he could as she kept on asking saying: “More! More!”

Matt had his fingers all pointed together and was still going in to his knuckles.

He came up for a breath and told her he wanted to try something.

He balled up his fist and pushed against her opening. After a second it slipped in without too much resistance.

Nicole shouted loudly and squirted her juice all over his face.

“Wow, this is, something new.” He said in amazement.

What Nicole didn’t tell him was that this was not the first time she had a fist up her cunt.

Matt went back to sucking her clit, which had swollen up very large, while he moved his fist around in her.

A few more loud and wet orgasms later, Nicole was spent and all but passed out on the bed covered in a sheen of sweat.

Matt’s arm felt like it had also gotten a work out.

He sat on his knees on the bed next to his wife and admired her form.

Matt imagined he was possibly a bit perverted or something to be turned on by his wife’s oversexed body, but couldn’t deny how turned on he got by seeing her.

He grabbed hold of his aching member and starting wanking as he ogled his passed out wife.

As he pulled on his cock, his long foreskin flew about wildly with each stroke.

It made for quite the comical scene, but Matt was enjoying the sensations emanating from his long overhang.

He came again without any visible ejaculation, but knew the cum was just trapped somewhere in his long nozzle.

The room smelt of sex and the bed was already covered in his wife’s cunt juice, so Matt simply fell back on the bed and went to sleep.

Over the next few days Matt and Nicole got reacquainted with each other’s bodies.

Nicole’s sex drive was through the roof and Matt popped a boner each time the touched her or started at her too long.

Her large G cup tits wobbled around a lot when she moved and did chores around the house. Nicole had started complaining about some back ache each evening. Her massive jugs were a far-cry from the once perky C cups boobies aydınlıkevler escort she once had and a bit more maintenance, but they both couldn’t keep their hands of them. Her nipples pointed down much lower and her boobs had expanded wider on her chest, but they both accepted that as just par for the course with such large breasts.

They had tried to have regular sex a few times, but Matt’s small 5 incher simply couldn’t give Nicole enough friction in her cunt to get her off. She eventually confessed to him that she was using a special cream from Rebecca that caused her labia to enlarge and also showed him the large purple dildo she had. It cleared up some things Matt had wondered about, but he felt a pang of hurt as he realized he was now definitely too small to satisfy his wife completely.

After a long discussion they agreed that their relationship was more than just sex, but about love and companionship. They could both accept each other, kinks and all. Matt made peace with Nicole getting pounded hard by the purple 15 inch dildo and their neighbors on occasion. He mostly consoled himself by the fact that he would be able to return to the fountain in a year’s time and enlarge his dick properly.

Nicole had started giving her husband a lot more hand jobs to finish him off. The bjs were tricky and she choked a lot on his long foreskin. Matt also still enjoyed humping away at her stretched out cunt, but didn’t do it too often as it did little for her.

They had their neighbors, Kate and Josh over every few days for their orgies where they all partook in the fun they could offer each other with their bodies. Josh could fill Nicole up in ways that Matt couldn’t, but Matt resided in the fact that he could still satisfy his wife in other ways.

It was around this time that Nicole had stopped using the pill. She remembered that her GP had told her that it took a few months for your body to reacclimatise its hormone levels properly and it could take a while before you could fall pregnant.

It was for this reason that it came as a big surprise that Nicole found out she was pregnant the very next week.

“How did this even happen?” Matt asked her the morning she tested positive with a pregnancy test.

“I’m not sure, I guess you’re more potent that we thought.”

“Or your more fertile than we thought, I think that’s the more likely cause here.” Matt laughed looking her over.

Nicole had felt queasy the past 2 mornings and her period had been a day late. She then called up Kate for a pregnancy test, just to be sure. That same morning the test confirmed what she suspected.

“I thought you were on the pill?” Matt asked as he suddenly remembered about it.

“I was!” Nicole said a bit too defensively. “I had only stopped taking it last week. I wanted to tell you, but I shouldn’t have been able to get pregnant this soon already.”

Matt was silent for a long time as he thought it over.

“It’s actually alright, its good news. I was thinking lately that we should starting a family.”

“Really, you think so?”

“Yes definitely, we have a good home and income, and this is a great area to raise kids in. So much open space and its safe.”

“Yay! This is awesome!” Nicole chimed as she jumped into his arms.

Matt was almost overwhelmed by the sudden boob bomb that hit him, but he held her tight against him.

He could feel her hairy snatch moisten his abdomen where her legs wrapped around him. Their embrace ended and their celebratory sex started.

Matt carried her over to the bed where he collapsed onto her, his erect prick falling into her sopping hole as he did.

“Hmmmm, someone got all excited.” She smiled as she felt her husband’s meager dick poking around inside her.

Nicole let Matt hump away at her for a few minutes while she pulled and twisted on her long nipples.

Matt grunted and went stiff. That’s how she knew he had cum. She never felt him shoot his load into her anymore, it just got caught up in his long foreskin and dribbled out.

Matt lay on top of her, enjoying the feeling for another few seconds before extracting his himself from her cavern.

He retrieved her large dildo from the night stand and buried it in one go into her pussy.

He repeatedly pulled it out and stuffed it back into her to the sound of wet sloshing noises.

Nicole rubbed her hard clit as fast as she could and came several times before Matt stopped when his arm got tired.

He left the large dildo in her cunt and took a step back while wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Gonna grab a quick shower, that was great love.”

“Hmmmm, yes it was.” She replied just enjoying the feeling.

Matt took a shower and Nicole took a short nap, letting the huge dildo slowly slide out of her loose snatch.

After their little celebration, Nicole called up her friends with the good news. She also called her sister Bianca with the news who insisted on coming to visit them soon. Nicole made arrangements for Bianca to come over in 2 weeks.

Nicole had not seen her sister since moving out to Lake Pleasantview. Bianca was a year older than Nicole, but she looked very similar. Bianca was married to John and they live about an hour’s drive away.

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