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Massage with Four Hands?

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I love a good massage. It’s a chance for my body and brain to relax and let go. No thinking, no planning, just being in the moment. Cool air and warm hands slide over my skin. Calming rhythmic music slowly dances from the speakers. Floral oil scents waft around me. A completely sensory experience, a personal indulgence, a not-so-guilty pleasure.

Robin is my regular massage therapist. She has good hands and a sixth sense about finding the knots in my shoulders and lower back. She does her magic about once a month, keeping my kinks to a minimum. Her massage suite is in a classic Victorian house-turned-office building which adds to the ambiance. I usually have my massages after work, so the other tenants are long gone.

My boyfriend Brian has always been curious about the massages. He’s met Robin a few times but hasn’t signed up for a massage yet. He has great hands: strong manly hands that rub me the right way. His shoulder and back rubs are the perfect therapy after a stressful day at work. And his more intimate massages of my breasts, thighs and girl parts are blissful. I love to feel his hands on my skin—anywhere on my skin.

Last week’s massage was the best ever. I drove to Robin’s suite after work. The cold winter evening was crisp and clear. My breath clouded around me as I walked from the car to the house. The front door creaked open, and the warm dry heat welcomed me. Robin called to me from her door “Jennifer, is that you?”

“It’s me, fresh from the cold!” I replied, unwinding my scarf and removing my gloves. As I walked to the reception area, Robin was selecting a few CDs and getting out the massage oils. “Which scent are you tonight?” she asked. “Hmmmm, let’s try tuberose, something exotic.”

“Good choice, a little tropical inspiration for this winter night,” Robin said. “The sheets just came out of the dryer, so they’re toasty warm. Scoot in there and enjoy the heat while you can. I’ll knock in a few minutes and we’ll get started.”

The idea of warm flannel sheets was too good to resist. The big massage room was dimly lit with small lamps and candles. After closing the door, I quickly undressed and sandwiched myself naked between the layers of flannel. “Ahhhhhh.” The heat seeped into my skin. The frosty evening and the real world were a vague memory as I unwound.

I have no idea how long it was before Robin knocked on the door. My mind was drifting peaceful in the darkened room. She turned the music on so it played softly in the background. Something vaguely Celtic and very rhythmic. I thought I’d be asleep in no time.

Robin slowly peeled the top sheet down to my waist, baring my shoulders and back. The room air was a cool contrast to the heated sheet. I heard her walk to my side. She placed her warm, oiled hands on my back and slowly slid them up and down. The muscles in my back slowly warmed and relaxed. While Robin worked up and down my spine, I floated bahis firmaları into a quiet drowsy state. I vaguely remembered her walking to the head of the table to start working on my shoulders.

The knots there began to untie when Robin excused herself for a moment. I’m not sure what she said, I was busy being semi-conscious. A bit later, I heard the door open and close quietly. My status of mental Jell-o quickly returned, as did warm hands on my shoulders. They felt good and I glided back into the sensations of the massage.

The hands stretched down my back from my shoulders to my waist. Sliding around with a coat of tuberose oil, they skimmed over my ribs and back up to my neck. Up and down. Up and down. Some strokes skimmed under the edge of the sheet, stopping at the small of my back. Others dipped along my sides, skimming the swells of my breasts. “That’s nice,” was all I could think.

After several more minutes of back melting massage, I felt the sheet folded up from my feet to the top of my thighs. The flannel was now reduced to a small rectangle covering my ass. Whatever. My legs were warm, the air was nippy, but Robin’s hands would be rubbing them soon, warming them while she worked.

Starting at my ankle, she pressed her hands up the back of my calf and down again. Both legs at the same time and then individually. She bent each leg at the knee, massaging the calf again while it was off the table. Each time she put her hand under my knee as she unfolded my leg, moving each slightly toward the edge of the table. I really didn’t get it at the time; I was basking in the moment.

Her hands moved onto my thighs. Again, strokes swiped from knee to ass—firm strong strokes. I guess with all the sitting that I do, my ass needs a good workout. I have to admit it’s always felt good to have Robin massage my cheeks. I knew that was coming.

As I anticipated the ass massage, I didn’t completely notice the hand that got closer and closer to my pussy until fingers were teasing my lips. My cloud of relaxation disappeared and I wondered what was going on. Robin had always been very professional. But then the clues flashed together in my head: covering just my ass with the sheet, not the half of my body she wasn’t working on. Moving my knees apart while she massaged my calves. Getting close enough to feel my pussy.

I lifted my head and said “Robin?” in a “what’s going on?” kind of tone. No response. I turned and looked over my shoulder. Standing there was my sexy boyfriend Brian. Hands lightly oiled, with an evil grin on his face. And he was naked.

“You’re not Robin!” I stammered. Amused and immediately aroused, I lowered back on to the table. I wanted to enjoy every minute of Brian’s sexy surprise.

“You’re right, I’m not,” he teased as he worked my thighs and ass. “Robin went home …it’s just you and me and the oil and the table.” He whisked the sheet off of my ass, kaçak iddaa and playfully patted it. “You won’t be needing this any more…I like your ass too much to hide it.” His hands massaged me earnestly now, kneading and spreading with his fingers. I figured I’d help a little and wriggled my thighs farther apart. We both knew that he wouldn’t resist the chance to finger my pussy.

