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Lounge Acts

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Mel just wanted to leave gracefully. The bar wasn’t overly crowded and most of the patrons were well behaved and reasonably up market, but she’d had work-related engagements every other night this week and would have rather gone home to a hot bubble bath and a cold glass of white wine. Instead, she was being “entertained” by two increasingly drunk associate publishers from a magazine in which she ran a considerable amount of advertising for her firm.

The more senior one kept wrapping an arm around her as he talked too loudly in her ear. The slurring in his voice was becoming more and more pronounced, and he became emboldened enough to press an overly friendly kiss on her cheek more than once.

“Okay – take it easy.” Mel laughingly cautioned. But she wasn’t finding it particularly funny. Even though it had been months since she’d carved out any time in her busy schedule to go on a date – much less have sex – she was not okay with his “come-on” behavior. It was decidedly unwelcome and was simply making her uncomfortable. She shrugged away from his arm and moved closer to the bar, her excuse the need to place another drink order.

She leaned in to speak above the noise to the attractive female bartender. They silently shared an eye roll at her tipsy friends, and Mel asked for another bourbon and bitters on the rocks.

As the bartender walked away to prepare it, Mel’s eyes were caught by those of a man standing on the opposite side of the circular bar. Her breath caught in her throat. He was gorgeous.

He was tall – easily more than 6 foot. His ruggedly handsome face was tanned a golden brown, sporting a very square jaw, high cheekbones and nose that would have been aristocratic but for the slight bump at the bridge – evidence of an old break, perhaps. His hair was thick, silvery blond and was a tad unruly, but his eyebrows were darker. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from this distance, but they seemed to be light. He was leaning forward slightly, his weight resting on powerful, tanned forearms exposed to the elbow by his rolled up shirtsleeves. It looked as if he’d been wearing a suit, but had removed his jacket and tie and turned up his cuffs. There were several people gathered behind him in animated conversation – but he didn’t seem to be aware of them – his attention seemed to be focused entirely on Mel. His mouth was bent into a slightly crooked, sexy grin.

Feeling foolish, Mel suddenly realized that he must have been looking at someone behind her – perhaps one of the many lovely young things that were drifting around the bar. She turned, only to see that there were no women in that line of sight and even the men were some distance away.

As she turned back to look at the handsome stranger, he laughed a little, his impossibly white teeth flashing brilliantly against his tawny skin. He leaned forward even further on the bar, tilting his head slightly as he smiled at her. Mel found she was smiling at him in response, almost against her will. His eyes narrowed as he continued to look at her, which gave him an almost predatory edge. She felt a tiny shiver run down her back – a thrill that seemed to course through her.

Just then, the bartender returned with her drink. She unintentionally stood between Mel and the tall stranger, obscuring him from view. Mel reached for the bourbon, bestowing a smiling thank you on the bartender. As the young woman moved away, Mel took a brisk, steadying breath to prepare for seeing her handsome stranger again. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but she definitely wanted to engage him in some way.

The smile died on Mel’s lips as she realized that he was gone. Scanning the bar, her disappointment mounted. She didn’t even see the back of his head – not anywhere in view. Could he have left already? Probably. The electric attraction that Mel thought she’d felt was undoubtedly one-sided, she cynically mused.

Deflated, she turned back to the two magazine reps, only to see them both half draped around a pretty blond on a bar stool nearby. Of course, she thought, par for the course. Mel scooped up her handbag and made her way around the bar to find a ladies room, after which she planned a speedy exit.

Since the lounge was attached to a small boutique hotel, the restrooms were one floor below the lobby. Mel pushed through the door to the hotel reception area and pressed the elevator down. The sudden quiet of the lobby was some relief after the over-stimulation of the bar. As she waited for the elevator to arrive, she thought more about her handsome stranger.

He’d probably been leaning on the bar waiting to pay his bill, and then promptly left. What Mel had interpreted as interest was merely a figment of her overactive and rather “pent up” imagination. That’s what she got for being celibate for so long.

The elevator finally arrived. Mel stepped back as a couple emerged. She stepped into the car and pressed the button to go down. Leaning back against the wall of the elevator, she blew a tiny frustrated sigh through her lips as the doors began to close.

