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Lord and Lady Blackwell

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Brianne stands glowering in front of the priest, her curvy body decently covered by the layers and layers of fabric that goes into a noblewoman’s wedding gown, her long fall of brown hair covered by the headpiece and veil. Sneaking a look at her soon to be husband, as the priest drones on and on about the sanctity of marriage, she again thinks about running off. If she could think of somewhere to go, if she had anywhere to go, she might do it and forget the guilt of leaving her aging and destitute mother.

But she can’t do that. Their family ‘s money is all gone and that’s why she’s been sold off to Lord Michael Blackwell, just like so many girls her age, married to advantage rather than for love. Not for the first time, Brianne wishes she was a common peasant. She’d always been much happier outside, riding, walking, and she wouldn’t be getting married now, at the tender age of 18, to this dark and forbidding man whom she knows nothing about and who doesn’t seem to want her.

The marriage is to his advantage too, marrying into a Duke’s family and taking all their lands – and all their debts, but Lord Michael Blackwell has plenty of money, she thinks sneeringly to herself, what he’s after is power.

Sullenly Brianne goes through the motions of the day, speaking her vows obediently, sitting quietly by her new husband during the wedding feast, all of it a muddied mess that she forces herself to plod through, feeling that her life is probably over. Marriage is the end to freedom, as far as she sees it, and she has no doubt that her new husband will keep her locked up in his fine house, that she will have to take over the duties of running it, making sure he’s fed, clothed, cared for, and her days of riding and basking in the sunshine are over.

Lord Michael looks down at his new bride with some displeasure. He had come to the wedding today barely remembering what she looked like, although he remembered that she had beautiful hair, but, along with all of the other features that might interest him, it is covered with thick swathes of fabric. Her face wouldn’t be so bad, he muses, if she didn’t look so blankly disinterested in everything going on around her. Just his luck to be stuck with a prudish ice queen for a wife, he can’t detect a single spark of life in her. Today is a day to be got through, he would do his duty as a husband and then they could keep the conjugal visits to a minimum, especially if he can get her with child quickly.

The ladies whisk Brianne away, to ready her for her wedding night. The men surround Michael, congratulating him and joking about how he may need to light a fire in their room, even on this hot summer night, in order to thaw out his new wife. Although their observations on his new wife’s demeanor is in line with his own, he can’t help but feel a little humiliated. After all, he’s one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, only ten years older than her, lean body, tall, and he’s had enough women come after him to know that at least some of them find him attractive.

Feeling slightly drunk, humiliated and angered, Michael finds his way to the bedchamber, where Brianne is waiting for him.

Like a dark storm he blows in through the door, and then stops, staring.

“What?” she says waspishly, covering her unease and fear with anger. She pulls herself straight, thrusting her breasts towards him without realizing it. “Do I not please my Lord? Perhaps my Lord should have inspected the goods before he bought them.” Michael feels a small smile begin to play on his lips, his anger and humiliation washing off like rain water as cock stirs slightly. Is this the woman he thought cold and indifferent? There’s plenty of life in her now.

More than that, with her wedding dress off, standing in her nearly transparent night shift, hair unbound and falling nearly to her waist in soft waves, her body itself would inspire lust in him, even if she had remained as silent and cold as she had been all day. Soft, lush curves are clearly visible through the billowy material, a hint of rosy nipples on her breasts, a hint of darkness at the apex of her thighs.

Brianne trembles, feeling his eyes rake her up and down, in a way no man ever has. She feels naked, as though he can see through the shift she’s wearing, and maybe even through her. Feeling rejected, and strangely angry at the rejection, as he makes no move towards her, but only assesses her with his eyes, pricks her anger even further.

“Say something,” she hisses at him, her fists clenching. Michael raises an eyebrow at her. He finds that he likes her off balance, unsure. She’s gone from being a block of ice to a fiery brand, and he finds himself wanting to draw this moment out, to see what else she’s made of, instead of just doing bursa escort his duty and leaving.

