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Lunch With Lena

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The call from Lena was unexpected. Colin hadn’t spoken in a while and she made it sound as casual as she could when she asked if he would have lunch with her and help evaluate a job opportunity. As casually as he could, Colin accepted, they settled on the following day and he suggested an up market sports bar that was close to the midpoint between their offices. When he put the phone down Colin took a deep breath and sighed. There could never be anything casual about meeting up with Lena.

Next day Colin left the office early and drove the few miles to where they would meet. It wasn’t surprising that Lena was late, that just seemed normal and Colin paced around the outside of the bar in the harsh summer heat; waiting for her and remembering how many times before he’d waited for her. When she arrived, she bounced up to him carrying a folder and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Good to see you.” Colin smiled, it was good to see her, always was.

They caught up a little over ordering drinks and burgers for lunch. Colin was sure her page boy haircut was a little shorter than when he’d last seen her but the lively girl with the sexy giggle he’d fallen for all those years ago was just the same as always – hot.

They had been lovers for almost ten years, off and on. Meeting in college, they had been inseparable for five years until Lena moved away for work. She got engaged after a while but that fell apart when her fiancé discovered she was still seeing Colin whenever they could arrange it. A few years later Colin got married and a year after that his marriage was nearly wrecked when Lena moved back to town and he started spending nights with. Since then they’d stayed away from each other, trying to be safe but knowing they were holding a time bomb.

Colin learned that she was seeing someone and getting quite serious. He was happy about that as it meant they had a better chance of not wrecking each other’s lives again, but deep inside he knew the insatiable draw between them was still there, probably as strong as ever.

There had always been something primitive between them that was hard, if not impossible, to deny. Something about the sexual chemistry between them boiled over when they were together, something neither of them understood nor could fight with any resolve but when they were naked together the world was a different place, a place they strived to belong to. It wasn’t the same with other people. Colin knew he could resist other ex-girlfriends and the occasional willing girl who’d popped up in his life, but Lena was different. With her he was powerless, and he truly believed she was powerless with him.

It was all the stranger that they had tried on several occasions to live together and found that they just could not make that situation work. They nagged on each other, argued and seldom saw things the same way when it came to keeping a household. Sharing a bed, however, was easy, and dangerous.

They were seated in a booth and while they waited for their food Lena took out several sheets of paper from her folder and asked him a few questions about a company she knew used to be a client of his. Lena fished a pair of glasses out of her purse and put them on. Colin hadn’t seen her with glasses on before and thought they were a good look for Lena, but then, what wasn’t a good look for her? When she pulled out an organization chart Colin shuffled around the booth to sit next to her. It was an innocent move, but once he was there he immediately started thinking about how close he was to her.

As a precautionary move, Colin moved away from Lena a little when their food arrived. It just wouldn’t be good if his thigh brushed up against hers. He remembered countless times in similar situations when she’d sat next to him and her hand had found its way to his crotch. That was not what he wanted today, even though he could think of nothing better at that moment.

Colin wondered if she was going through the same emotional cauldron as he was. She seemed pretty calm about their meeting but he thought he was playing things cool also. He looked closer at her face as she chomped on a lettuce leaf and figured that she was looking happy and content, too content to be twisted up inside with emotional conflict. Anyway, they were just friends these days. Still he had the urge to feel between her legs to find out if she was as wet as he was hard. That urge never went far from his consciousness.

He was just wondering if she remembered the time they’d made love on the beach while a 4th of July fireworks display was going on when she casually asked, “Can you believe it’s been what, two years since we saw each other?”

“At least,” Colin answered between bites. “Closer to three I think. You’re looking well though. I thought that straight away.”

Lena laughed and shook her head lightheartedly. “I’ve put on almost ten pounds. I need to get back to the gym.”

“Doesn’t look like it to me.” He meant it.

“Things good at home?”

“Things are fine.” bahis firmaları Colin wondered how much she really wanted to know. “We’re thinking about buying a new house.”

Lena smirked and gave him a playful sideways look. “Thinking about a family?”

Colin shook his head. “Not likely. Thinking about a dog more likely.”

