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Mandy’s Addiction

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I don’t know why I do it. Somewhere deep inside me I know that it’s wrong in some way, but I still go there. It’s also not as if I couldn’t have any boy I wanted. I’m not blind, and I can see the effect I have on them. There’s always someone new asking me out and I always say “no”. It’s been this way since I was sixteen. Now that I’m in my third year of college I get those signals from even older guys Those sub-verbal cues that speak as loud as words.

I haven’t put on a bra today as I leave the house; I really don’t need one. My breasts are medium-small and sit high and proud. I’ve noticed that guys will look at them just as much as they do at girls with large breasts when I don’t wear a bra. I found I liked to tease them that way, although I usually do wear one if only to conceal my nipples. They have minds of their own, and will come out to play for quite unexpected situations.

In fact, one time in high school I got sent home because of those nipples. The vice principle had a hard time explaining to me just why I had to go home, but he did manage to tell me I would have to wear some support if I wanted to come back. After that I usually did wear a bra, but when I didn’t I generally wore a vest or a jacket that would allow them to peek out if I wanted them to, but could be concealed in an instant if that stuffy vice principle came around.

I live at my parents house now, for various reasons. For one thing it’s cheaper than the dorm, but mostly it’s because of this habit I have. Just outside our back yard is a deep, tree filled ravine that is owned by the city. They call it a park, but it’s mostly just a wild area that would be difficult to build houses on. The city did go in and build a network of trails through it, thus justifying it’s title of “Park.” Although the legitimate trails were created and maintained by the city, there are endless smaller trails making a spider web of interlocking routes made by animals and children over the years. One of these begins in our back yard. I follow it out and into the gloom under the trees.

I am wearing panties today. I know for some guys it’s a serious turn on to know that a girl isn’t wearing any, but for my purposes it’s better to have them on. Guys always fumble with bra clasps, but I’ve never yet had a boy who had trouble getting the panties off- even if I had to help a little. Today I don’t really plan on keeping them on long, but if I don’t give him something to take his time with it all goes too fast.

I don’t necessarily take the same route over the paths. There are a couple of ways to get almost there, and they all take about the same amount of time. The secret is the last hundred yards or so. We have to be careful not to make the trail look too used or some of the pot heads would find our place. Getting caught doesn’t bother me, but those dumb asses would wreck the whole arrangement. At last I come to the cut off.

The trail to our place isn’t hidden so much as undesirable. For the first twelve or fifteen yards it’s overgrown with brambles and there’s a pile of garbage in front of the entrance. After you get past these obstacles it runs in a jagged nasty twist up a steep embankment. Finally it ends up on a narrow point which is free of brambles and only has a little grass covering it. To the west you can look down and see row on row of houses and a tree lined hill on the other side of the valley. To the east are just trees and brambles rising up above you, screening you from the houses behind.

I’m there first, of course. I think he watches from behind a tree near my house, and then follows me in. He always waits long enough to give me a chance to settle myself, although it wasn’t always this way. After the first time there was a long period where he would wait for me there, and I would come up behind him and nibble his ear or lay my boobs on his shoulder and tease him.

In those early days I think he needed my confidence to let him know it was okay. Even then I had complete control over the contact. I don’t think there was ever any doubt that he would do anything I wanted, and the fact that what I wanted was going to get him off was the reason he kept coming back. Now though, as he gets older, he’s wanting more control. In my little ways I’m giving it to him.

Today it’s pretty warm, so I’m wearing a little skirt and a pretty tight tank top. The skirt is fairly modest, but the top is thin and almost shear. Anyone who sees me wearing that knows that I’m not wearing a bra, and that’s the whole point. Just to make it easier on him I take a seat on the grass and flare the skirt out around me where I am not sitting on any part of it. Knowing what is coming has been making a tingle between my legs since before I left the house, but I’m not touching myself. I could, and normally I would, but when I do this it’s important that the timing not be off.

He’s so quiet now that I don’t here him until he’s right behind me. I know it’s him because anybody else would have made enough racket for a small army. We both know our parts to play. I keep staring off into bahis firmaları the distance as if I am simply enjoying the view.