“Come,” he closes the door and turns towards her, shrugging off his jacket. “Help me undress.”

The blood drains from Brianne’s face, she looks to her right and left, as if searching for a way to escape. Half of her anger has been pure bravado. She has no idea what to expect from tonight other than it’s supposed to hurt, and she wishes that he would just get it over with and leave her, so that she can sleep and hope to wake up to find that this entire day has been a dream.

“No,” she says suddenly.

“No?” echoes Michael, his hands suddenly stilling on the ties to his shirt, looking up at her across the room. For just a moment he feels some pity for her, her eyes are so wide and frightened looking, but then they narrow in defiance.

“No,” she repeats. “That is not my duty. My duty is to bear you a child, my duty is not to help you undress. You may call a servant if you require help undressing from such simple garments.” A wave of hand dismisses the very notion of helping him out. Michael feels another surge of anger run through him at her implication that he is too stupid to get out of his own clothes.

Brianne takes an unplanned step back as her husband advances on her, the ties of his shirt half undone.

“I believe I can undress myself, if I must,” he says, the mild tone making him seem all the more threatening. He grasps the hem of his shirt and pulls it over his head, and Brianne stifles a gasp. The muscles on his chest are not as large as some of the men she’s seen working in the fields, but they are clearly defined. She had not realized how strong he is, and it hadn’t really occurred to her until now, when he’s only a few feet away from her, that he tops her height by nearly a full head. It’s incredibly intimidating, and the wild look in his eyes frightens her further.

She darts away, to her right, so confused that she doesn’t even realizing that she’s placed herself in a trap. As he follows her, she realizes her mistake, the bed is to her right, a wall to her left, and with her husband in front of her there’s no where to go and no telling what he’ll do.

Michael finds her defiance both amusing and arousing, although she’s obviously frightened she won’t give into her fear and he finds that admirable. But he also finds that he rather enjoys chasing her, his blood is pumping through his veins with the same rush of adrenaline that he feels during a hunt, but this surprisingly attractive woman is his prey.

“I do believe you vowed to obey me,” he reminds her. “Which means that if I tell you to come undress me, you should bloody well come undress me.” Brianne gasps at his curse, affronted that he would use such language in front of her.

“How dare you use such language in front of me,” she cries. “Have you no decency?”

Michael’s eyes darken, he does not enjoy being scolded. “I’ll use whatever words I want to in front of my wife,” he snaps back. To his surprise the argument has fully rouse him, and he can feel his erection throbbing tightly against his breeches. She’s so full of life and passion, he can’t help but picture turning her passionate anger to true passion. Taking a quick step forward, he reaches for her, but to his surprise she jumps back and then dives onto the bed. Quick as a snake, he grabs her ankle and she sprawls face down across the wide bed, the thin skirt of her garment billows over her like a balloon, allowing him to see the curve of her buttocks, the soft cushion of dark brown hair sweetly framing the pink lips at the center of her thighs.

Brianne turns over onto her back and kicks at him, to both of their surprise. With a roar of outrage Michael springs up and lands on top of her, his legs pinning hers down and for a moment she tries to pound her fists against him, but he manages to trap her wrists in her hands and hold them down above her head. They lay there panting and he is very aware of the way her soft body feels pressed against him, breasts heaving as she struggles to breathe beneath his weight, only a thin layer of clothe separating their upper bodies.

She stares up at him with wide eyes, lips parted, just begging to be kissed, and he lowers his mouth to hers. Brianne makes a small sound in her throat, unsure of this sudden turn of events. He is so heavy on top of her, and yet some how the weight is almost comforting, the look in his eyes confused her and made something inside of her ache, and now he is kissing her and she does not know how to respond because she’s never been kissed before.

Relaxing the grip on her wrists, Michael gently teases at her lips with his tongue, and she opens them, allowing him into her mouth. The kiss deepens bursa escort bayan and she can feel herself becoming lightheaded from lack of air, his tongue invading her mouth, demanding things from her that she doesn’t understand. He puts both of her wrists in the grip of his right hand and slides his left hand down her arm, fingers stroking her neck and making her back arch underneath him, then further down her body until he cups her breast.