“Ah, a dog.” Lena’s voice was filled with sarcasm now. “This is why most people move house.”

He jabbed at her thigh playfully. They both went quiet. He had touched her thigh.

When the check for lunch came Colin paid without protest from Lena. He stood to follow her out of the booth but she was slower to move. “You okay?” He asked.

“Yes, fine.” Her voice was wistful now. “I was just thinking how nice it would be to just take the afternoon off, find a room and have sex.”

Her words took him by surprise as there had been no indication that she was feeling anything like her words suggested. “We could…” He was about to say that he had no issue with that idea.

She interrupted immediately, “But we’re more sensible now, aren’t we?” Lena looked at him, smiling, grown up.

“We are.” He thought about the erection in his pants and how sensible that was.

On their way out of the bar he discovered that Lena was parked in the same lot as he was and he walked her to her car. She was parked a floor higher than him and as they walked up to her little BMW he made an approving comment while she flipped the doors open. When she turned around he walked into her arms for a goodbye hug.

She felt so good in his arms. Her smell hadn’t changed and her arms felt wonderfully comfortable. He gently kissed the nape of her neck, more through instinct than anything else. When they broke the hug Lena’s arms remained around him, slipping down closer to his waist. Her face was irresistible and he kissed her.

She returned the kiss immediately, her familiar tongue exploring him urgently and her arms pulling him closer. He bought his hand up to her face and felt the tension of the last hour drain from him as they continued the passionate embrace. When she pulled out of the kiss her face was soft with emotion but her words were hard. “I should go, this isn’t clever.” She slipped out of his arms and into the driver’s seat of her car.

Colin leaned down into the car and started to say. “It was great to see…” when Lena moved forward and kissed him again. As they kissed he stooped lower, placed a hand on her side and pulled her passionately. After a few moments he felt her hand pushing down on him a little, urging his mouth to leave hers and go downwards. When their lips parted she tugged on her top and pulled it down, exposing her nipple for him to place his mouth on.

He managed to suck on it long enough to hear Lena sigh and feel her press his head harder to her but it was not the most comfortable position to be in. Colin lifted his head from her and immediately walked around to the passenger door.

Lena unlocked the door for him and swiftly removed her purse from the seat. As soon as he was in the seat they were kissing again, Lena’s hand working down towards his groin. “I need to touch you.” She breathed as they kissed. “Need to touch you.”

Lena’s fingers pulled down his zipper as he raised his legs so she could pull it all the way down. Her hand was inside in moments, pulling away his underwear and finding his stiff shaft like an expert. Colin wondered if she was going to go down on him but before she’d made only two or three strokes on him he felt a familiar feeling.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Maybe.” Lena’s voice was a playful tease.

“No, really,” he sounded desperate, “I’m cumming.”

Lena’s face looked shocked but her hand stayed in place as his climax arrived. He could only look down as the orgasm burst and his cum spurted from his cock into the hand she’d placed to contain it.

“Shit.” Lena held onto him, the cum welling over her hand, and looked around. “I need something to wipe this up.” She found a cloth in her door pocket and patted her hand and his cock dry of cum.

“I’m sorry.” Colin was somewhat embarrassed and very surprised at the power of his reaction to the situation. “I just… all of those thoughts about us while we were having lunch… I guess…”

Lena smiled and kissed him lightly. “It’s oaky. It was an amazing reaction. I’ve never had anyone react like that to me. It was hot.”

Almost like the spell of the moment had been broken, Lena glanced at her watch and said, “When do you have to be back?”

Colin looked at her watch. “I have a meeting at two-thirty.” That was an hour and a half away.

Lena was all business now, shooing him out of her car. “Get your car. Follow me.”

Beyond sensible thinking now, Colin got out of her car, patted his clothes as smooth as he could and walked down to find his car. By the time he had reversed out of the space Lena’s car was in front of him and leading the way down the ramp and out to the highway. “What kaçak iddaa the hell am I doing?” He asked himself, staying close to Lena.

