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Mature Love Pt. 08

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Nick and I have had a rough period due to flu and a scare for him with chest pains. He was in the hospital for four days but was able to avoid surgery.

A week later and everyone is feeling better.

We were both disappointed the houseboat party didn’t happen. I think seeing others with similar concerns would be good for us.

Ginny and I have talked many times, and it is clear the four of us want to get together.

Nick has mentioned Kent several times and asks if I could get together with him again. Kent has called me three times since the last time at my house, but I haven’t told Nick. I could make it happen, but I don’t want to get addicted to his nice cock.

I called Ginny last week and suggested we meet for dinner. Fred, her husband, is out of town, so I told her just the two of us should get together for lunch.

Two hours later, we met at the Radisson Hotel. It was clear Ginny attracted the attention of men when as walked in. A few inches taller and long legs in a short red dress gave her that come hither look. A few years younger, she looked as if she had just left a spa. I knew she had a breast argumentation, and it matched her beauty.

We ordered wine and caught up on what’s been happening. Nothing good was happening good for either of us.

“Have you talked to Debbie or Carol since we had to call off the houseboat party”? I asked.

“I’ve talked to Carol every few days. She is obsessed with sex and wants what her husband can’t provide.” Ginny allowed.

“That’s a bad situation. I’ve been there. My former husband traveled for construction, so I looked elsewhere. It got out of hand. All the sex I wanted but not the type that builds relationships.” I told Ginny.

I noticed Ginny looking past me to another table in the restaurant. A smile gave her away. Smiling, I asked, “are you flirting”?

“Maybe” was her answer. “A man over there has been watching me since I sat down.”

I smiled and told her I wanted her ‘go for it.’ and see if he’s doable.

Ginny laughed and replied, what if I’m successful?

“Honey, it’s sex for you. I think you and I can use all we can achieve. Is he alone?” I asked.

“Yes, but maybe he has a friend nearby. Should we do this?” Ginny asked as she continued to flirt, smiling and slipping her fingers into her low-cut blouse.

“I’m sure Nick would approve. It would be a great conversation later for all of us. I’ll call and see what he thinks.”

Ginny said she was going to the ladies’ room.

I called Nick. “Baby, Ginny and I are at the Raddison and having drinks. A situation may have come up where Ginny is going to be picked up by someone. Right now, I’m not in the equation, but if I should be, what should I do?”

“Hell, Babe, go for it. I will expect all details when you get back to the condo. Make me proud.” Nick said. I could tell he was already pulling on his limp Weiner.

“I love you,” I told him.

Ginny returned, and I noticed she had removed her bra. Damn, do we think alike or not?

“Is he still there? Hey, we don’t get out enough to turn down an opportunity. I added.

“He’s smiling and starting to get up. Let’s see what happens.”

I watched as she ran a finger over her lips and smiled.

She did enough to cause action. Ginny said, “here he comes.”

The gentleman approached bonus veren siteler our table and asked he could sit with us. Ginny and I both responded positively.

He introduced himself as Donald, and we replied with our names. It was clear his attention was at Ginny. He asked several questions, are we married, do we live in the area, are we waiting for someone?

I stayed mum as Ginny answered him. I noticed she had moved one of her legs closer to his. Go, girl. Donald responded by moving his to meet hers.

I was beginning to enjoy the fact we were sitting at a glass-top table!

Ginny’s flirty conversation let Donald know we were looking for excitement, and he was perfect for what she needed.

Donald turned to look at me. “I’m just here for the conversation unless you have a friend,” I told him.

“I can’t believe two beautiful women are in a hotel restaurant, looking to find men. Are you two messing with me?” Donald asked.

Ginny gave him his answer by slipping her hand up to his thigh and touching his package. “Donald, would I do this if we are just teasing you”?

“Sue, should we let this man take us up to a hotel room and let have the best sex of his life”?

The look on Donald’s face was remarkable. He was in too deep now to back out.

I looked at Donald and asked if he was good enough to please us both.

“Hell, yes.” He replied.

Ginny gave Donald her phone number and told him to call once he had a room. He left with a big smile.

“Sue, can you believe we are doing this? Gawd, I’ve never had a woman join in with a guy. Are you OK with this?”

“I’m not going to get in the way. He’s yours. I will be there if you want me to join in. Hell, I may learn new things!” I told her.

While we waited, Ginny told me she was so horny right then, she hoping it was as good as she wanted. She asked if I would undress to help heighten the fun.

“But what if I get all riled up and want to get involved? Are you bi?” I asked.

“Gawd, are you a mind reader? I would love to have you involved. Yes, I’ve experienced bi sex a few times but not with someone as hot as you. Please, let’s see if we can make that happen”.


The phone call came, and we took the elevator to Donald’s room. As we rode up the six floors, the sexual tension was very thick. I moved to Ginny and kissed her passionately. To hell with Donald, I wanted Ginny.

Ginny knocked only to be greeted by Donald in his boxers. I stood back and watched as she grabbed his semi-hard cock and led him into the room. I stepped around them and sat on a small chair.

Donald began to remove Ginny’s clothes and soon had her down to her 4″ heels. He was manipulating her enhanced, firm breasts and had her cooing almost instantly.

He led her to the edge of the bed and sat her down. Ginny grasped his testicles and captured his cock in her lips.

As promised, I started to remove my clothes. I sat on the chair, with my hand exploring my dangling labia. Juices were covering my fingers.

Ginny was at an angle where she could see me and her eyes on my hand as she began to take Donald’s tool into her mouth.

I watched her place her hands on Donald’s ass, causing him to go deeper into her mouth and throat. She had no difficulty in taking all of him.

She bedava bahis removed one of her hands and motioned for me to approach them. I moved over and stood close. Ginny’s right hand came up to my breast and began to pull my nipple.

