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Magic Fingers Ch. 13

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The barracuda looked at me.

“I assume you are mine and knowing Melanie, I can only assume you are the best at what you do. Well, we will soon see. Follow me.”

Wordlessly I picked up my briefcase of goodies, and did as requested. I turned back to see Melanie make a fist and pump her whole arm in the air. I got the message. She knew I did because she smiled.

Lawyer Daws started. “Well, you’re the boss for a while. Tell me what I need to do.”

“First, second and third, relax. Once you have started on that, you can disrobe and lay restfully on the bed.”

As she stripped, I watched her movements and studied her body. She had a long lean body, overly thin for my taste, but in good shape. She probably worked out an hour a day. Her breasts were indeed small, but I was sure they were quite sensitive, as the room was not cold but her dark tan areolas and nipples were becoming hard under my gaze.

She lay on the bed and I began.

“I’m sure you have been told, but your eyes are captivating. It’s like they can see into a mans soul and hold him captive.”

‘Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.’ Flattery always works on vain people and it didn’t take a genius to understand that our Ms. Daws fell into that category. I brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear and began to massage her face, closing her eyes and brushing her cheek.

I leaned over her and whispered. “Relax and feel my every touch. I am here to pleasure you. My only goal is to give you pleasurable sensations, so relax and enjoy.”

When I kissed her cheek, she turned her head and my lips brushed against hers. I moved my lips down to kiss her chin and her neck. She stretched it to give me more of her throat to kiss and nibble on.

She murmured, “Oh; you are good.”

I kissed down her shoulders as I brought my hand into play, laying it on her belly. There was a slight contraction of her muscles as I began a feather-light touch, down over her mound. I kissed her chest and in a rash move, sucked her nipple and a good portion of her breast into my mouth. I began to lick and suck. Pushing her nipple in with my tongue, then sucking hard to pull it out and make it stretch deep into my mouth. She brought her right hand to the back of my head and pulled me against her.

When I found her clit, I pushed against it and made a circular motion over it. She tensed and pushed her hips up, in an effort to direct my fingers to its sensitive base.

She moaned, “Oh, that feels so good.”

I took my lips from her breast and got a sorrowful ‘oooh’ as she tried to heave her chest higher.

Once again I whispered in her ear, “Beautiful one, I need to put some lube on my fingers to make everything feel even better, relax and miss my touch for only a moment.”

She kept her eyes closed as I lubed my fingers, the butt plug and the dildo.

I returned to her whispering, “My beautiful one, I’m back.” As I slid my fingers into her tight pussy.

I sucked the other breast in and began teasing it with the same push and pull of her nipple. With my fingers in her, she was beginning to respond more and I rubbed in search of the spongy button that would make her cum.

I found it once, but it was extremely small, so I began to play with her clit and suck hard on her breast as my free hand caressed her cheek.

She was pushing her hips up and I slid my fingers back inside her and there it was, nice and fully hard now. As I pushed against it I heard a sharp tell-tale intake of breath. I gave one last hard suck and released her breast.

She started to complain, “No…” but it was cut short when I pulled out and quickly thrust my fingers back in and began to push and rub her swollen gland.

Her complaint changed to an excited, “Oh yeaaa, it’s sooo goood.”

Seconds later there was a change in her cries. It was now, “Oh no Nooo. Let me go. I have to pee. Stop, stop.”

I breathed in her ear. “It’s not pee. Reason it out. You’re going to ejaculate, not pee. Now trust me; do it let go and cum.”

“No,” she was saying.

I pumped harder and faster and yelled at her. “Damn it; do it now. Let go!”

She was still resisting. You could now hear the slapping of my hand against her cunt as I pumped into her.

“Do as I tell you. Let go Now!”

Her defenses dropped, and she began to squirt and thrash more strongly than any woman before. I didn’t let up on her. As she was squirting I was pushing hard against her clit and rubbing it as she screamed wild yells of pain, panic and pleasure.

I saw the door open and Carol looked in and quickly shut the door, as the barracuda crashed back to the bed. Roughly I rammed my fingers back in her and began again, as she was panting, not able to get enough oxygen into her system.

“Come on!” I yelled at her again. “Fuck my hand.” And she started to hump.

“Yes good girl.” I said in a harsh voice, “I have something else for you.”

