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Mazie’s Online Love Made Real

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On a warm summer day in mid August, Mazie Duprie gathered up her laptop computer, a glass of red wine, and curled up on her front porch chaise lounge. The heat of the warm Atlanta day had dissipated, and she closed her eyes to relax, feeling nothing but the gentle breeze created by the ceiling fans whirling slowly above her head.

She absent mindedly swirled the wine in her claret glass, a deep 28 ounce goblet that held the bouquet marvelously. She tipped the glass to her nose and took in the aroma, a lovely blend of spice and cherries. The taste was heavenly. There was nothing like a good cabernet to soothe the soul and relax the mind.

Mazie closed her eyes and let her mind wander. After 6 years of marriage she was generally happy, but there was no denying feelings had faded. Her husband Ben was busier and busier with work; his travel had morphed from a couple of days a month into a couple of weeks. Slowly they had become friendly room mates, sharing kisses on the way in and out of the door. He didn’t seem to notice her waning interest, and so, over time, they had drifted apart. Mazie was beginning to feel the brunt of rare sex, no intimacy, and the general lack of human touch. Frankly it was making her bitchy. She wondered if their lack of sex bothered Ben. She would have asked him, but he was on a 12 day trip to Berlin.

All settled in with her wine, Mazie opened up her laptop and signed onto Yahoo! Messenger. She had been chatting occasionally with married men from all over, but had become fond of a great guy that lived in Canada. They had started chatting some months back, when Ben was in Australia. Once past the initial pleasantries, it turned out the guy was amazing. Married almost 20 years, he’d been divorced for a few years and had 4 kids. He was 45, which was appealing to Mazie at age 39… she found maturity in men sexy. Chatting had become an outlet for her and she had no desire to waste her time with young guys asking “a/s/l” or wondering if she would get naked on her “cam”. This guy talked with her about anything and everything, not exclusively about sex.

At first it bothered Mazie that Curtis was single – they had exchanged their real names after their first chat, which had lasted 3 ½ hours. She liked chatting with married men. Hearing their perspective on marriage gave her some insight into Ben sometimes. It kept her occupied through many lonely evenings. By wading through the sea of online idiots she’d actually found a few men she really enjoyed for who they were. She was sure they liked her too, often asking her advice regarding their wives behaviors, and even gift ideas. But none of them made her mind wander like Curtis.

He made her think. He made her wonder what it would be like to be with him. When they talked, he made Ben disappear from her mind entirely.

Mazie often thanked God Curtis was Canadian. Canada was FAR away … if he had been closer she may have been compelled to meet him in person. They had exchanged pictures and Mazie found him simply delicious. Tall and blonde, he had light blue eyes similar to her own. He sported a neatly trimmed goatee and wore rimless glasses that made him look like a sexy college professor. He worked a physically demanding job as a glass worker, so he was fit. They hadn’t exchanged “naughty” pictures, but they had described to each other what was underneath. He intrigued her. Their last chat involved seeing each other on their webcams … just faces, but it was enough to drive Mazie insane with desire for the guy. To see him smile warmed her heart.

Mazie settled in and saw Curtis sign on.

Curtcan: hi babe Ziegal: hi! how was your day Curtcan: good, just starting to make dinner Ziegal: what are we having Curtcan: spaghetti Ziegal: I have a great cabernet to go with that Curtcan: bring it over Ziegal: god I wish Curtcan: maybe ill bring dinner to you Ziegal: even better Curtcan: how bout next week? Zeigal: ok, what day? Curtcan: Wednesday Zeigal: youre such a tease lol Curtcan: im not teasing baby Zeigal: WHAT??? Curtcan: i have a job interview in augusta Zeigal: and youre only telling me now? where did this come from? Curtcan: I was waiting for my visa to come thru and didnt want to get hopes up Zeigal: OMG, im speechless Curtcan: that’s a new one lol Zeigal: what kind of job Curtcan: management position, this place wants someone with long time experience, I’ve talked with them before, just needed the visa to come thru Mazie’s heart raced and she found herself actually short of breath. Meeting Curtis? It was the impossible happening. What were the odds of him having an interview less than two hours away?

