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MardiGras Madness

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This past February, I was fortunate enough to make it down to New Orleans for the first time for Mardi Gras. I was amazed at the numbers of people in Jackson Square and on Bourbon Street.

They lined the streets to watch the multi- colored floats as they traveled around the city throwing beads and trinkets for the crowds that watched. People fought over the plastic and glass beads that they float riders threw and women pulled up their blouses to get the ‘long beads’.

The streets were crowed an at times it was impossible to move freely. But the spirit of the season was still in full force, regardless of the storms that had ravished the city just a mere six months ago.

The party never stopped. I walked the French Quarter at night and revelers were out drinking and partying; all having a grand time.

One guy fell into the crowed and I helped him off the dirty pavement. He had had just one too many Hurricanes that day. I helped him to his hotel and into his hotel room. It happened to be the same hotel I was in.

His name was Jeff and he was from Minnesota; this was his first Mardi Gras too. We passed a place that sells beignets and picked up a dozen to munch on. They were really good with powdered sugar on them. I hate to think how many calories I consumed.

Anyway, Jeff was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed his sense of humor. He was intelligent and made me laugh. Those are my two main ingredients when it comes to people that I will hang with.

Our rooms were just down the hall from one another so we decided to watch the parade from my room because I had a balcony. The first parade of the day was Zulu. The riders on Zulu are one of the wildest crews; they are all wealthy black men and they throw coconuts into the crowds. The people go wild to get one.

Jeff jumped up and down hollering and screaming to get one. I just smiled and held my hands out and one landed in them.

Bacchus rides the night before Mardi Gras Day along with Thoth and Mid City. It’s a large parade with lots of colors and a lot of throws. The people on the streets huddle as close to the floats as possible. I’m amazed at the hordes of people around the floats.

After Zulu, Rex rides. He’s the King of Mardi Gras. These people didn’t throw much and this really bothered Jeff. “Damn, these guys are tight wads aren’t they?” He started huffing and puffing, so I wrapped güvenilir bahis my arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. That stopped him cold.

I just laughed at him in his frustration. Finally I caught a string of long beads and slipped them over his head. He smiled and was so thankful for the trinket.

Elks followed Rex. They had a smaller crew than the two before. Once they past there was a lull of about forty-five minutes. Jeff got bored watching people, so we went into the room and ate a few more beignet. Evidently these made me horny because I really wanted to fuck him after all of that sugar.

I stripped off my tee shirt and climbed on his lap and waved my full tit in his face. I felt his prick get hard and rubbed my pussy all over it. I pumped my legs up and down as his dick tried to penetrate his jeans and enter my cunt.

He threw me onto the bed and tore my shorts off me, then ripped my thong off and buried his face in my fluids. His tongue dug deep in my cunt and like a snake, it drilled deep into my passions.

He paused only for a moment to tear off his jeans and underwear revealing a cock at least eight inches long and with a four-inch girth. I licked my lips.

I could feel the stiffness of his dick pressing to get into my wet pussy. I reached for it; I licked my lips and leaned over his lap. The stiff cock wavered just below my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and lapped up the drops of precum and savored its salty tasted.

He guided the arrow shaped head to my slit. My back arched to meet his thrusts. His mouth covered one of my breasts and suckled it deep into his mouth. His tongue tickled the nipple and I caught my breath.

Below I could hear the bands between floats as the marched in the parade. Our bodies seemed to collide in rhythm with their beat. Just as the last note floated through the air, Jeff spilled his seed into my pussy as my back arched to meet his final thrust.

He fell onto the bed, now soaked with our lust. His chest rose and fell as he tried to catch his breath. I grasped for breath too as my body shook with the passion we had just shared.

Within minutes, Jeff’s breathing became that measured in sleep.

I watched him sleep and longed to take that fine cock into my mouth. I wanted to suck him and feel the excitement of his manhood in my mouth while I masturbated. Slowly, I licked at it hoping not türkçe bahis to wake him.