Brian ran his hands over my ass and thighs, each time sliding his thumbs over my lips. My clit throbbed against the table; my nipples were hard too. “C’mon,” I begged. “Get to the good stuff.”

“Oh, this isn’t good?” he wondered aloud as he slid his fingers between my pussy lips for the first time. My lips wrapped around them. His fingers were warm and thick wriggling against me. “THAT is very good,” I moaned. He fingered me more and I purred more. Brian was making me wet and horny. I wanted more.

While he fingered my pussy, Brian kissed up my spine to my neck. As he nibbled, he whispered “Are you ready to turn over? I want to get my hands on the other side.” That was an offer I couldn’t refuse, even though he was strumming my clit. I pushed up on my elbows while I tightened my pussy around his fingers, keeping them on me for as long as possible.

I turned toward Brian and rested on my right hip. His cock jutted toward me and I reached to stroke it. While I pumped his fat shaft, he leaned over and kissed me. Full on French kiss. His tongue teased my mouth while my hand lingered on his great cock. Mmmmmmm….

Brian pressed my shoulder back so I was face-up on the table. Of course, that also means tits up and pussy up on the table. “You have great tits,” he murmured. He cupped them in his hands, watching them pour over his fingers. He jiggled them. He thumbed my nipples. His hungry mouth nibbled and sucked and licked each one again and again. When he touched my nipple, my clit tingled.

While he enjoyed mouthing my tits, his hand worked back to my pussy. Over my soft belly, circling around my navel, slipping over my naked mound. Soon his fingers were home again between my pussy lips. I arched my back to get more of my tits in his mouth and pressed his hand with mine against my pussy. Together we ground against my clit and rubbed my wet lips. We could hear the juicy wetness his surprise had stirred up.

“Mmmm Brian,” I purred “I want your cock.”

“My hot fat cock?” he growled.

“Yes, your big thick leaking cock,” I breathed between my teeth. His mouth and hand were making me crazy, and his cock would send me over the edge.

“Patience, my dear,” he chuckled.

“Ohhhhh…” I whined. “I don’t want to be patient.”

“Then take my cock,” he directed. He walked to my shoulder. His fat juicy jutting cock was just inches away. I turned right to him. My hand was drawn to his cock like a magnet and I circled him with my fist. Sliding slickly in my hand, his fat shaft was capped by kaçak bahis his incredibly suckable cockhead.

Brian’s cock was in my mouth, pumped and pulled, bobbing and drawing. His precum dribbled on my tongue. I lapped and mouthed his stiff cock noisily: moaning, popping, sucking. Watching and listening while his cock is in my mouth gets Brian even hornier.

“Do you like seeing and hearing me mouthfuck your cock?” I mumbled, mouth full of his shaft and head. His cock twitched in my mouth as he groaned “Yes.”

I also like to get fucked with Brian’s strong fat cock. I reluctantly released his shaft from my mouth, and sat up on the table. Stretching my legs around his hips, I pulled Brian closer to the table. His stiff cock slid up my belly. My tits mashed against his chest as we kissed—a deep, intense, carnal kiss. I massaged his incredible ass while I pressed against him, wanting his cock inside me.

“Hop down,” Brian urged. I hopped off the table, and he turned my shoulders so I faced it. He slid his hands from my ass to my shoulders, slowly pushing me forward. My hands reached out to hold onto the far side of the table. My feet spread wide. Brian put his hand on my ass while he brought his cockhead to my lips. “Ahhhhhh…” I grunted as he slid his fat cock inside me, pumping me, filling me.

My hands steadied me each time his cock plunged into my pussy. Each thrust pushed my clit against the table. I rocked back against Brian’s lunges. His balls slapped against my pussy. His hips spanked against my ass.

“Yes…yes,” I hissed against the table. Brian’s cock filled and stretched me. I heard his sexy low growl, which makes my pussy tingle. Turning to look over my shoulder, I stared at him.

“Fuck me.” My pussy tightened and released around his fat cock. His ass clenched as he stroked stronger into me. Each pump got me closer to cumming. Each wet fucking sound pushed me closer. Each time Brian’s cockhead pressed deep inside me I almost came.

My breath burst in an “ohhhhhhhhh” as my orgasm broke. I pressed back against Brian to fill my pussy with as much of his cock as possible. My pussy milked his cock with each spasm. I heard the “grrrrrrr” of Brian’s cum, too. He spurted inside me, warm and thick.

My pussy wrapped around his sensitive cock, not letting go. I felt his forehead drop against my back, his panting breath warming my skin. His hands reached under me to tweak my nipples. They were fat and hard. He cupped my tits and slowly pulled me up. I heard my pussy release his cock with a “pop.” Turning around, I reached my arms around Brian and kissed him. Full on.

“You sexy, sneaky man,” I teased Brian. “How did you do this?”

Brian’s hands massaged my ass as he kissed me again.

“Simple,” he murmured. “I called Robin and asked her if she would like the night off. And she did.”

I smacked his ass playfully and kissed him. “Oooohhhh,” I said excitedly, the light bulb going off in my head. “I’m getting a bikini wax tomorrow…who’s going to do that?” Brian wickedly grinned back at me. “You’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, and Bettina says hi.”

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