She was dizzy with questions.

Zeigal: how long have you been talking to this company? Curtcan: a year or so, on and off Zeigal: maltepe escort so you knew this was a possibility when we met online? were you searching for someone like me in the area on purpose in case you got this job? Curtcan: Maz, I know what youre thinking, NO … meeting you was an amazing coincidence Curtcan: but I wont lie … after we started talking and began to care about each other par of me was hopeful Zeigal: Curtis we discussed this, I’m not ready to end my marriage Curtcan: I’m not asking that of you babe, just dinner Zeigal: don’t misunderstand, im just blown away by this. of course i want us to meet!

Once again Mazie felt herself reeling. She had been chatting for months with Curtis, but meeting? She didn’t even hesitate telling him she would — part of her felt cautious and of course they would go someplace public, but still … was she ready to officially cheat on Ben if it came to that? Just having dinner with another man was cheating really, and if her instincts were right, she and Curtis would not stop there. Mazie asked Curtis to call her on the phone -this was too big to continue chatting online.

The phone rang once and Mazie was on it. “Curt?”

“It’s me babe, I’m sorry to throw you for such a loop. God I want to see you, feel you, hold you, and make love to you like we’ve talked about all these months.”

Mazie smiled and sighed. “I want that too, so much. So you’ll be in on Wednesday. Is that your interview day?”

“It is.” Curtis answered. “I should be done by 3pm, so after that I’m all yours til my flight leaves on Friday.”

“Friday?” Mazie asked. “You don’t have to go back right away?”

“No.” Curtis told her. “I booked an extra day just in case we could hook up.”

Mazie felt butterflies in her stomach. It was all so kismet. Ben gone, Curtis in town, how could things come together like this? Mazie and Curtis talked for an hour on the phone, made their plans, and waited for Wednesday to arrive.

They decided to meet at a hotel in Atlanta since Curtis was flying out of Hartsfield Jackson Airport just south of town. Mazie checked in first to the Westin Peachtree Plaza around 2 in the afternoon. She showered, shaved her legs, and took extra care making sure she was smooth as a baby’s bottom between her legs… Curtis had told her how he likes a woman totally shaved and soft. She covered herself in the sensual aroma of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist and then dressed. She chose a pink sleeveless top and matching skirt, dried her hair, applied her make up and headed downstairs to the hotel bar.

For Curtis the drive from Augusta had been excruciating in the anticipation of meeting Mazie. The job interview had gone extremely well, and there was no doubt an offer letter would be on its way. But what would be the point of living in Georgia if Mazie couldn’t really be his? First things first he thought, just meet her and see if all the months of waiting had been worth it.

Around 4:30 that afternoon Curtis gave his car to the valet at the Westin and walked inside with his travel bag. He made his way slowly to bar and took a deep breath … just peeking around the corner at first to see if she was there.

He knew that pictures and webcams would never do her justice, but he was unprepared for her in person. She sat gracefully with her legs crossed; one of her casual pink shoes dangling from her toes as she nervously swung her leg back and forth. Her blonde hair was in the layered, chic cut he loved, angling into her face. She was all in pink, and it suited her. She was making conversation with the bar keep whom he noticed was ignoring other patrons to talk to her.

She laughed at something the bartender said and casually glanced over her shoulder. She was about to turn back to her drink when she did a double take … there he was, in living color! How long had he been standing there, and my GOD, how had she ever taken so long to meet him??

He seemed larger than life, tall and blonde, blue eyes sparkling at her. He had on his little wireless specs and had trimmed in a neat goatee for her … he looked indeed like the hot college professor she had so many times fantasized about. He was absolutely gorgeous. She also noticed how amazing he looked in jeans … and fought the instinct to look below the belt. Instead she maintained eye contact, smiled, and slid off of her bar stool to greet him.

