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Making it in a Man’s World Ch. 02

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“Yes, Jim, yesssss….” I hissed as he fucked me from behind. We had developed a naughty little habit of fooling around in his office whenever we thought we could get away with it. Sometimes I would just suck him off, other times I’d ride him right in his big leather chair, but today we were engaged in my favorite activity: he had bent me over his desk, hiked my short skirt up to my waist, and was pounding my tight pussy.

He also loved to mix business and pleasure, as I had learned in our first visit to the football stadium. Today was no exception, as he gave me the details of my first solo reporting assignment while he had me in this vulnerable position, riding me from behind with my hair in his hands.

“I’m sending you to the state championship game to interview Doug Jones. He’s the Kennedy High quarterback who just signed with…”

“Jeez, Jim, I know who Doug Jones is. Been watching him for the last couple of years, just hoping he’d stay local and sign with Big State! You’re sure you want me to handle this interview?”

“Well, Shannon, I think you’ve earned it,” Jim whispered into my ear as he thrust into me with a deep stroke.

“Well, cool. I’ll get right on it as soon as we’re done here,” I said with a smile over my shoulder, hoping to garner some gentle punishment for my cheeky comment.

“Oh, you want me to hurry up and cum already, do you?” Jim replied, slapping my ass firmly.

“Yes, Jim, spank me! Fuck me until you cum!”

He happily went along with my instructions, slapping my ass occasionally as he fucked me faster and faster, and then reaching around to stroke my clit so he could bring me to orgasm when he was ready to cum.

“Oh, god yes, Jim,” I whispered as I lost control, bucking beneath him as I felt his load shoot deep into my pussy. We had to quickly recover ourselves as his secretary buzzed his intercom – he zipped up, ran back to his chair, and invited her in just as I managed to make myself presentable and sit down in the chair across from him. As Betty walked into the room, Jim appeared to be giving me the details of my next assignment (although I knew them already), and I was scribbling down every word on my notepad.

The game three days later was a great one – Kennedy lost in overtime, but Doug gave a gutsy, all-out performance that delighted the hometown crowd. Immediately after the last play, I made my way to the locker room, joining a sea of other reporters ready to interview the senior QB after his last high school game. There was always coverage of the state championships, but this game was especially big news because of the high hopes placed on this kid for Big State’s future. After several years of hovering just above mediocrity, with glimpses of talent and strong coaching but no big star to carry the team on his shoulders, the dreams of alumni and college ball fans in the whole region rested on Doug Willis.

I kept my cool, hanging towards the back of the gaggle of reporters, knowing that I’d get my interview if I was patient. It gave me a chance to observe this kid up close, and I quickly decided that he could most definitely handle the pressure. He came from a good family, wanted to stay in the area for college, and obviously enjoyed the idea of bahis firmaları being a local hero. I also thought to myself how odd it is to know so much about a perfect stranger, just because he is an athlete. I knew he was 6’4″, 210, turning 19 in a month, and knew everything he had cared to share with reporters about his hobbies, his family, what kind of music he liked to listen to…

My patience was beginning to pay off, as the less-dedicated reporters began to peel off from the group, and just a few of us were left with Doug in the locker room. His teammates had also left, disappointed in their loss and also not particularly interested in witnessing yet another media interview with Doug. A few well-placed questions revealed that I had studied up on his stats, and after I mentioned the name of my paper and that I was a Big State alum, Doug agreed to stay on and answer more of my questions. The beat guys trickled off, and soon Doug and I were alone in the locker room.

We had a lively conversation, with Doug asking me innocent freshman-to-be questions about Big State, and me attempting to bring the conversation back to his goals for college and beyond. He interrupted one of my questions with one of his own, “Do you mind if I get out of some of this gear?”

“Oh, sure, yeah, no problem,” I answered innocently, as I looked down at my notepad and jotted down a few things from our conversation that I didn’t want to forget. Before I knew it, though, the 18-year-old athlete was soon naked in front of me, stripping off not just a shin guard or shoulder pads, but everything.

I’m sure I blushed bright red, both because I was surprised and also because he had such a hot young body, and he quickly responded, “I’m sorry, does this make you uncomfortable?”

“Uh, no, you just surprised me, that’s all. I should probably get going anyway, and let you hit the showers.”

“Well, that’s not necessarily what I had in mind,” he said, making an attempt at a smooth line. When I didn’t immediately jump his bones, he retreated to a slightly more typical teenage fumbling of his words, “I mean, um, I know you’re a reporter and you’re older than me and stuff, but I think you’re really hot, and, um, it turns me on that a hot girl – I mean woman – like you knows so much about sports.”

Smiling, I replied, “Well, I think you’re pretty hot, too, Doug. What do you think are the chances that anyone will walk through the locker room in the next few minutes and see us here together?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure everyone has gone home.”

“Well, then, come here,” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him over to where I was sitting on the bench between the rows of lockers. True to teenage form, his cock started getting hard just from my touch on his hand, and by the time I had sucked his length into my mouth, it was already almost fully erect.

“Oh, god, Shannon, yes. This is like a dream come true. Suck my cock!”

I cupped his balls in one hand, rolling them gently in my palm as I bobbed up and down on his now 8″ length. It was clear he wasn’t going to last long, getting the first good blow job of his young life. I tried to slow down, giving him a little more pleasure before his release, but the first time I bottomed out, letting kaçak iddaa the tip of his cock reach down into my throat, he lost control and shot his load.

