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Maid for You

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Kayla could feel a light blush coloring her cheeks as she imagined herself wearing it; she could barely suppress her smile as she bit lightly down on her bottom lip, a tingle of excitement ran down her spine. She’d waited so long…she’d been eyeing this item ever since the first prototype had been released nearly two years ago. During that time she’d made it to the payment confirmation page dozens of times already, but had never managed to bring herself to hit the “Confirm” button.

Until now.

No more excuses. After two years, it was obvious that the company was still going strong and had perfected their product. After two years of continually coming back to the site and staring longingly at their catalogue, it was obviously a sign that she needed it in her life.

Thoroughly reading through the site’s payment policies for the fifth time, she finally opted for the monthly payment plan option. To say that this was an expensive purchase would be an understatement. Tipping back her margarita glass, she finished the last of her slushy, mango flavored liquid courage, savoring the sweetness as the cold alcohol warmed her from the inside out. This was the missing ingredient she had needed, the last push before she…clicking the “Confirm” button with finality, she held her breath as the page reloaded to congratulate her on her purchase.

Seeing the receipt to her latest purchase, the reality of the situation slowly sank in. She was officially the owner of the sexiest French maid uniform ever created. Custom made and hand tailored to each person’s specifications, it had the most unique design she’d ever laid eyes on…and it was going to be hers.

With the initial down payment paid, she couldn’t wait for her new outfit to arrive. A tiny voice of doubt nagged at the back of her mind, but it was quickly lost in her tipsy haze of excitement. Not much was known about the company, Eternal Fantasy. It was infamous in select circles for various reasons and the internet had absolutely blown topics way out of proportion. Most of the “known facts” about Eternal Fantasy seemed to be baseless rumors. All that could be said with certainty was that Eternal Fantasy delivered quality products.

Her mind began to wander as she leaned back in her chair, the confirmation page and receipt still on her monitor. She couldn’t help but imagine herself in the outfit, how cute and sexy she would look in it. Scott’s handsome face flashed through her imagination and she blushed at her own thoughts, not wanting to admit to how badly she wanted to wear the outfit for him. Modeling it for him, letting him pose her however he wanted, pretending to be his good little maid…

Scott was Kayla’s co-worker and while they were certainly friendly, even a bit flirty, at work, he’d never officially asked her out on a date yet. Sure, they had lunch together often and would go on coffee runs, but it’d be nice to see him outside of the office for once. Be more than just his “work wife” as he liked to so fondly call her. She’d been frustratingly treading the fine line of the friendzone for a while now and she was determined to change that.

Clicking back to Eternal Fantasy’s homepage, she sighed happily at the featured maid outfits – they were simply gorgeous. The thought of the glistening monochrome costume sliding across her naked skin, hugging the curves of her lithe body…mm, it made her wet just thinking about it. Some people may have a latex fetish, it’d be fair to say that maid outfits were Kayla’s weakness.

Turning off her computer monitor, she maneuvered her way effortlessly through her dark apartment and crawled into bed…but not before grabbing her favorite vibrator out of her nightstand. She imagined Scott kissing her as her fingers slipped down between her legs and underneath her panties to gently circle her clit. Would he have soft lips? Maybe it’d be a bit of a rough kiss from his stubble? She shivered as she tried to remember the way he smelled, grasping at memories of when she’d catch a whiff of his cologne.

Her fingers slid down lower to touch herself. She was already wet, her lips slick with her own juices from the excitement of her latest purchase. Rubbing herself, she gave a soft whimper as her index and middle fingers slipped into herself, coating her fingers with her wetness before spreading it all across her slick lips and finally rubbing her stiffening clit. Yeah, she was going to look so fucking good in her new outfit, Scott wouldn’t be able to not want her.

Pulling her panties aside, she slid the length of her vibrator against herself. It wasn’t long before she’d managed to lube it up with her own wetness while she moaned and writhed against it as she worked her clit. She imagined the feel of her nightgown and bedsheets to be that of smooth silk from the maid’s outfit. Imagined the way Scott wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of her once he saw her in it. As she thrusted the vibrator into her needy hole, turning it on in one swift motion, bahis firmaları she imagined it to be Scott’s dick violating her instead, fucking her.