They admired as much as they could about each other in that short walk. He loved the way her hips moved, the way her ample breasts filled out her top. She loved his broad shoulders and the casual way he carried himself. He dropped his bag the minute she was close enough to touch, throwing his arms around her lifting her right off of the floor. The feel maltepe escort bayan of her against him was overwhelming. She looked up at him and they kissed, finally, after so very long. It was a soft, sweet kiss, one of surrender to a time that had finally come. He held her face when it was done, and she took his hand to lead him to the seat next to where she’d been sitting.

The time at the bar flew by so quickly for them both. Mazie glanced at her watch and saw it was 6pm already — they had a 6:30pm reservation at a restaurant down the block. Curtis closed out their check, and they headed upstairs so he could freshen up before dinner.

The couple held hands on the way to the elevator, and when the doors opened they were blessedly alone for the ride up. Once the doors had closed behind them Curtis turned to Mazie, and saying nothing, kissed her deeply. He held her face in his hands and pressed himself into her, allowing Mazie to feel his instant hard on. She tasted so sweet, and she kissed him back in a way that told him they would not be making that dinner reservation.

The doors opened on the 16th floor and Mazie practically ran to the room with Curtis hot on her heels. She slid the key card in and out quickly, pushed the door open and turned to the blonde hunk standing behind her.

“All these months I’ve wanted you,” she whispered breathlessly. “Make love to me now.”

Curtis walked toward her, saying nothing … she slowly moved backwards until he had her pinned up against the massive bank of windows overlooking downtown Atlanta. He took her wrists in his sexy, rough hands and moved them slowly until they rested above her head. He knew how she loved light restraint and he was getting right to it. Mazie felt her wetness flow into her panties as he leaned in and kissed her while holding her motionless against the windows.

They kissed slowly at first, passion building quickly into tongues playing and bodies pressing into one another. Finally Curtis let Mazie’s wrists go, allowing his hands to slide over her pert, erect nipples. He took her hand and led her to the inviting king sized bed. He sat her down and knelt on the floor where he proceeded to remove her shoes.

“I’ve been dreaming of your taste for so long, I can’t wait one more minute,” he said in a sexy, husky tone. “Lay back.”

Mazie did as told, and shuttered as she felt his hands run up her inner thighs. She was so glad she’d taken such care in preparing for him. As smooth as she was, she could tell how slick her pussy had become in wanting him.

Curtis was rock hard by the time he reached her panties. He’d gently pushed her skirt up to her belly button, and was admiring the soft pink lace of her delicate lingerie — along with the damp spot right in the center. She smelled so good, and he was sure she would taste even better. He heard her draw in a deep breath as he hooked the crotch of her underwear around his index finger and pulled them aside. When he saw the perfectly shaved lips of her lovely pussy he felt precum pushing its way from his swollen cock giving his underwear a wet spot of their own.

Mazie let her legs fall open when she felt Curtis pull her panties aside. He was still kneeling on the floor when he let her panties go to pull her by the hips to move her closer to his mouth. He re-focused and pulled her panties to the side again, and didn’t hesitate this time to sink his tongue into her soft pink folds. She was hot and shimmering wet, and pushed her hips into his face as he lapped up all the liquid flowing from her. She tasted clean and clear and pure, like natural lemonade on a 100 degree day.

Closing her eyes, Mazie just let herself feel. Ben never ate her like this, with such passion, desire and eagerness. She couldn’t seem to press her legs open far enough — she wanted desperately to give all of herself to this man. His tongue was driving her wild, licking and probing, his mouth absolutely devouring her. She felt him sliding fingers into her, deeply and slowly, working her G-spot while his tongue playfully flicked at her clit. She was shamelessly pumping her hips into his face, her orgasm building in the most delicious way. She was going to cum fast.

Curtis loved her reaction — he continued to drink from her, never feeling her wetness subside. He’d never been with her but knew she was close to cuming. She was purring like a cat, covering his face in her silky essence. She was freshly shaven, the softness of her lips was beyond sexy. He decided to finish her off purely so he could fuck her … his cock was aching against his jeans. Never letting her clit go, he kept fingering her pussy as he ripped her panties away. When she started to say “oh my God”, he slid a wet finger into maltepe escort bayan her ass, slowly but deliberately. She arched her back hard and began to cum. He never let up, tongue and fingers working through the amazing pulsing rhythm of her orgasm. It was like a heart beat, her pussy throbbing through her heavy breathing and sexy moaning. Her hands were pulling his hair, pulling his head into her as she rode him through to the end of her moment. When it was done, Curtis was on her instantly.

