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Mike’s First Time Ch. 03

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Mike’s First Time Chapter 03

Mike stepped out of the shower and began to dry himself off. He thought about Rachel’s phone call earlier that afternoon. She had insisted that he come over this evening, as she had a surprise for him. After everything that had happened so far, he was curious about what erotic activity she had planned.

He had planned to meet Alexis Morrison that evening to try once again to get her out of her pants and onto his cock, but the guaranteed fuck session Rachel had promised won out over something that was proving to be highly unlikely.

Mike recalled the night before, when he and Alexis had taken in a movie and then proceeded to the car park at Windy Point, where lovers young and old often went for a quiet rendezvous.

It had started off well enough, with plenty of hot kisses and groping of body parts still protected by clothing. After several minutes he had slipped his hand under her shirt and pushed her bra up over her pert breasts with only a token protest from Alexis. He had put his recent practice with Rachel and Nicky to good use and his gentle massage of her breasts and subtle nipple tweaking soon had her softly moaning in his ear.

Five minutes later he had freed his cock from his pants and coaxed her hand to take hold and begin stroking his rock hard shaft. Forcing himself to be patient, Mike had resumed his breast massage coupled with some heavy lip and tongue action, while Alexis slid her dainty hand up and down his prick.

Regrettably, the atmosphere had gone from steamy to frosty very quickly when he tried to slide his hand under her skirt. Tempers had flared and within seconds any chance of further activity had evaporated. Mike had zipped up his pants and driven in sulking silence to Alexis’ home where they had parted without a word.

Mike shook his head as he slipped into a shirt and a pair of jeans that were cut just tight enough to showcase his cock. There was something about Alexis that drove him wild and he was determined to find a way to be the first to slide his cock into that tight pussy.

He moved quietly down the stairs. He did not want to disturb his Aunt Beth, as he had already had a loud argument with her today and was not keen on a return bout. That was something else to think about. The bitch was giving him a hard time every chance she had and he needed to find a permanent solution to the problem and quickly.

He slipped out of the house without being noticed and two minutes later was strolling in the back door of Rachel’s house. He latched the door and made his way into the family room where he found Rachel waiting for him dressed in a silky powder blue baby doll with matching thong panties.

“Hello Mike,” she said in her sexiest tone.

“Hello yourself gorgeous,” replied Mike, frantically trying to make room in his tight jeans for his rapidly expanding cock.

He moved quickly to her and kissed her long and hard, his hands holding her ass and pulling her forward to grind against his cock.

“Down boy,” Rachel said with a smile as she pushed him away. “You need to save yourself for my surprise.”

“Okay. Where is it?”

“She’s upstairs. Come on.”

Rachel took his hand and led the way upstairs to her bedroom. The light in the bedroom had been turned down, but as they entered the room, Mike could clearly see a young woman lying on the bed with her wrists and ankles secured to the four bedposts using leather bracelets and rope.

Mike stood in stunned silence as he examined the scene. He saw a petite, eighteen year old blonde, barely five feet tall. The only thing she was wearing was a blindfold wrapped securely around her eyes. She had firm apple sized breasts; with tiny nubs for nipples and her pussy was a narrow slit barely visible through the neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“This is my cousin Leah. Leah is a virgin, but we are going to change that tonight. Aren’t we sweetheart,” Rachel cooed to her.

“I hope so,” said Leah.

“Why is she tied to the bed?” asked Mike, bemused, but also very excited.

“I didn’t want my first time in the back a car with some guy who just wanted to stick me with his cock and be finished inside of two minutes,” offered Leah.

“Ouch,” Mike thought to himself.

“So I suggested something that would be more memorable,” said Rachel, cutting in. “Are you up for it?”

“Yeah. I reckon I can manage,” Mike replied with feigned nonchalance.

Rachel looked him squarely in the eye. “Be gentle Mike. Don’t hurt her. That’s not what this is about. She’ll do anything you want. Won’t you darling,” she said turning to Leah.

“Anything at all. Now let’s get started.”

“Get your clothes off Mike,” Rachel ordered as she moved to the other side of the bed.

Shoes, shirt and jeans were quickly discarded, leaving Mike wearing only his bright red jocks, struggling to contain his bulging cock. He grinned at the sight of Rachel unconsciously licking her lips as she waited for him to expose his meaty prick.

