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My Cellulite Mistress Ch. 04

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I woke up on Saturday morning being spooned by my fat black wife Tonya. She is exactly twice my age and double my weight! One of her massive, dimpled, cellulite ridden arms was resting over me and I kissed it tenderly and started sucking on some of the dimpled mounds of flesh. My wife’s skin was like a sack of flour that was filled too much and always seemed to be bursting!

My wet smooches caused her to stir.

“Start my morning off with a nice orgasm Baby.” she softly requested.

I heaved her heavy arm off me and grudgingly left my comfortable nest in her spoon hold on me. Tonya rolled over onto her back and I removed the sheet that was covering her massive girth. I spread her legs and smelled her crotch. I could still smell the sex that she had with Rick last night. Even though I had ate her cream-pie out and cleaned her as good as I could with my tongue, the remnants had still stewed and ripened in her gash all night long!

I decided to tease her some and just planted soft kisses all over the insides of her massive thighs. They were so fat but they were still firm and round. I sucked on mounds of cellulite giving her little hickies. I then nuzzled my face into the crease between the fat folds where her thigh and stomach connect. It was sweaty and humid in that delicious crevice and I tongued up and down it. I could taste sweat and a lingering taste of her squirt and I loved it. Tonya loves it too and I could hear her softly moaning.

Soon I lifted her gunt and tongued out some of the folds there. Even though my wife weighs over 250 lbs and has a huge ass, thighs, tits and arms her gut is not huge. This makes her so sexy to me. With a huge pendulous ass and big round thighs that rub together in the middle when she walks, her gut is relatively flat. Don’t get me wrong she does have some rolls in her stomach and it does spill into her crotch, but she does not have a pannus.

Eventually I made my way to her gash. All the labia folds were sticky from the sex she had last night and from all her body heat during the night while spooning me. I sucked lovingly on each labia fold and ran my tongue up and down each crevice. I could feel her gut on my forehead as I performed my task. I could feel that she was getting close. As she often does so as not to soak the sheets with her massive squirts, Tonya rolled over on top of me. This way I would be under her and if I opened my mouth some while tonguing her clit most of her quirt would run down and into my mouth. I would have to swallow like crazy to catch it all, but I could do it. The first time we had sex I though she had pissed on me she squirted so much!

My whole world now comprised of her hot humid cunt! Her ass and thighs encapsulated my head and I could barely breathe but I loved it! My face and mouth were mashed into one of the fattest juiciest pussies around! Soon I felt her ass globes clench my skull like a vice and my mouth was flooded with her quirt! I swallowed a few times and kept licking her clit softly until she came down from her orgasm.

I thought I would get to breath now, but this was not to be.

“Baby, now my ass needs attention too.” She moaned, as she straitened up some and scooted up a few inches, wiggling her massive ass right over my mouth.

Eating her asshole still revolted me right before I had to do it. Even though I had eaten her ass more than a hundred times, the thought of doing it always degraded me and grossed me out until I started. Then I always realized I was meant to do it and the shame of putting ankara yeni escort my mouth to that filthy hemorrhoidal hole turned me on to no end!

I opened my mouth up wide and engulphed as much of her asshole as I could. I gave a few gentle sucks once I had made the seal and then started exploring her herniated sphincter. I knew every juicy fold of her camera shutter from eating it so many times. The degradation of what I was doing burned in me infinitely. Here I was, white, slim, educated, good looking and young guy devouring the asshole of an old, fat, black lady who earned less than a fifth of my salary. Her asshole was completely herniated and surrounded by huge globes of cellulite ridden flesh. She is my wife and she owns me as completely as any master ever owned a black slave before the Civil War! The shame of what I was doing, burned so deep in my stomach that I came even though my cock was caged! It made my panties all sticky again where the dried cum from when Rick had shamed me last night had hardened.

