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Let’s Go Fishin’

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This is the edited version of the original. It was pointed out to me that I had made a hard right turn at the intersection of past and present. I hope I got it all straight.


The alarm clock goes off at 3 AM. I grope for it in the dark. I find the snooze button and almost press it. Then I remember that today we’re goin’ fishin’. I struggle to my feet and turn on the light. It blinds me temporarily. There is only one good thing about getting up this early. That thing is sleeping in the next bunk.

The lump in the bunk starts to wiggle.

It says, “What time is it?”

“3 o’clock,” I mumble. “I’ll start the coffee.”

I stumble across the cabin to the camp stove and finally get it lit. Sliding the coffee pot onto the burner, I look across the cabin to my bunk mate. She hasn’t stirred.

‘C’mon, bail out,” I yell.

The lump peeks out from under the covers. She blinks her eyes.

“I’ve gotta pee.” She says.

‘Well, get with it,” I reply. “We need to be on the lake by 4:30 if we want to catch some fish. Once the sun comes up, we may as well not be out there.”

A shapely leg comes out of the covers and tests the floor.

“It’s cold!” she says.

“This isn’t the Waldorf,” I bark. “You’re the one who had to tag along on this trip. Get a move on!!”

She moans her way across the cabin and out to the ‘facility’ in the woods. 10 minutes later she comes sprinting back through the door. She has a deranged look on her face.

“It was after me!! It was going to eat me!!” she whimpers.

I look out the back door and spot the raccoon. Very fierce.

“At least that vicious beast left something for me to eat later,” I chuckle. “Coffee’s ready.”

I had gotten dressed while she was battling with nature. Now she starts dressing as I prepare breakfast.

“Damn, that smells good!” she smiles.

We wolf the meal down and head for the lake.

It is still cold and dark as we climb into the boat and head across the small bay to Thunder Point. We anchor off the point and drop our baits into the water. She is hooked up almost immediately.

“There is a penalty for out fishing the captain,” I inform her.

“What might that penalty be?” she inquires as she sinks her hook into another nice trout.

“You’ll find out at lunch time. That’s when the captain exacts his revenge.”

She looks at me, giggles and hooks another trout. So far, I have not had a bite. I start to feel pretty grim when suddenly, I hook a fish. I manage to get him into the boat, but the score is still 3 to 1. She keeps slaughtering the fish while I sort of plod along. The sun pops up above the trees and the bite is off. We soak some bait for another ½ hour or so, but catch nothing. I pull the anchor, fire up the outboard and head back to the cabin. We share fish cleaning duties and put the cleaned fish in the freezer. It is the only appliance at the cabin.

“What now?” she inquires.

“It’s still 4 hours to lunch. Let’s go on a hike. I promise to save you from any raccoons that are lurking in the woods.”

“OK,” she stutters. “Are there any bears out there?”

“Sure! This is northern Michigan. This will be like hiking in the zoo except, no cages!”

She is the daughter of wealth. ayaş escort Nobody has ever talked to her the way I do She isn’t used to it. She is used to getting her own way no matter what. Now she is isolated up here in the northern Michigan woods with a peasant (me). I brought her up here to get her out of her natural environment. I have some really sweet plans for her for later.

She is an absolute knockout. Shoulder length blond hair, 38, 24, 36, great legs, beautiful face, and a sweet personality completes the package. From the first time I saw her, I knew I was sunk, that she could have anything she wanted from me. I, however, could not have anything I wanted from her. We have been going together for 16 months and so far little games of slap and tickle are as far as we have gotten.

Now, up here in the sticks, I plan my final approach to home base. Whatever it takes, I know it will be worth it.

We start up a small trail away from the lake toward a little creek that feeds the lake. I must admit that she doesn’t complain about the trail or the bugs. I can tell she isn’t entirely comfortable with the situation. An hour up the trail, we find the creek. I lead the way along the bank to a spot that I consider to be one of the most beautiful on earth. There is a small, grassy clearing beside the creek. It is surrounded by tall trees with few bushes.

I set my pack down and she follows suit. I find the blanket and spread it out in the grassy glade. I get a bottle of water from the pack and offer her a drink as I sit down on the blanket. She takes the bottle and sits beside me.

“OK, what’s the deal?” she asks. “You now have me in your evil clutches. I have no idea where we are or how to get out of here. If you have something in mind, let me know now.”

“Actually, I do have something in mind, but it requires your trust and cooperation.”

“OK, what is it?”

“You have the option, right now, of having me take you back to the cabin or staying out here with me.”

“What happens if I stay here with you?”

“Then you will become my love slave, at least until lunch time.” I whisper with a smile.

She looks like she is thinking hard. She knows that if she goes back to the cabin she will also be on her way back to the college this afternoon.

“You know I’m a virgin, don’t you?” she asks.

“I suspected as much,” I reply. “I could tell pretty much from the way you were acting at the school. I have to tell you that you are driving me completely insane. You are beautiful beyond belief. You are great company. We have been going out for well over a year and so far you haven’t even let me stick my hands in your bra. I can only take so much. I’m not trying to scare you or make you sad. Either you want it or you don’t. I love you and want you badly. The choice is yours.”

She is thinking hard again. This can’t be good. I figure that the longer she thinks about it, the less likely it is that my goal will be attained.

“What about protection?” she asks.

“I don’t consider that to be important. If you take this to the next level with me, I will expect you to marry me. Children are welcome,” I vow.

“Hey, wait a minute!” she exclaims. “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

“Well, bağlıca escort yeah,” I reply digging into my pack for the small velvet box.