Just then, tuzla escort an arm shot through the opening – stopping the doors just before they closed. Mel was momentarily concerned for the person who’d risked having their hand caught. Springing forward, she hastily pressed the Open button. As the doors slid open again she looked up, humor lighting up her face. She gasped audibly as her tall stranger stepped into the car.

“Thanks.” He said, his voice deep velvet. He moved toward Mel and reached a hand toward her. She was unable to move – she watched his hand move nearer, as if in slow motion. For a brief second, Mel anticipated what it would feel like as he slid his strong hand around her waist. Her brows knitted together as that hand moved right by her. Understanding dawned as he pressed the Close button on the panel next to her.

Flustered, she tried belatedly to step out of the way, her cheeks growing scarlet, but found herself fairly cornered by his impressive frame.

“Oh! Sorry…” she murmured. Mel pressed her back to the elevator wall. In this confined space, his presence was simply overwhelming. Her heart was pounding. Up close he was even more handsome than she thought. He smelled faintly of spice and cigar smoke. She felt a rush of wetness in her tights, and momentarily regretted not wearing panties. The look of the smart pencil skirt she’d chosen that day would have been ruined if she had visible panty lines, but now she would have welcomed the extra armor.

“Why are you sorry?” He asked, leaning toward her. He had to bend to make eye contact – Mel realized that he had to be at least 6’4″. Even in her high-heeled boots, she barely came up to his shoulder. There was a hint of humor, but also something dark and sexy in his eyes as he regarded her. Mel noted they were very pale blue, framed by blond-tipped lashes.

“What? Oh… Well… I guess because I was in your way…” Her voice sounded husky and breathless. Her chest was heaving slightly. She watched him as he pointedly looked at her breasts swelling against the deep V of the open neck of her white blouse. He took his time looking her up and down, and then his eyes moved back up to hers. They sparkled with enjoyment.

“How can you be in my way, when I’m the one who followed you?” His voice was just above a whisper. He watched Mel’s face acknowledge what he said, and then he gave her a devastating smile.

“You followed me? Why?” Mel felt as if her bones were melting.

The bell chimed, signaling that the elevator had stopped on the lower level. The doors slowly slid open. A hotel room service waiter and another staff person were deep in a gossipy-sounding conversation as they waited outside the elevator.

“After you…” The handsome stranger moved gracefully to the side and took Mel’s elbow, ushering her out of the car. He whisked her down the hall toward the restrooms. Her feet moved mechanically as her mind wheeled around, looking for some response. They’d only gone a few steps before the hotel staff disappeared into the exiting elevator.

The stranger stopped walking. Since his hand was still firmly gripping her elbow, Mel had no choice but to also stop. She looked up at him as that knowing heat began to flood her limbs. He’d followed her to the elevator, and now they were totally alone in dimly lighted corridor of the hotel’s lower level. Danger and excitement swirled together like an intoxicating cocktail.

As she regarded him, he turned her slightly to face him. She offered no resistance. His other large hand came up and cupped the side of her face, tucking one curling lock of hair behind her ear.

“I’m Jack.” He said softly. “And you’re beautiful. You know, I didn’t even want to be here tonight. Then I saw you.”

Mel stared wonderingly up at this hypnotic man, unconsciously biting her lower lip. His eyes shifted to her mouth for a moment, making her aware of what she was doing. She forced herself to stop, feeling rather foolish. She squared her jaw – she was not a girl anymore, after all. Straightening her posture, she met his eyes with greater boldness.

“I’m Mel. I didn’t want to be here either. And then I saw you. But then you disappeared just as fast. I thought that I’d imagined…” She trailed off – unsure of how to complete the thought without sounding completely lame.

“Imagined what?” He probed, his thumb tracing her lower lip.

Mel shrugged expressively. “Um… This.” She said, moving her cheek against his hand and pursing her full lips against his thumb quite deliberately. He let out a soft growl and took a step closer.

“Oh. No. You definitely didn’t imagine it. I’m going to kiss you now, Mel. Is that okay?”

She never had the chance to answer, because before she could form the word ‘yes’ his lips swept down on hers. He moved her backward the two or three steps to the wall. Mel’s back was pressed against the flocked velvet wallpaper as Jack’s powerful body moved against hers. She moaned slightly as she wound her arms around his neck. His height meant that the action stretched her body along his tuzla escort bayan length. His arms wrapped all the way around her, nearly crushing her to him. He forced her mouth open, as his tongue plundered inside. Mel was clinging to him, not for a moment considering any form of resistance.

