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Madison River Magic

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It was late when I got home. I had finished my last trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon earlier in the day and I was tired. The summer floating season had been great. I guided six trips during the summer. Like always, I had the pleasure of introducing this national treasure to people from all over the world. The guide crew was an excellent mix of young pups and older veterans. Overall, I had had a great time. With that said, it was satisfying to flip the lights on and enjoy the feeling of home.

After sleeping in and enjoying a lazy morning, I drove downtown to pick up my mail. It was a pretty good pile for a guy who lives alone. I hit the grocery store to restock and headed home. It was mid-August and Sun Valley was bustling.

At home, I sat at my deck with a cold glass of iced tea and started through the mail. My system is pretty simple. Most of the junk mail goes straight into the recycling bin, the boring bills go into a pile for later attention. Anything from my grandchildren would end up on the fridge.

Mixed among the envelopes was an invitation from my best friend Ted. We had met in college. We were both from the west and enjoyed skiing. While I was punching out the necessary work to apply for law school, Teddy was working hard in business school, focusing his energies on international finance. I ended up and the University of Chicago College of Law, while Ted was accepted at Wharton.

When we graduated, we pledged to reserve two weeks a year. One week was for a ski trip out west and the other to a blue ribbon trout stream. Over the years, with the demands of new careers and living our lives, we only missed a one week ski trip that was due to my having ruptured a disc in my back a couple weeks before.

Over the years, we had been best man at each other’s wedding. We traveled to see new babies and enjoyed combined family trips. We saw each other through the divorces from our first wives. Both had been casualties of husbands focused on professional advancement and material accumulation rather than on things at home.

I handled Teddy’s legal matters while he took care of my financial situation. Teddy took great care of my portfolio. He had a gift for investing. We made considerable money during the dotcom boom and Teddy safely guided us through the recession. We both had more money than we deserved, but it had come at a cost to our personal lives.

Teddy had remarried about 10 years ago to Denny. She was an artist. On the surface, they were opposites, but in truth they were perfect for each other. Denny had tried to line me up with some of her friends, but had given up because I was a solitary sort and rarely seemed to be home.

I opened the envelope from Teddy. He had bought a table at a conservation group’s annual fund raising event. In his distinctive scrawl, he said not to roll my eyes and come. So with that, I knew I had one evening booked next week in Sun Valley.

It was a casual affair, but the money was on display. Because of my profession and the fact that I had lived in Sun Valley for 20+ years, I knew most of those attending. For the most part, these were wonderful people who were willing to donate to causes they believed in. There were the few douche bags who loved to be seen, but that is to be expected I guess.

Teddy’s table was up front. I knew everybody at the table, although one chair was vacant. It was great catching up. As is often the case with fundraisers, there was a silent auction. The artwork was lovely and some of the jewelry was spectacular. I gravitated to the outdoor related stuff. I came across a gorgeous fly reel made by a company I had not heard of. As I was giving it a look, an attractive woman approached and explained that I was holding a one-of-kind reel from a maker in Bozeman made specially for this auction. Before we could say another word, Teddy was at the microphone starting the official part of the program.

After returning the reel to its custom box, and making a bid, I headed to my table. I was surprised to find the empty chair was taken by the same woman I had just talked to. We both laughed and introduced ourselves. Her name was Tess and she was the Executive VP for Marketing at a top fly fishing equipment company based in Bozeman. I told her that I was a river guide and ski instructor. I think she was a little confused as to how I was sitting at a table that had cost Teddy a $10,000 donation.

Teddy is a very funny guy and made what could have been a dry event very entertaining. Before long it came bahis firmaları time to announce the winners of the silent auction. Unfortunately for me, I did not win the fly reel. After the winners were announced, Teddy said that the silent auction had raised $105,000. He further reported that the table donations had exceeded $350,000. Not a bad take. He then said that it was time to draw the winner of the grand prize, a donated luxury RV. I had noticed an RV parked out front as I walked into the Lodge. It was small, meant for two people. It was on a Mercedes frame with a Mercedes diesel engine. I had seen some of these during my travels, but this was the first time I saw one up close. Pretty nice rig. I had no idea it was a prize for this event.

Teddy had Denny come up from the audience to reach into the bowl to pick the winning number. Denny announced number 7056. There was no cheering or screams. It took me a minute to find my ticket. I checked the ticket and I nearly fell out of my chair. I stood up and said I had the winning number. Friends in the crowd cried foul saying that Ted and I had rigged the deal. Then the second wave of laughter came when people realized that back woods Ben was now the owner of an RV. I will admit to being stunned and equally amused. The rest of the evening was spent receiving congratulations and slaps on the back.

As the evening wound down, I looked for a place away from the crowd. I found an outdoor table near the Inn, ordered a beer and settled in to enjoy a lovely summer night. Sitting alone, I heard somebody coming. It was Tess. With all the hubbub over the big RV win, I had not had a chance to visit with her. She sat down and ordered a beer and we began to get to know one another.

