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Lisa, Vern and Me

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This is a true story that happened last year. Names and places have not been changed. The story is about adults who enjoyed each other over the 2018 Valentine’s Day period.

There is some bi activity, mfm activity as well and some water play.

All parties are over 18. All parties have been tested and free of STD and/or any other disease.




After too long a time, my beautiful Lisa was coming down to visit me in my new home in Palm Bay, Florida for Valentine’s Day.

Originally, Lisa and I were going to spend a couple of days at the nudist resort in Lutz, Florida but I convinced her to join me at staying at my friend, Vern’s place in Melbourne Village, which is near me.

Vern has a nice house and his property is very secluded, allowing us to sunbathe in the nude without a problem with neighbors.

All the arrangements were made and Lisa and I were going to stay at Vern’s place for a couple of days.

Vern had put some Valentine decorations around and had a huge box of Lindt candy that he was going to give to Lisa.

Tuesday, the day before Valentine’s Day arrived and I went to the airport to pick up Lisa. Thankfully, the plane was on time and as I waited, Lisa texted me that she was going to the restroom to ‘prepare’ herself.

Finally, Lisa appeared through the crowd. She was a vision to behold.

We kissed and I could tell that she had already removed her bra, which was her normal ritual when she visited me. Based on that, I knew she had also removed her panty which I would confirm in the car.

It didn’t take us long to get in the car and on our way to Vern’s. My suspicion was confirmed when I lifted up her dress and saw her beautiful pussy looking at me. We kissed again and drove out of the airport.

Before we knew it, we were on rte. 528 and heading to Vern’s.

Lisa had a few questions and I answered them all. She asked me about the plans for the next couple of days.

I told her that Vern is a nudist and stays nude all the time. I told her that his cock is bigger than mine, especially in thickness and that he cums enough to satisfy her.

I told her that his backyard is private and we could lay out in the nude without being bothered.

She asked if he was going to fuck her. I told her that would be up to her, but I anticipated that would happen and asked her if she was ok with it and she said yes.

I told Lisa that Vern had a king sized bed that would be suitable for the three of us to sleep in and to fuck in.

Lisa just smiled…

It took us about an hour to reach Vern’s house. We got out and went to the front door and rang the bell.

As usual, Vern opened the door in the nude. He welcomed us in and gave Lisa a big hug and kiss. Lisa, the little devil, gave his cock a little grab and said “hi” to it, laughing.

Vern showed us to his bedroom where we put our things and settled in.

Lisa was pleasantly surprised at the Valentine’s Day decorations and gave Vern a big hug and kiss.

I then removed my clothes and Vern and I were both naked as Lisa kept her clothes on. Vern served us some refreshments and he took us outside to the lounge chairs he set up.

It was a little after noon and the temperature was in the low 80’s with the sun out strong.

Vern and I took a lounge on either side of Lisa and we started a conversation with Vern telling Lisa about himself.

After about an hour, Lisa decided it was time to join us. She stood up and let her dress slip down and off her naked body and placed it on the back of the lounge.

I thought Vern’s eyes were going to fall out as he kept looking at her big tits and swollen nipples.

It didn’t take long before his cock was hard as I commented on it and we all laughed.

After a half hour, Vern’s cock was very hard and I asked him if he needed some help with it.

Lisa kept laughing. Then she sat up on her lounge and moved it a little closer to Vern.

Without saying anything, Lisa just moved her mouth to Vern’s hard cock and slipped it in her mouth and started sucking it.

Now, my cock was rigid as I watched my girl giving a total stranger a blow job.

I stood up and moved closer to them, moving my cock close to Lisa’s mouth. Suddenly, she took my cock and slipped it in her mouth along with Vern’s. Now, Lisa had both cocks in her mouth, sucking them off.

It didn’t take long before Vern said he was going to cum and cum he did. He shot a huge load into Lisa’s mouth. I could even feel his cum on my cock which Lisa kept sucking until I came.

Vern and I took turns kissing Lisa and sharing our cum with Lisa before she swallowed it all.

After Lisa finished, we all went back to sunbathing, with smiles on all our faces.

We were outside for a few hours when we decided to go in and get out of the heat of the day and into some cool air conditioning.

We sat around and talked and Vern fixed us some drinks. By this time, my cock was pendik escort hard as was Vern’s.