Literally lifting her off the floor, Jack pulled her hips up to be even with his and began to grind into her. Mel could feel that his cock was already becoming hard and gasped at the sheer size that she could feel through their clothes. Jack laughed a little at the noise she made, then let out another low growl as his hand moved up to cup her left breast. Even though his hands were quite large, he could not encompass her fullness entirely.

His lips broke away from hers as he looked down at his hand. He moved his head down as if to explore her cleavage, when they heard the telltale chime of the elevator.

Mel would have frozen, but Jack took swift action. Clasping her body against him as if she were just a rag doll, he moved unbelievably fast, carrying her quietly down the hall to the Ladies Room.

Slipping inside, he pushed into the handicapped stall and dropped her to her feet. He turned and locked the door behind him. She stood where she’d landed, not entirely steady on her heels, listening alertly with him as footsteps echoed down the corridor towards them. Their eyes met conspiratorially as they silently waited.

As the sound of running water reached them from the Mens room, they both exhaled and had to struggle valiantly to not laugh aloud. Mel clapped a hand over her mouth, but her shoulders shook with the silent giggles. He teasingly put a finger to his lips and then with a mock frown, pushed her against the wall of the surprisingly roomy stall. Putting his mouth to her ear he whispered “I think I know how to keep you quiet…”

Then his mouth reclaimed hers with even more violence than before. The danger of the moment and the inherent perversity of being in the Ladies Room somehow unhinged Mel, too. She erupted with the passion that she hadn’t given sway to before.

Pulling up her skirt to give her room to move, she pulled herself up by his shoulders and wrapped her thighs around his waist. He looked at her with eyes that glittered dangerously, murmuring the word “fuck” below his breath as he slammed her against the wall. His erection now poked into her soaking wet crotch.

“Yes, fuck…” she breathed in his ear. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me right here, Jack.”

“Yeah, well, that’s lucky because at this point I don’t think I could stop.” He ground the words out through his teeth; his face was fierce. Mel shivered with a mixture of fear and wild excitement. She could feel her blood coursing through her veins, her nipples straining against the silk of her demi-bra. His mouth came down on hers, his teeth now sinking into her lower lip. Jack’s hands had moved down and under Mel’s ass, his strong fingers grasped the fabric of her tights and with one firm yank, ripped them open.

As Mel gasped, his tongue pushed into her mouth, insistently pushing into hers. She could see colored lights behind her closed lids. Those long fingers of his were taking advantage of the hole he’d made to tease and probe around inside. As he slipped his middle finger inside her, Mel sighed with pleasure. He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered how hot and wet she was.

“Is it for me?” He asked playfully, already knowing the answer. Mel could only mutely nod in reply for fear of screaming.

“I bet you taste really sweet…” He murmured, pulling back to look at her. She gazed up at him without trying to hide how much she desired him. The wantonness on her face turned him on. “Let’s see if I’m right.” He said decisively.

Unhooking her legs from his waist, Jack made Mel put her feet back on the floor. She was too shaky to stand on her own, however, so he held her against the wall with one hand as he dropped to his knees before her. Looking up, he shifted one of her quivering thighs to his shoulder, steadying her and positioning himself closer to his goal. Mel could barely breathe. She watched with heavy-lidded eyes as he turned his gaze to her exposed pussy. Casting one last wicked glance up at her, Jack slammed his mouth between her legs.

She nearly climaxed on the spot – it was only her fear of being discovered by others that prevented her from screaming. Pressing the back of her fist to her mouth, Mel pitched forward a little as the ripples of sexual excitement began to build inside her. Jack’s tongue flickered over her, finding her most sensitive spot just to the right of the bud of her clit. ‘How did he know?’ She wondered fleetingly.

When his mouth closed over her and began to gently suck – the explosion actually occurred. Mel clasped the back of his head to her as she spasmed against his face. She groped blindly to the left with her free hand and depressed the lever on the toilet so the flushing water might drown out some of her deep-throated moaning.

Jack growled against her, enjoying her lack escort tuzla of control. One hand cupped her ass to hold her to him as the other found its way back up to one of her swollen breasts. At some point the buttons of Mel’s blouse had come undone, and was now open to the waist. Her large tits were straining out of the sexy shelf-like bra as if her nipples were trying to break free.