Mike slowly reached into his demetevler escort underwear and pulled his cock free. He pushed his jocks down his legs and flicked them off. He hefted his balls with his left hand and stroked his right hand up and down the shaft while Rachel watched him hungrily.

“Come and introduce yourself,” said Rachel nodding her head at Leah.

Mike moved over to the bed and bent over the spread-eagled body.

“Hi Leah,” he murmured and kissed her gently.

Leah’s mouth opened at first contact and she slipped her tongue between his lips. Mike responded eagerly, sucking her tongue into his mouth, tasting her for the first time.

“Hey slow down. We have to tease her a little first. Get the little vixen all hot and wet,” decreed Rachel.

Mike broke contact and looked to Rachel for guidance.

“Let’s start at her feet.”

Mike arched an eyebrow in surprise at the plurality of her suggestion.

“Surprised Mike,” Rachel laughed. “I’m not letting you have this sweet young lady all to yourself.”

They both moved down the bed and Mike watched for a few seconds as Rachel bent over and kissed Leah’s toes.

“Come on. They’re clean. I washed them myself,” said Rachel, which brought a giggle from Leah. “Actually, I washed her all over.”

Mike bent over the dainty feet and tentatively kissed a pale white toe. Growing bolder he sucked the little toe into his mouth for a few seconds. He moved to her big toe and sucked on it, while Rachel did the same on the other foot.

The whole experience of toe sucking did nothing for Mike, but he could feel Leah getting excited as her leg twitched and she uttered little moaning noises as the pair of them gave her toes a tongue bath.

Leah loved having her toes sucked. It made her feel warm all the way up her body. She knew it would not be long before her pussy began to tingle, especially as they moved along her legs and began to kiss the firm flesh of her thighs. She could feel the sizzling kisses slowly moving up her legs, along her calves, up to her knees. Now moving up the outside of her thigh until both mouths reached her hips.

Suddenly the lips were gone and she got goose bumps as she waited for the kisses to start on her inner thighs. Nothing happened, and then she heard the sound of sloppy kisses being exchanged. Leah let them go at each other without any comment, or Rachel would make her wait longer. They had played this game before.

Rachel and Mike broke contact to catch their breath and she closed her eyes and threw her head back as Mike rolled her hard nipples gently between his fingers. Rachel could feel the warm juices begin to seep from her hot cunt, soaking the material of her skimpy thong. Looking at Mike’s cock, she could see the head was glistening with the slick fluid oozing from the eye of his prick.

She pushed his hands away and starting just above the knee, resumed the trail of kisses along Leah’s sensitive inner thigh. Mike realized that there was not enough room for both of them so he moved up above her waist and began to cover her tight stomach with kisses, licking his way closer and closer to her firm breasts.

Meanwhile, Rachel had arrived at the top of Leah’s leg and she hovered with her face directly over Leah’s leaking cunt, so that the young woman could feel her hot breath on her clit. Leah willed Rachel to attack her steaming slit with her tongue, but to no avail, as she felt Rachel’s breath move away.

Within seconds she felt Rachel’s lips close on the turgid nipple of her left breast and she groaned loudly with pleasure. Her right breast was soon getting the same treatment from Mike and Leah thrashed against her restraints as wave after warm wave radiated through her small body. All she needed was someone to touch her throbbing pussy, but she willed herself to be patient.

Mike’s lips were gone from her breast. She waited; holding her breath, wondering what he would do next. Was his hard cock about to force its way into her tight virgin cunt and rip through her maiden hood? Leah felt something hard and wet against her lips. Reflexively, she opened her virgin mouth and tasted the flaring head of Mike’s cock as it pushed over her lips and met her tongue.

She licked a cock for the first time in her life. The fluid tasted a little strange, not unbearable, but it would take a little getting used to. She felt him pull his cock out of her mouth until it just rested against her lips. She darted her tongue across the head again and he pushed it into her mouth, deeper this time. She covered her teeth with her lips, using them to protect the sensitive cock flesh, just as Rachel had showed her.

Mike began to fuck her mouth, slowly moving his cock in and out, pushing it a little deeper each time, letting her get used to the intruder filling her mouth. Rachel sat up and took Mike’s swinging balls in her hand. She began to gently roll them in her palm like they were overlarge marbles. She could see Leah frantically sucking at Mike’s demirlibahçe escort cock, her lips clamped tightly to the shaft.