I asked Lisa if she cared to join me and Vern in his bedroom and she agreed.

As we got to the bedroom, Vern gave Lisa his camera and told her to take some pictures.

Lisa then sat in a comfortable chair to watch as Vern and I got on the bed.

This was the first time Lisa was going to watch me with another guy and that made my cock even harder.

In no time, Vern and I had our hands on each other’s cock and balls. We finally got into 69 and started sucking each other’s cock and balls.

As Vern and I were enjoying each other’s cock, I didn’t notice that Lisa joined us and started to lick and play with our cock and balls too, even as we were sucking each other off.

Vern said he was cumming and shot his load in my mouth and Lisa quickly came over and kissed me, sharing his cum. That sent me over the edge and I shot my load on her tits, which Vern quickly licked off.

Lisa then got in the middle of me and Vern and started fingering herself as we watched. It wasn’t long before Lisa exploded in multiple orgasms with her juices running down her thighs.

We all rested with big grins on our faces, imagining what was going to happen over the next couple of days.

Finally, it was time to get ready for dinner. We all showered and got ready to go out. Vern took us to Friday’s and we all had a delicious dinner with lots of wine.

It was dark by the time we got back to Vern’s and as soon as we got inside, Vern removed his clothes as did Lisa and myself.

We went outside and took in the warm evening air. Luckily, the bugs left us alone. Before we knew it, it was getting late and decided to go inside for some coffee and dessert.

It was now almost 11:00 p.m. and time for bed. We all got ourselves ready, which was easy, as we all were going to sleep naked.

Vern had already set up his video equipment to record our time together.

Lisa got in the middle of me and Vern. As his hands were roaming all over her, I started kissing her, my tongue reaching the depth of her mouth. I could feel her legs spreading for easy access to her treasure.

Vern was now sucking on her erect nipples and his hands playing with her pussy.

My cock was pressed against her leg and I could feel her hand gently grasping my shaft.

It didn’t take long before Vern mounted Lisa. I took his cock and guided it to her entrance. As I kissed Lisa, I knew Vern’s cock was sliding inside her cunt, as I could feel her body arch upward a bit.

Now, Vern started pumping his cock into Lisa. As his pace quickened, her body arched up to meet his thrusts. Her kissing became more intense and her hands were pulling my body closer to hers with every thrust by Vern.

Lisa started moaning, “Fuck me Vern. Fuck me harder. Show Tony what a slut I am. Cum in me.”

I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her to me as Vern let out a yell that he was cumming.

Even as he was cumming, he kept fucking her until he fell to the side, exhausted.

I wasted no time in mounting Lisa and slid my cock in her cum filled cunt. It was now my turn to fuck my beauty.

With Vern watching, I pounded Lisa’s cunt until I was ready to shoot my load. When I was ready, I pulled my cock out and shot my load on her tits and nipples.

Lisa rubbed my cum all over her tits and nipples and Vern lapped up whatever he could off her nipples.

We all finally fell asleep…

Around 1:00 a.m. I woke up and I saw Lisa riding Vern’s cock like a cowgirl. I just rolled over and let them enjoy each other.

At 3:00 I woke up to sounds and I saw Vern with his tongue deep in Lisa’s cunt, eating her out, her legs spread and raised in the air.

I asked if I could join in.

Vern got on his back and into 69 and continued his oral attack on her cunt. With her ass in the air, my tongue found her asshole and I started to slip my tongue in her ass.

Now, my love had a tongue in her cunt and one in her ass. Her body was writhing in pleasure with her lower half moving in uncontrollable spasms. All the time sucking Vern’s big, hard cock.

Finally, she came so hard and often, I thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure.

It was 7:30 a.m., Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and I was the first to wake up. I took some pictures of them, their bodies covered in our cum and Lisa’s juices.

I headed to the shower and as the hot water ran over my body, I felt a body next to mine. I turned and Lisa was behind me with a big smile.

We washed each other and enjoyed the sensuality of the two of us caressing each other as the water cascaded down. I then shut the water off.

I turned to Lisa and pulled her body to me and kissed her, our wet bodies pressed together.

As we kissed, I slowly let out my morning pee. Lisa was startled as my pee ran down her legs but she never stopped kissing me.