Brianne gasps as his hand cups her flesh through the nightgown, massaging the sensitive globe. His teeth nip at her bottom lip as his thumb brushes her nipple and she moans into his mouth, the most incredible sensation has started smoldering between her legs, and she writhes with awakened need. Michael is delighted at how she responds to his touch, her body rubbing against his with innocent urgency. Part of him yearns to just pull down his breeches and take her immediately, but he wants this to be pleasurable for her.

Trailing burning kisses down the side of her neck, Michael’s hand tightens on her breast, he allows his other hand to release her wrists and join its mate, moulding the flesh of her breasts between his fingers, squeezing her nipples tightly. Brianne gasps and bucks her hips, rubbing against him with a wordless cry. Her fingers tangle themselves in his hair as he brings his mouth down on one of her nipples, rubbing his tongue over the nubby fabric between his mouth and her flesh. When he removes his mouth to tend to her other nipple he leaves behind a wet spot on her gown.

Sliding his hands further down her body, he pulls the nightgown up above her hips. Blushing, Brianne moves to try and stop him, feeling indecently exposed, but he growls at her to leave it be as he rears up on his knees, looking down at her splayed legs, pink moistness eager and welcoming, wet spots over the nipples on her nightgown. Seeing him look at her with such avid and obvious lust, Brianne closes her eyes, too embarrassed for words at how she’s responding to him.

Then one of his fingers strokes down the center of her need and she almost screams with shock and desire, her body arching. Michael slides a finger inside of her wetness, gently and teasingly, enjoying watching her writhe at his touch. Earlier, during their wedding and the feast, he could never have imagined a wedding night like this in store for him.

Brianne is both horrified and completely overwhelmed by the way her husband is looking at her, touching her. This is nothing like what she’d heard about from her mother or aunts, she’d expected him to come in and climb on top of her, do his business and go. None of them had warned her about this kind of humiliating exposure, this incredible hunger that would make her not care about her humiliation, in fact she was starting to become a willing participant in it if only he would sate her need.

Suddenly her eyes fly open and she looks down her body to see his face buried between her legs. Her protest comes out as one long, incoherent moan as the incredible sensation travels up her body, the short swipes of his tongue making her wordless with desire. In and out his fingers pumps, making her wetter, wider, wilder. Her hips move up and down of their own accord and her fingers fist in the bed sheets, her nipples jutting against the scratchy wet fabric of her nightgown, which rubs harshly against the sensitive buds.

Michael inserts a second finger, her gasping moans music to his ears, the nectar of her body sweet on his lips. He can feel the responsive tightness of her interior, making his cock ache to be let out of the confines of his pants and buried inside of her delightful body. His fingers push against her virginity, stretching it, but not breaking it as he plunders her wetness. Sliding his tongue up the length of her lips, he finds the hardened nub at the top, and slides his tongue around it, circling it and rubbing against it.

Feeling like she’s going to faint, Brianne’s thighs lock around Michael’s head as she lets out a wail of completion, the fire in her body flares as he sucks the top of her womanhood into his mouth, suckling hard on her bud. Wave after wave of inexplicable ecstasy swamps her, and she bucks and heaves, her body completely overcome with pleasure.

As she comes down from her incredible high, the rotating movement of her hips slowly lessoning, Michael returns to gently licking her, enjoying the shudder of her body as he removes his fingers from her wet channel, knowing that she’s being rocked with aftershocks of intimate bliss.

Brianne feels movement between her legs, and she stretches luxuriously, feeling absolutely wonderful, completely sated and exhausted. Her eyes feeling heavy lidded as she opens them slowly, looking down her body at escort bursa her husband with a seductive smile on her face.