I liked putting he tip of my tongue slightly into the center of her hole and then running it out through the creases between her herniated lumps. I liked to start at the top and work around clockwise a few times. This always teased Tonya, and I loved the way she wiggled her ass on my face in titillating pleasure. Soon I could not help myself and I started wiggling my tongue into her hole. I knew that Tonya was frigging her clit like crazy now because I could feel the small movements of her asshole as her pussy pulled on her taint which pulled on her asshole.

In no time I had my tongue up her ass as far as it would go. I felt her puffy herniated bulges pressing against my lips and her sphincter clutched at my tongue. I knew Tonya was getting close to another orgasm because I could feel her huge ass globes clenching and hardening. Tasting her earthy flavor, I started pushing my tongue in and out. It seemed like her asshole didn’t want to let it go. It was harder pulling my tongue out that pushing it in! Then there was a powerful clenching of her sphincter and I felt her almost crushing my head with her weight as she came! My throat and chest were soaked with her squirt and I felt so proud of bringing my wife and mistress so much pleasure!

When she regained her composure, she commanded me to make her breakfast in bed.

“Put your maid outfit on and leave those cum soaked panties on!” Tonya commanded. “Wearing that sticky mess might teach you not to make it in the first place!”

I got up and did as my wife commanded. I made her the breakfast that she likes best. Two fried eggs over hard, with toast, bacon, orange juice and coffee. I could feel the sticky gooey mess in my panties through the cock cage and it reminded me of my lowly status.

When I had finished preparing her breakfast I put it on a tray and brought it to her. My fat wife was sitting up in bed looking at her facebook. Tonya took the tray, I laid down over her fat thighs and she set the tray down over my back. I would serve as her table. Nothing more than a piece of furniture.

As she ate she discussed what we would be doing this weekend. She told me that Rick wanted to fuck my ass because it was so much tighter than hers. My wife let me know that we had to prepare for it by Nairing off all my hair below my head.

Pleasuring Rick scared the shit out of me. I had never had any desires towards men. I must admit that the shame of cleaning off his cock the night before turned me on. yenimahalle escort It felt really good in my mouth and I did crave the combined juices that I cleaned off of it. All this talk and my submissive use as a table cause my cock to precum all over Tonya’s fat thigh through the panties.

Tonya had now finished her breakfast. As I got up off her lap she said, “Baby now that I am done, you can eat your breakfast.” She pointed to the large wet spot of precum on her huge thigh.

I put the tray down and gladly licked it up. Then I brought the tray to the kitchen and emptied the dishes into the dishwasher. I could hear Tonya running the shower and I quickly made myself some eggs and ate the extra bacon that I had fried along with hers. The sticky panties continued to remind me of my shame.

I finished eating and cleaning up just before Tonya came out of the shower, holding a bottle of Nair.

“Strip Baby!” Tonya commanded, “We need to Nair off all your hair.”

I quickly removed my maid’s uniform panties, garter, stockings and stuffed bra and stood naked in front of my wife and mistress.

“Suck that cum out of those panties!” She said harshly. “I don’t need your cum mixing in with my clothes in the wash.”

I gladly sucked all the cum out of the synthetic material. I have actually grown to like the taste and I loved the submission in doing it even more!

When I finish ingesting my cum Tonya unlocked my cage and removed it. She then squirted a large dollop of Nair into her hand and rubbed it into my crotch and all around my balls. She continued to rub Nair into my ass crack, over my chest, armpits and the entire surface area of my legs. I was completely hard and she tease my cock for a few minutes using the Nair as lubrication. She then slapped my ass hard and told me to go shower and shave.

Tonya chaperoned me to the shower to make sure that I did not play with myself since the cage was off. I jumped into the stream of water and rubbed at my skin with my hand and was amazed to see that all my hair had been dissolved as the Nair rinsed away! I pampered myself under the hot water, soaping down and shampooing my hair.

Tonya watched me the whole time. I know that she loves looking at me. She is so proud of the fact that she owns a great looking, young, educated, white male. I am a dream come true for her. I service her sexually and give her a much higher standard of living than she could have ever hoped for.