For almost ten minutes Colin followed her as she drove out towards the airport and he was just beginning to wonder where she was going when she pulled off the road and into a model entrance. Lena didn’t look back at him when she got out of her car and walked inside. Almost five minutes later she came out, apparently with a key, and motioned him to follow her. He followed her, noting that his cock was hard again and he was mentally undressing her already.

By the time he’d parked and got out of his car Lena was already inside a first floor room, the door open and waiting for his arrival. When he got to the door Lena was already pulling off her skirt. “Get your clothes off.” she commanded.

Colin managed to kick off his shoes and unbutton his shirt before Lena finished undressing and came to help him. She grabbed at his belt and kissed him while she undid it. “Fuck. Why does this happen with us?” she breathed, “I was quite happy to have lunch, then all of a sudden…” His pants were off and around his ankles. Lena had his erection in her hand, stroking him gently while she leaned up and kissed him.

He raised his hand to her breast and his fingers found her nipple. Lena’s breath caught a little and she gasped with pleasure as he pinched it gently. “I love your cock.” she breathed.

“I love you touching it.” He looked into her fiery eyes, the passion evident as he felt her stroke him, just the way he liked it. “Let me taste you.” It was his turn to issue a command.

Lena immediately lay back on the bed and opened her legs for him. He looked briefly at her lithe body and wondered where the extra pounds she complained about were. He noticed that she wasn’t shaven but trimmed. That was one of things about her, you never knew what her pubic situation was until you got there as she changed a lot. He ran his hands up her legs and torso, letting his head lower and approach his target.

Colin paused a second or two to take in the sight of her full pussy lips and savor the smell of her sex. He always loved her arousal. When he reached out with his tongue to touch her he tasted her familiar sweet juice and remembered the glorious, silken warmth of her pussy lips on his tongue. Nothing tasted as good as Lena.

He continued to run his hands over her skin while he lapped gently at her pussy lips, exploring her folds of skin gently and fully. He heard her groan with pleasure as he worked and felt a smile cross his features. The world was a better place when he was naked with Lena. Bringing his hands back down to her thighs, he eased her legs apart and his tongue probed at her opening, gently easing apart her pussy lips and exposing the glorious silken pink skin beneath. Plunging a little deeper, he felt Lena gasp as her sweet wetness intensified around his tongue.

“God, you do that so damn good.” Lena was almost panting now and easing her hips up towards his tongue, urging him to pleasure her more.

Colin loved the feeling of her urgency but kept his own pace, sliding his tongue in and out of her, then along her slit and up to her clit. The hardness of her clit was exaggerated by the soft, engorged, skin all around her pussy. Every time he ran his tongue over her bud she shivered and groaned. He knew she was getting close already and he knew exactly how to take her over the edge.

Fanning his fingers out across her skin, Colin brought both hands down between Lena’s thighs so that he could use his thumbs to massage the edges of her pussy. He knew what she would do next and as soon as he felt her legs open even wider he eased one of his thumbs deep into her pussy and concentrated his tongue’s movements on her clit.

Lena let out a low, guttural groan as he pressed hard into her clit. Her hips pushed up into his face but he held her to the bed and pushed his thumb as deep inside her hot hole as it could reach. Colin felt her hands come to rest on his head as he worked slowly but relentlessly on her clit, knowing she wanted him to go faster and harder, but knowing her moment would be bigger if he slowed its arrival. It had been so long since he made her cum, but this was all so familiar and erotic to him.

Her climax broke as he traced circles on her clit with his tongue, pushing hard into her and moving his thumb up towards her tummy from inside her pussy. Lena’s hips pushed up harder than ever and she gasped several times, short, harsh breaths of pure pleasure that were so familiar to him. Colin closed the flat of his tongue over her clit and slowly moved his thumb in and out of her pussy. Lena’s body collapsed back onto the bed and immediately tensed again, another orgasmic contraction running through her. He was relentless in his movements, feeling her involuntary muscle movements inside her as he kept his tongue working and pushing inside her.

He knew she was done when her hands gently let go of his head. He kaçak bahis smiled as he made a last couple of licks at her clit and pulled his thumb out of her. Easing his head up, he used his fingers to gently caress the skin all around her pussy, almost as though he was easing her pleasure slowly down from its height. Lena moaned and reached her hands behind her head, satisfied and starting to relax again.