Tess was born and raised on a ranch in Montana. She went to college in the east, graduate school in Colorado. She had been a fishing guide based out of Bozeman for years. She wanted to do something with her MBA and started working at a fishing supply store. Over the span of 12 years, she had worked her way to VP over marketing. She had never married, just did not have the time. I was sure that it was not for the lack of opportunity, as she was smart, well-spoken and had a great sense of humor. She was also a beautiful brunette.

She finally asked how a guide/ski instructor was a part of the big money scene in Sun Valley. After I told her, she punched me in the shoulder. She felt I had messed with her at dinner. I claimed high ground by explaining that she had asked what I did for a living and I told her. I just failed to elaborate on what I had done before that.

I told her how about Teddy and our friendship. She explained that she had met him years before while guiding. Teddy had hit her company up for some gear for the auction, so she decided to deliver it in person and spend a couple days fishing.

We then talked fishing and swapped some stories. I told her that I reserved September for a couple trips to favorite rivers. I mentioned that I would be on the Madison in Montana the second week of September and that if she was in the area, to stop by.

After a little more small talk, Ted and a group of local yahoos stopped by to once again congratulate me on my win. Tess took that as an opportunity to call it a night and left me with a group of loud drunks that needed rides home.

The RV was a mixed blessing. It was a lovely machine, but it cost me serious money to pay the taxes and registration to get it ready for the road. While tents had always been my style, after a few shakedown trips with the new rig, I had to admit that it was a nice addition.

With the second week of September upon me, I loaded up the RV with food, fishing gear and my Labrador Retriever named Rivers. Riv and I went most places together. He loved water and was good company.

Fall on the Madison is special. Few people are on the river, the sparse cottonwood trees are sporting their fall gold. I parked in an old abandoned picnic area that was near the river. This spot was full of memories and I love the solitude.

The next day I rode my mountain bike upstream to some favorite water. The river was low and easily waded. Riv loved wading with me and enjoyed trying to retrieve any fish that I was trying to bring to hand. It was a small price to pay for his willingness to stand in cold water and watch me fish.

I had a pretty good day and the afternoon was lengthening into the evening. I was ready to head for shore, but I had to try one more cast. The fly disappeared in kaçak iddaa a large rise. The fish bolted for the current, where he held for a couple seconds, then he headed downstream. I had to follow him, but shuffling downstream on slippery rocks with Riv underfoot made things entertaining. My hope was to guide the fish into a big hole on the corner. There I had a chance to further wear him out. All things were going splendidly until I got the fish within five feet or so of my net. Rivers decided he should retrieve this big fish and before I knew it I had a big fish, a big dog and fly line all tangled up in the deep pool. With this Three Stooges movie playing out all around me, the fly got loose, the dog swam after the fish and I fell into the river.

From behind I heard the sound of loud laughter. During my side show, a drift boat had floated in behind me, anchored and a guide and her client had been witness to my defeat. I stood up, checked for any missing equipment and reeled in all my line. Rivers was at my side, with the “what the hell was that look” in his eye. I admit to being a little embarrassed to have had an audience, but once I got my shit together, I looked into the drift boat and found that Tess was at the oars. She made some wise remarks about my trout dog before wanting to know where I was camped. I told her and she promised to stop by later for a drink.

Wet, cold and mortified, I trudged over to my mountain bike and rode home. In the last light of a Montana sky, I was glad to be back in camp where I could change out of wet clothes, feed my hound and pour a shot of Wild Turkey and make a toast to another memorable day on the Madison.

I was just finishing starting a fire in an old fire ring when I saw headlights coming down the road. When the pickup turned down the seldom used weed covered road I knew it was Tess. She got out and after an introduction to Rivers, I offered her something to drink. She chose a beer. We talked about our day on the river. I expected some abuse about my performance, but she was kind and did not rub it in.

It was unusually warm in southern Montana and we enjoyed watching the day’s light surrender to the darkness of a star filled sky. We talked and got to know the life trails that lead us to the shore of the Madison River in September. I think she had heard my story, or those similar, many times. Hers was one that was familiar to me. A beautiful, hard charging woman that was taking life on her terms.

She finished a couple beers and was getting ready to leave. I asked her if she would like to stay for dinner, nothing fancy, just pasta, salad and wine. She gave it a quick thought and agreed to stay. The kitchen bay in the new RV was well designed and well stocked. The dinner was quickly made and our conversation shifted to what the RV life is like. More small talk got us through dinner under the stars.

As I was cleaning the dishes, she came up behind me and started rubbing my back. My back straightened at her touch. Her fingers were electric and I could feel my pulse quicken. Slowly, I turned around and faced her. I leaned down and we kissed. Her lips were soft. My mind was racing. We went back out into the darkness, enjoying the sounds of moving water. We kissed again and then she excused herself to “freshen up”. I threw wood on the fire, wondering what the night might hold. Suddenly, at the edge of fire light, I looked to see Tess standing in the doorway completely naked. I was frozen in place. This beautiful woman intended to share herself with me.