I present the contents of the box to her. It is a 3 carat engagement ring.

“Will you marry me?” I beg.

“Hell yes,” she cries. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for over a year.”

With that, she springs across the blanket and knocks me over. Her hands go under my shirt and she starts rubbing my chest.

“Well, are you just going to sit there like a bump on a log, or are we going to get it on?” she whispers.

I can’t believe it! She has completely turned the tables on me. How was I supposed to know what she was up to?

“I’ve been trying to get you all alone for a long time. I thought you were very shy. But you were very nice and didn’t try to jump my bones right off the bat. I decided quite some time ago that I was in love with you. You didn’t need to do the caveman act and drag me out to the weeds. The nearest motel would have done it!” she exclaims.

“You are full of surprises,” I say. “Here I thought I was pushing you into an unbeatable trap and all the time, things were going exactly as you had planned them. I’ll have to keep a close eye on you”.

“Have you decided to talk your way to lunch or would you rather ravage me now?” she asks meekly.

“No contest!” I say as I remove my shirt and her blouse.

Her size 38 tits were almost completely visible under her bra, which didn’t last long, either. I gaze for the first time at her offerings. They are stunning, perfect and entirely edible. So I eat them. She moans softly as I take her nipples one at a time into my mouth and bite them lightly. She is fiddling around with my belt buckle and finally gets it loose. She pulls my pants off after removing my boots. I sit there in my boxers. I remove her boots and pants.

The more naked she gets, the better she looks. I lean in and kiss her hard on the mouth. Our tongues fight the duel of love as my hands squeeze her tits. She grabs my cock and squeezes it.

“OOOH, it’s so hard, yet so soft. I never expected that,” she remarks. “Does everybody have a cock this big?”

“No, I’m in the top 5% of the dick class,” I reply.

I pull her panties off and am greeted by the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. There is a light pelt of blond curls around it. The lips are puffy and pink. I worship it. I worship her. I know I can never let her go.

She slides my boxers down my legs and looks at me with enquiring eyes.

“Have you ever watched porn?” I ask.

“Well, yeah, just a little,” she replies.

“Just do what they do,” I offer.

So she dives on my cock and greedily tries to eat it all.

“Wait a minute,” I protest. “No teeth!”

She went right back to sucking me off, this time with no teeth.

“Scoot your pussy around here so I can lick it,” I tell her.

Soon we are in a full ’69’ position. I press my lips to her thighs and start kissing and nibbling. As I work my way higher, she starts to moan. Then I lick the full length of her crack. She shudders and wiggles. One of her hands presses my lips as far into her cunt as I can get without suffocating. I start rapidly licking her vagina. bala escort My tongue is inserted deeply into it. She is sucking and huffing and puffing, blowing my house down. Her hips are jumping up and down. She almost bucks me off.

“Wait, I’m going to come if you keep sucking me,” I mumble.

“So? That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?” she asks.

“Yeah, but the first time I want to be deep in your pussy. I want you to feel my semen spurting into your unprotected pussy.”

She turns around and kisses me deeper than I have ever been kissed before. It was almost as good as sex. Almost. She opens her legs and nods her consent. I roll in between her legs and slide my engorged member up to her virginal opening. She has her eyes shut tight.

“Open your eyes,” I instruct. “I want you to watch as your girlhood flies away.”

She opens her beautiful eyes and stares down her body at my approaching cock. The head slips in. I don’t get very far until I feel the resistance of her hymen.

“Do it now!” She orders.

I thrust into her hard and feel the flimsy evidence of her innocence depart. She screams quietly and a tear starts down her face. I lick it off.

“Hold still for a minute,” she requests.

Sooner than expected, I feel her hips start to sway.

“OK, now make love to me,” she cries.

“Yes maam,” I comply.

I start stroking in and out. She is making little grunting noises that really charge my batteries. Her pussy is very, very tight. We can’t go too fast until she is completely lubed

“Can you go faster?” she asks. . Her juices are now flowing freely and it is time to get it on!

I pick up the pace, knowing she is now ready. I am moving into her faster and faster almost completely out of control.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she pants. “So good. I never suspected it would be like this. Harder, harder.”

My sweat glistens in the rising sun and mingles with her’s. We are getting slippery. It just gets better and better. Soon her breathing becomes ragged and she starts twitching.

“What is happening to me?” she cries.

“You are getting ready to come. Don’t fight it. You’ll love it,” I say as I start to stroke faster.

She is totally out of control. Sanity has fled. She is now a pure, sexual animal. Her nails dig into my back. I don’t care. I am also lost in bliss.

I feel her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock. I know it is time. My member swells and lengthens. She is milking me like a cow. She stiffens and screams. I drive into her as deeply as I can and start squirting my baby juice deep into her womanhood. She keeps coming and coming. I don’t want to stop and neither does she, but all good things must come to an end. I collapse on top of her, totally spent. She is gasping for air. I roll to one side and my cock pops out.

“I should have started this last year,” she laments.

“If you had, you’d be home with the kids right now instead of being ravaged beside a creek,” I tell her.

She smiles at me. I feel like a million bucks. I take her into my arms and hug her tightly.

“I love you so much. I’ll never let you go,” I swear to her.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but I am now,” she pants. “I hope I’m getting pregnant right now! Can we do it again?”

“You’ll have to wait until our cock recovers,” I say.

“Our cock?” she asks.

“Well, sure if you want it, it’s yours.”

“Let’s get dressed, go back to the cabin, eat lunch, do it some more and plan our next fishin’ trip,” she says.

“I’m for that!” I answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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