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My Friends Meet My Woman Pt. 02

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“I’ll say yes as soon as you add your cum to your friends’.” Chanel answered with a smile grabbing Brick’s hard unused dick.

She smiled at him adoringly lowering herself to the ground spreading her legs.

Brick allowed himself to be pulled to the floor, landing between her legs.

“This is my favorite part,” Chanel announced to her future husband and the room. She placed Brick’s throbbing dick at the entrance to her used pussy and paused to tell him “I love you.”

“I love you more,” Brick replied while he sank into his future wife. Their bodies melded into each other on the floor. Chanel’s breath caught when Brick’s dick pushed into her. He kissed her slowly, allowing her body time to adjust to him.

Adequately adjusted to the pressure inside her, Chanel gave Brick a familiar command, “Love me.”

Brodie watched Brick’s ass flex as he pushed in and out of Chanel. Even though he’d just fucked Chanel his dick was already starting to react thinking about fucking his childhood friend. He’d actually seen Brick fuck a woman before but seeing his friend bottom out in the sloppy pussy was exceedingly more enticing.

A hulking presence announced Chase’s docking beside him. Brodie could see his big friend stroking his super thick dick, eyes intently watching Brick fuck. Brodie wondered if Chase’s mind was on getting into Brick’s ass as well. Even though he followed Chase hundreds of times fucking Brick he still couldn’t believe he could feeling anything after Chase stretched him out.

Brick could feel his friends watching and tried to ignore them. He kept his focus on his wife. He wanted to last and out perform all his friends but knowing his dick was sliding through a mixture of their cum was making it that much harder. He felt himself tense as he sped up his stroke to pound his woman.

“Babe, take your time. It’s yours forever,” Chanel whispered into Brick’s ear. She knew her man well enough to know that he’d try and compete with his friends. And as much as she had enjoyed all three of them they couldn’t hold a candle to him on his worst day. She wanted him to relax and enjoy himself and allowing him to measure himself today was not the route to that destination.

Hearing the words took Brick off edge and allowed him to sink further into fucking. His pace and rhythm evened out as he was content to make love to his woman. Her constant affirmations of love drowned out the fact they were being watched by his friends.

“I’ve never seen him fuck a girl before,”. Alexander announced as he stepped in line with Chase and Brodie.

“You know what? You’re right. We spent so much time fucking each other and hiding for Brick that I guess we missed that he’s not actually gay,” Chase responded.

Brodie objected, “Well that’s y’all. Back home Brick got as many girls as anybody else. Shit, me and him were in the room when stuff was going down and just like now you’d have never guessed that thick booty of his was so inviting.”

The three friends attentions remained focused on the couple fucking, amazed at how sensual the two lovers were. The intimacy of Brick’s tender strokes coupled with Chanel’s hands rubbing and pulling Brick maltepe escort into her made the onlookers feel like intruders.

“He’s really putting in work. That shit sexy,” Alexander admitted to the group.

“Hell yeah it is,” responded Chase now openly playing with his nipples while stroking his dick.

Brick had found his rhythm methodically driving through Chanel. He kept his pace through the next ten minutes as his friends watched.

Chanel’s body was on ten feeling her man repeatedly push into her. She could feel her orgasm building deep within her.

“Baby, I love you,” whispered Chanel. “Take this pussy, show your friends it’s yours.”

Brick couldn’t take it any longer. His balls tensed and he proceeded to pound Chanel.

“Yes baby nut in me. Fill me up,” Chanel pleaded.

“Baby I’m cumming. Ahhhhhhh.”

Brick drove his dick as far into Chanel as possible and unloaded what seemed like every nut he’d ever had. As he added to his friends earlier deposits he could feel The overflow start to leak out of Chanel.

“Damn.” Brodie exhaled the word as his dick went completely rigid watching Bricks ass flex while he dropped his nut into Chanel.

“Mmm thank you babe. Do you want it?,” Chanel whispered. Brick nodded his head in response. “Bon appetit babe.”

Brick eased himself out from between Chanel’s legs, arched his ass in the air and planted his face right into her overflowing sex. He slurped and ate all the juices and cum like a man starved for weeks. Brick loved eating used pussy. Usually it was only his seed he was eating out of his girl but today he got to have his favorite cum out of his favorite pussy. The entire ordeal was making him hard again. Brick’s enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed with his ass hiked in the air Chase could see him getting hard.

“Damn that boy a freak,” Chase exclaimed Chase. His eyes were now glued to Brick’s ass and his exposed hole. He paced for a few seconds inching closer to Brick and Chanel. “I can’t take it no more,” Chase confessed as he dropped to his knees and started eating Brick’s ass.

“Mmmm,” Brick moaned into Chanel as he felt Chase’s tongue roll across his hole. He pushed back signaling he wanted to be tongue fucked. Chase pushed his stiff tongue into Brick. They quickly settled into a rhythm of tongue fucking.

Chanel looked past Brick to see Chase’s hulking features huddle behind Brick being flanked by Alexander and Brodie. She loved how freaky and open this man was with her. Him getting his ass ate while he was devouring her turned her on to no end. She could feel another orgasm building.

“Fuck.” She moaned. Brick attacked her clit, finally pushing her over the edge causing her to clamp her legs around his head as her orgasm ripped through her.

Brodie watched the petite girl he’d just fucked catch another nut and felt his dick harden.

“Damn bruh you gonna eat him all night or are we gonna get in that ass?” He questioned Chase.

Chase responded by rising from Brick’s spit filled hole and aligned his thick dick with his hole.

“Fuck him,” pleaded Chanel. She knew Bricked loved ass play and she’d often pegged him to orgasm but escort maltepe she was excited to see her man taking a real live dick. Especially dicks that had just been in her.