“Oh god,” she whimpered, softly panting around her own moans even as the buzzing vibrator schlicked furiously in and out of her wet hole. She imagined that it was his thumb crushing her engorged clit while he fucked her. She could feel herself getting close, so tantalizingly close to cumming. “F-Fuckk!!” she cried out as she came, back arching as her body stiffened. The vibrator spurted out of her slick pussy as the orgasm crashed over her.

Panting breathlessly, she reached down past her trembling thighs to turn off the buzzing vibrator. As post-orgasmic bliss engulfed her, she snuggled down into her blanket and drifted off to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face…

– – – – –

Monday arrived far too soon, but Kayla almost didn’t mind having work as a distraction. Anything to make the time go by faster as she waited impatiently for her package to arrive. She smiled at Scott as she paused at his cubicle, a daily morning routine before she got settled at her own desk for the day.

“Heya Scott, good morning~”

“Morning Kay, you have a good weekend?” He smiled back up at her and her heart skipped a beat at his dimpled grin. With a strong jawline, bronzed skin and an adorable curled cowlick that he could never properly tame, Scott gave Kayla mild Clark Kent vibes with his boyish charm and she found him to be simply irresistable.

“Mm, not bad, but not long enough either.”

“Yeah, they never are.” They both chuckled. Kayla waited for the usual follow up, it was Scott’s turn to choose where they went for lunch. “What are you feeling for lunch today? I’m thinking Gulliver’s? Really craving one of their pastrami sandwiches for some reason.”

Kayla smirked teasingly at Scott, tucking a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Again? This is the fourth time this month!”

“Hey, their pastrami sandwiches are good alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. One of these days you’ll admit that you’re an addict.” Kayla gave him a flirty wave and laugh as she left to get to her own cubicle. “See you at lunch!”

Mondays were Mondays, typically spent busily catching up on whatever came in over the weekend. But Kayla’s mind was elsewhere and the first thing she did once she logged onto her computer was to check the tracking for her package. Amazingly, to her delight, the status was listed as delivered!

It was hard to focus on her work as excitement buzzed at the back of her mind. As she struggled to get through her workload for the morning, a slow realization came to her. Maybe once she’d tried on the outfit and seen how great she looks in it with her own eyes, she’d finally be able to work up the courage to ask Scott out.

Ironically, it turned out she wouldn’t have to be the one to ask after all.

As she sat across from Scott for lunch, their plates of food nearly finished, Kayla’s mind wandered during a lull in conversation as she nibbled on her fries. As she was busy obsessing over how she couldn’t wait to get home and rip into her package, Scott cleared his throat awkwardly and brought her attention back to him.

“So, um…got any exciting weekend plans?”

Kayla cocked a brow at him, but her heart skipped a beat in her chest. This was new, it was only Monday after all. They still had the whole week to go before their usual weekend chatter on Fridays. “Eh, you know me. Not much. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if you’d…” He looked away from her briefly, his eyes darting around her before coming back to rest on her. It was strange to see Scott looking so unsure of himself. “I dunno. Wanna hang out? Maybe go to the movies or something this Saturday?”

Kayla could feel her ears heating up as a blush encroached upon her pale cheeks. Her heart beat more quickly now and she glanced coyly down at the table, mostly to hide her own elation because ohmigosh Scott was finally asking her out! Once she’d composed herself, she looked up and flashed him a bright smile. “Sounds like fun!”

The look of relief that flashed through Scott’s eyes was adorable. He also quickly regained his usual sarcastic, witty self and grinned right back at her. “Great! I guess I’ll see you Saturday then.”

As the bill came, Scott reached out without a word and covered it. Kayla said nothing but it felt like she was walking on clouds when they walked back to the office together afterwards. The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur of paperwork and daydreams.

– – – – –

Adrenaline trilled through her body as she finally got home to her apartment complex. Today had been such an unexpectedly great day and she knew it was about to get even better. As the elevator doors opened to her floor, she had to force herself to walk normally rather than run to her door like she wanted.

