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Married , Flirting

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Hi everyone. I met her in a chat room. Yahoo. Romance. Married and Flirting. She was married. So was I. But we started getting familiar, and as it so often happens, the conversation turned to sex. She was pretty shy, obviously new to chats. By now I had found out that she was 28 years old, 5’4″ tall, weighed 125 lbs, and blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair. So all in all a very cute girl. I eased her discomfort, and we became more intimate. Things progressed, and finally, I came on webcam for her. (WAIT…this is the introduction, the main story follows…chuckle!!)

Anyway, we started chatting regularly. A couple of days ago, she came to the chat very pissed off. So I asked her “What happened?” She said, “Nothing, my hubby has been very mean to me since he came back from his outstation trip”. So I cooled her down, and gave her a few tips on how to improve things. Well, I just got mail from here, and its reproduced here, in toto. I swear, I haven’t changed bahis firmaları a word.

Hello there!

I’ve been thinking about you all day, love. Last night was really something, thanks to your good advice. Hmmmm, maybe I should just let you imagine what happened…..

I took off the pink undies and put on a dark purple, satin, spaghetti straps, just to the butt, nightgown. Of course, no panties needed. Hubby was working on a crossword puzzle not paying any attention. I casually walked over to his side of the bed and said, “Honey? Do you think this is too tight?” He was speechless, stuttered and stammered, “No, it looks great.” He threw the puzzle down and rolled over to look at me. So I looked at him, deep in his eyes, and let my tongue roll across my luscious lips. I got on the bed and let his lips find mine. Then, I found his earlobe, and worked it over as my body gently brushed his. His body responded as his cock started growing and getting hard.

I kaçak iddaa worked my way down – neck, shoulders, chest – rubbing, kissing, licking with my hot mouth. Oops, my breasts accidentally (ha, ha) rubbed his entire crotch area, my nipples poking through the purple satin. He moaned and groaned as I made my way even lower. Oh, he was so hard. I took my tongue and licked his rock hard shaft, up and down. While teasing and kissing, I massaged his balls. I straddled one of his legs, and rubbed my extremely hot, wet pussy all over it. Then, I took him in my mouth, oh, so slowly, all the way down his stiff cock. All the while, humping his leg, rubbing his balls, and driving him crazy with my tongue.

Just as he was about to explode, I stopped. He opened his eyes and looked down at me. Very innocently, I pouted, “Why was it that you were so mean to me?” His eyes rolled up into his head as he threw his head back on the pillow, the grunting sound he made kaçak bahis was so primal. Then he said, “I’m so sorry, baby. I know I was mean. You didn’t do anything.” I caressed his penis with the tips of my fingers and said, “But you really hurt my feelings.” He whined, “Please baby, don’t stop now! I will be more careful.”

But I stopped. I slowly moved back up the length of his writhing body. I looked him straight in the eyes, and said, “If you are not nice to me, then I won’t be nice to you! So don’t let it happen again!” He pulled my head down so that our mouths crushed together. Then, I climbed on top of him, rubbing my clit against his penis head. I came down on him and he cried out, “God, you’re so hot, so wet!” I rode him until we both exploded.

So, do you approve? Did I handle the situation appropriately?? And the entire time, I pretended to be fucking you.


I found the whole experience very sexciting. It was like a virtual threesome. I got quite a few more lessons to teach her and to any other ladies in similar predicaments. And she got many more things to share!! We look forward to some creative inputs or comments from our readers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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