Chase attempted to ease into Brick but felt the man push back into his dick, impaling himself. Not giving him a chance to get adjusted Chase grabbed onto Brick’s hips and started to push and pull through the man. Chase loved the way Brick’s ass gripped him and milked him. He’d been addicted since the first time his friend had offered him his ass all those years ago in college. This was his first time in a long time back in one of his favorite holes and while he wanted to make it last he couldn’t help but picking up his fuck pace.

“Mmmmm so good. Fuck me man.” Brick could barely get the words out as he pushed back to meet Chase’s quickening thrusts.

“Mmmm baby take that dick.” Chanel couldn’t take her eyes off her man’s ass rippling as it crashed into Chase’s pelvis. She’d never watched her man get fucked besides when she was doing it and had hoped that they both could enjoy it. However in the heat of the moment she had vastly underestimated how much they both would enjoy her man slutting himself out to his best friends.

Oblivious to Chanel’s thoughts Brick revelled in the sensations the dick produced while moving in and out of him. He needed to feel his friend flood his ass with nut so after a few minutes of fucking he started to clench and unclench around the dick coaxing it to give him what he wanted. He didn’t want this to turn into a marathon session.

“Damn this pussy still good,” Chase exclaimed, feeling his dick spasm due to Bricks clenching. He he knew it wouldn’t be long so he started fucking brick harder and faster watching his dick disappear in the tight hole. Everyone in the room started to cheer him on.

“Yeah bruh cum in me.”

“Make him cum baby.”

“Yeah boy lube him up for me.”

That was it. With one final push Chase buried his dick in and unleashed a flood of hot semen into Brick.

Brick loved feeling cum fill him up he almost couldn’t believe how long Chase continued to shoot in him. Eventually the torrent stopped and the shrinking dick fell out of him leaving him feeling empty. The feeling was fleeting however as he looked over his shoulder to see Alexander line his dick up to his hole.

While Alexander was never as overtly sexual as Chase and Brodie he never passed up an opportunity to get inside Brick. Brick loved the way Alex fucked. He always kept a pleasurable pace they both could enjoy. Brick allowed him to get the head in before he pushed back on the dick sheathing it to the root. He started slowly fucking himself until Alex grabbed his hips and took over.

Alexander’s long slow strokes pushing and pulling out of Brick made his eyes roll into the back of his head and his body shuddered. He couldn’t help but moan while lowering his head into Chanel’s lap and arching his ass higher. Chanel was so turned on she pulled his face into her and forced him to start licking her again.

“That’s right suck this pussy while you take that dick,” she commanded.

Brick felt Alex picking up his fuck pace even further. maltepe escort bayan He started squeezing his ass around his friend’s dick begging him to breed his ass.

“Come on Xander fuck this ass man. Give me that nut.”

Alexander couldn’t take it anymore. With one last thrust he exploded in Bricks ass flooding the already used hole.

“Damn this pussy just as good as the first time.” Alexander admitted. He’d intended to let his dick fall out of its temporary home at its own pace but to his surprise he felt Brodie’s massive hands gripping his shoulders pulling him out of his position behind Brick.

“I know,” agreed the tall man, “that’s why I can’t wait no more.”

Without any presentation Brodie aligned himself with Brick’s battered hole and shoved himself in. Brick whimpered at the forceful invasion.

“Ah yeah! Thank y’all boys for loosening and lubing him up. This just like old times huh fellas? Thick Brick getting filled with dick.” Brodie focused his gaze on Chanel as he quickly got up to speed.

Brick was cool, for sure, and he’d watched him fuck his potential wife just some minutes ago but Brodie couldn’t understand how a woman could watch her man take all this dick and still be in love. Maybe it wasn’t for him to understand. He never wanted monogamy and ever since he’d started fucking Brick in college he’d had even more options to play the field with. Whoever could and would take his pole in their hole he’d oblige to slide.

“Come on man fuck me.” Brick’s words interrupted Brodie’s thoughts and brought him back to his position behind his friend.

“Oh, you wanna get fucked huh? You better be careful what you wish for,” Brodie responded now long dicking his buddy. He loved how Brick’s body responded to him. His back arching to allow a better angle, his quicker pace pushing back into Brodie sheathing the dick faster and faster, the constant moans to fuck him harder and harder.

In a lot of ways Brick was built for fucking. His thick body and desire to please allowed for Chase and Brodie to hammer him in ways they couldn’t with the slender girls they brought home. Sometimes it was pointless to go look for a girl to fuck when you were really frustrated. It became more fruitful to seek out Brick and fuck him as hard as possible. He never complained or seemed affected by the hard poundings.

For 10 minutes Brodie viciously pounded Brick, pelvis crashing into phat ass cheeks. The forcefulness of the fuck slowly beat Brick flat onto the floor between Chanel’s legs, leaving Brodie in a push-up position above him, face to face with Chanel.

“Fuck him. Flood that pussy,” she hissed staring Brodie in his eyes, “show me how you used to use him.” She was furiously rubbing her clit.

Brodie took her challenge to heart and fucked into Brick as hard and forceful as he could. Finally he felt his nut bubbling up and shoved himself all the way into Brick’s welcoming ass. He stared Chanel in the face while he felt his entire life pour into her soon to be husband.

“Like that?” He challenged back.

“Oh god yes,” she croaked through a spasming orgasm.

At last the moment passed, Brick breathing heavy on the floor, his three friends standing over him admiring their work, and Chanel taking it all in. She took a deep breath and announced, “Ok guys this house has a massive shower it’s time we get cleaned up. Y’all might have to carry my husband.”

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