He stood up and shed his jeans. Mazie thought he looked huge behind his boxer briefs, and began to sit up so she could return the favor. She loved sucking cock and was anxious to feel this sexy man filling up her mouth with his hard on and cum. However, she was rebuffed … he pushed her back and tore off his underwear. With his hands behind her knees he pushed her legs back and let the head of his cock rest on her pussy.

“I can’t wait any longer to be inside of you,” he said to her. “I want to feel you suck me but I can’t wait.”

Mazie only smiled and moved her hand to feel him, hot and hard and ready. She lined him up with her and let him drive from there. He pushed in slowly, just the head at first. He pulled back out, teasing her with a few short strokes no deeper than his first inch.

“Please just give it all to me,” she begged. “I’m dying to feel you filling me up.”

Wanting to wait but not physically able, Curtis plunged his length into her. Mazie threw her head back, shocked by the length and girth of him. It was perfection – he stretched her in the most delightful way. He drove in deep, kissing her hard on the down stroke. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him into her as deep as he could go. He held himself above her on his hands, and she watched as his biceps flexed. He was staring at her intently, and she loved the look in his eyes. He was lost inside of her.

The need to cum was building fast. He’d masturbated for months thinking of her, dreaming of the all ways he would fuck her when and if he finally met her. Thoughts raced and he tried to decide how he wanted to cum. Mazie made up his mind.

“Flip me over,” she cooed. “I want to feel you from behind.”

Curtis backed out, her sweet, clear juice covered his cock. Mazie turned over and got to her hands and knees. It was at this point they both realized they were still wearing their shirts! Mazie giggled, and they made quick work of the clothing that was left. Curtis was awed by the sight of her large natural breasts as they fell from her bra. She was quick however to get back to her hands and knees. He moved in behind her and slapped her ass hard, grabbing her hips to pull her closer. Mazie squealed in delight, then yelped as he drove into her hard with another slap to her other butt cheek.

He pumped into her hard, not stopping for pleasantries. Carnal lust took over and he just wanted to fuck the shit out of the amazing woman he’d come to know over the last few months. He leaned over to feel her tits swinging, nipples hard as he pinched them. She met his thrusts, letting him fuck her in this rough and sexy way. His balls tingled every time they met her ass as he slammed into her. He was ready to cum, but wanted to see her face as he did so.

He pulled out fast and turned her on to her back roughly. Pushing her down on the bed he moved quickly to her face, and with his hand delivered the few final strokes that made him begin to gush. Mazie naturally situated her mouth underneath him, and relished the feel of his hot cum covering her face. He was jet propelled and full … pulse after pulse burned her nose, cheeks, lips, and chin. It was erotic as hell. His face was pure lust and it turned her on.

“God you are beautiful covered in my cum,” he said with a devilish grin. Mazie giggled and moved to get up so she could clean up her face.

“Don’t move,” Curtis said. He bent to her slowly and began to kiss her cum covered lips.

“Are you sure?” Mazie asked.

“If you can taste it and swallow it, so can I,” he said smiling. “I want to share everything.” Mazie could taste herself on his lips, and he took his time licking up drops of his cum, then kissing her so they could share each other.

When he was done Mazie moved to rest her head on Curtis’s chest. Their first encounter had been fast and desperate, but it had been real. They wanted each other and moved together naturally. She was already thinking about how they would do it next, and she wasn’t the least bit hungry. Dinner was defintely out.

As if reading her mind, Curtis spoke. “Want to skip dinner and go right to dessert?”

“That sounds perfect to me,” she replied. “I have a dozen ways I want you to take me in the next two days.”

For a while they were still, simply holding on tight to each other after having been so far apart for so long. They felt so right together.

In the fading light of the day Mazie wondered how she could ever leave Ben … and Curtis wondered how she couldn’t.

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