She told me to move a chair nearer the fire and sit down. I did as she asked and then she walked to me. I was consumed by her beauty. After just a few steps she gently sat in my lap. She kissed me as I delicately caressed her back. I heard her gentle gasp as my touch found the small of her back. Her kiss became more intense and then she stood. She asked me to run my hands all over her. There was demand in her voice. I sat forward and began stroking her back, then up to her neck into her hairline. I reached up and continued across her jaw, dragging a finger over her lips. Her breathing quickened with my fingers running down her neck to her breasts. Her nipples were hard but my hands were on a mission.

My fingers crossed her belly and slowly approached her pussy. But rather than move to her most private places, I let my fingers fall down her legs. She was gently swaying and seemed to be pleased by my touch. After pausing at her feet, I moved my fingers up the inside of her legs. Just as kaçak bahis I was reaching her pussy, she reached down and grabbed my hands. It was clear that she wanted to pleasure herself. She began to rub her clit with her one hand and massage a nipple with the other. The rhythm of her hands increased as she aggressively stimulated herself. Her private pleasure was causing my cock to nearly burst from my shorts. Her quiet groans were growing to full throated moans and then she arched her back and her body stiffened to a bursting orgasm. She thrust her hips towards me and moaned her pleasure. She was still stroking herself with intensity when a second climax erupted which included her squirting juices as she shook in pleasure. I had never seen anything more primal, yet so extraordinarily beautiful in my life. I stood up and grabbed her to my chest. She was sweaty and breathing hard. I sat down with her in my lap.

After a few moments, I could feel her beginning to giggle. I looked down and saw her eyes as she began to laugh. I am not sure what was so funny, but it seemed like a nice way to celebrate without saying anything. With the fire dying, she stood up again and put her hands on her hips. “Why the hell are you still dressed” she said and quite frankly all I could think of to say was “I was busy”. With the backhanded invitation, I got out of my clothes in a big hurry. She hugged me and said “that was better.”

Tess felt good in my arms, but I reminded her that I had a perfectly good bed in my RV that I wanted to introduce her to. I headed to the door holding her hand. As I stepped up to enter, she pulled my hand and said “turn around mister” and I did as I was told. She then grabbed my throbbing member and began to rub it. She also gently squeezed my balls. My knees felt a bit shaky as I was enjoying her attention. If that pleasure was not enough, she then began to lick my shaft until she sucked the tip into her mouth. I looked down to see her swallow my cock and then stroke it and out of her mouth. I was moving quickly to a climax, but she felt my body tensing and she stopped. She stepped in and was heading to the bed when she found Rivers right in the middle of our bed sound asleep. I was a bit embarrassed and called him to lay down in the front. He begrudgingly gave up my bed and took his.

With Riv where he belonged, Tess crawled up onto the bed. She did not lie down, rather she stayed on all fours, looked over her should and said “fuck me”. I was more than willing to oblige, letting my cock lead the way. I reached and grabbed her hips. My cock slid right into her soaking pussy. It was tight but it had been seriously lubricated. I lowered myself onto her back and reached around to massage her tits and kiss the back of her neck. After a few minutes, I then stood up and began to pump my cock in and out of her. Our voices were in sync as I fucked her. Her voice betrayed that she was nearing another orgasm, which triggered my body to ready itself for the same. With two final thrusts, my cock filled her pussy and we both reached orgasm at the same time. We held ourselves still while we let our pleasure subside. She then dropped to the bed and I followed her down. Tess rolled over, wrapped her arms and legs around me and we kissed. We were spent. Without a word, we got under the blanket and into each other’s arms and were quickly asleep.

Far too early in the morning, I felt Tess get out of bed. She was getting dressed when my mind cleared enough to ask a coherent question. She said she had to get back to Bozeman for a mid-morning meeting. I suggested she call in sick, but her smile told me that was a non-starter.

Rivers was also getting up and shook his head to alert me to his need to go outside. Tess got the same message and let him out. I found some shorts and made an offer of coffee, but Tess was focused on getting on the road. We walked out to her truck. I did not know what to say, other than I was grateful for a wonderful night on the Madison. She laughed and said she had a “pretty good time” too. With that she got in, started the truck, leaned out the winder and gave me a kiss and then said she had to go.

As I watched her truck drive off, I reached down and gave Riv a good pat on the head and thought to myself that I just had an experience with an extraordinary woman that I would remember the rest of my life. Rivers brought me back to reality, when he dropped his food bowl on my bare foot. I got the message.

About a month later, I was in Sun Valley going through my mail when I found a box with a Bozeman postmark. I opened it and found an exquisite fly reel exactly like the one I had coveted at Teddy’s event. Enclosed was a note from Tess that read “same time, same place next year…Tess”.

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