“Felt like you needed that.” Colin eased onto the bed, snuggling next to her and kissing her cheek.

Lena laughed. “Stop sounding so smug. I wasn’t the one who came as soon as he was touched. At least I had the decency to last a few minutes.”

“Whatever.” Colin smelled her hair, amazed at the memories that simple action brought flooding back.

They lay there next to each other, catching their breath figuratively and literally, for several minutes. The silence in the room was just as comfortable as their nakedness. Their passion was always so easy and intense there was no shock that they were lying here at this moment.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Lena broke the silence, her hand almost unconsciously finding its way to caress his cock.

“Neither did I.”

“It just felt like you hadn’t had sex in ages.”

“Hadn’t had you in ages, there’s a difference.”

“I know. I agree,”

“Think we’ll ever get over it?” Colin idly wondered as she stroked him.

“No. Is that a problem?”


Colin relaxed and sighed as Lena gently worked her hand up and down his cock. He was just thinking that nothing he knew felt as good when she eased herself up so that she could lean over and take him in her mouth. He revised his opinion, this felt better.

Lena held him vertical with her hand at the base of his cock while she took the head in her mouth and slipped her lips down his shaft until he hit the roof of her mouth. Gradually she increased the depth of her strokes until she had most of him sliding inside her and almost to the back of her throat. He felt her manipulating her saliva to lubricate her movements and looked down to see her eyes staring straight back at him. Lena knew how good this made him feel and delighted in her ability to make him feel like this.

She came off him and her hand automatically continued the stroking of his cock. “That’s the thing about you…” she mused, “you always got hard so easy, were always ready.”

“Not hard to do with you around.” Colin admitted, reveling in her ministrations.

Lena’s eye didn’t leave his cock as she stroked a few times, examining its familiar lines. Then she looked over at the room’s clock and started to move over on the bed, keeping hold of him. “Come on you.” she urged, “You just about have time to get inside me before you cum again.” Lena laughed at her own joke, let go of his cock and got into her knees, offering herself to him from behind.

When she shuffled to the edge of the bed he knew what she had in mind – his favorite position to fuck her.

Colin stepped off the bed and got behind Lena as she opened her legs wide, lowered her pussy to the right height for him and looked over her shoulder to watch his delight at seeing her so ready and willing for him. He used his hand to reach below her ass and stroke her pussy, slipping a finger inside her as though testing how wet she was. She was soaking for him.

She had positioned perfectly and he had to take his cock in his hand and straighten it down a little to align with her pussy. He knew this would feel better when he was thrusting and just marveled at their compatibility after all this time. Positioning the head of his cock between her pussy lips, he moved it up and down a few times to coat himself in her juices. He knew the lubrication wasn’t needed as she was still soaking, but it felt amazing to touch her like that.

The waiting and restraint was over and he slowly pushed his cock, opening her and allowing her pussy to swallow him into its deep, dark, slippery sheath of pleasure. Colin closed his eyes so that his other senses could soak up the familiar and all-consuming feeling of being inside her. After pausing at full depth for a few seconds he opened his eyes and watched his shaft slowly draw out of her, pulling her pussy lips out slightly. It was a sight he never tired of seeing.

“God, you feel good.” Colin’s voice was deep, breathy. “Nothing ever felt like this.”

“True.” Lena agreed, shifting her position slightly so he could maximize the depth of his strokes. “Your cock fits so perfectly.” She groaned as he pushed in.

Colin reached down between them and found the front of her pussy. Her clit was still engorged and obviously tender as she gasped when he found it with his fingers. As he thrust in and withdrew from her he rubbed her clit in the same rhythm, slowly back and forth across her bud and feeling the slippery shaft of his cock as it worked her.

“You missed me?” Lena looked back at him as he thrust.

“Only a lot.” He swallowed as the pleasure spread around him, further with each plunge into her. “I only think about you every day. Maybe every hour.”

“You mean you only think about this every day?” Lena reached back and cupped his balls with her hand.

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