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Let Me Make You Feel Good

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Alexis Texas

Scene: A young woman lying naked on a bed. Long dark hair spread over the pillow, some tangled in her arms, which are stretched above her head, her wrists secured with steel handcuffs to the cast iron bedstead. Rumpled white sheets, and a soft white facecloth, wet, held in the hand of a man who kneels on the bed, gently wiping the perspiration from the woman’s face. He is as naked as she, and he’s apparently just come from the shower. He’s being very solicitous, wiping the cloth gently over her face, neck, and chest, and then holding a straw to her lips. She drinks, and he turns away to set the glass and cloth on the bedside table.

Her eyes close, and a small smile plays on her lips as he crawls into the bed alongside her. He offers again to remove the handcuffs, but she shakes her head. He lies down against her side, wrapping his arm around her, head propped up with one hand. They talk, quietly. The words aren’t important, only the tone, which moves between a loving murmur and a teasing banter. Soon his fingers are again moving over her body, dragging trails of fire across her skin. His nails tweak her nipples and she moans.

He canlı bahis moves over her, his hands moving lower on her body and his mouth dropping kisses on her face and neck. His tongue slips between his lips and drags wetly down her neck, and she writhes beneath him. As his fingers begin to slip between her thighs, his teeth drag over her shoulder.

She gasps and his fingers push into her. He feels the slippery moisture of her pussy, so very wet since he’s only just made love to her. His fingers slip and slide among her wet folds, as his teeth tease her shoulders. She whimpers as he rubs her clit, then moves down, stroking her soft lips, and further down to her ‘back door’, and she jumps when he touches that bruised spot. He feels his own essence there, escaping from her puckered hole, the greasy artificial lubricant, and her own natural wetness. Moving back up, he begins rubbing her clit in earnest, his eyes locking with hers as she bites her lip. He knows he can bring her to the edge this way.

Supporting his weight with his left hand and arm, he manipulates her pussy with his right hand. His eyes smile into bahis siteleri hers, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. Her wrists pull at the handcuffs – not, he knows, seeking release, but to feel the metal biting into her skin. His teeth latch onto her nipple and dig in, tugging roughly. She moans, higher in pitch now, with a desperate note. He rubs more firmly on her clit, and his teeth release her nipple. He takes a deep breath, watching her face.

“NOW!” he shouts, and feels her thighs clamp around his wrist as her body shakes in release. Her shriek of pleasure sounds like music to him, her writhing body the symphony. He continues to strum her clit, as she rides the waves of her orgasm. He kisses her face softly, smiling at her. She opens her eyes and looks at him, smiling.

“Thank you,” she murmurs.

“Ohhhh my love I am not finished yet,” he says, and begins to trail kisses down her neck, around her breasts, and continuing down. She squirms as his tongue flicks her belly button, and moans as it finds the top of her sticky slit. He begins to lick her juices from her pussy and the insides of her thighs. She bahis şirketleri moans, her hands pulling at their restraint. She pushes her hips up towards his face. He licks and sucks, careful to avoid the traces of his own cum that he finds. He pushes his tongue into her pussy, catching her sweet nectar and seeking out more, his hands spreading her open to him. Moving to suck her clit into his mouth, he pushes two fingers deep into her pussy, stroking at her inner walls and searching for his favourite target. Her body stiffens as he finds it, and begins to stroke it slowly, flicking her clit with his tongue.

She moans, whimpers, writhes beneath him. He holds on, one arm wrapping around her hips to hold her still. He sucks harder at her clit, rubbing her inner walls with his fingers, his own moans joining hers as her juices flow into his mouth. As her moans begin to turn into shrieks he presses harder with his fingers, she bears down on him, pushing herself onto his fingers and into his mouth.

Finally he releases her clit and pulls his fingers from her pussy. She gasps for air, and he wipes his face with his other hand. Moving up the bed, he removes her hands from the cuffs and pulls her into his arms. She curls against his chest and mumbles incoherent words of love and thanks, and he smiles, holding her close as she drifts into slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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