When I stopped peeing, Lisa knelt down and slipped my cock in her mouth and smiled as she squeezed any remnants escort pendik of my pee into her mouth. It didn’t take long before I shot my cum load into her mouth and I watched as she swallowed every drop of my liquids.

Lisa pushed my head down and I started eating her and suddenly I felt a warm wetness running over my face, mouth and tongue as Lisa gave me a golden shower.

After she was finished, I put the shower back on and we washed ourselves again.

As we were leaving the shower, there was Vern taking video. We never even saw him. Lisa and I just laughed as we exited the shower.

As Vern was preparing breakfast, I gave Lisa flowers and Vern gave her his large box of Lindt chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

We all hugged and kissed.

We had breakfast and headed back to Vern’s king sized bed.

Lisa immediately got on her back and spread her legs and Vern was right there to slide his rigid cock into her cunt.

As he slid his cock in, I moved in front of Lisa and had my balls hanging down near her mouth. Vern’s cock was fully seated in Lisa and he started fucking her slowly. He then leaned forward and started to suck my cock which was inches from Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa watched as Vern sucked my cock than she slipped my balls in her mouth as Vern was fucking her.

I thought my cock and balls were going to explode as the sensation was unbelievable.

Vern started fucking Lisa faster and he stopped sucking my cock, a job that Lisa took over.

Soon, Vern and I were both ready to cum. He pulled out his cock and gave it a few jerks and his cum flew all over Lisa’s face. I followed shortly and added my own cum to her face as well.

We watched as Lisa scooped up our cum and rubbed it all over our cock and balls then started licking it off of us.

We lay still and rested for awhile before we got ourselves together and headed outside for some sun.

By the time we got outside, it was around 11:00 a.m. The sun was already warm and the temperature rising, as it was now 82.

As before, Lisa was in the lounge chair between me and Vern and close enough to be in arms distance from Lisa.

After a bit, Vern went in and brought us out some refreshments. I watched as Lisa took an ice cube from her drink and started rubbing her nipples with it, making them rock hard and more erect than usual. Vern just stared at her.

I looked at Vern and we both got up and moved over to Lisa. We knelt down and we each started to suck a nipple. Her nipple felt huge in my mouth and I sucked it for all its worth. I could hear Vern making little noises and I knew he was enjoying himself as well.

It was now getting very hot and we decided to go inside.

We talked and discussed our plans for our last night together.

Lisa said she has been having a great time and hoped everyone has enjoyed themselves so far. We told her that everything has been perfect and Vern asked her if she could stay a bit longer.

I told Lisa that she could if she wanted but I had to be somewhere else the next day but that she could stay with Vern if she wanted to.

Lisa thought about it and said she would have to call the airline to change her flight to the day after, Friday.

For dinner, Vern ordered delivery pizza so we could spend more time together.

After we finished the pizza, Lisa went to freshen up. When we next saw her, she was wearing a very sexy red Valentine’s Day teddy with a matching red g-string.

She walked straight into the bedroom, with me and Vern following.

As she got on the bed, she started posing and stripping off her teddy, all the while being photographed.

Vern started taking tons of pictures and Lisa let him even take pictures of her face, which was unusual for her.

After he set up his video, he joined Lisa on the bed as I continued taking pictures.

I took stills of them making love. I made sure I got pictures of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

I then put the camera down and joined them on the bed.

Lisa was now completely nude and I could tell that she loved having Vern’s thick cock in her.

I told them to get into 69 with Lisa on top. As they ate and sucked each other, Lisa had her ass in the air. I moved my cock to line up with her asshole. I lubed my shaft with Lisa’s juices and started penetrating her forbidden hole.

I gently eased my 7″ cock into her ass, only stopping for Lisa to control her muscles from contracting.

Soon, my cock was fully seated in her ass. I started fucking her ass gently then picked up the pace…then stopped.

While my cock rested in her ass, I told Vern to get on his back and line up his cock to her cunt, then slide it in so we can DP Lisa.

With a some effort, Vern got in position and I could feel his cock entering her cunt between the thin membrane separating her two holes.

Soon, our cocks filled both her holes. Vern and I got in unison and started fucking both her holes.

Lisa was going wild as she bucked her ass up and down and pushing back pendik escort bayan against the meat we had buried in her.

Lisa started screaming out loud that it was too much for her and begged us to cum in her.