Rachel wet a finger in her mouth and slid her free hand between the cheeks of Mike’s ass, until she found the puckered hole. She began to circle over it with her wet finger, applying more and more pressure. She spat on the finger again and returned it to his ass hole.

She pushed harder and harder until her finger popped in up to the first knuckle. Mike gave a loud cry as hot cum surged into Leah’s mouth. It took her by surprise and she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. Mike pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed the next surge of cum over her face. Rachel slid her hand up the pulsating shaft and turned it towards her own mouth and quickly enveloped it as the third cum rope flew from Mike’s cock.

Rachel was an expert cocksucker and she held the throbbing organ in her mouth until she had swallowed every drop. Although she had a few tears in her eyes, Leah had quickly recovered from her choking fit and readily accepted Mike’s semi-erect cock back into her mouth, sucking and licking the last traces of cum.

Giving Mike a gentle shove out of the way, Rachel straddled Leah’s face, her hot moist slit positioned above her mouth. She pulled the thong to one side and lowered her pussy onto Leah’s waiting mouth. At first contact, Leah’s tongue speared into the gushing canal and began to lap up the flowing liquid. Leah had plenty of experience at eating pussy, this one in particular.

Rachel leant forward on her hands and pushed her cunt against the searching mouth and tongue. She dropped her head between Leah’s thighs forming a sixty-nine position. She licked her tongue along the narrow valley, not for the first time, and poked her tongue into the tight canal. Leah’s cunt was dripping with juices. She gave every inch of Leah’s pussy a good tongue bath and she could feel the younger woman trembling beneath her, though Leah kept her tongue flicking around Rachel’s clit.

It was obvious to Mike that this was not the first time for Rachel and Leah as he pulled steadily on his cock, while watching the action closely. Reluctantly Rachel pulled her tongue out of the sweet tasting pussy. She lay next to Leah and kissed her tenderly, tasting herself on Leah’s lips. Mike moved between Leah’s legs, his cock hard and ready.

He reached over and unclipped the rope from each ankle bracelet. He raised each leg up until it rested against his shoulders. Mike could see the thin lips of her tiny cunt open slightly and he dipped his finger between them and ran it the length of the slit until he bumped against her clit. Rachel kissed her long and hard, running a hand over her breasts, playing with her nipples. Leah was on fire.

She felt her legs being pushed back further lifting her ass slightly. Rachel was tweaking her nipple and kissing her ear lobe and she held her breath, tensing a little, waiting for Mike’s hard cock to make contact with her eager, burning cunt.

“Oh god,” she finally cried. “Do it now. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“Hear it comes angel,” whispered Rachel.

Mike spit on his fingers and rubbed it over the head of his cock, making sure it was really slick. He felt a touch nervous himself at the moment. He touched the tip of his cock against her pussy and felt her flinch. He held here legs just under the knees and he pushed them back further to open her up a little more.

He pushed his hips forward slightly and felt the head of his cock snuggle into the opening of the canal. Even Rachel was getting tense as she waited for Mike to slide his cock home. He pushed harder and felt her canal opening under the pressure and the head of his cock inched into her slippery cunt.

Leah felt her tiny birth canal being stretched as Mike’s cock forced its way in. She let out her breath as she realized it had not hurt, but was sending tingling sparks of pleasure through her. She felt his cock moving deeper into her, then a small shaft of pain as it hit against her maidenhood. Mike stopped as his cock met resistance.

Rachel placed her hand over Leah’s clit and began a gentle massage all around it, sliding her finger between the labia, stroking the smooth, slick flesh. Moaning loudly with ecstasy as the electric waves of delight rippled through her, Leah forgot the stab of pain as she relished the smooth feel of Mike’s cock. Mike eased his cock in and out of her pussy several times, and then paused with the tip of his cock firmly against her virginity.

At a nod from Rachel he thrust forward, tearing through the barrier not stopping until his cock banged against her cervix. Leah cried out in agony as the harsh pain overwhelmed her for several seconds, tears springing to her eyes unseen beneath the mask.

“Sshhhh. Its okay sweetheart,” soothed Rachel, stroking her hair. She kissed her neck and cheek as her nimble fingers continued to massage the slim labia and the hard bud of her clit.

Mike waited patiently, dikmen escort feeling all-powerful, yet not wanting to hurt the young woman impaled on his cock.

“Take the mask off,” he instructed Rachel. He wanted her to see him.