I pulled my fingers out from her as she gasped even harder now. I got the butt plug and put the tip bahis firmaları in her ass and said, “Now push against it.”

She barely moaned, as I scolded her. “Don’t make me push this in you. Push against it now!”

She began to push down. It was a tight fit, but I kept at her.

“Come on take it. Push it up your ass. Feel it spreading you, filling your ass. Now push.”

With a shove that I wasn’t expecting, she drove herself onto it in a cry of pain. She wasn’t panting, but she was breathing hard and trembling.

I stroked her cheek and whispered, “Good girl.” as I slid my fingers back in her. Once again I started pumping the hard gland to her cries of pleasure.

“Yes don’t stop now. Please don’t stop, make me cum. I feel I need it so bad.”

I was not about to get my fingers stuck again, so I took the small dildo and angled it in her and thrust it so it would pound her hard button.

“Rub your clit.” I demanded.

She did. “Oh shit, I’m going to shoot again, I can feel it. Faster.”

She was crying out her needs as her hand was rubbing her clit in a frantic effort to take her over the top. I began pumping the dildo deeper into her.

“Faster, Deeper.” She cried, “Yes, yes. That’s it, fuck me, fuck meeee.”

Then there was a wild yell and screech, as her muscles squeezed the dildo so hard it shot out from her cunt, followed by long arching jets of her female cum. Spurt after spurt before she collapsed, her body had gone limp as total overload hit.

For the moment, I left her and opened the door, feeling that Melanie should see her nemesis now.

I called, “I don’t know if anyone wants to view this. If so, come look now.”

I was surprised when Sybil Tishman walked up to the spent and unconscious woman. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “but I have surveillance tape of every room. It will be interesting to see her reaction to my news that I no longer need her services.”

With a harsh tone in her squeaky voice, she said, “Leave her there. She’ll wake soon enough.

I grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Look at her,” I demanded. “She was, I am sure, the bane of your life. That is no excuse to just leave her like this. Look at her. Think! If Melanie did not have any compassion, that could be you.

“Show some compassion, for once in your selfish life. Show some compassion even to an enemy. If you cannot find it in your heart, then I pity you, for you are less a person than she.

“What would you have me do?” she yelled back at me.

I looked in her eyes for a long minute.

“I would have you think. What did your insides feel like after your session with Mark. Now imagine; I was brutal to her. If that were you what would you need?”

She began to cry, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to hurt her.”

I took her chin in my hand and made her look into my eyes. “Then help her. You know what she needs.

She looked down at the dildo and I let go of her. She picked the dildo up and move to insert it into the wet and pulsing vagina of the woman she had grown to hate.

I spoke, “Before you do that, take the one out of her rectum, then put that in.”

She did without hesitation and then she pulled the covers up over her.

I put my arm around Sybil’s shoulders and whispered. “You have just become stronger and more of a woman than that heartless being could ever have become. I am proud of you.”

She spun and hugged my waist like a little girl and cried. I held her there until she stopped and together we walked back into the room with the big table. I held a chair out for her. As she sat, I kissed her cheek. She reached up and took my hand for just a second.

Melanie had tears in her eyes and Mark was rubbing his. Carol was stoic as always, but said, “Very nice John.”

“So,” I asked, “do we have the investor we want?”

Sybil smiled, “If you want her you do.”

We all sat at the table and waited, with little conversation. It took forty minutes before a flushed face Daphne Daws walked in. Her animal senses kicking in.

“Well,” she said, “what have we here?”

Sybil stood and in her whiney, nasally voice she calmly began to unfold all the information she had amassed regarding the abuses of power and manipulating business dealings to benefit her personal wealth.

“This deal was the last nail that I needed. Now, you have a choice. You can go back to handling just the old investments that are stipulated by the wishes of my parents and sign over all others to me or I can and will destroy your reputation and get the will over turned. Your choice.”

“Fine have it your way. you bimbo. You don’t have the brains it would take to fill one of your tits. You’ll be dead broke in a year without me and you Melanie, you bitch, I’ll fix your ass, just watch.”

“Sybil spoke again, “I’d reconsider.”

She pressed a button on a remote. A big screen rolled down from the ceiling. There was the barracuda, saying, “I can assure you this deal for five percent…”

Sybil turned the video off.