We didn’t need her begging but we both came in he holes at the same time and when we finished shooting, pulled out our cocks and let her fall to the side, spent from multiple orgasms, her body still quivering and shaking.

It wasn’t long before Lisa fell asleep.

It was late, so Vern and I just laid next to her and quietly went to sleep.

I don’t remember what time it was, but I got awoken by a strange sensation. I groggily opened my eyes and there was Lisa and Vern taking turns sucking my cock and balls and kissing each other.

Before I knew, I was cumming in Lisa’s mouth and watched as she shared my cum with Vern.

I fell back to sleep as I saw my girl and Vern making love or should I say having animal sex.

I finally woke up at around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday and found my two sex partners in the kitchen hugging and kissing.

They broke it up long enough for us to have breakfast.

After breakfast, I had to dress and leave. I told them I would not be back later and I could not stay over and that I would see them tomorrow. Today and tonight would be Lisa and Vern to do whatever they wanted.

Now, for continuity purposes, the remainder of the story was relayed to me by Lisa. I then confirmed with Vern the accuracy of the rest of this story. Vern confirmed what Lisa told me. So, here it goes…

After I left, Lisa and Vern headed back to the bedroom and Vern fucked her. He came in her and then they went outside for some sun.

They put a large blanket on the ground and they took the sun while playing with each other.

As they relaxed, Vern got a call and our friend Ray, a fellow nudist, asked if he could come over.

Vern told him he had company but asked Lisa if it would be ok if he came by. Lisa told him it would be fine with her.

About an hour later, Ray showed up and came right into the backyard.

Vern got up and introduced Lisa to Ray. Vern brought Ray up to date on what was going on.

Lisa went back to taking the sun while Ray went inside with Vern. In a short time, Ray came out naked followed by Vern.

Ray took a lounge chair while Lisa and Vern staid on the blanket.

Now, Lisa is shy, but she continued playing with Vern even though she knew Ray was watching.

Vern’s cock quickly responded to her touch and before he knew it, she had her mouth wrapped arournd his cock head.

She wasted no time in getting Vern to cum as she swallowed every drop.

When she was finished, she laid back on the blanket and continued sunning herself.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ray’s cock hard and rigid but did not say anything.

Lisa casually spread her legs, teasing both men.

Then Vern whispered to her, “Lisa, Ray is a good friend and Tony knows him. Do you think it would be possible for you to take care of Ray, if you know what I mean? I will owe you and Tony, big time.”

Lisa looked at him and whispered back, “Vern, I am not a slut who fucks everyone. I am Tony’s and I do what he wants. If he gives me the ok, I will do it.”

Vern immediately started to text Tony. The text read, “Tony, Ray stopped by. I asked Lisa if she would do him. She said it was up to you. I’ll owe you and Lisa big time if you say yes.” Vern

A short time later, Lisa got a text from Tony. The text read, “Lisa, Ray is a good guy. If I was there, I would want you to fuck him. That being said, tell Vern you all have my blessing. Go fuck him.” Tony

Lisa smiled and showed Vern the text. Vern smiled and took Lisa by the hand and helped her up. Vern looked at Ray and motioned him to follow them to the bedroom.

Vern sat in the chair as Lisa and Ray got on the bed. Before you knew it, Ray had mounted Lisa and already had his cock in her cunt.

Vern encouraged them and soon they were fucking in rhythm, with Lisa meeting his thrusts.

It sure didn’t take long before Ray said he was going to cum. In a couple of seconds, Ray came in her, shooting spurts of cum into her well used cunt. Even before he pulled out, his cum was oozing out her cunt.

Vern took pictures and sent them to Tony. In a couple of minutes, Tony texted back a big smile and a thumbs up.

They all rested and relaxed and went back out for some more sun.

After a couple of hours, Ray said he had to leave and Lisa and Vern saw him out.

As it was getting time for dinner, Lisa and Vern showered, together I might say, and dressed and went for dinner.

When they got back, they undressed and went outside and found the blanket. They laid down and kissed and Vern made sensual love to Lisa.

Their session lasted more than an hour before they moved inside to continue.

As Lisa went to the bedroom, Vern got a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and joined Lisa in bed.

As they lay next to each other, they shared the wine and continued their love making.

Lisa thanked him for hosting her and me and hoped that he enjoyed himself. She told him that he was a special guy and told him that she appreciated his relationship with me.

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