The light footsteps I have heard stop just behind me, and I know he is looking down my neckline appreciating my curves. Even though my breasts are small they are quite well formed. Simple knowledge of what is about to happen has made my nipples hard as rocks and about the shape and size of raspberries. The temptation to touch myself is becoming unbearable, and he’s sophisticated enough now that I’m sure he knows this.

The dear boy doesn’t touch me yet. Sometimes he does, and sometimes I let him, but usually if he tries I make him wait longer. I think this is as difficult for me as it is for him, but if I don’t do it this way I think it will descend into just occasional fucking in the bushes. I don’t want that. Of course if that is all that it was I wouldn’t have a problem with stopping.

This time he sits down beside me, carefully moving my skirt out of the way so that he is sitting on the grass. His shoulder is almost touching mine as he tries to appear interested in the scenery. In fact he’s trying to look at my boobs out of the corner of his eye and he can just catch a glimpse of my thigh where he moved my skirt.

He’s learned patience, I’ll give him that. I wiggle around a bit exposing a little more thigh. My pussy is starting to ache and my nipples hurt, but I’m not giving him any sign of that. Once I dragged this on so long that I almost came without ever being touched, then when he did finally enter me I bit his shoulder and drew blood. I don’t know how he explained that to his mother. Perhaps he covered it up with a bandage.

I look down, and sure enough he has an erection. It’s not that I doubted myself, but something about his manner told me that today was different. He caught me looking down and looked away. I just smiled, and took his hand. “Touch me here.” I say, raising his hand to my breast.

His hand was warm, even through the light cotton of my tank top. He cupped my flesh lightly and gave it a small shake so he could feel the nipple move in his palm. That nipple grew harder, if possible, and I desperately wanted him to take it in his mouth. I wanted him to suck it, and touch it with his tongue.

Turning towards me, he raised up on his knees and slipped his other hand up under my tank top and almost roughly circled the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He didn’t pinch, but he did roll it back and forth and pull it lightly out. I couldn’t help myself but to let out a prolonged sigh. This is what I have been waiting for.

I let him play with my nipple and feel me up for a few minutes before I can’t stand it any more. I make him take his hands away from my breasts, and pulled my tank top back down. “Now here,” I remind him, moving his hands up under my skirt and on my thighs, “It’s time to take these off.”

He knows what I want, but he doesn’t just try to pull them down. He carefully moves his hands up my inner thighs, around the outside, and down under my ass. I can feel his fingers slipping between the slight material of my panties and my butt cheeks, so I lay down into the grass and run my hands up over my body. Eventually I bring my hands back up to my tank top and slid the straps down my arms. this allows my boobs to spill out where he can see them and I can play with them.

Now that I am caressing my breasts and playing with my nipples I can’t stop him from pulling my panties down and off. These were nice ones that I had bought about a year earlier. They were cut long on the side, of the kind that almost looks like shorts except that these were lace and satin in all the right places. Usually he just lays them aside, but this time he folds them casually and puts them in his pocket.

He leaned back forward and placed a warm hand on my thigh. “Uh-uh,” I said while squeezing my nipples and cupping my breasts, “you’ve got as close as you’re going to get for a while.” If he would lean a little closer or try to move my skirt I would snap my knees together and disappoint him. As it is there is no need, and I leave them enticingly spread and inviting.

Obediently he sits back on his heels and places his hands in his lap. My eyes are nearly closed as I play with my boobs in front of him, and when I open them I see him rubbing himself through his jeans. I can’t blame him considering how hot he is making me. I stop touching my breasts and with a smile lift my skirt so he can see my pussy.

His eyes get big as he sees that I am completely bare today. I always keep myself trimmed around my labia and clitoris, but usually I leave a simple triangle above. For today I had removed every trace of hair between my legs, and then waxed myself ’till I was smooth as a plum. I part my legs until the lips open slightly, and a small drop of sweetness rolls down on my ass. “You see what you’ve done to me?” I ask, smiling. “You’ve made me all wet and horny. What do you propose to do about it?”

He continues to rub himself through his jeans, but a little smile kaçak iddaa is growing on his face. “I’ll do anything you want me to, today.” he said, and leaned back onto the grass. I let my skirt back down and get to my knees between his legs. With one hand he caresses my shoulder and seemingly casually pulls the tank top strap all the way down my arm. I pull my arm through and found he is doing the same on my other arm, and that he has stopped rubbing himself. With my arms now free I reach down, unbuttoned his jeans and put my hands down on his penis.