“I kaçak iddaa believe that constitutes fraud, extortion and the abuse of power. I also believe that it is grounds for disbarment from the legal profession. And you, Bitch,” she said, “are only looking at one of a dozen tapes.”

The barracuda walked out saying, “Fine; I’ll sign everything over to you for an agreement that you won’t use those tapes or besmirch my reputation.”

Sybil looked every bit in control as she said, “I’ll have my lawyer contact your lawyer.”

Then there was a loud slam.

I looked at everyone and said, “Do you think she stole my dildo?”


Things were moving more quickly now. Supplies were being ordered and the restoration and revamping work had begun.

The training of new people was going agonizingly slow. It was difficult to find empathetic people when you couldn’t run an add that said, ‘stick your fingers in pussy work’. It just didn’t draw the right kind of people.

I was complaining to Mark, when he exclaimed, “I just got a brain-storm. We can advertise for people to take an experimental psych and aptitude test. We could weed people out that way.”

We called Carol in to the clinic office that we had taken over and I told her I had this brain-storm of an idea, and told her what it was, as Mark just sat there quietly. When I was done, she looked at me and said, “Mark; you are a genius.”

Carol then announced that this coming Tuesday, the famous IS was coming. Everyone, except me, was overly excited about her arrival. Nikkie, had come to Pine Valley to be here when IS arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to meet Melanie’s almost sister, but it was like we were expecting royalty.

Well, the day finally came. When I first saw her I understood why people were acting the way they were. Melanie was a goddess, Carol was beauty and grace, IS was personality, energy, passion, sex appeal and animal magnetism all in one. She was the woman most men would crawl naked over a room full of broken glass, just to hear her piss into a tin cup over a long distance phone call.

We were all together, at Carols house, having Main lobster. I seemed to be the only one making a mess. IS brought an expensive bottle of champagne, whose name reminded me of my fiasco with a two hundred plus dollar bottle of wine.

When we were done the conversation turned to business. Carol, Melanie and IS kept up the conversation while Nikkie, Mark and I listened. There were some great ideas being tossed out, so it truly was enjoyable just sitting there and taking it all in.

Finally, IS said, in her seductive Scandinavian accent, “So which of you two is going to make me squirt and scream that I’m cumming and beg not to stop until I pass out? I can hardly wait, my pussy is throbbing just thinking about it.

“Ooo, can I choose? This could be delicious. Mark the one with the third leg that is making Carol glow or John, the man who has brought our Melanie back to the living.”

“Ooo.” she said again, “I just can’t choose which one of you two I want to have work on my pussy. Melanie, what’s your choice for me?”

Melanie was flustered and I knew IS was doing this little play of hers for her own entertainment.

I stood and looked directly at IS. I could see a smug look cross Carols face and a worried one cross Melanie’s.

A smile came to my lips as I said, “I’d be a fool to pass up a chance to make you squeal like a school girl.”

I heard Mark gasp.

“Come on hot one,” I said, as I held my hand out for her to take.

IS was far from stupid, she knew I took affront to her comments and I was laying a challenge down. I also knew she had to accept.

As she took my hand and rose with an intentional slow grace, Melanie spoke, “John.” in a tone of warning.

I intentionally turned very slowly, looked at her and said in as sweet a voice as I had ever used.

“Yes Melanie, what is it?”

There was a brief pause during which, I am fairly sure, Carol kicked Melanie.

“John,” she repeated, “make me proud.”

I let go of IS’s hand, walked over to Melanie and kissed her, full on the lips, then walked back to IS. The score was now one to nothing.

IS could keep score also. She started to strip as we walk away. Her blouse came off and was dropped to the floor, quickly followed by her bra. The score was now tie.

She had beautiful breasts, they were large, perfectly round and very firm, but not high at all, there was nothing there to sag. Her areola and nipples were just a shade darker than the skin on her breast. Her areola had goose bumps on it and her nipples were perfectly smooth with a small slit at the very top. When we got to the room, she turned to face me. Gently and slowly, she put her hand to my crotch.

“Oh, I sense you have seen something you like.”

The score was now two to one, her favor.

I looked her in the eyes. She was unblinking and looked back into mine, as I calmly said, “Tell me now; do you want to experience what I can offer? kaçak bahis If not, we might as well turn around and go back out and you can show everyone your tits. You decide.”