I could taste my own juices on it. It aroused me even more. While I suckled his prick, my fingers went to my cunt and played with the juices there. My orgasm far exceeded that of the one he had given me. Yet I longed for his prick in me once again.

I played with my hard nipples for a while and closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasures they gave me.

Then I felt the cold wetness of his tongue. He pushed my fingers away for my clit and his tongue took their place. He was wonderful at cunnilingus; my whole body shook with the excitement from his mouth as he licked my pussy deep with his tongue and teased my throbbing clit. My nipples were hard and I pinched them for more pleasure.

When he finally lost his load deep in my cunt, I rolled over and landed on his mouth. “Lick me baby, lick me deep; I want you to tongue fuck me!” I cried as I rode his face and his tongue darted deep in my cunt and his fingers pinched and rubbed my wanton clit.

Finally my legs gave out and I fell off his face and lay, lifeless next to him. After about ten minutes, he took his cock into his hand and revived it for another go.

He knelt before me and offered his prick to my mouth. I opened up and the tip of my tongue played in the pee hole, searching for more of his sweet seed.

Jeff reached around my waist and I felt his finger tip playing with my ass. He slipped it in and out of my butt for a few minutes then he slipped another finger in. He rolled off the bed and crawled on again, behind me.

He spread my cheeks and sprayed a cold lubricant on and into my ass. I felt him spread my cheeks wide and the head of his prick press hard against the barrier to my ass. Then the pop as he slipped in.

A long arm wrapped around my waist and his finger found my clit. He rubbed her softly as he began to slowly slide his dick in and out of my now stretched butt hole.

He was good at what he was doing. I felt only pleasure; not on bit of pain. The music from the streets floated through the room and seemed to match his rhythm.

“Oh so sweet, so tight.” His fingers circled my clit and she tingle with his gentle touch. He rubbed her tiny head with each downward thrust and pinched her head with each upward stroke.

I was going crazy with the sensations he was throwing through my güvenilir bahis siteleri body.

I whispered, “Oh yeah, do it baby. That’s it, deeper!”

He pinched my clit and lightening flowed down my legs; my body exploded with passion.

Then his thrust became faster and faster and I knew that he was going to blow into my ass. I readied myself for the burst and when it came, I felt the warm seed sliding down my legs.

Jeff fell onto the bed. His throbbing cock jerked between his legs, seed seeping onto the covers. His chest rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath. Soon, his breathing was regular and he was sound asleep.

I rolled off the bed and took a shower. I masturbated to release the passion he had left there. And my body shook once again with warm feelings of lust. He had made me so horny.

I sunk down to the cool tiles and spread my legs wide. I pinched my throbbing clit and rubbed her gently to soothe her and calm my pounding heart.

Pinching my nipples also calmed me slowly. I only wished that I had Jeff licking me as I played in my own juices. I loved his touch and his style of lovemaking. His passions stoked mine and I loved his inventive ways of stimulating me.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes as the warm water cascaded over my body while my fingers continued the stimulation of my clit. Suddenly, my legs began to shake followed by my belly and my pussy.

My breath exhaled and I slid deeper in the shower.

Kicking at the door, I pushed it open and crawled out into the bathroom. I crawled into the bedroom, dripping water on the floor from my hair and my body and onto the bed.

Jeff woke up.

When he saw me, he had a worried look on his face. “Are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

“Yes, I’m really okay, but you tongue in my pussy would make me even more okay.” I smiled.

He covered me with a blanket, then spread my legs open wide. He licked his lips and stuck out his tongue and slipped the tip of it on my clit. My legs giggled as he slowly licked my slit from my clit to the end of my pussy then back up again.

My body responded by shivering in lust.

I pulled off his shorts and sucked his throbbing cock into my mouth. Up and down I sucked him until his dong exploded in my mouth and his salty seed dripped out of my mouth and onto my chest.

Jeff licked me clean. Then once again fell asleep.

It was ten-o’clock. Check out was at eleven. I woke him and we showered quickly.

Mardi Gras was great, but not as great as Jeff. We agreed to meet each year and fuck through Mardi Gras.


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