It was hard, of course, but I was surprised to find that he had already spent. I pull the glistening member out into the open and wipe it on his shirt. “Well, this is a fine thing.” I said with a pout. “You’ve gone on ahead of me without asking. Now you’re going to have to bring me up to speed.”

Briefly I stoop down to take his penis in my mouth and slowly pull my lips up the shaft before letting the head slip out to bob up and down. “That’s all you get until you make me come, speedy,” I said. He nodded his assent and began to sit. “Oh no. You lay right there and keep your hands on me. Don’t go touching yourself, buster!”

As he lay back down I move up, rubbing naughty bits of my body on him until I had straddled his head with my thighs. This put his mouth right in pleasant proximity to my juicy pussy. I’m throbbing, and desperately wanted him licking me and nibbling my clit. At this point he knows exactly what I want and he is starting to oblige.

First he moves one hand up on my ass and gives it a gentle squeeze as he pulls my pussy towards his mouth. Then I feel his tongue slide achingly slowly from that sensitive spot at the bottom of my pussy up towards my Clit. As he does this his free hand comes up and moves my hand from my left breast so that he can hold my nipple.

I had been squeezing my nipples and stroking my breasts because they hurt to be played with, but it’s so much nicer to have that knowing hand take over the job. Even if he hadn’t been licking my pussy I would have done anything he asked just to have the relief of his hand on my flesh. But his tongue and mouth are busy as well, and he causes moans to escape from me in ways that I usually don’t allow him to hear.

At first he opens his mouth and takes all of my lips and clitoris in, sucking lightly, pulling his lips together until my slippery pussy slips out and an almost electric shock runs through my thighs. His hand on my ass pulls me even closer as he kisses it tenderly as if it were my mouth and I feel his tongue harden like a cock and slide gently inside.

My clitoris is about the size of a small peanut, and is firm and throbbing for more attention, but my actual hole is short and I keep it tight by exercising it regularly. Both during sex, and any time I have a spare moment. As a result I can be reasonably tight on the smallest of pricks. Now, as his tongue tries to penetrate me I am so thrilled that I clamp down and he can’t get in. The more he tries, the more I clamp down and the harder it is.

Finally he gives up and once again takes the lips and clit into his mouth, but this time he feels me relax and darts his tongue deep inside me. I shiver with pleasure and feel myself give down a full measure of that slippery juice both he and I love. I want to bring him up so I can taste it on his lips, but I haven’t come yet. It wasn’t that my orgasm is necessary at this point, but I had told him it was my turn to get off. I can’t allow him to think I would change the program on a whim.

I satisfy myself with pushing my pussy against his mouth and rubbing my clit up and down on his upper lip while he assists my motions with his hand on my ass. All the while he never lets go of my breast, and that lovely touch he has on my nipple is causing me the anguish of deciding to concentrate on my pussy or my nipples. If I hadn’t been a woman with infinite capacity I would be in trouble! As it is he had my pussy in a deep pink glow, and my tits were nothing if not happy. I felt the pressure start to rise.

I’m always slow to the first one, and this one has been building ever since I left the house. Each time he pulls on my lips with his mouth it’s like he adds another layer of pleasure all over my body. Each layer he adds makes the earlier layer more intense. Finally something like a string that attaches my pussy with my nipples snaps and every muscle in my body tenses in a powerful rhythm. I suck in my breath until I feel I may never breath again. It is a fantastic orgasm, and like all the best ones I feel my toes clench up until the breath slowly pours out my mouth and I can breath once more.

I fall over forward and catch myself on my hands with my pussy still covered by his kisses, though his hand leaves my breast. “Hmmmm,” I pant as I rub my pussy against his mouth, “That was a good one.”

“You taste so good today, Mandy.” he says with a quick lick up my now calmer lips. “Come on down here and taste.”

I roll over onto the grass and sit down with my legs spread. At this point kaçak bahis my skirt is useless and a nuisance so I slip it down my legs and throw it away from us. Then I pause and decide to pull the tank top off as well. It wasn’t in the way, but I want to be bare against him. “I had to do that first.” I say with a grin.

