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Legends of the Fel Ch. 06

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Sounds of battle woke Tan from the inky darkness of oblivion. As he came slowly back to his senses he was aware of a great number of different things clamouring for attention. First off was the unbelievable pain radiating through his skull Secondly, was the worrying sound of people dying not too far away. Thirdly and almost unnoticeably at this stage was the strange contrast between hot and cold his body seemed to be subjected to.

He was dimly aware of being laid upon his back which was deeply chilled whilst his front was bathed in a soothing light of warm rays. As his brain started to struggle back into cognitive reasoning, he asserted the fact that he was lying on the cold cobbles of the alleyway now illuminated by the morning sun which had climbed high into the morning sky.

Then it hit him – he was naked, as bare as the day he entered into the world. This was why he was feeling such a contrast in the temperature; he no longer wore his clothes! Blinking rapidly, desperately trying to focus on the world around him, Tan stared down at his bare body, chest hairs, limp penis and his long legs, which were all uncovered. With a groan of pain as he struggled into a sitting position and desperately tried to recall his last waking moments. Suddenly with a wash of nausea it came back to him. One minute he had been running through the alley, the next he had been attacked. Obviously this had not been the father of the lovely and somewhat piss covered bar maid of the night before, or he would not have woken at all.

Tan stared around at the bare stones and broken remains of wooden barrels that lay around him in the sun drenched alleyway. There wasn’t a sign of any of his belongings. Clothes, weapon and money had all vanished. Another groan escaped his lips, this time one of frustration. What could be worse than a thief being robbed by another thief?

Blinking back the pain in his head where he had been hit, Tan struggled to his feet. The sounds of fighting ankara masaj yapan escort seemed to be getting closer. A woman’s scream died halfway through, louder and more piercing than that of the cries of the men that surrounded it. Tan shuddered at the sound, his predicament now even more precarious. A naked man stood little chance of surviving in a city in its death throes. What should he do?

Acute stress affects people in different ways. Fortunately for Tan, his brain remained calm and immediately dropped into a calculating mode efficiently running through his options. Many years as a professional thief had taught him to be cool under pressure and to quickly assess escape routes and exit means.

Within seconds he was in motion, his bare feet making no sound as they dashed across the cobbles. In his mind’s eye he could see his position within the city, dedication to his art providing him with a means of escape. At the end of the alleyway he darted back into welcoming darkness of the shadows cast by a large merchant building. The road was deserted and Tan quickly made his way down its length until reaching the intersection.

The sound of fighting had diminished during his mad naked dash, but now new sounds of steel clashing against steel rose loudly from down the adjoining street. Peeking round the brickwork corner, Tan stared at the sight of the combatants. A score of city guards were fighting desperately for their lives outclassed easily by a handful of Amazon Fel warriors.

Tan watched with a growing thrill as he observed the luscious half naked beauties fighting their foes. Lithe and nimble on their feet, unencumbered by heavy steel armour like their opponents, they were literally dancing circles around the guards, sending quick and lethal jabs into their midst. Tan was mesmerised. Another attribute of a good thief was that of keen eyesight. Even from this distance Tan could clearly make out the lovely curves of the mecidiyeköy escort bare buttocks on display as well as the various shapes and colours of the Amazon pussies.

As he watched, one raven haired warrior managed to dislodge two guards from their defensive formation and parried them into the street away from their comrades. Quickly she dealt with the first guard after blocking an attack from his associate. Tan’s eyes were too busily focused on her matt of black curly hairs nestled between her toned and tanned legs to witness the death blow. However as the guard’s head rolled into the gutter away from the bleeding corpse he immediately looked up, trying to focus and analyse the woman’s fighting style.

The second guard managed to put up a better resistance than his deceased associate but within seconds he was disarmed by the deadly Amazon facing him. His sword clattered to the stone floor several paces away and Tan watched with a growing horror as the guard faced his cold blooded death. To both his and guard’s surprise, the killing stroke never came. Instead the beautiful woman warrior took a pace forward and back handed the guard full in the face with the hilt of her blood stained sword. The guard collapsed to the ground as if his legs had been swept away.

Within seconds the Amazon beauty was upon him, straddling his dented armoured body and bringing her uncovered pussy to within a scant breath away from his bruised face. Although Tan had heard the legends and fantasized about the myth, it will still a shock to see the woman start to send a thick yellow squirt of her gushing pee straight into the direction of the guard’s mouth. He spluttered and tried to resist but she simply moved the tip of her blade to his exposed throat whilst she continued to submit him to her spraying pussy shower. Her flowing urine stream looked like molten gold in the rays of the burning sun and for a scant moment Tan was envious of the stricken mersin escort guard.

What a turn on it would be to have such a beauty let loose with her hot pussy spray all over your face, revelling in its warmth as she pissed and pissed from her gorgeous pee hole. The warrior woman’s gushing pee stream was already beginning to wane as she finished relieving her pussy over her fallen prey. Behind her, the sounds of fighting were also fading as the other warrior women finished their work.

Tan wished desperately to know if they too were going to take a pee over their beaten adversaries but he knew time was running out. The raven haired warrior had finished her toilet over the guard and was beginning to stand up. Her buttocks looked stunning and Tan was sure he had never witnessed such a finely toned and pert female backside. Focus! He must focus! It was hard to do, but Tan managed to avert his gaze from the luscious warrior and instead scan the floor of the intersection for his goal.

There it was, the metal man cover than led downwards to the city sewers and Tan’s only means of escape. Taking one quick look at the female warriors up the street, he darted for the cover. He prayed that it would open quickly as he dived towards it, doing a barrel roll as he hit the cobbled street, bouncing up and onto the large plate cover. Fingers bit into the dirt around the metal seeking for leverage. The sewer cover was heavy but sheer adrenaline drove him on. He was terribly aware that his naked body was now in full view down the street from the warrior Fel. He had scant moments before they would surely notice him.

At last, the cover shifted as his muscles strained. With a deep sigh of old stale air, the metal lid gave way and Tan lifted it clear of the opening. Behind him came a shout from a female throat. Discovery! Tan scrabbled forwards sending his legs into the dark yawning hole in front of him. Every sense cried out a warning. Turn. Look. See how far their blades are from your back, but Tan ignored them desperately struggling to align his body into the hole and its promise of freedom. With one final push he shoved his upper torso towards the blackness and let gravity take hold of him pulling him downwards. As he fell he heard a female voice cursing in a strange tongue scant paces from where he had been only moments ago.

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