Donald turned toward me kissed me. He dropped his hand to take over my pleasure. I watched as Ginny expertly worked his penis and eventually swallowing his cum.

Donald moved away, allowing Ginny to raise her head and transfer a portion of his sperm to my mouth. We kissed for several seconds and finally broke away.

Donald watched as we began to explore each other’s bodies. Ginny’s breasts were too full to feel natural, but she seemed to have all the sensitivity of my own.

I sat next to her on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. Not shaved, but her closely trim mound was beautiful. I gently reached between her thighs and probed her to find her clitoris. Small but very hard, I started to massage her love button.

“Oh, yes, I love it,” she muttered.

“I want to taste you,” I told her. “Lay back.”

I dropped onto my knees on the floor and moved between her legs. A glistening had appeared at her opening. I softly kissed and then licked her. I raised my hands and found her nipples. Ginny’s hand was on my head, directing my attention.

Donald was pulling on his tool, watching us.

I was pulling my nipples and was getting so turned on I thought I was going to climax.

I began to go deeper into Ginny’s pussy and was savoring her fluids. “Oh, Sue.” I heard her say. “Make me cum, baby, make me cum.”

I slipped my forefinger in her wetness and withdrew it only to begin probing her anus. Ginny flinched slightly and then relaxed to allow my finger to enter her slowly.

Ginny began to push against my face and moan. I knew it was only seconds before she came.

I sucked at her pussy, taking all the juices I could from her. She finally relaxed and released my head. Ginny slid down to kiss me. It wasn’t just a kiss, much more than that.

I stood and went into the bathroom. Looking at my face, I smiled and thought how foolish I appeared. Had I enjoyed what we did? Hell, yes. I was hoping she and I could become VERY close friends.

I heard Donald praising our performance to Ginny. “You two made it look so natural.”

Did the dumb ass think we were putting on a show just for him?

When I returned, Ginny was on her knees and accepting his cock in her pussy. Her look was as if she was doing her duty to let him have her. The look in her eyes and her smile said all I needed to know. What had been about a pickup in a restaurant had resulted in the two of us becoming lovers.

Donald did his best to bring Ginny to a climax, but it was evident Ginny’s reactions were half-hearted.

I began to dress and told Ginny she and Donald should shower. As they walked into the bathroom, I found Donald’s cell phone, transferred the photos he had secretly taken to my own. I erased the ones of Ginny and myself.

Leaving is always awkward, so with a promise of getting together again, we were gone.

Riding on the elevator, I told Ginny how much I enjoyed being with her. She said she wanted to see me again soon.

We left each other in the hotel’s garage with an evident attraction for each other.

Once in my deneme bonus car, I texted Nick. I didn’t type a word. I sent photos of Ginny and me making love.

Immediately my phone exploded with his response. “Damn! That looks fantastic. Did you enjoy being with her? Was it all for the guy to watch? Come home now! I want to know all of it.” I replied with a simple smiley face.

Nick was waiting for me with my drink in his hand. He was all smiles as we made our way to the couch. I began to undress. The aroma from my pussy and its juices were detectable as I sat down.

We kissed as I told him how much I loved him. Nothing would ever replace my love for him. And then the questions came.

I filled him in about meeting Ginny with no intentions at all. She looked great and attached a guy in the restaurant. I told Nick about me teasing her and almost bet her she could get him. I told him how Ginny turned on the charm and soon had the guy joining us at our table. I admitted she was good at making her point of wanting him for sex.

Nick asked, “What about you? Did he flirt with you? Did Ginny let him know it was going to be both of you?”

“No, I wasn’t a part of anything. I did undress, but there was little action between Donald and me. Ginny took over and had the guy’s cock in her mouth within minutes. Donald came, moved away, allowing the action was Ginny and me until she mercy fucked him before we left.

“So it was not that great for you. Just watching and playing with Ginny?”

Not knowing how to continue, I decided I would admit my attraction to Ginny.

I put Nick’s hand on my pussy and played with his cock for a couple of minutes. I positioned myself to take him to my lips and sucked him. He responded, forgetting his question, for a moment. With my face in his groin, he asked again.

I raised, and while continuing to play with him, I answered. “Baby, I didn’t want to screw the other guy. I found myself attracted to Ginny’s body and her sexiness. She looked so beautiful, and I wanted her and me to enjoy each other. Nick, I was so turned on.”

I wasn’t sure how Nick was absorbing my admission. Had I told him too much?

“Sue, are you going to become lovers?” Nick asked. (a smile was escaping his lips).

“No one is going to become my lover except you. I want you to be the most satisfied man in the world. Nothing else matters.” I told him.

I could see Nick was finding excitement in what I had told him. I began to relax, finally. I moved closer to him and began to squeeze his testicles.

“So you want me to have an outside interest or, do you want it only to be in our play together.”

My attention to his nuts was pleasuring him. Good. I took my other hand and slipped a fingernail into his pee hole.

“I would love to see the two of you together. Maybe at a party or just the four of us in someone’s home. Do you enjoy her to the point you want to take her alone?” Nick asked.

“Honey, she is the most desirable woman I have ever met. She’s not that beautiful, well built, or anything like that. I can’t explain it.”

“Having a beautiful lover, who is enjoying the attention of another lady, sounds like the hottest thing I can imagine. We’re good.”

I returned my attention to Nick and wanted his cum. As I took his balls and cock into my mouth, I sucked him to a climax.

What happened next was a total surprise.

“Sue, I want to marry you,” Nick said. “Will you marry me?”

“YES!” I kissed him deeply as the thought overwhelmed me.

“YES,” I repeated.

My thoughts of Ginny finally subsided.

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