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Leonid Night

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After a typically boisterous evening, playing with kids, watching television, and finally, the night night ritual, we tugged the old futon out of storage and onto the deck. Two warm sleeping bags, zipped together, as they always were and two neck roll pillows lay atop the futon, waiting to provide comfort. Hot chocolate, liberally laced with something potent but sweet, steamed nearby in earthenware mugs.

Lying next to each other, letting the minutes and hours roll over us, quietly pointing out fading flashes of light, murmuring over especially bright flashes or quick burning lights in the starstrewn velvet of night. We curled into one another, then stretched out, tangled our legs, shifted, then stilled, with the ease of comfortable lovers. Occasionally we’d sip from the cooling chocolate, the rum- you told me- relaxing us even more, falling into a oneness with the night as the stars flashed and fell and turned overhead.

“The bright star… or planet, I’m not sure, what is it? Or is it a satellite?”

“No, if it were a satellite, it would be moving, its probably Saturn,” you paused, “…or Jupiter, I’m not sure, I’ll look it up later. Did you bring the binoculars out?”

“No, I’m not sure where they went.”

“I’ll get them,” your muscles bunched.

“mmmm no, stay.”

“‘K,” we settled again.

Slowly, the stars rotated above us, the falling stars subtly changed direction. I shifted again, my head finding your shoulder, your outstretched arm bending to stroke my arm, my hand rested on your chest, to stroke the hard muscles idly. My fingers occasionally slipped into your flannel shirt, to tickle the black hair covering your chest. Warm in your embrace, I relaxed, opening my mind and relaxing my soul, knowing that each star was somehow closer to me tonight. Every white-blue-green streak scarred my brain with beauty.

When I felt your lips brush my hair, I tilted my face to yours, dropping a butterfly soft kiss to your jaw. Our lips fused with a small motion and you pulled me closer, wrapping both strong arms around my back. Lush breasts were crushed against your side; one of your legs covered mine as the silken kiss melted away the night, leaving only us. Lingering images of the stars exploded in my head. The kiss broke and was reclaimed what seemed like a thousand times under the stars, each kiss deeper and hotter than the last, interspersed with light licks and tiny nibbles.

Your hands stroked under my pajama top to caress my skin, warmer than the velvet ever was. I could only shiver and move closer to you, with a rising need for more. My body struggled for more, my mouth tried to ravish yours, but you calmed my efforts. Gentle strength channeled my urgency from a quiet desperation to embers glowing through me, getting hotter and hotter. You knew I would burst into flames like the stars above, if I could, but controlled me with soft slow kisses and gentle strokes beneath my nightclothes.

Shifting, you rose up, leaning on one elbow, staring down at me, your dark eyes fathomless in the shadows. A slow smile parted your lips before you leaned over to nuzzle my cheek with your beard, knowing it would make me giggle while it stoked more of my nerves to life. Fingers scarred by time and working bahis firmaları with your hands teased my nipples through the velvet, barely touching, but causing a tendril of fire to flow through my body. The strokes became harder and faster as I struggled to be still under your watchful gaze, if I moved under your hands, you would start again. With each harder stroke, your fingers brushed my nipple rings, gently lifting and turning, driving me quietly mad. In the exquisite agony of your pleasure, my eyes clenched and fingers curled into claws, digging into the fabric below. A low, begging moan whispered only as far as your ears and you murmured for me to hush and enjoy. I tried to settle, my hands easing as I deliberately unclenched my thigh muscles.

The reward for my compliance came quickly when you expertly parted my shirt, one hand slipping the buttons out until my breasts were bare, but for the rings shining in the light of the stars and moon. Puckering in the cold, my nipple begged for your kisses. One of my hands lifted, cupping a creamy globe, lushly overflowing from my small hand. I offered myself to you; accepting your due, you leaned to lightly lick the dusky nipple, drawing it in with a deepening kiss. Unnoticed, my thighs parted when your teeth caught the ring, tenderly tugging, drawing a gasp from me. The wet velvet of your tongue teased the tip, moving fast over me; helplessly my hands lifted to tangle in your hair. Trying to draw you closer, I tugged at your thick hair, the slight highlights of mink red invisible in the night. You growled low at me, capturing my hands and tugging them above my head, holding on like steel manacles ‘come flesh.

Teasing me with a slight punishment, you tickled my breasts with your beard and mustache, knowing it drives me wild. My eyes opened wide and a meteor flashed right above me, ripping light through the sky just as your heat ripped through me. A half joyous, half desperate laugh bubbled from my now panting lips. I reached to catch the star before it disappeared; you let my hands go, sliding down my body to tug at my pants. Eyes bright with wonder and desire I stared at you with a wild smile and lifted up; soon I was nude, skin hot in the autumn night air.

Quickly, you stood and stripped, I saw nothing of the heavens as I watched you bare yourself to me, olive tan skin stretched over the thick muscles of your shoulders turned pale in the moonlight when your Broncos sweatshirt fell to the deck. I saw your tattoo, a black and white dog that I loved to kiss, on your arm as you removed your sweatpants and the boxers I bought you last Valentines Day, muscles bunching as you struggled not to fall in your haste. The same dark, curling hair that covered your chest, arrowed down your stomach- flat now, from countless situps, and tangled around the base of your manhood, hard and ready for me.

I rose to my knees before you, crawling to stroke my cheeks over your thighs. Small, pale hands slid up from your calves, thick with muscle. Behind your knees, my nails lightly scored your skin and traveled up the back of your thighs, over lean hips and stomach to caress your chest.