I finished showering and shaved my face as close as possible. Tonya then took some lotion and rubbed it all over my skin. It felt great having her rub it into my ass, crotch, legs, torso and arms. She explained that men love soft good smelling skin. I associated the smell of the lotion with Tonya because she wore it all the time and her skin was soft and great smelling!

Once the lotion had been absorbed into my skin Tonya washed my catheter with alcohol and reinserted it into my penis. She then locked me up in my cock cage. Once I was locked up she led me out to the bedroom and removed a box from the closet. There were packages of sexy thigh high stockings, a garter, a corset, a few matching panty and padded bra sets and three sundresses.

“I need you looking like a beautiful young girl for Rick.” Tonya explained, “From now on when you are not doing your chores, you will be dressed in one of these outfits. This goes for right now, all weekends and all evenings after work. I want you to always be ready for a visit from Rick.”

I yozgat escort couldn’t believe how good these feminine things felt going on over my new smooth and soft skin! It was hot! I looked in the mirror once I had finished dressing and couldn’t believe how sexy I looked! Tonya now applied powdered make-up to my face and lipstick. I wear my hair long, so I did not need a wig. If I thought I looked sexy before, I now looked like a hot young woman!

I pranced around in my new feminine attire all weekend. I ate Tonya to some earth- shattering orgasms on Saturday night and Sunday morning. On Sunday night I had to orally service Tonya’s ass again. I would have loved to enter her super fat juicy pussy too but unfortunately, she was not having any of that and kept my cock in it,s cage. She said that she wanted me supper horny for when Rick came to take my ass. On Monday when I got back from work she was waiting for me. Before I could get one of the new outfits on Tonya had me wait for her in the bathroom. I knew what was coming and looked forward to it.

I sat on the shower floor and Tonya walked in in just her white nylon granny panties. I lovingly admired all her rolls and cellulite dimples. She walked up to me and mashed my face into her pantied crotch. I could smell her strong woman scent and feel her fat feminine folds on my nose and lips and chin. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and grabbed each of her ass cheeks with my hands. She was so fat that my hands would not reach each other behind her! Not even close!

I sniffed her with delight and started licking her crotch. I have become adept at pushing the material of her panties against her big clit. The rough nylon material gives her the most amazing feeling when it is rubbed against her clit. Soon she was moaning in pleasure and grabbing my long hair with both hands mashing my face into her hard. Usually she pisses on me quickly but this time she enjoyed the exquisite feelings of the friction of the nylon on her clit for a few minutes before letting loose. Once I felt the first wetness I released her clit from my mouth and opened my mouth as wide as it would go and made a seal over her panty covered gash. I could feel the force of her piss on the material and my mouth filled up fast as the stream rushed through the porous nylon. I had to swallow and that is when the piss flooded out onto my face, got into my eyes, burning them, soaked my hair and started running down my body.

I opened my mouth up wide again and got another mouthful of my wife’s golden nectar. It was bitter, but I took great pride in tasting and swallowing her essence! In all I got four good mouthfuls of her urine before her massive stream stopped. I then spent a minute just sucking as much as I could out of her sopping wet panties.

Being pissed on and made to drink it through her panties was the second most humiliating task that she made me do besides eating her herniated asshole and I loved the shame and degradation of performing this task for her. It made me feel devoted to her and gave me a connection that very few couples have. Man, how I loved my fat wife for humiliating me so much!

When I stopped getting a lot of piss flavor out of her panties I went back to work on her clit. I would lick it through the material and then suck on it, alternating between the two. In a very short time, Tonya was clamping my head in the throughs of a huge orgasm and this time I drank her quirt though the material. I love drinking her squirt and now it was so much more flavorful with the remnants of piss too.

When Tonya had calmed down from her orgasm and her breathing returned to normal I begged her to let me fuck her. It had been a while since I had entered her, and I was so horny. She was stern with me and told me that I would not be able to cum until Rick had my ass.

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