Our eyes were still locked together.

She looked down, “Fine. I want to see what you can do.”

Tie game.

“Please finish undressing. I need to get some towels and lubricant for you.”

“Well; when you come back, can I please see your cock. It’s only fare, now that you’ve seen my tits and are about to play with my pussy.”

Close, but no point.

“IS,” I said looking at her. “What do you think.”

She playfully rolled out her lower lip.

“Cute,” I said. “Now come on lay back and let me do what other women will pay for.”

Her voice had a slight edge to it.

“You don’t think twelve million is enough? Well John, I’m putting the pressure on you. Unless you make me feel like I got my twelve million worth you can explain to Melanie how you blew it.”

The game was serious now and the rule book just got thrown out the window. I could get pissed and walk out or I could make her feel like she got her moneys worth. And I wasn’t about to walk out.

She was laying back on the bed, as I, with a great deal of calm, walked to her. As I did, I saw, for a fraction of a second, fear. That momentary look was quickly replaced by the look of superiority, but from that moment I knew her weakness.

“IS, you and I both know, it’s the one with the money that makes the rules. So I’m here to play by your rules.”

The victory sign went up in her eyes and she thought the game was over. She forgot that she was the one that tossed the rule book out the window.

She said, “Now; you see my pussy, I want to see your cock.”

“Fair enough,” I said. And with out any ceremony, I pulled my dick out.

She touched it, “Not very impressive. What does Melanie see in you?”

“She thinks I’m funny.”

“Well, I’m disappointed. I should have taken Mark, at least I’d get to see an incredibly long dick.”

“You have a point, but did you come in here to experience an orgasm that would be like a religious experience or to just feel a dick. I’m guessing with this, (I pointed to her pussy) you can get as many of these, (I pointed to my dick) as you want.”

She smiled. “I think I’m finally beginning to like you.”

“Now,” I said, as I put my dick back in my pants, “about that religious experience.”

She smiled again because it’s easy being magnanimous when you think you’ve won.

“Ok, John, let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Then Shhh, Relax, this is all about you; only for you.”

I leaned over, kissed her ear and said, “You look like the supreme woman, beauty in every dimension, now I need you to be the sexual woman. I need you to relax and feel my every touch and know it’s just for you.”

I kissed her ear again and dragged my lips to each eyelid and kissed them closed. I kissed her forehead as my hands cupped her face and as my lips moved down to her cheeks. My hands moved to her shoulders and I began to massage them as my kisses wandered to the corner of her lips.

She started to speak and I pulled my lips to her ear and whispered. “Shhhh, just feel my kisses, let them caress your sweet flesh, let them taste your beauty.”

I then slid my lips down her neck to her throat, gave short kisses and would suck on it ever so briefly before kissing it again. I worked my way to her shoulders and licked the hollows of each. I spent time over every inch of both as my hands moved over her breasts, not touching her nipples.

My fingertips traced around the perimeters of them, crossing up and over the fleshy firm mounds, just missing the hardening nipples. My mouth still worked further down to her breasts as my tongue retraced the path of my fingers, over and over yet never touching her nipple. My tongue wandered on to her tightening areola, coming ever closer but still not touching her wanton nipple.

My hand moved down to her belly. Just my fingertips were moving over her navel, her mound and to the top of her slit, but not penetrating. As my lips moved to her belly my hand moved to the inside of her legs, brushing lightly over the skin and up both sides of her labia, smooth and clean to the touch. Her entire body was beginning to tense. My tongue now inched toward the top of her slit, just brushing over it as my fingers concentrated on her flowering labia that was becoming slick.

With a quick flash of my tongue, it went between her lips and as it brushed her clit a shuddered traveled thru her. Her body was now as tight as a piano wire.

I paused and began again to brush my tongue over the top of her slit as she began to lift her hips and short murmurs of “ooooh” were pulled from her. I felt her move her arm and knew she would try and push my head into her, so I gave two deep quick laps. My tongue penetrating the slit and pushing against a hard clit.

She became rigid in the expectation, and the wanting of more. She was so wet, there was no need for any lube as I slid my fingers in her and rubbed around her slick inner walls. With my free hand I put one of her own hands on her left breast. She knew what to do from there, as her fingers began to pull and squeeze her nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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