My eyes lifted to your cock, face moving closer and I stroked my cheeks over it. For countless seconds… kaçak iddaa or was it minutes? I don’t know, I simply enjoyed the feel of your skin on my face. Smooth and textured, hard but silken; my cheeks, eyelids, neck, across my lips; I indulged myself with you. Lips parting, I breathed across the head of your cock and felt it throb against me. Slowly I drew my tongue across the smooth head, around and over. The ridge received my attentions next, and I concentrated on the V on the underside; it made you shiver. My tongue slid down a straight line from there, teasing you until I could nuzzle at your balls, teasing little licks over the sac.

Your fingers sank into my hair, guiding me back up. A pout of displeasure crossed my lips and was quickly replaced by a sexy, gleeful smile. I stroked my open lips over the head of your cock once more before sucking you into my mouth. Tasting a drop of you, I moaned and took you deep. I felt you breathe deeply and started a slow, smooth motion, my tongue pressed up against the underside of your cock, my lips stopping below the head. Sucking you to the back of my throat, sometimes swallowing once or twice to move you further, my mouth never stopped on you.

One hand lifted to grasp you, stroking in time with my mouth, meeting my lips. I moved back, so only the head of your cock was sliding in and out of my mouth, my hand stroking your fast and hard. Tongue sliding over your smoothness, I licked and suck until I was wet and ready, too; my hand had slid between my parted thighs, delicate fingers plunging into my pussy, preparing for your hard cock while I pleased myself. My tongue slid down your cock, hand still stroking you, until I reached your balls. My tongue moved over the sac, the slowly I sucked you in, massaging with my mouth. Unheard and unnoticed, the sky above sang silently in tones of light and dark.

“Ah, doll, if you don’t stop now, I’m going to end this all now,” you moaned, fingers still buried in my hair. My mouth surrounded your cock again. I laughed slowly and you moaned at the small hum and tugged back on my hair, pulling me off. I pouted teasingly. You only laughed and lay down, motioning me for me to sit astride you.

Again I crawled to you, sprawled out on the sleeping bags, watching my breasts sway with each move. The stars were ignored as my tongue glided up from your ankle, to the inside of your knee and inner thigh. Licking a curve over your balls and a swirl up your cock, I crawled up your body. Butterfly kisses rained over your chest and up to your shoulders as my legs parted to straddle your hips. I leaned in to kiss you once, deeply, then sat up, my hand moving to hold you, teasing my clit with the head of your cock. Stroking you over my pussy, my juices spread even more to ease your way. My hips shimmied to position myself perfectly for you, your cock deep in the valley of my thighs, nestled in my lips, and sank down, stretching to fit around you. Inch by inch, I glided down until I sat on your hips, cock completely in my pussy. Slowly, I began to grind in circles on you, teasing my clit until your hands moved to my waist, encouraging me to move in long strokes.

Astride your hips, I stretched around you like a glove. My head was thrown back, auburn hair streaming kaçak bahis down my back, lips parted as I slowly panted with each long stroke. My small fingers moved up to toy with my nipples, twisting the rings slowly, brushing over the darkened tips. My hands were hot on my skin, even in the chilled night. You gripped my hips, guiding my movements, gazing up at me, strokes of light burning the sky behind me.

Together we flamed into you, the sky and I, the blanket of night and the sheath of my flesh. I was absorbed into the sky, stars falling around me, into me. Some distant part of my brain counted, as they seared the night…one… twothree… four..five, sixseveneight. Each matched the stroke of my body over yours. My fingers left off playing with the rings in my nipples, and descended to your chest, splayed wide, in the black hair covering you.

My clit ground on you when I leaned forward to kiss your shoulder; I could only gasp and twist again, seeking more. Your hips bucked and I slowly begin to rock; feeling you slide in and out of me, ever so slightly, made my body scream. Panting, I nipped your shoulder, laughing in my desperation. Sweat glistened on my back, chilling in the night air, though I didn’t feel the cold. My panting moans became a chant of your name. With me, you chanted, our whispers echoed in the lights above us, like laser beams in a whispered concert.

Faster and faster I rocked, my breasts pressed against your chest, back bowed and my cheek next to yours. I felt that I was barely moving, but each stroke was so exquisite that it ripped through my being as never before. Your hands gripped my hips, helping me to moves as I tired, occasionally sliding up my back to cup my head, bringing it to your lips. Sheathed by me, you throbbed, full and tight, ready for me. You ignored the strands of my hair as they fell into your face and tugged me closer to you, completing a stroke of my hips. My eyes were clenched; I focused only on the pleasure searing through my body.

A quick thrust of your hips took me by surprise, sending me over the precipice I had been teetering on. I lost control and shattered into a million colors. Shards of light stabbed through my body; pleasure rolled from my pussy, spasming around you over me, tossing my head back in a sharp jolt. My eyes opened wide and I watched the sky as I unravelled. Small muscles locked around you and you finally released, growling your pleasure. Your fingers clawed into my hips, later I would have bruises to coo over, but I didn’t feel them. Your warmth filled me; your groan filled the night with my name. Lost in the small shooting explosions of my body, my soul met the night and the stars falling around us.

Too soon, my back straightened and my head fell to your shoulder. I could only tremble over you, with no speech yet, no other movement but totally melting into you and the uncontrollable trembling. Rockets of pleasure spun through me occasionally, I moaned with them and your arms cradled me tightly to your broad chest.

You turned, letting me slip to the futon, still holding me close, whispering nonsense love words and murmurs of comfort, stroking along my side and back. Gentle kisses rained over my face, my eyes hot and wild on yours, still. Slowly, I calmed in your arms. The trembling eased and you smiled, tugging the sleeping bag up over us. I snuggled close, comfortable now. You kissed my forehead and whispered, “Watch the stars, doll, they flame like we do.”

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