He smiled appreciatively, and I lean over to kiss him gently on the mouth. He’s right, as I knew he would be. I can taste myself all over his mouth and tongue, and it’s sweet and saltily good. We kiss just like that for several minutes, our tongues hot against each other, and I feel a spare hand stroking my skin. Then I begin to feel a rhythmic motion in his body as he starts stroking himself again.

I lean back and thrust my chest out in what I hope is a provocative manner. “I suppose you want to fuck me now,” I say in a tone that implies that this wasn’t exactly what I wanted. In truth my pussy is on fire again and I desperately want his cock deep inside me. Or any cock, or even a stick of wood. “Get out of those clothes now and maybe I’ll let you in.”

He grins sheepishly and stops stroking himself long enough to slip his shirt off. His shoulders are broad and he’s slender, but he has that little bit of smoothness to his flesh that comes from him being a swimmer rather than a football player. “More” I say firmly.

I think it just isn’t possible for a guy to take off a pair of pants in a sexy way, but he tries. He kicks off his shoes without untying them, and then slipped his pants down under his ass. At this point I notice that he doesn’t have on any underwear and I giggle internally at the thought. He then pulls his legs out one at a time and throws the pants over by his shirt.

I watch him as he gets up on his knees and takes his cock in his hand again, squeezing it and milking it. “Please Mandy,” he says, but his voice didn’t really sound pleading. I think he just said it because he knows I like to be asked. “Let me please you with my prick.”

Like I was going to say no! I had slipped my hand down onto my pussy and had worked it up to a slippery mess again. The sight of his hand fondly stroking his shaft has me well on my way to another big one. I spread my legs wide and open my arms in a gesture of welcome. “Come her and give me a kiss first.”

He comes over and plants himself between my legs, taking hold of my shoulders and kissing me tenderly. As he did so he lays me backwards onto the ground and nearly falls on top of me. I love the feel of his bare skin against mine and his weight on top of me gives me a sense of security. I put my arms around him and hugged him closely to my body. “Go ahead,” I whisper, “fuck me now.”

He has learned well all that I had taught him for three years now, and with a slow wiggle he manages to lodge the head of his cock just inside the lips of my pussy. Not daring to go any deeper yet, he commences a gentle twitch that just barely moves his prick up and down, side to side, against the surface of me.

I had been wet before he touched me this time, but now I’m dripping. I can feel the excess rolling down and over my ass hole. I kiss him passionately and thrust my hips out, trying to get more of him inside of me. I don’t know if it’s a lack of proper rhythm or if he does it on purpose, but he moves backward just as I push towards him. The result is that he still hasn’t entered me properly. I’m longing to have him fill me, to be sliding inside my sensitive folds. I push at him again and again he pulls away, only letting me feel that precious tidbit against my lips.

“Oh Aaron,” I whimper, “I said fuck me NOW!” and just as I get that last word out he slowly slides his penis inside me and fills the space.

“Oh god yes,” he says as I clutch him to me and wrap my legs over his buttocks. There is no pretense now and he slides in and out of me like it was his first time. I reached down and grab his beautiful ass with my hands to lend encouragement. Even now though he is slow and deliberate. Each stroke pushes me close to orgasm and then falls away to longing. But each stroke brings me a little closer as well.

I can feel his prick hard inside me, and I press my clit down on his pelvis with each stroke. As close as this is getting me, it isn’t quite enough yet. I love his prick inside me, but I want to explode and I want it now. I move my hands from his ass to his hips and lift gently to make some space between our bodies. Then I slip my happy hand down and began to rub my clit.

I’m so close it takes only seconds. As soon as I begin rubbing myself an orgasm as big or bigger than the previous one shakes me to my toes. It’s so intense that my eyes go dark and I can’t see. I clamp down hard on his cock as he continues to fuck me and I feel him tense up and start those short little thrusts that indicate a really good orgasm for him. He stops breathing, and I notice that I have stopped breathing as well. My clit has become too sensitive to rub anymore so I stop and hug him to me, enjoying his bare skin against mine. He has stopped moving too, and we both start breathing together in deep almost sobs. He leaves his prick inside me and it maintains a good portion of it’s stiffness. I clench down a bit to feel it better and he jerks it back and almost out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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