Then her smile is lost and her eyes are suddenly opened very wide, she feels completely awake as she sees, for the first time, the huge male equipment hanging between his legs, as he has stripped off his breeches and is now kneeling between her spread thighs, his intent obvious.

“No!” she blurts without thinking, shocked and terrified by the size and girth of his erection. Surely that can’t fit inside of her! The tales of blood and pain her mother and aunts filled her with return to her mind in a rush of fear, and she tries to scramble out from underneath him.

This rejection infuriates Michael, after all he has done to put her at ease and to make this easy on her. Grabbing her around the waist as she turns over, he pulls the nightgown from her body with one sharp movement, making her gasp as the thin fabric tears and leaves her naked. He throws her to the bed, with her head towards the headboard, and before she can even think of moving or explaining he is on her again, his mouth on hers, his hands on hers, pressing them down into the bed, and his hips on hers, the tip of his manhood rubbing against her moistness.

She no longer has time to feel fear as he takes his cock with one hand, rubs it up and down her slit to wetten it, and then begins to push into her. Her cry of pain as he breaks through the thin barrier of her virginity is lost to his kiss, his tongue pushing into her mouth as insistently as he pushes into her tightness.

And she is tight, the most exquisitely tight he’s ever felt. Breathing hard, wanting nothing more than to pound her into the bed, he forces himself to stay in place once he bottoms out, allowing her body to adjust to the large intruder filling her virgin channel. Brianne moans and squirms, it hurts but not as much as she expected it to. She feels stretched, full, the sensation of having something so deep inside of her is both intimate and disturbing. Before she’s ready for it, his hips begin to move, drawing out of her, and she almost sighs in relief, but it comes out as a gasp when his hips force his meat back in. Brianne buries her face against his muscled shoulder, moaning as he begins a steady rhythm, moving in and out of her.

Michael wants to be slower, to draw it out and make it more pleasurable for her, but her body is so tight, his lust so eager, and he hears no actual pain in her moans, which would help to lessen his excitement and slow down for her. Instead his thrusts begin to pick up speed, and in between each thrust, to try and temper his movements, he grinds himself against her, rubbing her nub with his body, making himself bounce inside of her. Brianne’s body reacts instinctively, she can feel that wonderful fire building up inside her again, the pain is fading underneath a rush of pleasure.

What he had done before was wonderful, but now, with him inside of her, she’s feeling a whole new range of pleasure, as though her body is built to accommodate him. How silly of her to think he wouldn’t fit, he fits perfectly, divinely, the steady pumping and erotic bump and grind that sends darts of thrilling pleasure right to center of her being. Her hips move against him, beginning to match him, and he growls low in her throat… she made him make that noise! It gives her a heady rush of power to hear him respond to her, to feel his hands bury themselves in her hair as he flexes inside of her.

Her back arches as she tightens around him, and he mutters “Oh God” under his breath. Brianne opens her thighs more fully, wrapping her legs around him, and Michael begins to pound her harder, deeper, sinking himself into her body over and over again. This new position allows him to press into her to the hilt, his hard body rubbing against all of her most sensitive parts.

Brianne bites his shoulder to keep from crying out, and he bucks with surprised pleasure as her teeth nip his flesh, her response making his balls tighten. She can feel him growing harder inside of her, driving deeper, pressing against the walls of her insides, and she can’t stop herself from crying out now, as the spiraling pleasure over takes her body again and every nerve is set on fire, quivering against him. Feeling her completion, the interior walls of her body spasming around him, gripping him and massaging him as he plunges inside of her, Michael gives three more sharp thrusts and then holds himself inside of her as his seed races through his cock and spurts deep into her body. He jerks a little, with each burst of ecstasy, each spilling of his seed.

Then he collapses on top of her, holding her tightly to him and enjoying the feel of his cock slowly softening inside of her. Brianne lets her legs fall from his body, to the bed, feeling achy and wonderful, shivering as he moves inside of her, withdrawing but still rubbing against her tender walls.

Maybe marriage won’t be so bad after all, she thinks wonderingly.

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