Rachel quickly slipped the mask over her head and discarded it on the floor. Leah blinked her eyes in the low light, trying to get her eyes to adjust quickly. The distraction of the light in her eyes and Rachel’s busy fingers worked well, and the burning pain in her pussy ebbed away to a dull throb.

Mike slid her legs around his hips as he bent over her and kissed her. Leah anticipated the handsome young mans action and opened her mouth to welcome his tongue with hers, wishing she could wrap her arms around his strong neck and hold him to her.

Neither noticed that Rachel had pulled away from them as their lips locked together in burning passion. Mike gently began to jig his cock back and forth a few inches, giving her time to adjust to the new sensations that were flooding her senses.

Leah felt the burning sensation flare up as he moved but it was not as severe and it began to fade a little as she as the balance shifted from pain to rapture. Still moving slowly Mike pulled his cock out until only the tip was in contact with her swelling labia, then pushed it back deep into her, sliding easily against the slick walls.

Breathing heavily, they broke their steamy kiss, and each looked deep into eyes brimming with lust. Mike felt a surge of energy thump in his chest, and he quickened his stroke. Leaning forward he clamped his lips to her slender neck and sucked hard leaving his mark on her, eliciting a long, loud moan.

Rachel watched the pair, enthralled, her hand rubbing hard against the outside of her filmy thong, pushing the material into her gushing slit. She saw the two lovers lock lips again and Mike’s hips began to pump quicker.

For Leah, the pain of her lost maidenhood was still present, but dulled by pleasure as Mike’s cock sawed in and out of her. A minute later, Mike sat back and pushed her legs wide open and towards her chest, holding them in place with his arms as he thrust his rampant prick, deep and steady.

Seizing the opportunity, Rachel joined in again, sucking at Leah’s breast and resuming the massage on her clit. Leah mewled ecstatically as she finally succumbed and her lithe body twisted and gyrated with the intense energy of her first cock- assisted climax.

Mike rode her flexing hips and her cunt increased its tight hold on his pounding cock. Leah rode the tidal wave of pleasure as long as she could until it began to ebb and she was left drifting aimlessly, lost in the moment.

As her mind cleared, she opened her eyes, sensing movement as Rachel undid the restraints on her wrists. The she became aware of the empty feeling in her pussy, as Mike had withdrawn his cock. She felt herself being flipped over on her stomach and pulled onto her hands and knees

Leah was delighted when Rachel’s glistening pussy appeared in front of her and she dipped her head towards it and began to suck the soft lips into her mouth, sipping the sweet free flowing nectar. She moaned and wriggled her butt as she felt Mike enter her from behind, stretching her snug pussy, filling her with hard cock.

Mike gave her ass a playful slap before placing his hands on her hips to hold her steady. He established a firm steady rhythm, giving her the benefit of every inch of his rigid cock. Leah thrust her face firmly against Rachel’s pussy poking her tongue into her wet hole, before gliding her tongue over Rachel’s clit and along the dripping labia and back again. Around and around her tongue went to Rachel’s great delight.

Softly stroking his cock into Leah’s pussy, Mike could feel the pressure starting to build. The close fit of her cunt was working its magic on his cock. Unable to resist her began to thump his hips against her firm ass harder and harder. Leah gave up on Rachel’s cunt and began to push back into Mike riding his cock as hard as she could.

Rachel massaged her own clit, her excitement building as she watched Mike over Leah’s shoulder. He hammered the full length of his cock into her as it began to spasm shooting hot cum against her womb, quickly filling the narrow canal to overflowing. Mike let out an animal cry as his pulsing cock pumped out stream after stream of his seed.

Holding his cock still, Mike bent forward, reaching under Leah to pull at her hanging tits as the last dribbles of cum emptied into her. Rachel waited patiently for the young lovers, still massaging her throbbing clit.

His cock empty and soft Mike pulled away and Leah immediately latched her mouth onto Rachel’s neglected cunt. Mike maneuvered around Leah and offered his cum covered prick to Rachel, who inhaled it into her mouth. She delighted at the tart taste of cum and virgin cunt and quickly licked it clean.

Mike’s fingers went to work on her nipples, pulling on them vigorously, hearing muffled squeals from the cock filled mouth. Leah pushed two fingers into Rachel and massaged her G spot as she sucked gently on her clit. Thirty seconds later Rachel’s body began to shudder as her orgasm ripped through her from head to toe. While not the best she had experienced, it was right up there as the young mother thrust her pulsing pussy against Leah’s mouth.

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