A large box had been left leaning against her door. Her cheeks kaçak iddaa flushed a little when she noticed the pink logo emblazoned across the cardboard box: a busty maid frozen in the iconic pose of being bent at the waist, one leg cocked up behind her as she tried to reach high up with a feather duster. In beautiful calligraphy, the words Eternal Fantasy were scripted across the package. It looked like the maid was trying to dust the “T” in Fantasy.

Quickly picking up the package, she tucked it under her arm as she fussed with her keys to get her door open. She couldn’t help but wonder how many of her neighbors had seen the package and what they thought of her. According to the tracking, it had been delivered around 10:30 am and it was well past 5 pm now. She was sure that there were bound to be some interesting rumors whispered about her behind closed doors. Oh well. Maybe she could try to pass it off as a delivery for special cleaning products if anyone asked.

Kicking off her flats, she tossed her keys in the basket hanging next to the door before shrugging off her gray suit jacket and leaving it folded on the shoe bench. Hurrying into the kitchen, she grabbed a box cutter out of a drawer and carefully slit the packing tape. Tossing the box cutter back in its drawer, she brought the box to her living room and plopped down on the couch to open her new prized possession.

Inside was a sleek, matte black box with the same logo decorating the lid in embellished gold. Running her fingers across the logo, she loved how even the packaging felt deluxe and elegant. Pulling the lid off the box, a thick, white user’s manual sat on top of carefully wrapped tissue paper. Picking it up, she flipped through it without actually bothering to read it. Why would an outfit come with a user’s manual? Must be some care instructions on how to wash and clean it.

Skimming through the chapter contents confirmed her guess. It seemed fairly technical, instructions on how to keep the outfit in pristine condition, basic care, a service agreement, etc. Tossing the manual aside, she instead dug eagerly into the tissue paper wrapping. A sticker with the company logo held it all together. She ripped through the flimsy tissue to reveal the neatly folded maid’s outfit.

It practically gleamed in the light, the glossy satin and silk held such a gorgeous sheen. Pulling it out of the box carefully, almost reverently, she held the dress up before her. It was a one piece dress with buttons up the front. Its sleeves flared out from the elbows, the ends trimmed with white lace. The dress would expose the top of her shoulders, while also having a relatively low cut neckline; two white ribbons hung from the middle – they were meant to be tied and attached to a separate, leather choker.

She marveled at the way the fabric felt, rubbing it between her fingertips. So incredibly smooth and silky, it practically pooled in her lap. Picking up the choker, she couldn’t help but think that it seemed more like an elegant collar. A dainty metal ring hung from the middle – this is where the dress’ ribbons were to be decoratively tied to the choker.

Even the dress’ accompanying accessories felt lush. Beneath the dress was the apron that brought the entire outfit together. Perfectly white satin trimmed with delicate lace, it felt almost as creamy as it looked. Its frilly straps went over the shoulders and attached to a waistband that was meant to be tied in a large bow at the small of her back.

Next were the stockings she had chosen. While the website had provided several options, Kayla had wanted the ones with an intricate design of rose vines wrapping around. She marveled at the detail, the beautiful roses in various stages of blooming along thorny vines. She gave the tights an experimental stretch – they were supposedly completely rip and tear proof – hesitantly at first, then with more confidence and was pleased to see that they managed to stretch without losing its shape or any signs of tearing.

Finally, a pair of glossy, lace up black heels with pointed toes sat at the bottom in its own matching black shoebox. She could practically see her own reflection staring back at her as she admired the shoes.

Letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, Kayla arranged everything neatly on her couch before standing and holding the dress up against herself to check the fit in the mirror. The dress’ skirt flared out in soft pleats, but it was extremely short, just barely managing to cover her plump ass. The dress’ flared sleeves were actually longer than the dress itself.

Her own flushed face stared back at her as she eyed her reflection. Holding the dress in place with one hand, her other hand ran down the front of her body, enjoying the slick sensation of the fabric against her skin. She cupped her breast through the fabric and sent a shudder down her spine as she pinched her perky nipple.

She needed to feel it against her bare skin. She needed kaçak bahis to be wearing the full outfit now.