As Mel came down slowly from the intensity of that climax, Jack kissed the insides of her thighs, widening the rip he’d made in her stockings. He gently released Mel’s leg from his shoulder so she could stand, and he moved upright. He held both sides of her face with his hands, brushing the wild strands of hair out of the way.

“Wow… that was… incredible.” She whispered.

“I was so right.” Jack said. “You are sweet – like saltwater taffy. I could do that all night.”

“We can discuss that right after you fuck me.” Mel said this into his ear, and punctuated the sentence by slipping the tip of her tongue inside. Jack groaned and brought one of her hands down to the front of his trousers so she could feel his huge erection jutting against the zipper.

“You’ll get no argument from me, miss.” He whispered back.

Impatient to see his cock, Mel tugged down his fly and deftly unbuckled his belt. Reaching inside she gasped as she felt the enormous hardening shaft lurking inside his cotton button fly briefs.

“I’m not sure I can fit all of this in…” She murmured against his lips, rather liking the lingering taste of herself on his mouth. Mel couldn’t actually taste the saltwater taffy – but she was happy if he did.

“Believe me… ” Jack said almost menacingly, taking his dick in his hand as Mel pushed his clothes down and out of the way: “This is going inside you. All of it. And I’m not waiting any longer.”

Lifting Mel by the hips and moving her over to the small sink in the corner of the handicapped stall, Jack sat her on the cold porcelain edge nearest the wall. He tentatively moved the head of his cock up and down against her wetness. She was aching to take him in, feeling a fresh flood of moisture when he rubbed against her. “Please…” she breathed, her teeth grazing his Adam’s apple. He made a noise that sounded like ascent, as he wedged her thighs further apart and began to push inside.

Mel could feel him stretching her. He watched her face attentively, occasionally stopping so she could adjust to him whenever the strain showed on her face. They were both so intent on getting his cock inside her that they didn’t hear the approaching footsteps.

Suddenly, the outer door to the Ladies Room burst open and they could hear women’s voices in mid conversation. They both froze, looking at each other in surprise. Thinking quickly, Jack reached over and turned the faucet. Luckily, there were three other stalls. After a moment, the humor of again being nearly caught, combined with all the endorphins, made Mel want to laugh. Jack’s eyes also lit up with a naughty, mischievous gleam as they both struggled to be as quiet as possible. He was still throbbing hard, so Mel was sure that the effort to stay still was pretty considerable. She admired his control.

They almost lost it as one of the women began complaining about how hard it is to “find a great lay.” Jack silently mouthed the words ‘right here, baby’, tapping Mel’s chest with a pointed index finger. Mel had to squeeze her eyes shut so that Jack wouldn’t make her laugh out loud. A tear escaped from the corner of one eye. She gasped when Jack licked the tear from her cheek. Opening her eyes, she saw that he was as deeply turned on by this near- discovery as she was. His cock slid another few inches into Mel and her head dropped back against the mirror as she gratefully took him in deeper.

Jack’s face was an inch from hers, as he looked down into her eyes. The repressed passion was plain to see. Mel felt chills run down her spine and into her thighs as she witness how badly he wanted her. But beyond the lust, there was a tenderness – a genuine “like” that had formed between them. No longer laughing, their lips met in a long, desperate kiss that spoke eloquently of pleasures still to be shared. They moved against each other carefully, not able to fight the urgent need any longer.

At long last, they heard the exterior door close behind the intruders, and the sound of their voices retreated back into the hotel. Jack’s head was turned toward the door as he listened to make sure they’d finally gone. Turning back, he looked intently at Mel for a moment before savagely slamming himself the rest of the way into her.

She nearly shouted “Oh god!” as she felt him enter all the way to the hilt. It was as if he were hitting every pleasure point in her body at the same moment. She was beyond exhilaration.

Jack wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her off the sink and onto his hard cock. He walked backwards and sat down on the handicapped toilet, settling Mel astride him. She was just able to touch her toes to the floor, so used it and his shoulders as leverage to ride him. Mel thrust herself upward and then down again, curving her back as she took him inside. He held her hips and controlled her movements, pushing up into her overheated pussy with ever-greater force.

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