Since he was in my throat at that moment, his cum triggered my gag reflex and I wasn’t able to swallow it all. As he pulled away from me, his sticky white cum dribbled down my chin and onto my blouse. By the look on his face, he was obviously tremendously satisfied but also embarrassed to have left me in such a messy state. I smiled, took his hand, stood up, and said, “Don’t worry, I have a great idea,” and led my naked boytoy towards the showers.

Kicking off my shoes as we walked, I developed my plan. Doug obviously wasn’t experienced enough to have much stamina, but I was sure he could make up for that in other youthful ways. I was confident I could bring him to orgasm at least twice more, and hopefully by then be ready to cum myself. I found the nearest shower, turned it on, and began a sexy dance beneath the stream of water. My blouse quickly became plastered to my skin, revealing my lacy bra beneath. As he watched, I unzipped my mini skirt, slithered out of the soaked fabric, and tossed it across the room. I then unbuttoned my blouse, exposing my tits to his eager eyes.

Just as I had hoped, his cock was already growing hard again. As I continued to gyrate under the falling water, I slowly motioned with one finger for him to join me. Practically tripping over his own feet, Doug joined me under the water. I took his hands and placed them on my lace-covered tits, encouraging him to feel me up. He eagerly accepted this invitation, and, showing me that he did at least have some experience with 2nd base, quickly had my bra unhooked and tossed to the floor. He bent down and took one of my tits in his mouth, licking and nibbling my nipple. I let one hand fall to my pussy, wetting a few fingers with my juices and stroking my clit. With my other hand, I pulled him closer to me, and as his cock jutted out to meet me, I knew it was time to give him release once again.

I spread my legs slightly and leaned back against the wall, pulling him back with me. Taking his cock in my hands, I pulled it back and forth against my pussy lips, lubricating it with my juices, before letting go and allowing him to thrust into me. Judging by the expression on his face as I looked up at him, this may have been his first time. He took a moment just to enjoy the sensation of warm tightness around his cock, and then began moving inside of me. Our height differential made this position sightly awkward, but Doug quickly found a solution. With his cock still buried inside of me, he picked me up off the ground, and I responded to this great idea by wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

Even knowing that he would cum quickly and I wouldn’t have the chance to orgasm in this position, it was still a thrilling one for me – never before had a man lifted me up into the air like this, and the feeling of weightlessness was fantastic. I bounced up and down on his rock-hard cock until he – again, quite quickly! – came, shooting his load into me.

“Wow, Shannon, that was incredible. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I never imagined my first time would be with kaçak bahis someone so hot!”

“Well, I’m glad, Doug! You’re quite the young stud. Now, are you ready for another first? Would you like to make me cum?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“OK, I’ll tell you exactly what I want, and if you follow my directions carefully, we can cum together, which is a really great experience, trust me.”

His expression was a combination of pure lust, lingering disbelief that this was actually happening, and eager anticipation of what was to come next. I returned to my previous position, standing directly under the shower. As the water again washed over me, I spread my legs slightly and began stroking my clit. I guided one of his hands to my pussy, pushed his head to my breast, and began giving him instructions, which he followed exactly, much to my delight.

“As you’re sucking my nipple, I want you to wet your fingers in my juices, and then slowly let one of your fingers slide inside of me. Mmmmmmmm, that’s nice. Now, pay attention to my pussy muscles pulsing around your finger, and as soon as it feels right, slide another finger in and start stroking in and out.”

He was following instructions so well that I was able to stop talking for a moment and just enjoy the sensations moving through my body. The combination of the water on my skin, his mouth on my breasts, and his big strong fingers in my pussy was beginning to move me closer to an orgasm.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice, Doug. Now, get down on your knees for a minute. Do you see my clit, this place I’m stroking with my fingers? I want you to do exactly what you were doing with your tongue on my nipples, but this time right there, on my clit. And I think my pussy is ready for one more of your fingers. Fuck me with your fingers, get me ready for your cock again!”

Doug went at this new task with gusto, and before too long I knew I’d have to stop him if I wanted to hold off my orgasm. After about a minute, I pulled him up off his knees, and his hand fell from my pussy, his fingers covered with my juices. I turned around, put my hands against the shower wall, spread my legs again, and looked back at him over my shoulder, saying, “Now, take me from behind. Fuck me until we both cum!”

Needless to say, he was more than ready, and I knew he wouldn’t last long – but fortunately, neither would I this time around. He plunged into me in one confident stroke, and I gasped as his big cock stretched me more from this back door position than it had earlier. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me into him with each fast, intense stroke. Before long, I lost track of my surroundings, closed my eyes, and was aware only of the sound and feel of his cock slamming into me.

“Yes, yes, Doug, that’s it! Are you ready to cum?”

“Ummm hmmmmm, oh god, yes, Shannon!”

He groaned loudly, the sound echoing through the tiled shower room, as he shot his load deep into my pussy. Just as he did so, I finally let go as well, continuing to push myself down onto his cock even as he stopped moving. As my pussy gradually stopped throbbing around him, he let his cock slip out of me, and staggered back towards a bench on the other side of the room, where he sat down.

Grinning at him, I said, “Well, I’d better get going. Thanks for the interview. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions about Big State.”

“Hey, thanks, Shannon. For everything.”

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