Laying the dress down on the couch, she hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse with impatient fingers. Muttering soft curses at herself as her shaking hands fumbled with the tiny buttons before she was finally able to shrug her blouse off. She’d never been this thrilled by a purchase before, been…aroused this way before. Her whole body felt flushed with heat, hot with eager anticipation.

Unhooking her bra with a practiced motion, her full breasts sprang free, hardened nipples standing erect. It didn’t take long to unbutton and unzip her gray work pants, letting them simply fall from her waist to pool around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she briefly admired herself in the full length mirror.

Despite being her own worst critic, this was one of the rare occasions when she was in a good mood and saw herself in a positive light. She ran her hands down the front of her body, cupping her bare double D-cup breasts and squeezing them together to simulate more exaggerated cleavage. Smoothing her hands down her flat stomach, she rested them along the sides of her hips at the curve of her waist. Turning, she admired herself from the side, playfully slapping her ass to make it jiggle before she let her eyes run down her beautifully sculpted, luscious legs. The new exercise regimen she’d started a few months ago with squats, lunges and light jogging has definitely been paying off.

Looking into her own blue eyes, she explored her body with her hands before hooking her thumbs into either side of her panties and sliding them off. Even though her face was flushing, the blush practically reaching her neck, there was something incredibly hot about seeing herself this way. She looked different somehow, brimming with an inner energy…primal almost.

She watched as her hand slipped down past her pelvis and touched her soft mound; she was wet again. Reaching for the dress, she held it up against her naked body and couldn’t help but draw a sharp intake of breath as she felt the cool silk against her bare skin. The only word she could think of to describe the sensation was…luscious.

Hugging the dress to her, she nearly moaned as she practically writhed against the slick material. Gripping her breasts firmly through the fabric, her index fingers circled teasingly around her stiff nipples causing her to mewl with pleasure.

Part of her was amazed by how turned on she was. These wanton feelings of lust, of deep seated need were inexplicable to her but she wasn’t about to deny herself the pleasure her body so obviously craved. Sliding one hand down between her legs even as the other continued to squeeze and caress at her breast, she pressed the liquid blackness of the dress against her throbbing sex.

Again, another gasp was drawn from her lips involuntarily as she pressed the flowing silk against her clit, fingers circling it through the fabric. Her head tilted back as her eyes fluttered closed, a soft moan escaping her lips while her long blonde waves slowly drifted past her pale shoulders to hang down her back. Fuck, she was already so close. How could that be? And yet, as her fingers dipped lower to press into herself, her body stiffened reflexively as her fingers stroked her inner walls, the smooth fabric a deliciously cool sensation against the heat of her core. She could cum right now if she wanted to…but instead she edged herself, wanting to draw out the delicious sensations.

Falling to her knees, still hugging the dress to herself, she started to slowly finger herself not even caring that she was getting her juices all over the dress as she essentially fucked herself with it. She alternated between inserting her fingers into her slick hole and simply stroking her labia in slow circles. Needless to say, she was practically dripping from how wet she was and she was close, oh so, so fucking close…

Leaning forwards to rest her upper body against the couch while on her knees, her greedy need to cum soon had her fingers thrusting in and out of her slick pussy. She could see her reflection moaning back at her, panting with flushed cheeks and parted lips. Wow, she thought to herself, I look like…a slut. But the word didn’t hold any negative connotations in that moment. She liked the fact that she looked like a horny slut, just begging to be fucked. For once, she reveled in her sexuality.

She could see the bottom of the fabric being pressed further and further into her needy pussy as she fingered herself. Her moans grew louder as her orgasm neared. Seeing herself in such a state only managed to turn her on more and her entire body jerked as she came with an almost startled cry. As the orgasm washed over her, causing her body to twitch even as her toes curled, she threw her head back as a silent scream ripped through her while she came in shuddering waves…

– – – – –

Her eyes slowly refocused as she came to. She was lying against her couch, still sitting on the floor with the dress sprawled across and underneath her. Had she passed out from that orgasm? It’d been intense, but…damn. She was kind of impressed with herself.

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